PloS one [electronic resource]




1. Using knowledge fusion to analyze avian influenza H5N1 in East and Southeast Asia. e29617页

作者:Erjia, Ge; Robert, Haining; Chi Pang, Li; Zuguo, Yu; Miu Yee, Waye; Ka Hou, Chu; Yee, Leung

2. Proteomic validation of multifunctional molecules in mesenchymal stem cells derived from human bone marrow, umbilical cord blood and peripheral blood. e32350页

作者:Jumi, Kim; Jeong Min, Shin; Young Joo, Jeon; Hyung Min, Chung; Jung-Il, Chae

3. Experience of pleasure and emotional expression in individuals with schizotypal personality features. e34147页

作者:Yan-fang, Shi; Yi, Wang; Xiao-yan, Cao; Ya, Wang; Yu-na, Wang; Ji-gang, Zong; Ting, Xu; Vincent W S, Tse; Xiao-lu, Hsi; William S, Stone; Simon S Y, Lui; Eric F C, Cheung; Raymond C K, Chan

4. Deficiency in nucleotide excision repair family gene activity, especially ERCC3, is associated with non-pigmented hair fiber growth. e34185页

作者:Mei, Yu; Robert H, Bell; Maggie M, Ho; Gigi, Leung; Anne, Haegert; Nicholas, Carr; Jerry, Shapiro; Kevin J, McElwee

5. Improving quality of care for maternal and newborn health: prospective pilot study of the WHO safe childbirth checklist program. e35151页

作者:Jonathan M, Spector; Priya, Agrawal; Bhala, Kodkany; Stuart, Lipsitz; Angela, Lashoher; Gerald, Dziekan; Rajiv, Bahl; Mario, Merialdi; Matthews, Mathai; Claire, Lemer; Atul, Gawande

6. The classical pink-eyed dilution mutation affects angiogenic responsiveness. e35237页

作者:Michael S, Rogers; Victor, Boyartchuk; Richard M, Rohan; Amy E, Birsner; William F, Dietrich; Robert J, D'Amato

7. BMP-2 up-regulates PTEN expression and induces apoptosis of pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells under hypoxia. e35283页

作者:Weifeng, Pi; Xuejun, Guo; Liping, Su; Weiguo, Xu

8. The YARHG domain: an extracellular domain in search of a function. e35575页

作者:Penny, Coggill; Alex, Bateman

9. Adherence to interferon β-1b treatment in patients with multiple sclerosis in Spain. e35600页

作者:Oscar, Fernández; Eduardo, Agüera; Javier, Agüera; Guillermo, Izquierdo; Jorge, Millán-Pascual; Javier, Millán-Pascual; Lluis, Ramió I Torrentà; Pedro, Oliva; Joaquin, Argente; Javier, Argente; Yasmina, Berdei; Jose Maria, Soler; Olga, Carmona; Jose Maria, Errea; Jordi, Farrés

10. Herbal medicines for Parkinson's disease: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials. e35695页

作者:Tae-Hun, Kim; Ki-Ho, Cho; Woo-Sang, Jung; Myeong Soo, Lee

11. Evolution of cooperation driven by reputation-based migration. e35776页

作者:Rui, Cong; Bin, Wu; Yuanying, Qiu; Long, Wang

12. Targeting tumour-initiating cells with TRAIL based combination therapy ensures complete and lasting eradication of multiple myeloma tumours in vivo. e35830页

作者:Srdjan, Vitovski; Andrew D, Chantry; Michelle A, Lawson; Peter I, Croucher

13. Reduction in predator defense in the presence of neighbors in a colonial fish. e35833页

作者:Franziska C, Sch?delin; Stefan, Fischer; Richard H, Wagner

14. Urinary proteomics to support diagnosis of stroke. e35879页

作者:Jesse, Dawson; Matthew, Walters; Christian, Delles; Harald, Mischak; William, Mullen

15. Clusters of sudden unexplained death associated with the mushroom, Trogia venenata, in rural Yunnan Province, China. e35894页

作者:Guo-Qing, Shi; Wen-Li, Huang; Jian, Zhang; Hong, Zhao; Tao, Shen; Robert E, Fontaine; Lin, Yang; Su, Zhao; Bu-Lai, Lu; Yue-Bing, Wang; Lin, Ma; Zhao-Xiang, Li; Yang, Gao; Zhu-Liang, Yang; Guang, Zeng

16. Reduced mature microRNA levels in association with dicer loss in human temporal lobe epilepsy with hippocampal sclerosis. e35921页

作者:Ross C, McKiernan; Eva M, Jimenez-Mateos; Isabella, Bray; Tobias, Engel; Gary P, Brennan; Takanori, Sano; Zuzanna, Michalak; Catherine, Moran; Norman, Delanty; Michael, Farrell; Donncha, O'Brien; Robert, Meller; Roger P, Simon; Raymond L, Stallings; David C, Henshall

17. Interactions between soil habitat and geographic range location affect plant fitness. e36015页

作者:John, Stanton-Geddes; Ruth G, Shaw; Peter, Tiffin

19. Dysregulated nephrin in diabetic nephropathy of type 2 diabetes: a cross sectional study. e36041页

作者:Belinda, Jim; Mythili, Ghanta; Andi, Qipo; Ying, Fan; Peter Y, Chuang; Hillel W, Cohen; Maria, Abadi; David B, Thomas; John Cijiang, He

20. Absence of XMRV and closely related viruses in primary prostate cancer tissues used to derive the XMRV-infected cell line 22Rv1. e36072页

作者:Jaydip, Das Gupta; Ka-Cheung, Luk; Ning, Tang; Christina, Gaughan; Eric A, Klein; Eugene S, Kandel; John, Hackett; Robert H, Silverman

21. No biological evidence of XMRV in blood or prostatic fluid from prostate cancer patients. e36073页

作者:Ramon, Mendoza; Robert H, Silverman; Eric A, Klein; A Dusty, Miller

22. The tyrphostin agent AG490 prevents and reverses type 1 diabetes in NOD mice. e36079页

作者:Abdoreza, Davoodi-Semiromi; Clive H, Wasserfall; Chang Qing, Xia; Rhonda M, Cooper-DeHoff; Martin, Wabitsch; Michael, Clare-Salzler; Mark, Atkinson

23. Telephone consultation for improving health of people living with or at risk of HIV: a systematic review. e36105页

作者:Michelle H M M T, van Velthoven; Lorainne, Tudor Car; Josip, Car; Rifat, Atun

24. Functional analysis of conserved motifs in influenza virus PB1 protein. e36113页

作者:Caroline, Chu; Shufang, Fan; Chengjun, Li; Catherine, Macken; Jin Hyun, Kim; Masato, Hatta; Gabriele, Neumann; Yoshihiro, Kawaoka

26. The role of gender information in pronoun resolution: evidence from Chinese. e36156页

作者:Lijing, Qiu; Tamara Y, Swaab; Hsuan-Chih, Chen; Suiping, Wang

27. Numerical integration of the master equation in some models of stochastic epidemiology. e36160页

作者:Garrett, Jenkinson; John, Goutsias

28. Keeping the faith: African American faith leaders' perspectives and recommendations for reducing racial disparities in HIV/AIDS infection. e36172页

作者:Amy, Nunn; Alexandra, Cornwall; Nora, Chute; Julia, Sanders; Gladys, Thomas; George, James; Michelle, Lally; Stacey, Trooskin; Timothy, Flanigan

29. α-Synuclein genetic variants predict faster motor symptom progression in idiopathic Parkinson disease. e36199页

作者:Beate, Ritz; Shannon L, Rhodes; Yvette, Bordelon; Jeff, Bronstein

30. "Mind the trap": mindfulness practice reduces cognitive rigidity. e36206页

作者:Jonathan, Greenberg; Keren, Reiner; Nachshon, Meiran

31. Manipulation of pre-target activity on the right frontal eye field enhances conscious visual perception in humans. e36232页

作者:Lorena, Chanes; Ana B, Chica; Romain, Quentin; Antoni, Valero-Cabré

32. Egocentric social network structure, health, and pro-social behaviors in a national panel study of Americans. e36250页

作者:A James, O'Malley; Samuel, Arbesman; Darby Miller, Steiger; James H, Fowler; Nicholas A, Christakis

33. Reputation-based conditional interaction supports cooperation in well-mixed prisoner's dilemmas. e36260页

作者:Xiaojie, Chen; Alana, Schick; Michael, Doebeli; Alistair, Blachford; Long, Wang

34. Election turnout statistics in many countries: similarities, differences, and a diffusive field model for decision-making. e36289页

作者:Christian, Borghesi; Jean-Claude, Raynal; Jean-Philippe, Bouchaud

35. Cystatin a, a potential common link for mutant myocilin causative glaucoma. e36301页

作者:K David, Kennedy; S A, AnithaChristy; Lakisha K, Buie; Teresa, Borrás

36. SH3 domain tyrosine phosphorylation--sites, role and evolution. e36310页

作者:Zuzana, Tatárová; Jan, Brábek; Daniel, R?sel; Marian, Novotny

37. SOX2 gene regulates the transcriptional network of oncogenes and affects tumorigenesis of human lung cancer cells. e36326页

作者:Si, Chen; Yingxi, Xu; Yanan, Chen; Xuefei, Li; Wenjun, Mou; Lina, Wang; Yanhua, Liu; Ralph A, Reisfeld; Rong, Xiang; Dan, Lv; Na, Li

38. Serratamolide is a hemolytic factor produced by Serratia marcescens. e36398页

作者:Robert M Q, Shanks; Nicholas A, Stella; Roni M, Lahr; Shaoru, Wang; Tara I, Veverka; Regis P, Kowalski; Xinyu, Liu

39. Movement patterns for a critically endangered species, the leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), linked to foraging success and population status. e36401页

作者:Helen, Bailey; Sabrina, Fossette; Steven J, Bograd; George L, Shillinger; Alan M, Swithenbank; Jean-Yves, Georges; Philippe, Gaspar; K H Patrik, Str?mberg; Frank V, Paladino; James R, Spotila; Barbara A, Block; Graeme C, Hays

40. Atypical audiovisual speech integration in infants at risk for autism. e36428页

作者:Jeanne A, Guiraud; Przemyslaw, Tomalski; Elena, Kushnerenko; Helena, Ribeiro; Kim, Davies; Tony, Charman; Mayada, Elsabbagh; Mark H, Johnson

41. The role of primary care in service provision for people with severe mental illness in the United Kingdom. e36468页

作者:Siobhan, Reilly; Claire, Planner; Mark, Hann; David, Reeves; Irwin, Nazareth; Helen, Lester

42. Sphingosine kinase 1 deficiency exacerbates LPS-induced neuroinflammation. e36475页

作者:Natalia M, Grin'kina; Eddy E, Karnabi; Dushyant, Damania; Sunil, Wadgaonkar; Ilham A, Muslimov; Raj, Wadgaonkar

43. MiR-200c regulates Noxa expression and sensitivity to proteasomal inhibitors. e36490页

作者:Mikael, Lerner; Moritz, Haneklaus; Masako, Harada; Dan, Grandér

44. Coccidian infection causes oxidative damage in greenfinches. e36495页

作者:Tuul, Sepp; Ulvi, Karu; Jonathan D, Blount; Elin, Sild; Marju, M?nniste; Peeter, H?rak

45. Evolution of Burkholderia pseudomallei in recurrent melioidosis. e36507页

作者:Hillary S, Hayden; Regina, Lim; Mitchell J, Brittnacher; Elizabeth H, Sims; Elizabeth R, Ramage; Christine, Fong; Zaining, Wu; Eva, Crist; Jean, Chang; Yang, Zhou; Matthew, Radey; Laurence, Rohmer; Eric, Haugen; Will, Gillett; Vanaporn, Wuthiekanun; Sharon J, Peacock; Rajinder, Kaul; Samuel I, Miller; Colin, Manoil; Michael A, Jacobs

46. Prefrontal neural activity when feedback is not relevant to adjust performance. e36509页

作者:Jale, ?zyurt; Mareike, Rietze; Christiane M, Thiel

47. Misperceptions in the trajectories of objects undergoing curvilinear motion. e36511页

作者:Ozgur, Yilmaz; Srimant P, Tripathy; Haluk, Ogmen

48. Recovery in Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD): a qualitative study of service users' perspectives. e36517页

作者:Christina, Katsakou; Stamatina, Marougka; Kirsten, Barnicot; Mark, Savill; Hayley, White; Kate, Lockwood; Stefan, Priebe

49. Mechanism of nucleic acid unwinding by SARS-CoV helicase. e36521页

作者:Adeyemi O, Adedeji; Bruno, Marchand; Aartjan J W, Te Velthuis; Eric J, Snijder; Susan, Weiss; Robert L, Eoff; Kamalendra, Singh; Stefan G, Sarafianos

50. Algebraic comparison of partial lists in bioinformatics. e36540页

作者:Giuseppe, Jurman; Samantha, Riccadonna; Roberto, Visintainer; Cesare, Furlanello

51. K65R in subtype C HIV-1 isolates from patients failing on a first-line regimen including d4T or AZT: comparison of Sanger and UDP sequencing data. e36549页

作者:Patricia, Recordon-Pinson; Jennifer, Papuchon; Sandrine, Reigadas; Alaka, Deshpande; Hervé, Fleury

52. Novel role for the innate immune receptor Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) in the regulation of the Wnt signaling pathway and photoreceptor apoptosis. e36560页

作者:Hyun, Yi; Amit K, Patel; Chhinder P, Sodhi; David J, Hackam; Abigail S, Hackam

53. Candidate gene-based association study of antipsychotic-induced movement disorders in long-stay psychiatric patients: a prospective study. e36561页

作者:P Roberto, Bakker; Egbert, Bakker; Najaf, Amin; Cornelia M, van Duijn; Jim, van Os; Peter N, van Harten

54. Residency and spatial use by reef sharks of an isolated seamount and its implications for conservation. e36574页

作者:Adam, Barnett; Kátya G, Abrantes; Jamie, Seymour; Richard, Fitzpatrick

55. High LRRK2 levels fail to induce or exacerbate neuronal alpha-synucleinopathy in mouse brain. e36581页

作者:Martin C, Herzig; Michael, Bidinosti; Tatjana, Schweizer; Thomas, Hafner; Christine, Stemmelen; Andreas, Weiss; Simone, Danner; Nella, Vidotto; Daniela, Stauffer; Carmen, Barske; Franziska, Mayer; Peter, Schmid; Giorgio, Rovelli; P Herman, van der Putten; Derya R, Shimshek

56. An osmotic model of the growing pollen tube. e36585页

作者:Adrian E, Hill; Bruria, Shachar-Hill; Jeremy N, Skepper; Janet, Powell; Yair, Shachar-Hill

57. Identification of genes related to white and black plumage formation by RNA-Seq from white and black feather bulbs in ducks. e36592页

作者:Shijun, Li; Cui, Wang; Wenhua, Yu; Shuhong, Zhao; Yanzhang, Gong

58. Do natural proteins differ from random sequences polypeptides? Natural vs. random proteins classification using an evolutionary neural network. e36634页

作者:Davide, De Lucrezia; Debora, Slanzi; Irene, Poli; Fabio, Polticelli; Giovanni, Minervini

59. Acupuncture for the treatment of dry eye: a multicenter randomised controlled trial with active comparison intervention (artificial teardrops). e36638页

作者:Tae-Hun, Kim; Jung Won, Kang; Kun Hyung, Kim; Kyung-Won, Kang; Mi-Suk, Shin; So-Young, Jung; Ae-Ran, Kim; Hee-Jung, Jung; Jin-Bong, Choi; Kwon Eui, Hong; Seung-Deok, Lee; Sun-Mi, Choi

60. Normal leptin expression, lower adipogenic ability, decreased leptin receptor and hyposensitivity to Leptin in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. e36648页

作者:Guoyan, Liang; Wenjie, Gao; Anjing, Liang; Wei, Ye; Yan, Peng; Liangming, Zhang; Swarkar, Sharma; Peiqiang, Su; Dongsheng, Huang

61. Drugs of last resort? The use of polymyxins and tigecycline at US Veterans Affairs medical centers, 2005-2010. e36649页

作者:Benedikt, Huttner; Makoto, Jones; Michael A, Rubin; Melinda M, Neuhauser; Adi, Gundlapalli; Matthew, Samore

62. Kinematic plasticity during flight in fruit bats: individual variability in response to loading. e36665页

作者:Jose, Iriarte-Diaz; Daniel K, Riskin; Kenneth S, Breuer; Sharon M, Swartz

63. Genetic diversity of the genus Cosavirus in the family Picornaviridae: a new species, recombination, and 26 new genotypes. e36685页

作者:Beatrix, Kapusinszky; Tung G, Phan; Amit, Kapoor; Eric, Delwart

64. Development and validation of an automated high-throughput system for zebrafish in vivo screenings. e36690页

作者:Ainhoa, Letamendia; Celia, Quevedo; Izaskun, Ibarbia; Juan M, Virto; Olaia, Holgado; Maria, Diez; Juan Carlos, Izpisua Belmonte; Carles, Callol-Massot

65. Investigation of host candidate malaria-associated risk/protective SNPs in a Brazilian Amazonian population. e36692页

作者:Simone, da Silva Santos; Taane G, Clark; Susana, Campino; Martha Cecília, Suarez-Mutis; Kirk A, Rockett; Dominic P, Kwiatkowski; Octavio, Fernandes

66. Stable gene targeting in human cells using single-strand oligonucleotides with modified bases. e36697页

作者:Xavier, Rios; Adrian W, Briggs; Danos, Christodoulou; Josh M, Gorham; Jonathan G, Seidman; George M, Church

67. A primary survey on bryophyte species reveals two novel classes of nucleotide-binding site (NBS) genes. e36700页

作者:Jia-Yu, Xue; Yue, Wang; Ping, Wu; Qiang, Wang; Le-Tian, Yang; Xiao-Han, Pan; Bin, Wang; Jian-Qun, Chen

68. Interaction between coastal and oceanic ecosystems of the Western and Central Pacific Ocean through predator-prey relationship studies. e36701页

作者:Valerie, Allain; Emilie, Fernandez; Simon D, Hoyle; Sylvain, Caillot; Jesus, Jurado-Molina; Serge, Andréfou?t; Simon J, Nicol

69. The mbo operon is specific and essential for biosynthesis of mangotoxin in Pseudomonas syringae. e36709页

作者:Víctor J, Carrión; Eva, Arrebola; Francisco M, Cazorla; Jesús, Murillo; Antonio, de Vicente

70. Targeting FGFR4 inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma in preclinical mouse models. e36713页

作者:Dorothy M, French; Benjamin C, Lin; Manping, Wang; Camellia, Adams; Theresa, Shek; Kathy, H?tzel; Brad, Bolon; Ronald, Ferrando; Craig, Blackmore; Kurt, Schroeder; Luis A, Rodriguez; Maria, Hristopoulos; Rayna, Venook; Avi, Ashkenazi; Luc R, Desnoyers

71. Feedback within the inter-cellular communication and tumorigenesis in carcinomas. e36719页

作者:Felix, Rückert; Robert, Grützmann; Christian, Pilarsky

72. BC4707 is a major facilitator superfamily multidrug resistance transport protein from Bacillus cereus implicated in fluoroquinolone tolerance. e36720页

作者:Roger, Simm; Aniko, V?r?s; Jaakko V, Ekman; Marianne, S?dring; Ingerid, Nes; Jasmin K, Kroeger; Massoud, Saidijam; Kim E, Bettaney; Peter J F, Henderson; Mirja, Salkinoja-Salonen; Anne-Brit, Kolst?

