Ecological applications : a publication of the Ecological Society of America



1. Generalized provisional seed zones for native plants. 913-9页

作者:Andrew D, Bower; J Bradley, St Clair; Vicky, Erickson

3. Demography of a reintroduced population: moving toward management models for an endangered species, the Whooping Crane. 927-37页

作者:Sabrina, Servanty; Sarah J, Converse; Larissa L, Bailey

4. Food predictability determines space use of endangered vultures: implications for management of supplementary feeding. 938-49页

作者:Pascual, López-López; Clara, García-Ripollés; Vicente, Urios

6. Reconstructing relative humidity from plant delta18O and deltaD as deuterium deviations from the global meteoric water line. 960-75页

作者:Steven L, Voelker; J Renée, Brooks; Frederick C, Meinzer; John, Roden; Anna, Pazdur; Slawomira, Pawelczyk; Peter, Hartsough; Keirith, Snyder; Lenka, Plavcová; Jirí, Santr?cek

7. Repeated prescribed fires decrease stocks and change attributes of coarse woody debris in a temperate eucalypt forest. 976-89页

作者:Cristina, Aponte; Kevin G, Tolhurst; Lauren T, Bennett

8. More than the sum of the parts: forest climate response from joint species distribution models. 990-9页

作者:James S, Clark; Alan E, Gelfand; Christopher W, Woodall; Kai, Zhu

9. Landscape genetic connectivity in a riparian foundation tree is jointly driven by climatic gradients and river networks. 1000-14页

作者:Samuel A, Cushman; Tamara, Max; Nashelly, Meneses; Luke M, Evans; Sharon, Ferrier; Barbara, Honchak; Thomas G, Whitham; Gerard J, Allan

10. Spatially explicit modeling of 1992-2100 land cover and forest stand age for the conterminous United States. 1015-36页

作者:Terry L, Sohl; Kristi L, Sayler; Michelle A, Bouchard; Ryan R, Reker; Aaron M, Friesz; Stacie L, Bennett; Benjamin M, Sleeter; Rachel R, Sleeter; Tamara, Wilson; Chris, Soulard; Michelle, Knuppe; Travis, Van Hofwegen