Global change biology

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1. Climate change may have limited effect on global risk of potato late blight. 3621-31页

作者:Adam H, Sparks; Gregory A, Forbes; Robert J, Hijmans; Karen A, Garrett

3. Unexpected role of winter precipitation in determining heat requirement for spring vegetation green-up at northern middle and high latitudes. 3743-55页

作者:Yongshuo H, Fu; Shilong, Piao; Hongfang, Zhao; Su-Jong, Jeong; Xuhui, Wang; Yann, Vitasse; Philippe, Ciais; Ivan A, Janssens

4. Nitrogen and phosphorus additions impact arbuscular mycorrhizal abundance and molecular diversity in a tropical montane forest. 3646-59页

作者:Tessa, Camenzind; Stefan, Hempel; Jürgen, Homeier; Sebastian, Horn; Andre, Velescu; Wolfgang, Wilcke; Matthias C, Rillig

5. Wood production response to climate change will depend critically on forest composition and structure. 3632-45页

作者:David A, Coomes; Olivier, Flores; Robert, Holdaway; Tommaso, Jucker; Emily R, Lines; Mark C, Vanderwel

6. Physiological, biochemical, and genome-wide transcriptional analysis reveals that elevated CO2 mitigates the impact of combined heat wave and drought stress in Arabidopsis thaliana at multiple organizational levels. 3670-85页

作者:Gaurav, Zinta; Hamada, AbdElgawad; Malgorzata A, Domagalska; Lucia, Vergauwen; Dries, Knapen; Ivan, Nijs; Ivan A, Janssens; Gerrit T S, Beemster; Han, Asard

7. Changes in floral bouquets from compound-specific responses to increasing temperatures. 3660-9页

作者:Gerard, Farré-Armengol; Iolanda, Filella; Joan, Llusià; Ulo, Niinemets; Josep, Pe?uelas

8. Patterns of drought tolerance in major European temperate forest trees: climatic drivers and levels of variability. 3767-79页

作者:Christian, Zang; Claudia, Hartl-Meier; Christoph, Dittmar; Andreas, Rothe; Annette, Menzel

9. Twenty years of successful papers in Global Change Biology. 3587-90页

作者:Annette, Menzel; Michael, Matiu; Tim H, Sparks

10. A large-scale field assessment of carbon stocks in human-modified tropical forests. 3713-26页

作者:Erika, Berenguer; Joice, Ferreira; Toby Alan, Gardner; Luiz Eduardo Oliveira Cruz, Arag?o; Plínio Barbosa, De Camargo; Carlos Eduardo, Cerri; Mariana, Durigan; Raimundo, Cosme De Oliveira Junior; Ima Célia Guimar?es, Vieira; Jos, Barlow