73. Foraging behavior and success of a mesopelagic predator in the northeast Pacific Ocean: insights from a data-rich species, the northern elephant seal. e36728页

作者:Patrick W, Robinson; Daniel P, Costa; Daniel E, Crocker; Juan Pablo, Gallo-Reynoso; Cory D, Champagne; Melinda A, Fowler; Chandra, Goetsch; Kimberly T, Goetz; Jason L, Hassrick; Luis A, Hückst?dt; Carey E, Kuhn; Jennifer L, Maresh; Sara M, Maxwell; Birgitte I, McDonald; Sarah H, Peterson; Samantha E, Simmons; Nicole M, Teutschel; Stella, Villegas-Amtmann; Ken, Yoda

74. Pattern classification of large-scale functional brain networks: identification of informative neuroimaging markers for epilepsy. e36733页

作者:Jie, Zhang; Wei, Cheng; ZhengGe, Wang; ZhiQiang, Zhang; WenLian, Lu; GuangMing, Lu; Jianfeng, Feng

75. Mathematical model of plasmid-mediated resistance to ceftiofur in commensal enteric Escherichia coli of cattle. e36738页

作者:Victoriya V, Volkova; Cristina, Lanzas; Zhao, Lu; Yrj? Tapio, Gr?hn

76. Widespread climate change in the Himalayas and associated changes in local ecosystems. e36741页

作者:Uttam Babu, Shrestha; Shiva, Gautam; Kamaljit S, Bawa

78. Transmission electron microscopy reveals distinct macrophage- and tick cell-specific morphological stages of Ehrlichia chaffeensis. e36749页

作者:Sarah E, Dedonder; Chuanmin, Cheng; Lloyd H, Willard; Daniel L, Boyle; Roman R, Ganta

79. Crystal structures of Lsm3, Lsm4 and Lsm5/6/7 from Schizosaccharomyces pombe. e36768页

作者:Donghui, Wu; Shimin, Jiang; Matthew W, Bowler; Haiwei, Song

81. Coupling of glucose deprivation with impaired histone H2B monoubiquitination in tumors. e36775页

作者:Yasuyo, Urasaki; Linda, Heath; C Wilson, Xu

82. Early warning indicators for HIV drug resistance in Cameroon during the year 2010. e36777页

作者:Serge C, Billong; Joseph, Fokam; Armand S, Nkwescheu; Etienne, Kembou; Pascal, Milenge; Zephirin, Tsomo; Grace Ngute, Dion; Avelin F, Aghokeng; Eitel N, Mpoudi; Peter M, Ndumbe; Vittorio, Colizzi; Jean B, Elat Nfetam

83. The prognostic role of RASSF1A promoter methylation in breast cancer: a meta-analysis of published data. e36780页

作者:Yong, Jiang; Lin, Cui; Wen-de, Chen; Shi-hai, Shen; Li-dong, Ding

84. Scavenger receptor CD36 expression contributes to adipose tissue inflammation and cell death in diet-induced obesity. e36785页

作者:Lei, Cai; Zhen, Wang; Ailing, Ji; Jason M, Meyer; Deneys R, van der Westhuyzen

85. New Dromaeosaurids (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the lower cretaceous of Utah, and the evolution of the Dromaeosaurid tail. e36790页

作者:Phil, Senter; James I, Kirkland; Donald D, DeBlieux; Scott, Madsen; Natalie, Toth

86. Fostering critical thinking, reasoning, and argumentation skills through bioethics education. e36791页

作者:Jeanne Ting, Chowning; Joan Carlton, Griswold; Dina N, Kovarik; Laura J, Collins

87. Regulation of the fruit-specific PEP carboxylase SlPPC2 promoter at early stages of tomato fruit development. e36795页

作者:Carine, Guillet; Mourad A M, Aboul-Soud; Aline, Le Menn; Nicolas, Viron; Anne, Pribat; Véronique, Germain; Daniel, Just; Pierre, Baldet; Patrick, Rousselle; Martine, Lemaire-Chamley; Christophe, Rothan

88. Genome-wide association studies identified three independent polymorphisms associated with α-tocopherol content in maize kernels. e36807页

作者:Qing, Li; Xiaohong, Yang; Shutu, Xu; Ye, Cai; Dalong, Zhang; Yingjia, Han; Lin, Li; Zuxin, Zhang; Shibin, Gao; Jiansheng, Li; Jianbing, Yan

89. A novel mutation in LEPRE1 that eliminates only the KDEL ER- retrieval sequence causes non-lethal osteogenesis imperfecta. e36809页

作者:Masaki, Takagi; Tomohiro, Ishii; Aileen M, Barnes; Maryann, Weis; Naoko, Amano; Mamoru, Tanaka; Ryuji, Fukuzawa; Gen, Nishimura; David R, Eyre; Joan C, Marini; Tomonobu, Hasegawa

90. Increased levels of inflammatory cytokines and endothelin-1 in alveolar macrophages from patients with chronic heart failure. e36815页

作者:Liv I Bjoner, Sikkeland; Christen P, Dahl; Thor, Ueland; Arne K, Andreassen; Einar, Gude; Thor, Edvardsen; Torbj?rn, Holm; Arne, Yndestad; Lars, Gullestad; Johny, Kongerud; P?l, Aukrust; Erik, ?ie

91. The antiquity of the Rhine River: stratigraphic coverage of the dinotheriensande (eppelsheim formation) of the Mainz Basin (Germany). e36817页

作者:Madelaine, B?hme; Manuela, Aiglstorfer; Dieter, Uhl; Ottmar, Kullmer

92. Paraoxonase 1 polymorphism and prenatal pesticide exposure associated with adverse cardiovascular risk profiles at school age. e36830页

作者:Helle R, Andersen; Christine, Wohlfahrt-Veje; Christine, Dalg?rd; Lene, Christiansen; Katharina M, Main; Christine, Nellemann; Katsuyuki, Murata; Tina K, Jensen; Niels E, Skakkeb?k; Philippe, Grandjean

93. Elucidating the mechanisms of influenza virus recognition by Ncr1. e36837页

作者:Ariella, Glasner; Antonija, Zurunic; Tal, Meningher; Tihana, Lenac Rovis; Pinchas, Tsukerman; Yotam, Bar-On; Rachel, Yamin; Adrienne F A, Meyers; Michal, Mandeboim; Stipan, Jonjic; Ofer, Mandelboim

94. Analysis of spatial point patterns in nuclear biology. e36841页

作者:David J, Weston; Niall M, Adams; Richard A, Russell; David A, Stephens; Paul S, Freemont

95. Risk assessment of gastric cancer caused by Helicobacter pylori using CagA sequence markers. e36844页

作者:Chao, Zhang; Shunfu, Xu; Dong, Xu

96. Prevalence of allergic disorders among primary school-aged children in Madinah, Saudi Arabia: two-stage cross-sectional survey. e36848页

作者:Mahmoud, Nahhas; Raj, Bhopal; Chantelle, Anandan; Rob, Elton; Aziz, Sheikh

97. Generalized DNA barcode design based on Hamming codes. e36852页

作者:Leonid V, Bystrykh

99. A proposed taxonomy of anaerobic fungi (class neocallimastigomycetes) suitable for large-scale sequence-based community structure analysis. e36866页

作者:Sandra, Kittelmann; Graham E, Naylor; John P, Koolaard; Peter H, Janssen

100. Combined use of serum adiponectin and tumor necrosis factor-alpha receptor 2 levels was comparable to 2-hour post-load glucose in diabetes prediction. e36868页

作者:Yu-Cho, Woo; Annette W K, Tso; Aimin, Xu; Lawrence S C, Law; Carol H Y, Fong; Tai-Hing, Lam; Su-Vui, Lo; Nelson M S, Wat; Bernard M Y, Cheung; Karen S L, Lam

101. Comparing HLA shared epitopes in French Caucasian patients with scleroderma. e36870页

作者:Doua F, Azzouz; Justyna M, Rak; Isabelle, Fajardy; Yannick, Allanore; Kiet Phong, Tiev; Dominique, Farge-Bancel; Marielle, Martin; Sami B, Kanaan; Philippe P, Pagni; Eric, Hachulla; Jean Robert, Harlé; Rémi, Didelot; Brigitte, Granel; Jean, Cabane; Jean, Roudier; Nathalie C, Lambert

102. Enzymatic analysis of recombinant Japanese encephalitis virus NS2B(H)-NS3pro protease with fluorogenic model peptide substrates. e36872页

作者:Muhammad, Junaid; Chakard, Chalayut; Anna, Sehgelmeble Torrejon; Chanan, Angsuthanasombat; Iryna, Shutava; Maris, Lapins; Jarl E S, Wikberg; Gerd, Katzenmeier

103. Hyperphosphorylation and cleavage at D421 enhance tau secretion. e36873页

作者:Vanessa, Plouffe; Nguyen-Vi, Mohamed; Jessica, Rivest-McGraw; Johanne, Bertrand; Michel, Lauzon; Nicole, Leclerc

104. Metabolic adaptation of Ralstonia solanacearum during plant infection: a methionine biosynthesis case study. e36877页

作者:Laure, Plener; Pierre, Boistard; Adriana, González; Christian, Boucher; Stéphane, Genin

105. Sex allocation in relation to host races in the brood-parasitic common cuckoo (Cuculus canorus). e36884页

作者:Frode, Foss?y; Arne, Moksnes; Eivin, R?skaft; Anton, Antonov; Andrzej, Dyrcz; Csaba, Moskat; Peter S, Ranke; Jarkko, Rutila; Johan R, Vikan; B?rd G, Stokke

106. Epigenetic repression of RARRES1 is mediated by methylation of a proximal promoter and a loss of CTCF binding. e36891页

作者:Zhengang, Peng; Rulong, Shen; Ying-Wei, Li; Kun-Yu, Teng; Charles L, Shapiro; Huey-Jen L, Lin

107. Morphological and pathological evolution of the brain microcirculation in aging and Alzheimer's disease. e36893页

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108. Adaptive and bounded investment returns promote cooperation in spatial public goods games. e36895页

作者:Xiaojie, Chen; Yongkui, Liu; Yonghui, Zhou; Long, Wang; Matja?, Perc

109. The brain matures with stronger functional connectivity and decreased randomness of its network. e36896页

作者:Dirk J A, Smit; Maria, Boersma; Hugo G, Schnack; Sifis, Micheloyannis; Dorret I, Boomsma; Hilleke E, Hulshoff Pol; Cornelis J, Stam; Eco J C, de Geus

110. Photic desynchronization of two subgroups of circadian oscillators in a network model of the suprachiasmatic nucleus with dispersed coupling strengths. e36900页

作者:Changgui, Gu; Zonghua, Liu; William J, Schwartz; Premananda, Indic

111. Failure to recognize nontuberculous mycobacteria leads to misdiagnosis of chronic pulmonary tuberculosis. e36902页

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112. Overexpression of CARMA3 in non-small-cell lung cancer is linked for tumor progression. e36903页

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113. Tailored vs. standardized internet-based cognitive behavior therapy for depression and comorbid symptoms: a randomized controlled trial. e36905页

作者:Robert, Johansson; Elin, Sj?berg; Magnus, Sj?gren; Erik, Johnsson; Per, Carlbring; Therese, Andersson; Andréas, Rousseau; Gerhard, Andersson

114. Modified laminar bone in Ampelosaurus atacis and other Titanosaurs (Sauropoda): implications for life history and physiology. e36907页

作者:Nicole, Klein; P Martin, Sander; Koen, Stein; Jean, Le Loeuff; Jose L, Carballido; Eric, Buffetaut

115. Interferon-β induces cellular senescence in cutaneous human papilloma virus-transformed human keratinocytes by affecting p53 transactivating activity. e36909页

作者:Maria V, Chiantore; Serena, Vannucchi; Rosita, Accardi; Massimo, Tommasino; Zulema A, Percario; Gabriele, Vaccari; Elisabetta, Affabris; Gianna, Fiorucci; Giovanna, Romeo

116. HBsAg inhibits the translocation of JTB into mitochondria in HepG2 cells and potentially plays a role in HCC progression. e36914页

作者:Yun-Peng, Liu; Xiao-Ning, Yang; Amarsanaa, Jazag; Jin-Shui, Pan; Tian-Hui, Hu; Jing-Jing, Liu; Bayasi, Guleng; Jian-Lin, Ren

117. VIP deficient mice exhibit resistance to lipopolysaccharide induced endotoxemia with an intrinsic defect in proinflammatory cellular responses. e36922页

作者:Catalina, Abad; Yossan-Var, Tan; Gardenia, Cheung-Lau; Hiroko, Nobuta; James A, Waschek

118. Shape self-regulation in early lung morphogenesis. e36925页

作者:Rapha?l, Clément; Pierre, Blanc; Benjamin, Mauroy; Vincent, Sapin; Stéphane, Douady

119. Association analysis of the extended MHC region in celiac disease implicates multiple independent susceptibility loci. e36926页

作者:Richard, Ahn; Yuan Chun, Ding; Joseph, Murray; Alessio, Fasano; Peter H R, Green; Susan L, Neuhausen; Chad, Garner

120. Procalcitonin predicts response to beta-lactam treatment in hospitalized children with community-acquired pneumonia. e36927页

作者:Jérémie F, Cohen; Alexander, Leis; Thibault, Lecarpentier; Josette, Raymond; Dominique, Gendrel; Martin, Chalumeau

122. Dark or short nights: differential latitudinal constraints in nestling provisioning patterns of a nocturnally hunting bird species. e36932页

作者:Markéta, Zárybnická; Erkki, Korpim?ki; Michael, Griesser

123. Transcriptome characterization by RNA-seq unravels the mechanisms of butyrate-induced epigenomic regulation in bovine cells. e36940页

作者:Sitao, Wu; Robert W, Li; Weizhong, Li; Cong-Jun, Li

124. IL-1β is upregulated in the diabetic retina and retinal vessels: cell-specific effect of high glucose and IL-1β autostimulation. e36949页

作者:Yang, Liu; Montserrat, Biarnés Costa; Chiara, Gerhardinger

125. The sound of feelings: electrophysiological responses to emotional speech in alexithymia. e36951页

作者:Katharina Sophia, Goerlich; André, Aleman; Sander, Martens

126. Fatigue in patients with lung cancer is related with accelerated tryptophan breakdown. e36956页

作者:Katharina, Kurz; Michael, Fiegl; Bernhard, Holzner; Johannes, Giesinger; Marianna, Pircher; Guenter, Weiss; Hubert A, Denz; Dietmar, Fuchs

127. A neuromorphic architecture for object recognition and motion anticipation using burst-STDP. e36958页

作者:Andrew, Nere; Umberto, Olcese; David, Balduzzi; Giulio, Tononi

128. Enzymatic activities and DNA substrate specificity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA helicase XPB. e36960页

作者:Seetha V, Balasingham; Ephrem Debebe, Zegeye; H?vard, Homberset; Marie L, Rossi; Jon K, Laerdahl; Vilhelm A, Bohr; Tone, T?njum

129. Dynamic compression of chondrocyte-agarose constructs reveals new candidate mechanosensitive genes. e36964页

作者:Carole, Bougault; Elisabeth, Aubert-Foucher; Anne, Paumier; Emeline, Perrier-Groult; Ludovic, Huot; David, Hot; Martine, Duterque-Coquillaud; Frédéric, Mallein-Gerin

130. Optic nerve head quantification in idiopathic intracranial hypertension by spectral domain OCT. e36965页

作者:Falko, Kaufhold; Ella Maria, Kadas; Christoph, Schmidt; Hagen, Kunte; Jan, Hoffmann; Hanna, Zimmermann; Timm, Oberwahrenbrock; Lutz, Harms; Konrad, Polthier; Alexander U, Brandt; Friedemann, Paul

132. The Fanconi anaemia components UBE2T and FANCM are functionally linked to nucleotide excision repair. e36970页

作者:Ian R, Kelsall; Judith, Langenick; Craig, MacKay; Ketan J, Patel; Arno F, Alpi

133. Phylogenomics of prokaryotic ribosomal proteins. e36972页

作者:Natalya, Yutin; Pere, Puigbò; Eugene V, Koonin; Yuri I, Wolf

134. The therapeutic effect of memantine through the stimulation of synapse formation and dendritic spine maturation in autism and fragile X syndrome. e36981页

作者:Hongen, Wei; Carl, Dobkin; Ashfaq M, Sheikh; Mazhar, Malik; W Ted, Brown; Xiaohong, Li

135. Persistent hepatitis B viral replication in a FVB/N mouse model: impact of host and viral factors. e36984页

作者:Shih-Hui, Chen; Hui-Lin, Wu; Jia-Horng, Kao; Lih-Hwa, Hwang

136. Characterization of modular bacteriophage endolysins from Myoviridae phages OBP, 201φ2-1 and PVP-SE1. e36991页

作者:Maarten, Walmagh; Yves, Briers; Silvio Branco, dos Santos; Joana, Azeredo; Rob, Lavigne

137. Grassland resistance and resilience after drought depends on management intensity and species richness. e36992页

作者:Anja, Vogel; Michael, Scherer-Lorenzen; Alexandra, Weigelt

138. Introduced pathogens and native freshwater biodiversity: a case study of Sphaerothecum destruens. e36998页

作者:Demetra, Andreou; Kristen D, Arkush; Jean-Fran?ois, Guégan; Rodolphe E, Gozlan

139. Decoding the folding of Burkholderia glumae lipase: folding intermediates en route to kinetic stability. e36999页

作者:Kris, Pauwels; Manuel M, Sanchez del Pino; Georges, Feller; Patrick, Van Gelder

140. The viral TRAF protein (ORF111L) from infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus interacts with TRADD and induces caspase 8-mediated apoptosis. e37001页

作者:Bai-Liang, He; Ji-Min, Yuan; Lu-Yun, Yang; Jun-Feng, Xie; Shao-Ping, Weng; Xiao-Qiang, Yu; Jian-Guo, He

141. Species tree estimation for the late blight pathogen, Phytophthora infestans, and close relatives. e37003页

作者:Jaime E, Blair; Michael D, Coffey; Frank N, Martin

142. Small-molecule synthetic compound norcantharidin reverses multi-drug resistance by regulating Sonic hedgehog signaling in human breast cancer cells. e37006页

