Journal of medical economics

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1. Right anterior thoracotomy aortic valve replacement is associated with less cost than sternotomy-based approaches: a multi-institution analysis of 'real world' data. 846-52页

作者:Evelio, Rodriguez; S Chris, Malaisrie; John R, Mehall; Matt, Moore; Arash, Salemi; Gorav, Ailawadi; Candace, Gunnarsson; Alison F, Ward; Eugene A, Grossi

2. Healthcare costs for Crohn's disease patients treated with infliximab: a propensity weighted comparison of the effects of treatment adherence. 872-80页

作者:Brian G, Feagan; Chris M, Kozma; Terra L, Slaton; William H, Olson; George J, Wan

3. Cost of adverse events during treatment with everolimus plus exemestane or single-agent chemotherapy in patients with advanced breast cancer in Western Europe. 837-45页

作者:Mario, Campone; Hongbo, Yang; Elizabeth, Faust; Andrew, Kageleiry; James E, Signorovitch; Jie, Zhang; Haitao, Gao

4. The cost-effectiveness and budget impact of stepwise addition of bolus insulin in the treatment of type 2 diabetes: evaluation of the FullSTEP trial. 827-36页

作者:Rhodri, Saunders; Jean, Lian; Boris, Karolicki; William, Valentine

5. Utility decrements associated with side effects in schizophrenia. 853-61页

作者:A, Millier; I, Amri; L, Boyer; P, Auquier; M, Toumi

6. Impact of completing chronic hepatitis C (CHC) treatment on post-therapy healthcare cost. 862-71页

作者:Neeta, Tandon; Luis A, Balart; Fran?ois, Laliberté; Dominic, Pilon; Patrick, Lefebvre; Guillaume, Germain; Avinash, Prabhakar

7. Evolving provider payment models and patient access to innovative medical technology. 883-93页

作者:Genia, Long; Richard, Mortimer; Geoffrey, Sanzenbacher