作者:Yu-Jen, Chen; Cheng-Deng, Kuo; Szu-Han, Chen; Wei-Jen, Chen; Wen-Chien, Huang; K S Clifford, Chao; Hui-Fen, Liao

143. N-terminal 1-54 amino acid sequence and Armadillo repeat domain are indispensable for P120-catenin isoform 1A in regulating E-cadherin. e37008页

作者:Juanhan, Yu; Yuan, Miao; Hongtao, Xu; Yang, Liu; Guiyang, Jiang; Maggie, Stoecker; Endi, Wang; Enhua, Wang

144. Long interspersed nuclear element-1 hypomethylation and oxidative stress: correlation and bladder cancer diagnostic potential. e37009页

作者:Maturada, Patchsung; Chanchai, Boonla; Passakorn, Amnattrakul; Thasinas, Dissayabutra; Apiwat, Mutirangura; Piyaratana, Tosukhowong

145. Social anxiety modulates subliminal affective priming. e37011页

作者:Elizabeth S, Paul; Stuart A J, Pope; John G, Fennell; Michael T, Mendl

146. Transcriptional protein Sp1 regulates LEDGF transcription by directly interacting with its cis-elements in GC-rich region of TATA-less gene promoter. e37012页

作者:Dhirendra P, Singh; Biju, Bhargavan; Bhavana, Chhunchha; Eri, Kubo; Anil, Kumar; Nigar, Fatma

147. MENA is a transcriptional target of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway. e37013页

作者:Ayaz, Najafov; Tuncay, Seker; Ipek, Even; Gerta, Hoxhaj; Osman, Selvi; Duygu Esen, Ozel; Ahmet, Koman; Necla, Birgül-?yison

148. Reduced gray to white matter tissue intensity contrast in schizophrenia. e37016页

作者:Li, Kong; Christina, Herold; Bram, Stieltjes; Marco, Essig; Ulrich, Seidl; Robert Christian, Wolf; Torsten, Wüstenberg; Marc Montgomery, L?sser; Lena Anna, Schmid; Knut, Schnell; Dusan, Hirjak; Philipp Arthur, Thomann

149. The adjuvanticity of an O. volvulus-derived rOv-ASP-1 protein in mice using sequential vaccinations and in non-human primates. e37019页

作者:Jing, Wang; Nancy, Tricoche; Lanying, Du; Meredith, Hunter; Bin, Zhan; Gaddam, Goud; Elizabeth S, Didier; Jing, Liu; Lu, Lu; Preston A, Marx; Shibo, Jiang; Sara, Lustigman

150. Xenon and sevoflurane provide analgesia during labor and fetal brain protection in a perinatal rat model of hypoxia-ischemia. e37020页

作者:Ting, Yang; Lei, Zhuang; António M, Rei Fidalgo; Evgenia, Petrides; Niccolo, Terrando; Xinmin, Wu; Robert D, Sanders; Nicola J, Robertson; Mark R, Johnson; Mervyn, Maze; Daqing, Ma

151. The loss of functional caspase-12 in Europe is a pre-neolithic event. e37022页

作者:Montserrat, Hervella; Theo S, Plantinga; Santos, Alonso; Bart, Ferwerda; Neskuts, Izagirre; Lara, Fontecha; Rosa, Fregel; Jos W M, van der Meer; Concepcion, de-la-Rúa; Mihai G, Netea

152. Non-invasive quantification of white and brown adipose tissues and liver fat content by computed tomography in mice. e37026页

作者:Marko, Lubura; Deike, Hesse; Nancy, Neumann; Stephan, Scherneck; Petra, Wiedmer; Annette, Schürmann

153. Comparative proteomic analysis of Aedes aegypti larval midgut after intoxication with Cry11Aa toxin from Bacillus thuringiensis. e37034页

作者:Angeles, Cancino-Rodezno; Luis, Lozano; Cris, Oppert; Julieta I, Castro; Humberto, Lanz-Mendoza; Sergio, Encarnación; Amy E, Evans; Sarjeet S, Gill; Mario, Soberón; Juan L, Jurat-Fuentes; Alejandra, Bravo

154. Circulating mesenchymal stem cells microparticles in patients with cerebrovascular disease. e37036页

作者:Suk Jae, Kim; Gyeong Joon, Moon; Yeon Hee, Cho; Ho Young, Kang; Na Kyum, Hyung; Donghee, Kim; Ji Hyun, Lee; Ji Yoon, Nam; Oh Young, Bang

155. GABA-A channel subunit expression in human glioma correlates with tumor histology and clinical outcome. e37041页

作者:Anja, Smits; Zhe, Jin; Tamador, Elsir; Hugo, Pedder; Monica, Nistér; Irina, Alafuzoff; Anna, Dimberg; Per-Henrik, Edqvist; Fredrik, Pontén; Eleonora, Aronica; Bryndis, Birnir

156. Residential proximity to a major roadway is associated with features of asthma control in children. e37044页

作者:Meredith S, Brown; Stefanie Ebelt, Sarnat; Karen A, DeMuth; Lou Ann S, Brown; Denise R, Whitlock; Shanae W, Brown; Paige E, Tolbert; Anne M, Fitzpatrick

157. A novel function of Noc2 in agonist-induced intracellular Ca2+ increase during zymogen-granule exocytosis in pancreatic acinar cells. e37048页

作者:Sho, Ogata; Takashi, Miki; Susumu, Seino; Seiichi, Tamai; Haruo, Kasai; Tomomi, Nemoto

158. Revisiting brain atrophy and its relationship to disability in multiple sclerosis. e37049页

作者:Navid, Shiee; Pierre-Louis, Bazin; Kathleen M, Zackowski; Sheena K, Farrell; Daniel M, Harrison; Scott D, Newsome; John N, Ratchford; Brian S, Caffo; Peter A, Calabresi; Dzung L, Pham; Daniel S, Reich

159. Identification of milk component in ancient food residue by proteomics. e37053页

作者:Chuan, Hong; Hongen, Jiang; Enguo, Lü; Yunfei, Wu; Lihai, Guo; Yongming, Xie; Changsui, Wang; Yimin, Yang

160. Differential contribution of hypothalamic MAPK activity to anxiety-like behaviour in virgin and lactating rats. e37060页

作者:Benjamin, Jurek; David A, Slattery; Rodrigue, Maloumby; Katharina, Hillerer; Sophie, Koszinowski; Inga D, Neumann; Erwin H, van den Burg

161. Modulation of corticospinal excitability during acquisition of action sequences by observation. e37061页

作者:Masanori, Sakamoto; Noriyoshi, Moriyama; Nobuaki, Mizuguchi; Tetsuro, Muraoka; Kazuyuki, Kanosue

162. Evaluation of accelerometer-based fall detection algorithms on real-world falls. e37062页

作者:Fabio, Bagalà; Clemens, Becker; Angelo, Cappello; Lorenzo, Chiari; Kamiar, Aminian; Jeffrey M, Hausdorff; Wiebren, Zijlstra; Jochen, Klenk

163. Tetraploid wheat landraces in the Mediterranean basin: taxonomy, evolution and genetic diversity. e37063页

作者:Hugo R, Oliveira; Michael G, Campana; Huw, Jones; Harriet V, Hunt; Fiona, Leigh; David I, Redhouse; Diane L, Lister; Martin K, Jones

164. Proposed role for COUP-TFII in regulating fetal Leydig cell steroidogenesis, perturbation of which leads to masculinization disorders in rodents. e37064页

作者:Sander, van den Driesche; Marion, Walker; Chris, McKinnell; Hayley M, Scott; Sharon L, Eddie; Rod T, Mitchell; Jonathan R, Seckl; Amanda J, Drake; Lee B, Smith; Richard A, Anderson; Richard M, Sharpe

165. The spread of influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 virus in Madagascar described by a sentinel surveillance network. e37067页

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166. The impact of human conflict on the genetics of Mastomys natalensis and Lassa virus in West Africa. e37068页

作者:Aude, Lalis; Rapha?l, Leblois; Emilie, Lecompte; Christiane, Denys; Jan, Ter Meulen; Thierry, Wirth

167. Targeting of the human coagulation factor IX gene at rDNA locus of human embryonic stem cells. e37071页

作者:Xionghao, Liu; Yong, Wu; Zhuo, Li; Junlin, Yang; Jinfeng, Xue; Youjin, Hu; Mai, Feng; Wenbin, Niu; Qiurui, Yang; Ming, Lei; Jiahui, Xia; Lingqian, Wu; Desheng, Liang

168. Multiple fitness benefits of polyandry in a cephalopod. e37074页

作者:Zoe E, Squires; Bob B M, Wong; Mark D, Norman; Devi, Stuart-Fox

169. Increased expression of PITX2 transcription factor contributes to ovarian cancer progression. e37076页

作者:Frederic K C, Fung; David W, Chan; Vincent W S, Liu; Thomas H Y, Leung; Annie N Y, Cheung; Hextan Y S, Ngan

171. Calpain activity is essential in skin wound healing and contributes to scar formation. e37084页

作者:Dany, Nassar; Emmanuel, Letavernier; Laurent, Baud; Selim, Aractingi; Kiarash, Khosrotehrani

172. Arabidopsis RPT2a, 19S proteasome subunit, regulates gene silencing via DNA methylation. e37086页

作者:Kaori, Sako; Yuko, Maki; Tomoyuki, Kanai; Eriko, Kato; Shugo, Maekawa; Shigetaka, Yasuda; Takeo, Sato; Masaaki K, Watahiki; Junji, Yamaguchi

173. Association of typical versus atypical antipsychotics with symptoms and quality of life in schizophrenia. e37087页

作者:Koichiro, Fujimaki; Terumichi, Takahashi; Shigeru, Morinobu

174. A comprehensive breath plume model for disease transmission via expiratory aerosols. e37088页

作者:Siobhan K, Halloran; Anthony S, Wexler; William D, Ristenpart

175. Ammonium is toxic for aging yeast cells, inducing death and shortening of the chronological lifespan. e37090页

作者:Júlia, Santos; Maria Jo?o, Sousa; Cecília, Le?o

176. Phenotypic and functional changes in blood monocytes following adherence to endothelium. e37091页

作者:Colin, Tso; Kerry-Anne, Rye; Philip, Barter

177. Functions of protosilencers in the formation and maintenance of heterochromatin in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. e37092页

作者:Xinmin, Zhang; Qun, Yu; Lars, Olsen; Xin, Bi

178. A dual-color luciferase assay system reveals circadian resetting of cultured fibroblasts by co-cultured adrenal glands. e37093页

作者:Takako, Noguchi; Masaaki, Ikeda; Yoshihiro, Ohmiya; Yoshihiro, Nakajima

179. Concurrent word generation and motor performance: further evidence for language-motor interaction. e37094页

作者:Amy D, Rodriguez; Matthew L, McCabe; Joe R, Nocera; Jamie, Reilly

180. Down-regulation of AP-4 inhibits proliferation, induces cell cycle arrest and promotes apoptosis in human gastric cancer cells. e37096页

作者:Xinghua, Liu; Bo, Zhang; Yan, Guo; Qi, Liang; Changyao, Wu; Lei, Wu; Kaixiong, Tao; Guobin, Wang; Jianying, Chen

181. Examining the interactome of huperzine A by magnetic biopanning. e37098页

作者:Wei, Guo; Shupeng, Liu; Jinliang, Peng; Xiaohui, Wei; Ye, Sun; Yangsheng, Qiu; Guangwei, Gao; Peng, Wang; Yuhong, Xu

183. PCB 126 and other dioxin-like PCBs specifically suppress hepatic PEPCK expression via the aryl hydrocarbon receptor. e37103页

作者:Wenshuo, Zhang; Robert M, Sargis; Paul A, Volden; Christopher M, Carmean; Xiao J, Sun; Matthew J, Brady

184. Fetal and early post-natal mineralization of the tympanic bulla in fin whales may reveal a Hitherto undiscovered evolutionary trait. e37110页

作者:Bruno, Cozzi; Michela, Podestà; Sandro, Mazzariol; Alessandro, Zotti

185. Seroprevalence of IgG antibodies against Echinococcus granulosus in the population of the region of Thessaly, Central Greece. e37112页

作者:Vasilios, Fotiou; Eleni, Malissiova; Anastasios, Minas; Efthimia, Petinaki; Christos, Hadjichristodoulou

186. Experimental incubations elicit profound changes in community transcription in OMZ bacterioplankton. e37118页

作者:Frank J, Stewart; Tage, Dalsgaard; Curtis R, Young; Bo, Thamdrup; Niels Peter, Revsbech; Osvaldo, Ulloa; Don E, Canfield; Edward F, Delong

187. Crystal structure of a complex of DNA with one AT-hook of HMGA1. e37120页

作者:Elsa, Fonfría-Subirós; Francisco, Acosta-Reyes; Núria, Saperas; Joan, Pous; Juan A, Subirana; J Lourdes, Campos

188. Theropod fauna from southern Australia indicates high polar diversity and climate-driven dinosaur provinciality. e37122页

作者:Roger B J, Benson; Thomas H, Rich; Patricia, Vickers-Rich; Mike, Hall

189. Factors associated with late antiretroviral therapy initiation among adults in Mozambique. e37125页

作者:Maria, Lahuerta; Josue, Lima; Harriet, Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha; Mie, Okamura; Maria Fernanda, Alvim; Rufino, Fernandes; Americo, Assan; David, Hoos; Batya, Elul; Wafaa M, El-Sadr; Denis, Nash

190. Identification and characterisation of the early differentiating cells in neural differentiation of human embryonic stem cells. e37129页

作者:Parinya, Noisa; Thamil Selvee, Ramasamy; Fiona R, Lamont; Jason S L, Yu; Michael J, Sheldon; Alison, Russell; Xin, Jin; Wei, Cui

191. Clinical severity of β-thalassaemia/Hb E disease is associated with differential activities of the calpain-calpastatin proteolytic system. e37133页

作者:Suriyan, Sukati; Saovaros, Svasti; Roberto, Stifanese; Monica, Averna; Nantika, Panutdaporn; Tipparat, Penglong; Edon, Melloni; Suthat, Fucharoen; Gerd, Katzenmeier

192. LGR6 is a high affinity receptor of R-spondins and potentially functions as a tumor suppressor. e37137页

作者:Xing, Gong; Kendra S, Carmon; Qiushi, Lin; Anthony, Thomas; Jing, Yi; Qingyun, Liu

193. Does S-metolachlor affect the performance of Pseudomonas sp. strain ADP as bioaugmentation bacterium for atrazine-contaminated soils? e37140页

作者:Cristina A, Viegas; Catarina, Costa; Sandra, André; Paula, Viana; Rui, Ribeiro; Matilde, Moreira-Santos

194. The electrically silent Kv6.4 subunit confers hyperpolarized gating charge movement in Kv2.1/Kv6.4 heterotetrameric channels. e37143页

作者:Elke, Bocksteins; Alain J, Labro; Dirk J, Snyders; Durga P, Mohapatra

195. Adrenergic alpha-1 pathway is associated with hypertension among Nigerians in a pathway-focused analysis. e37145页

作者:Nicholas P, Reder; Bamidele O, Tayo; Babatunde, Salako; Adesola, Ogunniyi; Adebowale, Adeyemo; Charles, Rotimi; Richard S, Cooper

196. A selective PMCA inhibitor does not prolong the electroolfactogram in mouse. e37148页

作者:Edwin R, Griff; Nancy K, Kleene; Steven J, Kleene

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198. Resveratrol exerts dosage and duration dependent effect on human mesenchymal stem cell development. e37162页

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200. A significant but rather mild contribution of T286 autophosphorylation to Ca2+/CaM-stimulated CaMKII activity. e37176页

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201. Survival differences among native-born and foreign-born older adults in the United States. e37177页

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202. Mechanics regulates fate decisions of human embryonic stem cells. e37178页

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203. Algae-produced Pfs25 elicits antibodies that inhibit malaria transmission. e37179页

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204. Uric acid is more strongly associated with impaired glucose regulation in women than in men from the general population: the KORA F4-Study. e37180页

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205. Inbreeding avoidance influences the viability of reintroduced populations of African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus). e37181页

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206. SUMOylation of paraflagellar rod protein, PFR1, and its stage-specific localization in Trypanosoma cruzi. e37183页

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208. The mir-51 family of microRNAs functions in diverse regulatory pathways in Caenorhabditis elegans. e37185页

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209. Proteomic analysis of S-acylated proteins in human B cells reveals palmitoylation of the immune regulators CD20 and CD23. e37187页

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211. Synchronized audio-visual transients drive efficient visual search for motion-in-depth. e37190页

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212. Caspase inhibition with XIAP as an adjunct to AAV vector gene-replacement therapy: improving efficacy and prolonging the treatment window. e37197页

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214. CCR2 acts as scavenger for CCL2 during monocyte chemotaxis. e37208页

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215. Caloric restriction suppresses microglial activation and prevents neuroapoptosis following cortical injury in rats. e37215页

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217. Spondin-2 (SPON2), a more prostate-cancer-specific diagnostic biomarker. e37225页

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218. Pemetrexed plus platinum as the first-line treatment option for advanced non-small cell lung cancer: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. e37229页

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219. Semi-selective fatty acyl reductases from four heliothine moths influence the specific pheromone composition. e37230页

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220. Structural basis for specificity of propeptide-enzyme interaction in barley C1A cysteine peptidases. e37234页

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221. Plasma and muscle myostatin in relation to type 2 diabetes. e37236页

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222. Preclinical evaluation of oncolytic vaccinia virus for therapy of canine soft tissue sarcoma. e37239页

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225. The risk of amenorrhea is related to chemotherapy-induced leucopenia in breast cancer patients receiving epirubicin and taxane based chemotherapy. e37249页

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226. High-resolution positional tracking for long-term analysis of Drosophila sleep and locomotion using the "tracker" program. e37250页

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227. The cerebellum link to neuroticism: a volumetric MRI association study in healthy volunteers. e37252页

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228. Evolutionary constraint helps unmask a splicing regulatory region in BRCA1 exon 11. e37255页

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229. Diabetes and pre-diabetes as determined by glycated haemoglobin A1c and glucose levels in a developing southern Chinese population. e37260页

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231. In vivo ultrasound and photoacoustic monitoring of mesenchymal stem cells labeled with gold nanotracers. e37267页

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232. Cell free expression of hif1α and p21 in maternal peripheral blood as a marker for preeclampsia and fetal growth restriction. e37273页

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233. Slip-flow and heat transfer of a non-newtonian nanofluid in a microtube. e37274页

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234. Distinct genetic lineages of Bactrocera caudata (Insecta: Tephritidae) revealed by COI and 16S DNA sequences. e37276页

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235. Cyclosporin A inhibits the influenza virus replication through cyclophilin A-dependent and -independent pathways. e37277页

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236. A rat model of central venous catheter to study establishment of long-term bacterial biofilm and related acute and chronic infections. e37281页

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237. A genome-wide association study reveals loci influencing height and other conformation traits in horses. e37282页

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238. Long-term results and prognostic factors of gastric cancer patients with microscopic peritoneal carcinomatosis. e37284页

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239. Tregs promote the differentiation of Th17 cells in silica-induced lung fibrosis in mice. e37286页

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241. Reph, a regulator of Eph receptor expression in the Drosophila melanogaster optic lobe. e37303页

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242. Chromosome evolution and genome miniaturization in minifish. e37305页

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243. Multiple-locus variable-number tandem-repeat analysis of pathogenic Yersinia enterocolitica in China. e37309页

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244. Genetic variation in selenoprotein genes, lifestyle, and risk of colon and rectal cancer. e37312页

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246. Characterization and expression of glutamate dehydrogenase in response to acute salinity stress in the Chinese mitten crab, Eriocheir sinensis. e37316页

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251. Delayed retention of new word-forms is better in children than adults regardless of language ability: a factorial two-way study. e37326页

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252. Feasibility of using ultra-high field (7 T) MRI for clinical surgical targeting. e37328页

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253. Francisella tularensis elicits IL-10 via a PGE?-inducible factor, to drive macrophage MARCH1 expression and class II down-regulation. e37330页

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254. Sexual signalling in Propithecus verreauxi: male "chest badge" and female mate choice. e37332页

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255. Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor protects mice during respiratory virus infections. e37334页

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257. Highly sensitive in vitro methods for detection of residual undifferentiated cells in retinal pigment epithelial cells derived from human iPS cells. e37342页

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262. An improved test for detecting multiplicative homeostatic synaptic scaling. e37364页

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263. Notch2 and Notch3 function together to regulate vascular smooth muscle development. e37365页

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264. Thermoregulation of capsule production by Streptococcus pyogenes. e37367页

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265. Identification of novel human damage response proteins targeted through yeast orthology. e37368页

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266. Targeting Cx43 and N-cadherin, which are abnormally upregulated in venous leg ulcers, influences migration, adhesion and activation of Rho GTPases. e37374页

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267. Conjugation of functionalized SPIONs with transferrin for targeting and imaging brain glial tumors in rat model. e37376页

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268. Efficacy, stability, and biosafety of sifuvirtide gel as a microbicide candidate against HIV-1. e37381页

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269. Movement behavior of high-heeled walking: how does the nervous system control the ankle joint during an unstable walking condition? e37390页

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270. Multiple interferon stimulated genes synergize with the zinc finger antiviral protein to mediate anti-alphavirus activity. e37398页

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271. Molecular epidemiology of HIV-1 transmission in a cohort of HIV-1 concordant heterosexual couples from Dakar, Senegal. e37402页

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274. Susceptibility of human lymphoid tissue cultured ex vivo to xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) infection. e37415页

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279. The role of visual information in numerosity estimation. e37426页

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280. The role of the Yap5 transcription factor in remodeling gene expression in response to Fe bioavailability. e37434页

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283. Mapping connectivity damage in the case of Phineas Gage. e37454页

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284. Alcohol-related context modulates performance of social drinkers in a visual Go/No-Go task: a preliminary assessment of event-related potentials. e37466页

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285. Uptake rate of cationic mitochondrial inhibitor MKT-077 determines cellular oxygen consumption change in carcinoma cells. e37471页

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286. Kinship index variations among populations and thresholds for familial searching. e37474页

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287. Bananas as an energy source during exercise: a metabolomics approach. e37479页

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292. Avian influenza H9N2 seroprevalence among poultry workers in Pune, India, 2010. e36374页

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293. The roles of dispersal, fecundity, and predation in the population persistence of an oak (Quercus engelmannii) under global change. e36391页

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294. Bacillus licheniformis BlaR1 L3 loop is a zinc metalloprotease activated by self-proteolysis. e36400页

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295. Overexpression of Akt1 enhances adipogenesis and leads to lipoma formation in zebrafish. e36474页

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296. Classification of HIV-1 sequences using profile Hidden Markov Models. e36566页

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297. Identification of a known mutation in Notch 3 in familiar CADASIL in China. e36590页

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299. Using plant functional traits to explain diversity-productivity relationships. e36760页

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300. Isocorydine inhibits cell proliferation in hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines by inducing G2/m cell cycle arrest and apoptosis. e36808页

作者:Hefen, Sun; Helei, Hou; Ping, Lu; Lixing, Zhang; Fangyu, Zhao; Chao, Ge; Tingpu, Wang; Ming, Yao; Jinjun, Li

301. Intracellular electric field and pH optimize protein localization and movement. e36894页

作者:Jessica, Cunningham; Veronica, Estrella; Mark, Lloyd; Robert, Gillies; B Roy, Frieden; Robert, Gatenby

302. What role do traditional beliefs play in treatment seeking and delay for Buruli ulcer disease?--insights from a mixed methods study in Cameroon. e36954页

作者:Koen, Peeters Grietens; Elizabeth, Toomer; Alphonse, Um Boock; Susanna, Hausmann-Muela; Hans, Peeters; Kirezi, Kanobana; Charlotte, Gryseels; Joan, Muela Ribera

303. The cumulative effects of polymorphisms in the DNA mismatch repair genes and tobacco smoking in oesophageal cancer risk. e36962页

作者:Matjaz, Vogelsang; Yabing, Wang; Nika, Veber; Lamech M, Mwapagha; M Iqbal, Parker

304. Connectivity of default-mode network is associated with cerebral edema in hepatic encephalopathy. e36986页

作者:Wei-Che, Lin; Tun-Wei, Hsu; Chao-Long, Chen; Changwei W, Wu; Cheng-Hsien, Lu; Hsiu-Ling, Chen; Shau-Hsuan, Li; Pin-Yang, Yeh; Yu-Fan, Cheng; Ching-Po, Lin

305. CRISPR typing and subtyping for improved laboratory surveillance of Salmonella infections. e36995页

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306. A scalable system for production of functional pancreatic progenitors from human embryonic stem cells. e37004页

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307. Virulence characteristic and MLST-agr genetic background of high-level mupirocin-resistant, MRSA isolates from Shanghai and Wenzhou, China. e37005页

作者:Qingzhong, Liu; Lizhong, Han; Bin, Li; Jingyong, Sun; Yuxing, Ni

308. A game-theoretic model of interactions between Hibiscus latent Singapore virus and tobacco mosaic virus. e37007页

作者:Zibo, Chen; Jackie Yen, Tan; Yi, Wen; Shengniao, Niu; Sek-Man, Wong

309. Vasoactive intestinal peptide and its receptors in human ovarian cortical follicles. e37015页

作者:Rinat, Gabbay-Benziv; Asangla, Ao; Benjamin, Fisch; Li, Zhang; Galia, Oron; Gania, Kessler-Icekson; Avi, Ben-Haroush; Haim, Krissi; Ronit, Abir

310. Gut pathology and responses to the microsporidium Nosema ceranae in the honey bee Apis mellifera. e37017页

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311. An improved PSO algorithm for generating protective SNP barcodes in breast cancer. e37018页

作者:Li-Yeh, Chuang; Yu-Da, Lin; Hsueh-Wei, Chang; Cheng-Hong, Yang

312. A novel generalized normal distribution for human longevity and other negatively skewed data. e37025页

作者:Henry T, Robertson; David B, Allison

313. Roles of molecular layer interneurons in sensory information processing in mouse cerebellar cortex Crus II in vivo. e37031页

作者:Chun-Ping, Chu; Yan-Hua, Bing; Heng, Liu; De-Lai, Qiu

314. Socio-economic inequalities in the use of postnatal care in India. e37037页

作者:Abhishek, Singh; Sabu S, Padmadas; Udaya S, Mishra; Saseendran, Pallikadavath; Fiifi A, Johnson; Zoe, Matthews

315. Involvement of microRNA lethal-7a in the regulation of embryo implantation in mice. e37039页

作者:Wei-Min, Liu; Ronald T K, Pang; Ana W Y, Cheong; Ernest H Y, Ng; Kaiqin, Lao; Kai-Fai, Lee; William S B, Yeung

316. A replication study of GWAS-derived lipid genes in Asian Indians: the chromosomal region 11q23.3 harbors loci contributing to triglycerides. e37056页

作者:Timothy R, Braun; Latonya F, Been; Akhil, Singhal; Jacob, Worsham; Sarju, Ralhan; Gurpreet S, Wander; John C, Chambers; Jaspal S, Kooner; Christopher E, Aston; Dharambir K, Sanghera

317. Inactivation of CDK/pRb pathway normalizes survival pattern of lymphoblasts expressing the FTLD-progranulin mutation c.709-1G>A. e37057页

作者:Carolina, Alquezar; Noemí, Esteras; Ainhoa, Alzualde; Fermín, Moreno; Matilde S, Ayuso; Adolfo, López de Munain; ángeles, Martín-Requero

318. LsrR-mediated quorum sensing controls invasiveness of Salmonella typhimurium by regulating SPI-1 and flagella genes. e37059页

作者:Jeongjoon, Choi; Dongwoo, Shin; Minjeong, Kim; Joowon, Park; Sangyong, Lim; Sangryeol, Ryu

319. Detailed structural analysis of lipids directly on tissue specimens using a MALDI-SpiralTOF-Reflectron TOF mass spectrometer. e37107页

作者:Shuichi, Shimma; Ayumi, Kubo; Takaya, Satoh; Michisato, Toyoda

321. Daily rhythms of plasma melatonin, but not plasma leptin or leptin mRNA, vary between lean, obese and type 2 diabetic men. e37123页

作者:Simone, M?ntele; Daniella T, Otway; Benita, Middleton; Silvia, Bretschneider; John, Wright; M Denise, Robertson; Debra J, Skene; Jonathan D, Johnston

322. Deep sequencing of small RNAs in tomato for virus and viroid identification and strain differentiation. e37127页

作者:Rugang, Li; Shan, Gao; Alvaro G, Hernandez; W Patrick, Wechter; Zhangjun, Fei; Kai-Shu, Ling

323. Cell wall trapping of autocrine peptides for human G-protein-coupled receptors on the yeast cell surface. e37136页

作者:Jun, Ishii; Nobuo, Yoshimoto; Kenji, Tatematsu; Shun'ichi, Kuroda; Chiaki, Ogino; Hideki, Fukuda; Akihiko, Kondo

324. In vivo evolution of tumor-derived endothelial cells. e37138页

作者:Terence F, McGuire; Gangadharan B, Sajithlal; Jie, Lu; Robert D, Nicholls; Edward V, Prochownik

325. Multiple miscarriages are associated with the risk of ovarian cancer: results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition. e37141页

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326. Mitochondrial and plasma membrane pools of stomatin-like protein 2 coalesce at the immunological synapse during T cell activation. e37144页

作者:Darah A, Christie; Mark G, Kirchhof; Santosh, Vardhana; Michael L, Dustin; Joaquín, Madrenas

327. Stromal cell-derived factor 1 regulates the actin organization of chondrocytes and chondrocyte hypertrophy. e37163页

作者:Koichi, Murata; Toshiyuki, Kitaori; Shinya, Oishi; Naoki, Watanabe; Hiroyuki, Yoshitomi; Shimei, Tanida; Masahiro, Ishikawa; Takashi, Kasahara; Hideyuki, Shibuya; Nobutaka, Fujii; Takashi, Nagasawa; Takashi, Nakamura; Hiromu, Ito

328. A novel recombinant Peste des petits ruminants-canine adenovirus vaccine elicits long-lasting neutralizing antibody response against PPR in goats. e37170页

作者:Junling, Qin; Hainan, Huang; Yang, Ruan; Xiaoqiang, Hou; Songtao, Yang; Chengyu, Wang; Geng, Huang; Tiecheng, Wang; Na, Feng; Yuwei, Gao; Xianzhu, Xia

329. Response of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) leaf surface defenses to exogenous methyl jasmonate. e37191页

作者:Heather C, Rowe; Dae-kyun, Ro; Loren H, Rieseberg

330. EGFR soluble isoforms and their transcripts are expressed in meningiomas. e37204页

作者:Angélique, Guillaudeau; Karine, Durand; Barbara, Bessette; Alain, Chaunavel; Isabelle, Pommepuy; Fabrice, Projetti; Sandrine, Robert; Fran?ois, Caire; Hélène, Rabinovitch-Chable; Fran?ois, Labrousse

331. Efficacious intermittent dosing of a novel JAK2 inhibitor in mouse models of polycythemia vera. e37207页

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332. Predictors of HIV and syphilis among men who have sex with men in a Chinese metropolitan city: comparison of risks among students and non-students. e37211页

作者:Lan, Zhang; Xianbin, Ding; Rongrong, Lu; Liangui, Feng; Xuefeng, Li; Yan, Xiao; Yuhua, Ruan; Sten H, Vermund; Yiming, Shao; Han-Zhu, Qian

333. Panton-Valentine leukocidin is not the primary determinant of outcome for Staphylococcus aureus skin infections: evaluation from the CANVAS studies. e37212页

作者:Amy, Tong; Steven Y C, Tong; Yurong, Zhang; Supaporn, Lamlertthon; Batu K, Sharma-Kuinkel; Thomas, Rude; Sun Hee, Ahn; Felicia, Ruffin; Lily, Llorens; Ganesh, Tamarana; Donald, Biek; Ian, Critchley; Vance G, Fowler

334. α-Thalassemia impairs the cytoadherence of Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes. e37214页

作者:Michael A, Krause; Seidina A S, Diakite; Tatiana M, Lopera-Mesa; Chanaki, Amaratunga; Takayuki, Arie; Karim, Traore; Saibou, Doumbia; Drissa, Konate; Jeffrey R, Keefer; Mahamadou, Diakite; Rick M, Fairhurst

335. Memory immune responses against pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza virus induced by a whole particle vaccine in cynomolgus monkeys carrying Mafa-A1*052:02. e37220页

作者:Masahiko, Arikata; Yasushi, Itoh; Masatoshi, Okamatsu; Toshinaga, Maeda; Takashi, Shiina; Keiko, Tanaka; Shingo, Suzuki; Misako, Nakayama; Yoshihiro, Sakoda; Hirohito, Ishigaki; Ayato, Takada; Hideaki, Ishida; Kosuke, Soda; Van Loi, Pham; Hideaki, Tsuchiya; Shinichiro, Nakamura; Ryuzo, Torii; Takeshi, Shimizu; Hidetoshi, Inoko; Iwao, Ohkubo; Hiroshi, Kida; Kazumasa, Ogasawara

336. The behavioural response of Australian fur seals to motor boat noise. e37228页

作者:Joy S, Tripovich; Sophie, Hall-Aspland; Isabelle, Charrier; John P Y, Arnould

337. Matrix rigidity regulates cancer cell growth by modulating cellular metabolism and protein synthesis. e37231页

作者:Robert W, Tilghman; Edik M, Blais; Catharine R, Cowan; Nicholas E, Sherman; Pablo R, Grigera; Erin D, Jeffery; Jay W, Fox; Brett R, Blackman; Daniel J, Tschumperlin; Jason A, Papin; J Thomas, Parsons

338. Five year incidence of visual field loss in adult Chinese. The Beijing Eye Study. e37232页

作者:Ya Xing, Wang; Liang, Xu; Xiu Ying, Sun; Yang, Zou; Hai Tao, Zhang; Jost B, Jonas

339. An analogue of the antibiotic teicoplanin prevents flavivirus entry in vitro. e37244页

作者:Tine, De Burghgraeve; Suzanne J F, Kaptein; Nilda V, Ayala-Nunez; Juan A, Mondotte; Boris, Pastorino; Svetlana S, Printsevskaya; Xavier, de Lamballerie; Michael, Jacobs; Maria, Preobrazhenskaya; Andrea V, Gamarnik; Jolanda M, Smit; Johan, Neyts

340. Human hepatitis B virus production in avian cells is characterized by enhanced RNA splicing and the presence of capsids containing shortened genomes. e37248页

作者:Josef, K?ck; Christine, R?sler; Jingjing, Zhang; Hubert E, Blum; Michael, Nassal; Christian, Thoma

341. Polymyxin B inadequately quenches the effects of contaminating lipopolysaccharide on murine dendritic cells. e37261页

作者:Graham A, Tynan; Anne, McNaughton; Andrew, Jarnicki; Takao, Tsuji; Ed C, Lavelle

342. Diverse temperate bacteriophage carriage in Clostridium difficile 027 strains. e37263页

作者:Janet Y, Nale; Jinyu, Shan; Peter T, Hickenbotham; Warren N, Fawley; Mark H, Wilcox; Martha R J, Clokie

343. Genetic and mechanistic evaluation for the mixed-field agglutination in B3 blood type with IVS3+5G>A ABO gene mutation. e37272页

作者:Ding-Ping, Chen; Ching-Ping, Tseng; Wei-Ting, Wang; Chien-Feng, Sun

344. Joint effects of febrile acute infection and an interferon-γ polymorphism on breast cancer risk. e37275页

作者:Yi, Su; Lu-Ying, Tang; Li-Juan, Chen; Jian-Rong, He; Feng-Xi, Su; Ying, Lin; Wei-Qing, Chen; Xiao-Ming, Xie; Ze-Fang, Ren

345. When art moves the eyes: a behavioral and eye-tracking study. e37285页

作者:Davide, Massaro; Federica, Savazzi; Cinzia, Di Dio; David, Freedberg; Vittorio, Gallese; Gabriella, Gilli; Antonella, Marchetti

346. Graph theoretical model of a sensorimotor connectome in zebrafish. e37292页

作者:Michael, Stobb; Joshua M, Peterson; Borbala, Mazzag; Ethan, Gahtan

347. Responses to dehydration in the one-humped camel and effects of blocking the renin-angiotensin system. e37299页

作者:Mahmoud Alhaj, Ali; Abdu, Adem; Irwin S, Chandranath; Sheela, Benedict; Javed Y, Pathan; Nicolas, Nagelkerke; Fred, Nyberg; Lynley K, Lewis; Tim G, Yandle; Gary M, Nicholls; Chris M, Frampton; Elsadig, Kazzam

348. Kinship shapes affiliative social networks but not aggression in ring-tailed coatis. e37301页

作者:Ben T, Hirsch; Margaret A, Stanton; Jesus E, Maldonado

349. The neural basis of decision-making and reward processing in adults with euthymic bipolar disorder or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). e37306页

作者:Agustin, Ibanez; Marcelo, Cetkovich; Agustin, Petroni; Hugo, Urquina; Sandra, Baez; Maria Luz, Gonzalez-Gadea; Juan Esteban, Kamienkowski; Teresa, Torralva; Fernando, Torrente; Sergio, Strejilevich; Julia, Teitelbaum; Esteban, Hurtado; Raphael, Guex; Margherita, Melloni; Alicia, Lischinsky; Mariano, Sigman; Facundo, Manes

350. Expression of an epitope-tagged virulence protein in Rickettsia parkeri using transposon insertion. e37310页

作者:Matthew D, Welch; Shawna C O, Reed; Rebecca L, Lamason; Alisa W, Serio

351. Homeostatic regulation of Salmonella-induced mucosal inflammation and injury by IL-23. e37311页

作者:Muyiwa, Awoniyi; Samuel I, Miller; Christopher B, Wilson; Adeline M, Hajjar; Kelly D, Smith

352. Tumor blood flow differs between mouse strains: consequences for vasoresponse to photodynamic therapy. e37322页

作者:Rickson C, Mesquita; Sung Wan, Han; Joann, Miller; Steven S, Schenkel; Andrew, Pole; Tatiana V, Esipova; Sergei A, Vinogradov; Mary E, Putt; Arjun G, Yodh; Theresa M, Busch

353. Plant food delphinidin-3-glucoside significantly inhibits platelet activation and thrombosis: novel protective roles against cardiovascular diseases. e37323页

作者:Yan, Yang; Zhenyin, Shi; Adili, Reheman; Joseph W, Jin; Conglei, Li; Yiming, Wang; Marc C, Andrews; Pingguo, Chen; Guangheng, Zhu; Wenhua, Ling; Heyu, Ni

354. Persistent gastric colonization with Burkholderia pseudomallei and dissemination from the gastrointestinal tract following mucosal inoculation of mice. e37324页

作者:Andrew, Goodyear; Helle, Bielefeldt-Ohmann; Herbert, Schweizer; Steven, Dow

355. Differences in walking pattern during 6-min walk test between patients with COPD and healthy subjects. e37329页

作者:Janneke, Annegarn; Martijn A, Spruit; Hans H C M, Savelberg; Paul J B, Willems; Coby, van de Bool; Annemie M W J, Schols; Emiel F M, Wouters; Kenneth, Meijer

356. Comparing aerodynamic efficiency in birds and bats suggests better flight performance in birds. e37335页

作者:Florian T, Muijres; L Christoffer, Johansson; Melissa S, Bowlin; York, Winter; Anders, Hedenstr?m

357. The association between cesarean delivery on maternal request and method of newborn feeding in China. e37336页

作者:Xinxue, Liu; Jun, Zhang; Yinghui, Liu; Yangmei, Li; Zhu, Li

358. Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) as a powerful novel alternative for differentiation of epizootic ISA virus variants. e37353页

作者:Marisela, Carmona; Dagoberto, Sepúlveda; Constanza, Cárdenas; Luis, Nilo; Sergio H, Marshall

359. Increased mobility of metal oxide nanoparticles due to photo and thermal induced disagglomeration. e37363页

作者:Dongxu, Zhou; Samuel W, Bennett; Arturo A, Keller

360. Stenotrophomonas maltophilia infections in a general hospital: patient characteristics, antimicrobial susceptibility, and treatment outcome. e37375页

作者:George, Samonis; Drosos E, Karageorgopoulos; Sofia, Maraki; Panagiotis, Levis; Dimitra, Dimopoulou; Nikolaos A, Spernovasilis; Diamantis P, Kofteridis; Matthew E, Falagas

361. Activity patterns during food provisioning are affected by artificial light in free living great tits (Parus major). e37377页

作者:Mieke, Titulaer; Kamiel, Spoelstra; Cynthia Y M J G, Lange; Marcel E, Visser

362. A low concentration of ethanol impairs learning but not motor and sensory behavior in Drosophila larvae. e37394页

作者:Brooks G, Robinson; Sukant, Khurana; Jascha B, Pohl; Wen-ke, Li; Alfredo, Ghezzi; Amanda M, Cady; Kristina, Najjar; Michael M, Hatch; Ruchita R, Shah; Amar, Bhat; Omar, Hariri; Kareem B, Haroun; Melvin C, Young; Kathryn, Fife; Jeff, Hooten; Tuan, Tran; Daniel, Goan; Foram, Desai; Farhan, Husain; Ryan M, Godinez; Jeffrey C, Sun; Jonathan, Corpuz; Jacxelyn, Moran; Allen C, Zhong; William Y, Chen; Nigel S, Atkinson

363. A panel of serum microRNAs as specific biomarkers for diagnosis of compound- and herb-induced liver injury in rats. e37395页

作者:Yu-Wen, Su; Xi, Chen; Zhen-Zhou, Jiang; Tao, Wang; Cheng, Wang; Yun, Zhang; Jing, Wen; Mei, Xue; Dan, Zhu; Yue, Zhang; Yi-Jing, Su; Tong-Yue, Xing; Chen-Yu, Zhang; Lu-Yong, Zhang

364. Images of eyes enhance investments in a real-life public good. e37397页

作者:Damien, Francey; Ralph, Bergmüller

365. Cervical, anal and oral HPV in an adolescent inner-city health clinic providing free vaccinations. e37419页

作者:Nicolas F, Schlecht; Robert D, Burk; Anne, Nucci-Sack; Viswanathan, Shankar; Ken, Peake; Elizabeth, Lorde-Rollins; Richard, Porter; Lourdes Oriana, Linares; Mary, Rojas; Howard D, Strickler; Angela, Diaz

366. Automated solid-phase subcloning based on beads brought into proximity by magnetic force. e37429页

作者:Elton P, Hudson; Andrej, Nikoshkov; Mathias, Uhlen; Johan, Rockberg

367. Cks1 is required for tumor cell proliferation but not sufficient to induce hematopoietic malignancies. e37433页

作者:Susanne, Kratzat; Viktoriya, Nikolova; Cornelius, Miething; Alexander, Hoellein; Stephanie, Schoeffmann; Oliver, Gorka; Elke, Pietschmann; Anna-Lena, Illert; Jürgen, Ruland; Christian, Peschel; Jonas, Nilsson; Justus, Duyster; Ulrich, Keller

368. Targeting aquaporin function: potent inhibition of aquaglyceroporin-3 by a gold-based compound. e37435页

作者:Ana Paula, Martins; Alessandro, Marrone; Antonella, Ciancetta; Ana, Galán Cobo; Miriam, Echevarría; Teresa F, Moura; Nazzareno, Re; Angela, Casini; Gra?a, Soveral

369. Uncovering dangerous cheats: how do avian hosts recognize adult brood parasites? e37445页

作者:Alfréd, Trnka; Pavol, Prokop; Tomá?, Grim

370. PARP-1 Val762Ala polymorphism is associated with risk of cervical carcinoma. e37446页

作者:Feng, Ye; Qi, Cheng; Yuting, Hu; Jing, Zhang; Huaizeng, Chen

371. Spatial reorientation by geometry in bumblebees. e37449页

作者:Valeria Anna, Sovrano; Elisa, Rigosi; Giorgio, Vallortigara

373. Exosome-related multi-pass transmembrane protein TSAP6 is a target of rhomboid protease RHBDD1-induced proteolysis. e37452页

作者:Chunhua, Wan; Jun, Fu; Yong, Wang; Shiying, Miao; Wei, Song; Linfang, Wang

374. Exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields and sleep quality: a prospective cohort study. e37455页

作者:Evelyn, Mohler; Patrizia, Frei; Jürg, Fr?hlich; Charlotte, Braun-Fahrl?nder; Martin, R??sli

375. Dietary pseudopurpurin improves bone geometry architecture and metabolism in red-bone Guishan goats. e37469页

作者:ChenChen, Wu; XiaoBing, Li; TieSuo, Han; Peng, Li; JianGuo, Wang; GuoWen, Liu; Zhe, Wang; ChangRong, Ge; ShiZheng, Gao

376. Persistent systemic inflammation is associated with poor clinical outcomes in COPD: a novel phenotype. e37483页

作者:Alvar, Agustí; Lisa D, Edwards; Stephen I, Rennard; William, MacNee; Ruth, Tal-Singer; Bruce E, Miller; J?rgen, Vestbo; David A, Lomas; Peter M A, Calverley; Emiel, Wouters; Courtney, Crim; Julie C, Yates; Edwin K, Silverman; Harvey O, Coxson; Per, Bakke; Ruth J, Mayer; Bartolome, Celli

377. Analysis of C3 suggests three periods of positive selection events and different evolutionary patterns between fish and mammals. e37489页

作者:Fanxing, Meng; Yuena, Sun; Xuezhu, Liu; Jianxin, Wang; Tianjun, Xu; Rixin, Wang

379. Quantitative analysis and comparison study of [18F]AlF-NOTA-PRGD2, [18F]FPPRGD2 and [68Ga]Ga-NOTA-PRGD2 using a reference tissue model. e37506页

作者:Ning, Guo; Lixin, Lang; Weihua, Li; Dale O, Kiesewetter; Haokao, Gao; Gang, Niu; Qingguo, Xie; Xiaoyuan, Chen

380. Are you approaching me? Motor execution influences perceived action orientation. e37514页

作者:Valeria, Manera; Andrea, Cavallo; Claudia, Chiavarino; Ben, Schouten; Karl, Verfaillie; Cristina, Becchio

381. Evolution of a novel muscle design in sea urchins (Echinodermata: Echinoidea). e37520页

作者:Alexander, Ziegler; Leif, Schr?der; Malte, Ogurreck; Cornelius, Faber; Thomas, Stach

382. Essential role of the coxsackie- and adenovirus receptor (CAR) in development of the lymphatic system in mice. e37523页

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383. Structural dynamics of HIV-1 envelope Gp120 outer domain with V3 loop. e37530页

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384. The dynamics of sensorimotor cortical oscillations during the observation of hand movements: an EEG study. e37534页

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385. IL-15 participates in the respiratory innate immune response to influenza virus infection. e37539页

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386. Atomic force mechanobiology of pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes. e37559页

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387. AMP affects intracellular Ca2+ signaling, migration, cytokine secretion and T cell priming capacity of dendritic cells. e37560页

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388. Transgenic mice for a tamoxifen-induced, conditional expression of the Cre recombinase in osteoclasts. e37592页

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390. Effects of sodium azide on the abundance of prokaryotes and viruses in marine samples. e37597页

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392. A unique regulator contributes to quorum sensing and virulence in Burkholderia cenocepacia. e37611页

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394. Genetic variation in the β2-adrenocepter gene is associated with susceptibility to bacterial meningitis in adults. e37618页

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395. Effects of exogenous galanin on neuropathic pain state and change of galanin and its receptors in DRG and SDH after sciatic nerve-pinch injury in rat. e37621页

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396. Isolation of HIV-1-neutralizing mucosal monoclonal antibodies from human colostrum. e37648页

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397. Purification and characterization of a novel hypersensitive response-inducing elicitor from Magnaporthe oryzae that triggers defense response in rice. e37654页

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401. Disability, home physical environment and non-fatal injuries among young children in China. e37766页

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402. Neuronatin in a subset of glioblastoma multiforme tumor progenitor cells is associated with increased cell proliferation and shorter patient survival. e37811页

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403. Derivation of a myeloid cell-binding adenovirus for gene therapy of inflammation. e37812页

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404. Optimization for the production of surfactin with a new synergistic antifungal activity. e34430页

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405. Globular adiponectin activates motility and regenerative traits of muscle satellite cells. e34782页

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406. A pilot trial assessing urinary gene expression profiling with an mRNA array for diabetic nephropathy. e34824页

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407. ROS-mediated decline in maximum Ca2+-activated force in rat skeletal muscle fibers following in vitro and in vivo stimulation. e35226页

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408. High-throughput sequence analysis of turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) transcriptome using 454-pyrosequencing for the discovery of antiviral immune genes. e35369页

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409. Optical silencing of C. elegans cells with arch proton pump. e35370页

作者:Ayako, Okazaki; Yuki, Sudo; Shin, Takagi

410. A new cationic porphyrin derivative (TMPipEOPP) with large side arm substituents: a highly selective G-quadruplex optical probe. e35586页

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411. Interspecific germline transmission of cultured primordial germ cells. e35664页

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412. Naturally occurring culturable aerobic gut flora of adult Phlebotomus papatasi, vector of Leishmania major in the Old World. e35748页

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413. Revealing the appetite of the marine aquarium fish trade: the volume and biodiversity of fish imported into the United States. e35808页

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414. The RIP140 gene is a transcriptional target of E2F1. e35839页

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415. Effects of acute tryptophan depletion on brain serotonin function and concentrations of dopamine and norepinephrine in C57BL/6J and BALB/cJ mice. e35916页

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417. Divergent modulation of neuronal differentiation by caspase-2 and -9. e36002页

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418. Parallel alterations of functional connectivity during execution and imagination after motor imagery learning. e36052页

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419. Near-real-time acoustic monitoring of beaked whales and other cetaceans using a Seaglider?. e36128页

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420. Inhibition of 26S protease regulatory subunit 7 (MSS1) suppresses neuroinflammation. e36142页

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421. Measurement of ad libitum food intake, physical activity, and sedentary time in response to overfeeding. e36225页

作者:Jianying, He; Susanne, Votruba; Jeremy, Pomeroy; Susan, Bonfiglio; Jonathan, Krakoff

422. The (mis)reporting of male circumcision status among men and women in Zambia and Swaziland: a randomized evaluation of interview methods. e36251页

作者:Paul C, Hewett; Nicole, Haberland; Lou, Apicella; Barbara S, Mensch

423. Chemical inhibition of bacterial protein tyrosine phosphatase suppresses capsule production. e36312页

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425. Transcriptome sequencing of and microarray development for a Helicoverpa zea cell line to investigate in vitro insect cell-baculovirus interactions. e36324页

作者:Quan, Nguyen; Robin W, Palfreyman; Leslie C L, Chan; Steven, Reid; Lars K, Nielsen

426. Multi-ethnic analysis of lipid-associated loci: the NHLBI CARe project. e36473页

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427. Deep brain stimulation of nucleus accumbens region in alcoholism affects reward processing. e36572页

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428. REDD1 protects osteoblast cells from gamma radiation-induced premature senescence. e36604页

作者:Xiang Hong, Li; Cam T, Ha; Dadin, Fu; Mang, Xiao

429. Genome sizes and the Benford distribution. e36624页

作者:James L, Friar; Terrance, Goldman; Juan, Pérez-Mercader

432. Assessment and implication of prognostic imbalance in randomized controlled trials with a binary outcome--a simulation study. e36677页

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433. MicroRNA 10a marks regulatory T cells. e36684页

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434. Extent of structural asymmetry in homodimeric proteins: prevalence and relevance. e36688页

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435. Psychophysics of a nociceptive test in the mouse: ambient temperature as a key factor for variation. e36699页

作者:Ivanne, Pincedé; Bernard, Pollin; Theo, Meert; Léon, Plaghki; Daniel, Le Bars

437. The metagenome of an anaerobic microbial community decomposing poplar wood chips. e36740页

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439. Center of excellence in research reporting in neurosurgery--diagnostic ontology. e36759页

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440. Immunogenicity and tolerability after two doses of non-adjuvanted, whole-virion pandemic influenza A (H1N1) vaccine in HIV-infected individuals. e36773页

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441. Feasibility of prehospital teleconsultation in acute stroke--a pilot study in clinical routine. e36796页

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442. Validity and reliability of the strengths and difficulties questionnaire in 5-6 year olds: differences by gender or by parental education? e36805页

作者:Cathelijne, Mieloo; Hein, Raat; Floor, van Oort; Floor, Bevaart; Ineke, Vogel; Marianne, Donker; Wilma, Jansen

443. Silencing of the violaxanthin de-epoxidase gene in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum reduces diatoxanthin synthesis and non-photochemical quenching. e36806页

作者:Johann, Lavaud; Arne C, Materna; Sabine, Sturm; Sascha, Vugrinec; Peter G, Kroth

444. Concomitant pulmonary tuberculosis in hospitalized healthcare-associated pneumonia in a tuberculosis endemic area: a multi-center retrospective study. e36832页

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445. The baseline and longitudinal changes of PCC connectivity in mild cognitive impairment: a combined structure and resting-state fMRI study. e36838页

作者:Zhiqun, Wang; Peipeng, Liang; Xiuqin, Jia; Guangwei, Jin; Haiqing, Song; Ying, Han; Jie, Lu; Kuncheng, Li

446. Algal toxins alter copepod feeding behavior. e36845页

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447. Emergence and prevalence of human vector-borne diseases in sink vector populations. e36858页

作者:Guilhem, Rascalou; Dominique, Pontier; Frédéric, Menu; Sébastien, Gourbière

448. Microsatellite and mitochondrial data provide evidence for a single major introduction for the Neartic leafhopper Scaphoideus titanus in Europe. e36882页

作者:Daciana, Papura; Christian, Burban; Maarten, van Helden; Xavier, Giresse; Benoit, Nusillard; Thomas, Guillemaud; Carole, Kerdelhué

449. Prevalence of anxiety and depression among outpatients with type 2 diabetes in the Mexican population. e36887页

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450. Actin- and dynamin-dependent maturation of bulk endocytosis restores neurotransmission following synaptic depletion. e36913页

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451. Evaluating fidelity in home-visiting programs a qualitative analysis of 1058 home visit case notes from 105 families. e36915页

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452. Adhesion forces and coaggregation between vaginal staphylococci and lactobacilli. e36917页

作者:Jessica A, Younes; Henny C, van der Mei; Edwin, van den Heuvel; Henk J, Busscher; Gregor, Reid

453. Coral-bacterial communities before and after a coral mass spawning event on Ningaloo Reef. e36920页

作者:Janja, Ceh; Jean-Baptiste, Raina; Rochelle M, Soo; Mike, van Keulen; David G, Bourne

455. Sympathetic activation and baroreflex function during intradialytic hypertensive episodes. e36943页

作者:Dvora, Rubinger; Rebecca, Backenroth; Dan, Sapoznikov

456. arrayMap: a reference resource for genomic copy number imbalances in human malignancies. e36944页

作者:Haoyang, Cai; Nitin, Kumar; Michael, Baudis

457. Diversity effects on productivity are stronger within than between trophic groups in the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis. e36950页

作者:Alexander M, Koch; Pedro M, Antunes; John N, Klironomos

459. Occurrence patterns of Afrotropical ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) in the climate space are not correlated with their taxonomic relationships. e36976页

作者:Agustín, Estrada-Pe?a; Adrián, Estrada-Sánchez; David, Estrada-Sánchez

460. Interferon-α improves phosphoantigen-induced Vγ9Vδ2 T-cells interferon-γ production during chronic HCV infection. e37014页

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461. Negative priming under rapid serial visual presentation. e37023页

作者:Kin Fai Ellick, Wong

462. Stochastic frontier model approach for measuring stock market efficiency with different distributions. e37047页

作者:Md Zobaer, Hasan; Anton Abdulbasah, Kamil; Adli, Mustafa; Md Azizul, Baten

463. Improving oral hygiene skills by computer-based training: a randomized controlled comparison of the modified Bass and the Fones techniques. e37072页

作者:Daniela, Harnacke; Simona, Mitter; Marc, Lehner; J?rn, Munzert; Renate, Deinzer

464. Stereochemical insignificance discovered in Acinetobacter baumannii quorum sensing. e37102页

作者:Amanda L, Garner; Sook Kyung, Kim; Jie, Zhu; Anjali Kumari, Struss; Richard, Watkins; Brent D, Feske; Gunnar F, Kaufmann; Kim D, Janda

465. Miscarriage, preterm delivery, and stillbirth: large variations in rates within a cohort of Australian women. e37109页

作者:Alexis J, Hure; Jennifer R, Powers; Gita D, Mishra; Danielle L, Herbert; Julie E, Byles; Deborah, Loxton

466. Outcomes of comprehensive care for children empirically treated for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in a setting of high HIV prevalence. e37114页

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467. Effect of streptomycin treatment on bacterial community structure in the apple phyllosphere. e37131页

作者:Erika, Yashiro; Patricia S, McManus

468. Wheat TaRab7 GTPase is part of the signaling pathway in responses to stripe rust and abiotic stimuli. e37146页

作者:Furong, Liu; Jun, Guo; Pengfei, Bai; Yinhui, Duan; Xiaodong, Wang; Yulin, Cheng; Hao, Feng; Lili, Huang; Zhensheng, Kang

469. Circadian desynchrony promotes metabolic disruption in a mouse model of shiftwork. e37150页

作者:Johanna L, Barclay; Jana, Husse; Brid, Bode; Nadine, Naujokat; Judit, Meyer-Kovac; Sebastian M, Schmid; Hendrik, Lehnert; Henrik, Oster

470. Identification of New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase 1 in Acinetobacter lwoffii of food animal origin. e37152页

作者:Yang, Wang; Congming, Wu; Qijing, Zhang; Jing, Qi; Hebing, Liu; Yu, Wang; Tao, He; Licai, Ma; Jing, Lai; Zhangqi, Shen; Yuqing, Liu; Jianzhong, Shen

471. Heat-induced structural changes affect OVA-antigen processing and reduce allergic response in mouse model of food allergy. e37156页

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472. Circulating zonulin, a marker of intestinal permeability, is increased in association with obesity-associated insulin resistance. e37160页

作者:José María, Moreno-Navarrete; Mònica, Sabater; Francisco, Ortega; Wifredo, Ricart; José Manuel, Fernández-Real

473. Determinants of aortic stiffness: 16-year follow-up of the Whitehall II study. e37165页

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474. Antimalarial iron chelator, FBS0701, shows asexual and gametocyte Plasmodium falciparum activity and single oral dose cure in a murine malaria model. e37171页

作者:Patricia, Ferrer; Abhai K, Tripathi; Martha A, Clark; Carla Cerami, Hand; Hugh Young, Rienhoff; David J, Sullivan

475. Identification of postoperative prognostic microRNA predictors in hepatocellular carcinoma. e37188页

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476. Left inferior frontal activations depending on the canonicity determined by the argument structures of ditransitive sentences: an MEG study. e37192页

作者:Tomoo, Inubushi; Kazuki, Iijima; Masatoshi, Koizumi; Kuniyoshi L, Sakai

477. The risk behaviors and mental health of detained adolescents: a controlled, prospective longitudinal study. e37199页

作者:Zhenhua, Zhou; Hongyan, Xiong; Ran, Jia; Guoyu, Yang; Tianyou, Guo; Zhaoyou, Meng; Guangyu, Huang; Yao, Zhang

478. MDA-7/IL-24 induces Bcl-2 denitrosylation and ubiquitin-degradation involved in cancer cell apoptosis. e37200页

作者:Hui, Tian; Jing, Wang; BaoFu, Zhang; JieHui, Di; FeiFei, Chen; HuiZhong, Li; LianTao, Li; DongSheng, Pei; JunNian, Zheng

479. Bone marrow stromal cells modulate mouse ENT1 activity and protect leukemia cells from cytarabine induced apoptosis. e37203页

作者:Patricia, Macanas-Pirard; Andrea, Leisewitz; Richard, Broekhuizen; Kelly, Cautivo; Francisco M, Barriga; Francisco, Leisewitz; Victoria, Gidi; Erick, Riquelme; Viviana P, Montecinos; Pilar, Swett; Pelayo, Besa; Pablo, Ramirez; Mauricio, Ocqueteau; Alexis M, Kalergis; Matthew, Holt; Michael, Rettig; John F, DiPersio; Bruno, Nervi

480. Spatial variation in foraging behaviour of a marine top predator (Phoca vitulina) determined by a large-scale satellite tagging program. e37216页

作者:Ruth J, Sharples; Simon E, Moss; Toby A, Patterson; Philip S, Hammond

481. Heterologous expression of ATG8c from soybean confers tolerance to nitrogen deficiency and increases yield in Arabidopsis. e37217页

作者:Tongmei, Xia; Dong, Xiao; Dong, Liu; Wenting, Chai; Qingqiu, Gong; Ning Ning, Wang

483. Genome and transcriptome analysis of the food-yeast Candida utilis. e37226页

作者:Yasuyuki, Tomita; Kazuho, Ikeo; Hideyuki, Tamakawa; Takashi, Gojobori; Shigehito, Ikushima

485. Reduction in inter-hemispheric connectivity in disorders of consciousness. e37238页

作者:Smadar, Ovadia-Caro; Yuval, Nir; Andrea, Soddu; Michal, Ramot; Guido, Hesselmann; Audrey, Vanhaudenhuyse; Ilan, Dinstein; Jean-Flory L, Tshibanda; Melanie, Boly; Michal, Harel; Steven, Laureys; Rafael, Malach

487. Multitrophic interaction in the rhizosphere of maize: root feeding of Western corn rootworm larvae alters the microbial community composition. e37288页

作者:Flavia, Dematheis; Ute, Zimmerling; Cecilia, Flocco; Benedikt, Kurtz; Stefan, Vidal; Siegfried, Kropf; Kornelia, Smalla

488. The expression of small regulatory RNAs in clinical samples reflects the different life styles of Staphylococcus aureus in colonization vs. infection. e37294页

作者:Juan, Song; Claire, Lays; Fran?ois, Vandenesch; Yvonne, Benito; Michèle, Bes; Yonglie, Chu; Gérard, Lina; Pascale, Romby; Thomas, Geissmann; Sandrine, Boisset

489. A quantitative 3D motility analysis of Trypanosoma brucei by use of digital in-line holographic microscopy. e37296页

作者:Sebastian, Wei?e; Niko, Heddergott; Matthias, Heydt; Daniel, Pfl?sterer; Timo, Maier; Tamás, Haraszti; Michael, Grunze; Markus, Engstler; Axel, Rosenhahn

490. Human U87 astrocytoma cell invasion induced by interaction of βig-h3 with integrin α5β1 involves calpain-2. e37297页

作者:Jie, Ma; Wei, Cui; Shi-ming, He; Yong-hong, Duan; Li-Jun, Heng; Liang, Wang; Guo-dong, Gao

491. A molecular diagnostic tool to replace larval culture in conventional faecal egg count reduction testing in sheep. e37327页

作者:Florian, Roeber; John W A, Larsen; Norman, Anderson; Angus J D, Campbell; Garry A, Anderson; Robin B, Gasser; Aaron R, Jex

492. Lack of PPARγ in myeloid cells confers resistance to Listeria monocytogenes infection. e37349页

作者:Zeinab, Abdullah; Sergej, Geiger; Andrea, Nino-Castro; Jan P, B?ttcher; Eugenia, Muraliv; Moritz, Gaidt; Frank A, Schildberg; Kati, Riethausen; Juliane, Flossdorf; Wolfgang, Krebs; Trinad, Chakraborty; Christian, Kurts; Joachim L, Schultze; Percy A, Knolle; Luisa, Klotz

493. Soluble and cell-associated insulin receptor dysfunction correlates with severity of HAND in HIV-infected women. e37358页

作者:Yamil, Gerena; Richard L, Skolasky; Joyce M, Velez; Dianedis, Toro-Nieves; Raul, Mayo; Avindra, Nath; Valerie, Wojna

494. Species-area relationships are controlled by species traits. e37359页

作者:Markus, Franzén; Oliver, Schweiger; Per-Eric, Betzholtz

495. Identification of microRNAs inhibiting TGF-β-induced IL-11 production in bone metastatic breast cancer cells. e37361页

作者:Sirkku, Pollari; Suvi-Katri, Leivonen; Merja, Per?l?; Vidal, Fey; Sanna-Maria, K?k?nen; Olli, Kallioniemi

497. Out of sight but not out of mind: alternative means of communication in plants. e37382页

作者:Monica, Gagliano; Michael, Renton; Nili, Duvdevani; Matthew, Timmins; Stefano, Mancuso

498. Effect of iron overload and iron deficiency on liver hemojuvelin protein. e37391页

作者:Jan, Krijt; Jana, Frydlová; Lenka, Kuka?ková; Yuzo, Fujikura; Petr, P?ikryl; Martin, Vokurka; Emanuel, Ne?as

499. HeT-A_pi1, a piRNA target sequence in the Drosophila telomeric retrotransposon HeT-A, is extremely conserved across copies and species. e37405页

作者:Natalia, Petit; David, Pi?eyro; Elisenda, López-Panadès; Elena, Casacuberta; Arcadi, Navarro

500. Traffic-related air pollution and DNA damage: a longitudinal study in Taiwanese traffic conductors. e37412页

作者:Han-Bin, Huang; Ching-Huang, Lai; Guan-Wen, Chen; Yong-Yang, Lin; Jouni J K, Jaakkola; Saou-Hsing, Liou; Shu-Li, Wang

501. Conflict of interest policies for organizations producing a large number of clinical practice guidelines. e37413页

作者:Susan L, Norris; Haley K, Holmer; Brittany U, Burda; Lauren A, Ogden; Rongwei, Fu

502. Extensive crosstalk between O-GlcNAcylation and phosphorylation regulates Akt signaling. e37427页

作者:Shuai, Wang; Xun, Huang; Danni, Sun; Xianliang, Xin; Qiuming, Pan; Shuying, Peng; Zhongjie, Liang; Cheng, Luo; Yiming, Yang; Hualiang, Jiang; Min, Huang; Wengang, Chai; Jian, Ding; Meiyu, Geng

504. Evaluating the number of stages in development of squamous cell and adenocarcinomas across cancer sites using human population-based cancer modeling. e37430页

作者:Julia, Kravchenko; Igor, Akushevich; Amy P, Abernethy; H Kim, Lyerly

505. Correlation of mycobacterium tuberculosis specific and non-specific quantitative Th1 T-cell responses with bacillary load in a high burden setting. e37436页

作者:Grant, Theron; Jonny, Peter; Laura, Lenders; Richard, van Zyl-Smit; Richard, Meldau; Ureshnie, Govender; Keertan, Dheda

506. Clinical significance of cartilage biomarkers for monitoring structural joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with anti-TNF therapy. e37447页

作者:Yasuo, Niki; Tsutomu, Takeuchi; Masanori, Nakayama; Hayato, Nagasawa; Takahiko, Kurasawa; Harumoto, Yamada; Yoshiaki, Toyama; Takeshi, Miyamoto

507. Baculovirus infection triggers a shift from amino acid starvation-induced autophagy to apoptosis. e37457页

作者:Wei, Wei; Zhongchao, Gai; Hui, Ai; Wenxian, Wu; Yongbo, Yang; Jianxin, Peng; Huazhu, Hong; Yi, Li; Kaiyu, Liu

508. The changes in maternal mortality in 1000 counties in mid-Western China by a government-initiated intervention. e37458页

作者:Juan, Liang; Xiaohong, Li; Li, Dai; Weiyue, Zeng; Qi, Li; Mingrong, Li; Rong, Zhou; Chunhua, He; Yanping, Wang; Jun, Zhu

509. Who is at risk for diagnostic discrepancies? Comparison of pre- and postmortal diagnoses in 1800 patients of 3 medical decades in East and West Berlin. e37460页

作者:Daniel, Wittschieber; Frederick, Klauschen; Anna-Christin, Kimmritz; Moritz, von Winterfeld; Carsten, Kamphues; Hans-Joachim, Scholman; Andreas, Erbersdobler; Heidi, Pfeiffer; Carsten, Denkert; Manfred, Dietel; Wilko, Weichert; Jan, Budczies; Albrecht, Stenzinger

510. Methadone-mediated autonomic functioning of male patients with heroin dependence: the influence of borderline personality pattern. e37464页

作者:Wei-Lieh, Huang; Yu-Hsuan, Lin; Terry B J, Kuo; Li-Ren, Chang; Ying-Zai, Chen; Cheryl C H, Yang

511. Evaluation of genetic markers as instruments for Mendelian randomization studies on vitamin D. e37465页

作者:Diane J, Berry; Karani S, Vimaleswaran; John C, Whittaker; Aroon D, Hingorani; Elina, Hypp?nen

512. TRIM16 acts as an E3 ubiquitin ligase and can heterodimerize with other TRIM family members. e37470页

作者:Jessica L, Bell; Alena, Malyukova; Jessica K, Holien; Jessica, Koach; Michael W, Parker; Maria, Kavallaris; Glenn M, Marshall; Belamy B, Cheung

514. Sensitivity of PCR assays for murine gammaretroviruses and mouse contamination in human blood samples. e37482页

作者:Li Ling, Lee; Lin, Lin; David S, Bell; Susan, Levine; Maureen R, Hanson

515. Induction of selective blood-tumor barrier permeability and macromolecular transport by a biostable kinin B1 receptor agonist in a glioma rat model. e37485页

作者:Jér?me, C?té; Veronica, Bovenzi; Martin, Savard; Céléna, Dubuc; Audrey, Fortier; Witold, Neugebauer; Luc, Tremblay; Werner, Müller-Esterl; Ana-Maria, Tsanaclis; Martin, Lepage; David, Fortin; Fernand, Gobeil

516. Ezrin ubiquitylation by the E3 ubiquitin ligase, WWP1, and consequent regulation of hepatocyte growth factor receptor activity. e37490页

作者:Rania F, Zaarour; Dafne, Chirivino; Laurence, Del Maestro; Laurent, Daviet; Azeddine, Atfi; Daniel, Louvard; Monique, Arpin

517. Expression profiling reveals novel hypoxic biomarkers in peripheral blood of adult mice exposed to chronic hypoxia. e37497页

作者:Matias, Mosqueira; Gabriel, Willmann; Ulrike, Zeiger; Tejvir S, Khurana

518. Optic nerve head change in non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy and its influence on visual outcome. e37499页

作者:Jost B, Jonas; Sohan Singh, Hayreh; Yong, Tao; Konstantinos I, Papastathopoulos; Florian, Rensch

519. HGF-transgenic MSCs can improve the effects of tissue self-repair in a rabbit model of traumatic osteonecrosis of the femoral head. e37503页

作者:Qian, Wen; Dan, Jin; Chao-Ying, Zhou; Ming-Qian, Zhou; Wei, Luo; Li, Ma

520. Whole blood DNA aberrant methylation in pancreatic adenocarcinoma shows association with the course of the disease: a pilot study. e37509页

作者:Albertas, Dauksa; Antanas, Gulbinas; Giedrius, Barauskas; Juozas, Pundzius; Johannes, Oldenburg; Osman, El-Maarri

521. Assessment method for a power analysis to identify differentially expressed pathways. e37510页

作者:Shailesh, Tripathi; Frank, Emmert-Streib

522. Under-five mortality in high focus states in India: a district level geospatial analysis. e37515页

作者:Chandan, Kumar; Prashant Kumar, Singh; Rajesh Kumar, Rai

523. Murine 3T3-L1 adipocyte cell differentiation model: validated reference genes for qPCR gene expression analysis. e37517页

作者:Tatjana, Arsenijevic; Fran?oise, Grégoire; Valérie, Delforge; Christine, Delporte; Jason, Perret

524. Bilateral sensory abnormalities in patients with unilateral neuropathic pain; a quantitative sensory testing (QST) study. e37524页

作者:Karl-Heinz, Konopka; Marten, Harbers; Andrea, Houghton; Rudie, Kortekaas; Andre, van Vliet; Wia, Timmerman; Johan A, den Boer; Michel M R F, Struys; Marten, van Wijhe

525. Soy isoflavones genistein and daidzein exert anti-apoptotic actions via a selective ER-mediated mechanism in neurons following HIV-1 Tat(1-86) exposure. e37540页

作者:Sheila M, Adams; Marina V, Aksenova; Michael Y, Aksenov; Charles F, Mactutus; Rosemarie M, Booze

526. Dendritic hold and read: a gated mechanism for short term information storage and retrieval. e37542页

作者:Mariton D, Santos; Michael H, Mohammadi; Sunggu, Yang; Conrad W, Liang; Joseph P Y, Kao; Bradley E, Alger; Scott M, Thompson; Cha-Min, Tang

527. Poly(β-amino ester)-nanoparticle mediated transfection of retinal pigment epithelial cells in vitro and in vivo. e37543页

作者:Joel C, Sunshine; Sarah B, Sunshine; Imran, Bhutto; James T, Handa; Jordan J, Green

528. DNA sequence analyses reveal abundant diversity, endemism and evidence for Asian origin of the porcini mushrooms. e37567页

作者:Bang, Feng; Jianping, Xu; Gang, Wu; Md Iqbal, Hosen; Nian-Kai, Zeng; Yan-Chun, Li; Bau, Tolgor; Gerhard W, Kost; Zhu L, Yang

529. Erythroid promoter confines FGF2 expression to the marrow after hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy and leads to enhanced endosteal bone formation. e37569页

作者:Xianmei, Meng; David J, Baylink; Matilda, Sheng; Hongjie, Wang; Daila S, Gridley; K-H William, Lau; Xiao-Bing, Zhang

530. Compliance with guidelines-recommended processes in pneumonia: impact of health status and initial signs. e37570页

作者:Rosario, Menéndez; Antoni, Torres; Soledad, Reyes; Rafael, Zalacain; Alberto, Capelastegui; Olga, Rajas; Luis, Borderías; Juan J, Martín-Villasclaras; Salvador, Bello; Inmaculada, Alfageme; Felipe Rodríguez, de Castro; Jordi, Rello; Luis, Molinos; Juan, Ruiz-Manzano

531. Frequent occurrence of mitochondrial DNA mutations in Barrett's metaplasia without the presence of dysplasia. e37571页

作者:Soong, Lee; Moon-Jong, Han; Ki-Sang, Lee; Seung-Chul, Back; David, Hwang; Hwan-Young, Kim; Jong-Hee, Shin; Soon-Pal, Suh; Dong-Wook, Ryang; Hye-Ran, Kim; Myung-Geun, Shin

532. Oxygen-glucose deprivation induced glial scar-like change in astrocytes. e37574页

作者:Rongrong, Wang; Xiangnan, Zhang; Jianxiang, Zhang; Yanying, Fan; Yao, Shen; Weiwei, Hu; Zhong, Chen

533. Twelve positions in a β-lactamase that can expand its substrate spectrum with a single amino acid substitution. e37585页

作者:Hyojeong, Yi; Kwang-Hwi, Cho; Yun Sung, Cho; Karan, Kim; William C, Nierman; Heenam Stanley, Kim

534. A2 noradrenergic lesions prevent renal sympathoinhibition induced by hypernatremia in rats. e37587页

作者:Gustavo Rodrigues, Pedrino; André Henrique, Freiria-Oliveira; Débora Sim?es, Almeida Colombari; Daniel Alves, Rosa; Sergio Luiz, Cravo

535. Chondroitinase and growth factors enhance activation and oligodendrocyte differentiation of endogenous neural precursor cells after spinal cord injury. e37589页

作者:Soheila, Karimi-Abdolrezaee; Desiree, Schut; Jian, Wang; Michael G, Fehlings

537. Fibroblast growth factor signaling potentiates VE-cadherin stability at adherens junctions by regulating SHP2. e37600页

作者:Kunihiko, Hatanaka; Anthony A, Lanahan; Masahiro, Murakami; Michael, Simons

538. Dysregulation of microRNA-34a expression in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma promotes tumor growth and tumor angiogenesis. e37601页

作者:Bhavna, Kumar; Arti, Yadav; James, Lang; Theodoros N, Teknos; Pawan, Kumar

539. Macrophage migration inhibitory factor induces autophagy via reactive oxygen species generation. e37613页

作者:Yung-Chun, Chuang; Wen-Hong, Su; Huan-Yao, Lei; Yee-Shin, Lin; Hsiao-Sheng, Liu; Chih-Peng, Chang; Trai-Ming, Yeh

540. Pre-existing diseases of patients increase susceptibility to hypoxemia during gastrointestinal endoscopy. e37614页

作者:Yanhua, Long; Hui-Hui, Liu; Changhong, Yu; Xia, Tian; Yi-Ran, Yang; Cheng, Wang; Yajuan, Pan

541. Three-dimensional noninvasive monitoring iodine-131 uptake in the thyroid using a modified Cerenkov luminescence tomography approach. e37623页

作者:Zhenhua, Hu; Xiaowei, Ma; Xiaochao, Qu; Weidong, Yang; Jimin, Liang; Jing, Wang; Jie, Tian

542. Impact of rituximab on immunoglobulin concentrations and B cell numbers after cyclophosphamide treatment in patients with ANCA-associated vasculitides. e37626页

作者:Nils, Venhoff; Nora M, Effelsberg; Ulrich, Salzer; Klaus, Warnatz; Hans Hartmut, Peter; Dirk, Lebrecht; Michael, Schlesier; Reinhard E, Voll; Jens, Thiel

545. Macular thickness by age and gender in healthy eyes using spectral domain optical coherence tomography. e37638页

作者:Mehreen, Adhi; Sumbul, Aziz; Kashif, Muhammad; Mohammad I, Adhi

548. Increased urinary angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 in renal transplant patients with diabetes. e37649页

作者:Fengxia, Xiao; Swapnil, Hiremath; Greg, Knoll; Joseph, Zimpelmann; Kajenny, Srivaratharajah; Deepak, Jadhav; Dean, Fergusson; Chris R J, Kennedy; Kevin D, Burns

549. Incremental yield of serial sputum cultures for diagnosis of tuberculosis among HIV infected smear negative pulmonary TB suspects in Kampala, Uganda. e37650页

作者:Willy, Ssengooba; Noah, Kiwanuka; David P, Kateete; Achilles, Katamba; Moses L, Joloba

550. Integrative miRNA-mRNA profiling of adipose tissue unravels transcriptional circuits induced by sleep fragmentation. e37669页

作者:Sina A, Gharib; Abdelnaby, Khalyfa; Amal, Abdelkarim; Bharat, Bhushan; David, Gozal

551. BCL11B regulates epithelial proliferation and asymmetric development of the mouse mandibular incisor. e37670页

作者:Kateryna, Kyrylkova; Sergiy, Kyryachenko; Brian, Biehs; Ophir, Klein; Chrissa, Kioussi; Mark, Leid

552. Evaluation of allele-specific somatic changes of genome-wide association study susceptibility alleles in human colorectal cancers. e37672页

作者:Madelyn M, Gerber; Heather, Hampel; Nathan P, Schulz; Soledad, Fernandez; Lai, Wei; Xiao-Ping, Zhou; Albert, de la Chapelle; Amanda, Ewart Toland

553. Neural crest cell survival is dependent on Rho kinase and is required for development of the mid face in mouse embryos. e37685页

作者:Helen M, Phillips; Tania, Papoutsi; Helena, Soenen; Patricia, Ybot-Gonzalez; Deborah J, Henderson; Bill, Chaudhry

554. Mitochondrial structure, function and dynamics are temporally controlled by c-Myc. e37699页

作者:J Anthony, Graves; Yudong, Wang; Sunder, Sims-Lucas; Edward, Cherok; Kristi, Rothermund; Maria F, Branca; Jennifer, Elster; Donna, Beer-Stolz; Bennett, Van Houten; Jerry, Vockley; Edward V, Prochownik

555. Inhibition of serine palmitoyl transferase I reduces cardiac ceramide levels and increases glycolysis rates following diet-induced insulin resistance. e37703页

作者:John R, Ussher; Clifford D L, Folmes; Wendy, Keung; Natasha, Fillmore; Jagdip S, Jaswal; Virgilio J, Cadete; Donna L, Beker; Victoria H, Lam; Liyan, Zhang; Gary D, Lopaschuk

556. Penicillamine increases free copper and enhances oxidative stress in the brain of toxic milk mice. e37709页

作者:Ding-Bang, Chen; Li, Feng; Xiao-Pu, Lin; Wei, Zhang; Fu-Rong, Li; Xiu-Ling, Liang; Xun-Hua, Li

557. Comparison of sexual behavior and HIV risk between two HIV-1 serodiscordant couple cohorts: the CHAVI 002 study. e37727页

作者:Adam J, Ritchie; Kristin, Kuldanek; Zoe, Moodie; Z Maggie, Wang; Julie, Fox; Rebecca N, Nsubuga; Kenneth, Legg; Esther F, Birabwa; Pontiano, Kaleebu; Andrew J, McMichael; Christine, Watera; Nilu, Goonetilleke; Sarah, Fidler

558. Procyanidin B3 prevents articular cartilage degeneration and heterotopic cartilage formation in a mouse surgical osteoarthritis model. e37728页

作者:Hailati, Aini; Hiroki, Ochi; Munetaka, Iwata; Atsushi, Okawa; Daisuke, Koga; Mutsumi, Okazaki; Atsushi, Sano; Yoshinori, Asou

559. Tinnitus severity is reduced with reduction of depressive mood--a prospective population study in Sweden. e37733页

作者:Sylvie, Hébert; Barbara, Canlon; Dan, Hasson; Linda L, Magnusson Hanson; Hugo, Westerlund; T?res, Theorell

560. The role of attention in ambiguous reversals of structure-from-motion. e37734页

作者:Solveiga, Stonkute; Jochen, Braun; Alexander, Pastukhov

561. Predicting inter-species cross-talk in two-component signalling systems. e37737页

作者:Sonja, Pawelczyk; Kathryn A, Scott; Rebecca, Hamer; Gareth, Blades; Charlotte M, Deane; George H, Wadhams

562. Monsoon versus uplift in southwestern China--Late Pliocene climate in Yuanmou Basin, Yunnan. e37760页

作者:Yi-Feng, Yao; Angela A, Bruch; Ye-Ming, Cheng; Volker, Mosbrugger; Yu-Fei, Wang; Cheng-Sen, Li

563. AAV2-mediated subretinal gene transfer of mIL-27p28 attenuates experimental autoimmune uveoretinitis in mice. e37773页

作者:Ju, Shao; Lichun, Tian; Bo, Lei; Lin, Wei; Yan, Yang; Aize, Kijlstra; Peizeng, Yang

564. Divergent genomic and epigenomic landscapes of lung cancer subtypes underscore the selection of different oncogenic pathways during tumor development. e37775页

作者:William W, Lockwood; Ian M, Wilson; Bradley P, Coe; Raj, Chari; Larissa A, Pikor; Kelsie L, Thu; Luisa M, Solis; Maria I, Nunez; Carmen, Behrens; John, Yee; John, English; Nevin, Murray; Ming-Sound, Tsao; John D, Minna; Adi F, Gazdar; Ignacio I, Wistuba; Calum E, MacAulay; Stephen, Lam; Wan L, Lam

565. FADS1 FADS2 gene cluster, PUFA intake and blood lipids in children: results from the GINIplus and LISAplus studies. e37780页

作者:Marie, Standl; Eva, Lattka; Barbara, Stach; Sibylle, Koletzko; Carl-Peter, Bauer; Andrea, von Berg; Dietrich, Berdel; Ursula, Kr?mer; Beate, Schaaf; Stefan, R?der; Olf, Herbarth; Anette, Buyken; Tim, Drogies; Joachim, Thiery; Berthold, Koletzko; Joachim, Heinrich

566. Increase of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii infection in acute care hospitals in Taiwan: association with hospital antimicrobial usage. e37788页

作者:Chiu-Hsia, Su; Jann-Tay, Wang; Chao A, Hsiung; Li-Jung, Chien; Cheng-Liang, Chi; Hui-Tzu, Yu; Feng-Yee, Chang; Shan-Chwen, Chang

567. CCL18 in a multiplex urine-based assay for the detection of bladder cancer. e37797页

作者:Virginia, Urquidi; Jeongsoon, Kim; Myron, Chang; Yunfeng, Dai; Charles J, Rosser; Steve, Goodison

568. Age-related changes in the daily rhythm of photoreceptor functioning and circuitry in a melatonin-proficient mouse strain. e37799页

作者:Kenkichi, Baba; Francesca, Mazzoni; Sharon, Owino; Susana, Contreras-Alcantara; Enrica, Strettoi; Gianluca, Tosini

569. Identification of Nicotiana tabacum linkage group corresponding to the Q chromosome gene(s) involved in hybrid lethality. e37822页

作者:Takahiro, Tezuka; Chihiro, Matsuo; Takahiro, Iizuka; Masayuki, Oda; Wataru, Marubashi

570. Hepatic fat accumulation is modulated by the interaction between the rs738409 variant in the PNPLA3 gene and the dietary omega6/omega3 PUFA intake. e37827页

作者:Nicola, Santoro; Mary, Savoye; Grace, Kim; Katie, Marotto; Melissa M, Shaw; Bridget, Pierpont; Sonia, Caprio

572. D1 dopamine receptor signaling is modulated by the R7 RGS protein EAT-16 and the R7 binding protein RSBP-1 in Caenoerhabditis elegans motor neurons. e37831页

作者:Khursheed A, Wani; Mary, Catanese; Robyn, Normantowicz; Muriel, Herd; Kathryn N, Maher; Daniel L, Chase

573. Therapeutic dosing of acenocoumarol: proposal of a population specific pharmacogenetic dosing algorithm and its validation in north Indians. e37844页

作者:Saurabh Singh, Rathore; Surendra Kumar, Agarwal; Shantanu, Pande; Sushil Kumar, Singh; Tulika, Mittal; Balraj, Mittal

574. Early Ahmed glaucoma valve implantation after penetrating keratoplasty leads to better outcomes in an Asian population with preexisting glaucoma. e37867页

作者:Ming-Cheng, Tai; Yi-Hao, Chen; Jen-Hao, Cheng; Chang-Min, Liang; Jiann-Torng, Chen; Ching-Long, Chen; Da-Wen, Lu

575. Neuropeptide Y2 receptor (NPY2R) expression in saliva predicts feeding immaturity in the premature neonate. e37870页

作者:Jill L, Maron; Kirby L, Johnson; Jessica A, Dietz; Minghua L, Chen; Diana W, Bianchi

576. Bactericidal action of photogenerated singlet oxygen from photosensitizers used in plaque disclosing agents. e37871页

作者:Kirika, Ishiyama; Keisuke, Nakamura; Hiroyo, Ikai; Taro, Kanno; Masahiro, Kohno; Keiichi, Sasaki; Yoshimi, Niwano

578. Muscle fiber type-dependent differences in the regulation of protein synthesis. e37890页

作者:Craig A, Goodman; Jack A, Kotecki; Brittany L, Jacobs; Troy A, Hornberger

579. Weekly intra-amniotic IGF-1 treatment increases growth of growth-restricted ovine fetuses and up-regulates placental amino acid transporters. e37899页

作者:Jibran A, Wali; Hendrina A, de Boo; José G B, Derraik; Hui Hui, Phua; Mark H, Oliver; Frank H, Bloomfield; Jane E, Harding

580. Spatial distribution of the pathways of cholesterol homeostasis in human retina. e37926页

作者:Wenchao, Zheng; Rachel E, Reem; Saida, Omarova; Suber, Huang; Pier Luigi, DiPatre; Casey D, Charvet; Christine A, Curcio; Irina A, Pikuleva

581. Paxillin and Hic-5 interaction with vinculin is differentially regulated by Rac1 and RhoA. e37990页

作者:Nicholas O, Deakin; Christoph, Ballestrem; Christopher E, Turner

582. Amygdala 14-3-3ζ as a novel modulator of escalating alcohol intake in mice. e37999页

作者:Heidi M B, Lesscher; Julia M, Houthuijzen; Marian J, Groot Koerkamp; Frank C P, Holstege; Louk J M J, Vanderschuren

583. ATP induced brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression and release from osteoarthritis synovial fibroblasts is mediated by purinergic receptor P2X4. e36693页

作者:Kerstin, Klein; André, Aeschlimann; Suzana, Jordan; Renate, Gay; Steffen, Gay; Haiko, Sprott

584. Multi-patterned dynamics of mitochondrial fission and fusion in a living cell. e19879页

作者:Shiqi, Wang; Weiming, Xiao; Sicong, Shan; Chunsun, Jiang; Ming, Chen; Yan, Zhang; Shouqin, Lü; Juan, Chen; Chuanmao, Zhang; Quan, Chen; Mian, Long

585. Spatially explicit burden estimates of malaria in Tanzania: bayesian geostatistical modeling of the malaria indicator survey data. e23966页

作者:Laura, Gosoniu; Amina, Msengwa; Christian, Lengeler; Penelope, Vounatsou

587. Inclusion and human rights in health policies: comparative and benchmarking analysis of 51 policies from Malawi, Sudan, South Africa and Namibia. e35864页

作者:Malcolm, MacLachlan; Mutamad, Amin; Hasheem, Mannan; Shahla, El Tayeb; Nafisa, Bedri; Leslie, Swartz; Alister, Munthali; Gert, Van Rooy; Joanne, McVeigh

588. Generic delivery of payload of nanoparticles intracellularly via hybrid polymer capsules for bioimaging applications. e36195页

作者:Haider, Sami; Auhin K, Maparu; Ashok, Kumar; Sri, Sivakumar

589. Medium chain fatty acids are selective peroxisome proliferator activated receptor (PPAR) γ activators and pan-PPAR partial agonists. e36297页

作者:Marcelo Vizoná, Liberato; Alessandro S, Nascimento; Steven D, Ayers; Jean Z, Lin; Aleksandra, Cvoro; Rodrigo L, Silveira; Leandro, Martínez; Paulo C T, Souza; Daniel, Saidemberg; Tuo, Deng; Angela Angelica, Amato; Marie, Togashi; Willa A, Hsueh; Kevin, Phillips; Mário Sérgio, Palma; Francisco A R, Neves; Munir S, Skaf; Paul, Webb; Igor, Polikarpov

590. Low levels of human HIP14 are sufficient to rescue neuropathological, behavioural, and enzymatic defects due to loss of murine HIP14 in Hip14-/- mice. e36315页

作者:Fiona B, Young; Sonia, Franciosi; Amanda, Spreeuw; Yu, Deng; Shaun, Sanders; Natalie C M, Tam; Kun, Huang; Roshni R, Singaraja; Weining, Zhang; Nagat, Bissada; Chris, Kay; Michael R, Hayden

591. The Goldilocks effect: human infants allocate attention to visual sequences that are neither too simple nor too complex. e36399页

作者:Celeste, Kidd; Steven T, Piantadosi; Richard N, Aslin

592. Influence of HLA-DRB1 and HLA-DQB1 alleles on IgG antibody response to the P. vivax MSP-1, MSP-3α and MSP-9 in individuals from Brazilian endemic area. e36419页

作者:Josué C, Lima-Junior; Rodrigo N, Rodrigues-da-Silva; Dalma M, Banic; Jianlin, Jiang; Balwan, Singh; Gustavo M, Fabrício-Silva; Luís C S, Porto; Esmeralda V S, Meyer; Alberto, Moreno; Maurício M, Rodrigues; John W, Barnwell; Mary R, Galinski; Joseli, de Oliveira-Ferreira

593. A limited role for suppression in the central field of individuals with strabismic amblyopia. e36611页

作者:Brendan T, Barrett; Gurvinder K, Panesar; Andrew J, Scally; Ian E, Pacey

594. Is a genome a codeword of an error-correcting code? e36644页

作者:Luzinete C B, Faria; Andréa S L, Rocha; Jo?o H, Kleinschmidt; Márcio C, Silva-Filho; Edson, Bim; Roberto H, Herai; Michel E B, Yamagishi; Reginaldo, Palazzo

595. Race and the fragility of the legal distinction between juveniles and adults. e36680页

作者:Aneeta, Rattan; Cynthia S, Levine; Carol S, Dweck; Jennifer L, Eberhardt

596. Long-term health outcomes in children born to mothers with diabetes: a population-based cohort study. e36727页

作者:Chun S, Wu; Ellen A, Nohr; Bodil H, Bech; Mogens, Vestergaard; J?rn, Olsen

597. Back to basics: pitting edema and the optimization of hypertension treatment in incident peritoneal dialysis patients (BRAZPD). e36758页

作者:Sebasti?o R, Ferreira-Filho; Gilberto R, Machado; Valéria C, Ferreira; Carlos F M A, Rodrigues; Thyago, Proen?a de Moraes; José C, Divino-Filho; Marcia, Olandoski; Christopher, McIntyre; Roberto, Pecoits-Filho

598. Ontogeny of Toll-like and NOD-like receptor-mediated innate immune responses in Papua New Guinean infants. e36793页

作者:Joanne G, Lisciandro; Susan L, Prescott; Marie G, Nadal-Sims; Catherine J, Devitt; William, Pomat; Peter M, Siba; Meri C, Tulic; Patrick G, Holt; Deborah, Strickland; Anita H J, van den Biggelaar

599. Sound frequency and aural selectivity in sound-contingent visual motion aftereffect. e36803页

作者:Maori, Kobayashi; Wataru, Teramoto; Souta, Hidaka; Yoichi, Sugita

600. Common variants in MAGI2 gene are associated with increased risk for cognitive impairment in schizophrenic patients. e36836页

作者:Takayoshi, Koide; Masahiro, Banno; Branko, Aleksic; Saori, Yamashita; Tsutomu, Kikuchi; Kunihiro, Kohmura; Yasunori, Adachi; Naoko, Kawano; Itaru, Kushima; Yukako, Nakamura; Takashi, Okada; Masashi, Ikeda; Kazutaka, Ohi; Yuka, Yasuda; Ryota, Hashimoto; Toshiya, Inada; Hiroshi, Ujike; Tetsuya, Iidaka; Michio, Suzuki; Masatoshi, Takeda; Nakao, Iwata; Norio, Ozaki

601. New species in the Old World: Europe as a frontier in biodiversity exploration, a test bed for 21st century taxonomy. e36881页

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602. Suppression of AP1 transcription factor function in keratinocyte suppresses differentiation. e36941页

作者:Bingshe, Han; Ellen A, Rorke; Gautam, Adhikary; Yap Ching, Chew; Wen, Xu; Richard L, Eckert

604. A thermophilic ionic liquid-tolerant cellulase cocktail for the production of cellulosic biofuels. e37010页

作者:Joshua I, Park; Eric J, Steen; Helcio, Burd; Sophia S, Evans; Alyssa M, Redding-Johnson; Tanveer, Batth; Peter I, Benke; Patrik, D'haeseleer; Ning, Sun; Kenneth L, Sale; Jay D, Keasling; Taek Soon, Lee; Christopher J, Petzold; Aindrila, Mukhopadhyay; Steven W, Singer; Blake A, Simmons; John M, Gladden

605. Paired tumor and normal whole genome sequencing of metastatic olfactory neuroblastoma. e37029页

作者:Glen J, Weiss; Winnie S, Liang; Tyler, Izatt; Shilpi, Arora; Irene, Cherni; Robert N, Raju; Galen, Hostetter; Ahmet, Kurdoglu; Alexis, Christoforides; Shripad, Sinari; Angela S, Baker; Raghu, Metpally; Waibhav D, Tembe; Lori, Phillips; Daniel D, Von Hoff; David W, Craig; John D, Carpten

606. Mutations in an AP2 transcription factor-like gene affect internode length and leaf shape in maize. e37040页

作者:Fukun, Jiang; Mei, Guo; Fang, Yang; Keith, Duncan; David, Jackson; Antoni, Rafalski; Shoucai, Wang; Bailin, Li

607. The beneficial effects of antifreeze proteins in the vitrification of immature mouse oocytes. e37043页

作者:Jun Woo, Jo; Byung Chul, Jee; Chang Suk, Suh; Seok Hyun, Kim

608. IL28B genetic variation is associated with spontaneous clearance of hepatitis C virus, treatment response, serum IL-28B levels in Chinese population. e37054页

作者:Xiaodong, Shi; Yu, Pan; Moli, Wang; Dongsheng, Wang; Wanyu, Li; Tao, Jiang; Peng, Zhang; Xiumei, Chi; Yanfang, Jiang; Yanhang, Gao; Jin, Zhong; Bing, Sun; Damo, Xu; Jing, Jiang; Junqi, Niu

609. Signature movements lead to efficient search for threatening actions. e37085页

作者:Jeroen J A, van Boxtel; Hongjing, Lu

610. Recovery potential of a western lowland gorilla population following a major Ebola outbreak: results from a ten year study. e37106页

作者:Céline, Genton; Romane, Cristescu; Sylvain, Gatti; Florence, Levréro; Elodie, Bigot; Damien, Caillaud; Jean-Sébastien, Pierre; Nelly, Ménard

611. No evidence for a trade-off between reproductive investment and immunity in a rodent. e37182页

作者:Yan-Chao, Xu; Deng-Bao, Yang; De-Hua, Wang

613. Antimalarial activity and mechanisms of action of two novel 4-aminoquinolines against chloroquine-resistant parasites. e37259页

作者:Anna Caroline Campos, Aguiar; Raquel de Meneses, Santos; Flávio Júnior Barbosa, Figueiredo; Wilian Augusto, Cortopassi; André Silva, Pimentel; Tanos Celmar Costa, Fran?a; Mario Roberto, Meneghetti; Antoniana Ursine, Krettli

614. Macrophage migration inhibitory factor antagonist blocks the development of endometriosis in vivo. e37264页

作者:Khaled, Khoufache; Sylvie, Bazin; Karine, Girard; Julie, Guillemette; Marie-Christine, Roy; Jean-Pierre, Verreault; Yousef, Al-Abed; Warren, Foster; Ali, Akoum

616. Polymorphisms related to the serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D level and risk of myocardial infarction, diabetes, cancer and mortality. The Troms? Study. e37295页

作者:Rolf, Jorde; Henrik, Schirmer; Tom, Wilsgaard; Ragnar Martin, Joakimsen; Ellisiv B?geberg, Mathiesen; Inger, Nj?lstad; Maja-Lisa, L?chen; Yngve, Figenschau; Jens Petter, Berg; Johan, Svartberg; Guri, Grimnes

617. M. tuberculosis induces potent activation of IDO-1, but this is not essential for the immunological control of infection. e37314页

作者:Antje, Blumenthal; Gayathri, Nagalingam; Jennifer H, Huch; Lara, Walker; Gilles J, Guillemin; George A, Smythe; Sabine, Ehrt; Warwick J, Britton; Bernadette M, Saunders

618. Analysis of the paired TCR α- and β-chains of single human T cells. e37338页

作者:Song-Min, Kim; Latika, Bhonsle; Petra, Besgen; Jens, Nickel; Anna, Backes; Kathrin, Held; Sigrid, Vollmer; Klaus, Dornmair; Joerg C, Prinz

619. Assessing the Revised Child Anxiety and Depression Scale (RCADS) in a national sample of Danish youth aged 8-16 years. e37339页

作者:Barbara Hoff, Esbj?rn; Mikael Julius, S?mhovd; Clara, Turnstedt; Marie Louise, Reinholdt-Dunne

620. A predictive model of intein insertion site for use in the engineering of molecular switches. e37355页

作者:James, Apgar; Mary, Ross; Xiao, Zuo; Sarah, Dohle; Derek, Sturtevant; Binzhang, Shen; Humberto, de la Vega; Philip, Lessard; Gabor, Lazar; R Michael, Raab

621. Children of low socioeconomic status show accelerated linear growth in early childhood; results from the Generation R Study. e37356页

作者:Lindsay M, Silva; Lenie, van Rossem; Pauline W, Jansen; Anita C S, Hokken-Koelega; Henri?tte A, Moll; Albert, Hofman; Johan P, Mackenbach; Vincent W V, Jaddoe; Hein, Raat

622. A comparison of Shiga-toxin 2 bacteriophage from classical enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli serotypes and the German E. coli O104:H4 outbreak strain. e37362页

作者:Chad R, Laing; Yongxiang, Zhang; Matthew W, Gilmour; Vanessa, Allen; Roger, Johnson; James E, Thomas; Victor P J, Gannon

623. A fine-mapping study of 7 top scoring genes from a GWAS for major depressive disorder. e37384页

作者:Eva C, Verbeek; Ingrid M C, Bakker; Marianna R, Bevova; Zoltán, Bochdanovits; Patrizia, Rizzu; David, Sondervan; Gonneke, Willemsen; Eco J, de Geus; Johannes H, Smit; Brenda W, Penninx; Dorret I, Boomsma; Witte J G, Hoogendijk; Peter, Heutink

624. Impact of environmental parameters on marathon running performance. e37407页

作者:Nour, El Helou; Muriel, Tafflet; Geoffroy, Berthelot; Julien, Tolaini; Andy, Marc; Marion, Guillaume; Christophe, Hausswirth; Jean-Fran?ois, Toussaint

626. Cysteine peptidases, secreted by Trichomonas gallinae, are involved in the cytopathogenic effects on a permanent chicken liver cell culture. e37417页

作者:Aziza, Amin; Katharina, N?bauer; Martina, Patzl; Evelyn, Berger; Michael, Hess; Ivana, Bilic

627. Interaction of virstatin with human serum albumin: spectroscopic analysis and molecular modeling. e37468页

作者:Tanaya, Chatterjee; Aritrika, Pal; Sucharita, Dey; Barun K, Chatterjee; Pinak, Chakrabarti

628. The anther steps onto the stigma for self-fertilization in a slipper orchid. e37478页

作者:Li-Jun, Chen; Ke-Wei, Liu; Xin-Ju, Xiao; Wen-Chieh, Tsai; Yu-Yun, Hsiao; Jie, Huang; Zhong-Jian, Liu

629. Murine CD4+ T cell responses are inhibited by cytotoxic T cell-mediated killing of dendritic cells and are restored by antigen transfer. e37481页

作者:Joel Zhi-Iong, Ma; So Nai, Lim; Jim Shixiang, Qin; Jianping, Yang; Noriyuki, Enomoto; Christiane, Ruedl; Franca, Ronchese

631. Global activation of CD8+ cytotoxic T lymphocytes correlates with an impairment in regulatory T cells in patients with generalized vitiligo. e37513页

作者:Yang, Lili; Wei, Yi; Yang, Ji; Sun, Yue; Shi, Weimin; Li, Ming

632. Recent and projected increases in atmospheric CO2 concentration can enhance gene flow between wild and genetically altered rice (Oryza sativa). e37522页

作者:Lewis H, Ziska; David R, Gealy; Martha B, Tomecek; Aaron K, Jackson; Howard L, Black

633. Expression-dependent folding of interphase chromatin. e37525页

作者:Hansjoerg, Jerabek; Dieter W, Heermann

636. Genetic analysis of the electrophysiological response to salicin, a bitter substance, in a polyphagous strain of the silkworm Bombyx mori. e37549页

作者:Tetsuya, Iizuka; Toshiki, Tamura; Hideki, Sezutsu; Keisuke, Mase; Eiji, Okada; Kiyoshi, Asaoka

637. Development of cysteine-free fluorescent proteins for the oxidative environment. e37551页

作者:Takahisa, Suzuki; Seisuke, Arai; Mayumi, Takeuchi; Chiye, Sakurai; Hideaki, Ebana; Tsunehito, Higashi; Hitoshi, Hashimoto; Kiyotaka, Hatsuzawa; Ikuo, Wada

638. Direct heme transfer reactions in the Group A Streptococcus heme acquisition pathway. e37556页

作者:Chunmei, Lu; Gang, Xie; Mengyao, Liu; Hui, Zhu; Benfang, Lei

639. Genome characteristics of a novel phage from Bacillus thuringiensis showing high similarity with phage from Bacillus cereus. e37557页

作者:Yihui, Yuan; Meiying, Gao; Dandan, Wu; Pengming, Liu; Yan, Wu

640. Is promiscuity associated with enhanced selection on MHC-DQα in mice (genus Peromyscus)? e37562页

作者:Matthew D, MacManes; Eileen A, Lacey

641. Camouflaging in a complex environment--octopuses use specific features of their surroundings for background matching. e37579页

作者:Noam, Josef; Piero, Amodio; Graziano, Fiorito; Nadav, Shashar

642. Functional characterization of an Aspergillus fumigatus calcium transporter (PmcA) that is essential for fungal infection. e37591页

作者:Taísa Magnani, Dinamarco; Fernanda Zanolli, Freitas; Ricardo S, Almeida; Neil Andrew, Brown; Thaila Fernanda, dos Reis; Leandra Naira Zambelli, Ramalho; Marcela, Savoldi; Maria Helena S, Goldman; Maria Célia, Bertolini; Gustavo Henrique, Goldman

643. Climate driven egg and hatchling mortality threatens survival of eastern Pacific leatherback turtles. e37602页

作者:Pilar, Santidrián Tomillo; Vincent S, Saba; Gabriela S, Blanco; Charles A, Stock; Frank V, Paladino; James R, Spotila

644. Expression of dickkopf-1 and beta-catenin related to the prognosis of breast cancer patients with triple negative phenotype. e37624页

作者:Wen-Huan, Xu; Zhe-Bin, Liu; Chen, Yang; Wenxin, Qin; Zhi-Ming, Shao

645. A novel tool for studying auxin-metabolism: the inhibition of grapevine indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetases by a reaction intermediate analogue. e37632页

作者:Christine, B?ttcher; Eric G, Dennis; Grant W, Booker; Steven W, Polyak; Paul K, Boss; Christopher, Davies

646. NF-κB repression by PIAS3 mediated RelA SUMOylation. e37636页

作者:Yuangang, Liu; Rebecca, Bridges; Aaron, Wortham; Molly, Kulesz-Martin

647. Clinical usefulness of measuring red blood cell distribution width in patients with hepatitis B. e37644页

作者:YuFeng, Lou; ManYi, Wang; WeiLin, Mao

648. Loss of STAT1 in bone marrow-derived cells accelerates skeletal muscle regeneration. e37656页

作者:Yan, Gao; Yanfeng, Li; Xing, Guo; Zhenguo, Wu; Wei, Zhang

649. Environmental perturbation of the circadian clock disrupts pregnancy in the mouse. e37668页

作者:Keith C, Summa; Martha Hotz, Vitaterna; Fred W, Turek

650. Population receptive field dynamics in human visual cortex. e37686页

作者:Koen V, Haak; Frans W, Cornelissen; Antony B, Morland

651. Inflammasome-mediated IL-1β production in humans with cystic fibrosis. e37689页

作者:Anthony, Tang; Ashish, Sharma; Roger, Jen; Aaron F, Hirschfeld; Mark A, Chilvers; Pascal M, Lavoie; Stuart E, Turvey

652. Variation in size and growth of the great scallop Pecten maximus along a latitudinal gradient. e37717页

作者:Laurent, Chauvaud; Yann, Patry; Aurélie, Jolivet; Emmanuelle, Cam; Clement, Le Goff; ?ivind, Strand; Grégory, Charrier; Julien, Thébault; Pascal, Lazure; Karl, Gotthard; Jacques, Clavier

653. Isolates of Liao ning virus from wild-caught mosquitoes in the Xinjiang province of China in 2005. e37732页

作者:Xinjun, Lv; Fauziah, Mohd Jaafar; Xiaohong, Sun; Mourad, Belhouchet; Shihong, Fu; Song, Zhang; Su-xiang, Tong; Zhi, Lv; Peter P C, Mertens; Guodong, Liang; Houssam, Attoui

654. Expansion and evolution of the X-linked testis specific multigene families in the melanogaster species subgroup. e37738页

作者:Galina L, Kogan; Lev A, Usakin; Sergei S, Ryazansky; Vladimir A, Gvozdev

656. NKT cells stimulated by long fatty acyl chain sulfatides significantly reduce the incidence of type 1 diabetes in nonobese diabetic mice [corrected]. e37771页

作者:Lakshmimathy, Subramanian; Hartley, Blumenfeld; Robert, Tohn; Dalam, Ly; Carlos, Aguilera; Igor, Maricic; Jan-Eric, Mansson; Karsten, Buschard; Vipin, Kumar; Terry L, Delovitch

657. Dopamine inactivation efficacy related to functional DAT1 and COMT variants influences motor response evaluation. e37814页

作者:Stephan, Bender; Thomas, Rellum; Christine, Freitag; Franz, Resch; Marcella, Rietschel; Jens, Treutlein; Christine, Jennen-Steinmetz; Daniel, Brandeis; Tobias, Banaschewski; Manfred, Laucht

658. Rgnef (p190RhoGEF) knockout inhibits RhoA activity, focal adhesion establishment, and cell motility downstream of integrins. e37830页

作者:Nichol L G, Miller; Christine, Lawson; Xiao Lei, Chen; Ssang-Taek, Lim; David D, Schlaepfer

659. A putative transcription factor MYT2 regulates perithecium size in the ascomycete Gibberella zeae. e37859页

作者:Yang, Lin; Hokyoung, Son; Kyunghun, Min; Jungkwan, Lee; Gyung Ja, Choi; Jin-Cheol, Kim; Yin-Won, Lee

660. Betaine and secondary events in an acute coronary syndrome cohort. e37883页

作者:Michael, Lever; Peter M, George; Jane L, Elmslie; Wendy, Atkinson; Sandy, Slow; Sarah L, Molyneux; Richard W, Troughton; A Mark, Richards; Christopher M, Frampton; Stephen T, Chambers

661. Macromolecular crowding directs extracellular matrix organization and mesenchymal stem cell behavior. e37904页

作者:Adam S, Zeiger; Felicia C, Loe; Ran, Li; Michael, Raghunath; Krystyn J, Van Vliet

663. Toward a mechanistic modeling of nitrogen limitation on vegetation dynamics. e37914页

作者:Chonggang, Xu; Rosie, Fisher; Stan D, Wullschleger; Cathy J, Wilson; Michael, Cai; Nate G, McDowell

664. Field and laboratory studies provide insights into the meaning of day-time activity in a subterranean rodent (Ctenomys aff. knighti), the tuco-tuco. e37918页

作者:Barbara M, Tomotani; Danilo E F L, Flores; Patrícia, Tachinardi; José D, Paliza; Gisele A, Oda; Ver?nica S, Valentinuzzi

665. Impaired heat shock response in cells expressing full-length polyglutamine-expanded huntingtin. e37929页

作者:Sidhartha M, Chafekar; Martin L, Duennwald

666. Patients with inflammatory bowel disease exhibit dysregulated responses to microbial DNA. e37932页

作者:Naomi S C, Hotte; Saad Y, Salim; Robert H, Tso; Eric J, Albert; Phil, Bach; John, Walker; Levinus A, Dieleman; Richard N, Fedorak; Karen L, Madsen

667. Propentofylline targets TROY, a novel microglial signaling pathway. e37955页

作者:Valerie L, Jacobs; Yingna, Liu; Joyce A, De Leo

668. Impact of isoniazid resistance-conferring mutations on the clinical presentation of isoniazid monoresistant tuberculosis. e37956页

作者:Raymund, Dantes; John, Metcalfe; Elizabeth, Kim; Midori, Kato-Maeda; Philip C, Hopewell; Masae, Kawamura; Payam, Nahid; Adithya, Cattamanchi

669. Activated iNKT cells promote memory CD8+ T cell differentiation during viral infection. e37991页

作者:Emma C, Reilly; Elizabeth A, Thompson; Sandrine, Aspeslagh; Jack R, Wands; Dirk, Elewaut; Laurent, Brossay

670. Loss of CCDC6, the first identified RET partner gene, affects pH2AX S139 levels and accelerates mitotic entry upon DNA damage. e36177页

作者:Francesco, Merolla; Chiara, Luise; Mark T, Muller; Roberto, Pacelli; Alfredo, Fusco; Angela, Celetti

671. Regulation of signaling at regions of cell-cell contact by endoplasmic reticulum-bound protein-tyrosine phosphatase 1B. e36633页

作者:Fawaz G, Haj; Ola, Sabet; Ali, Kinkhabwala; Sabine, Wimmer-Kleikamp; Vassilis, Roukos; Hong-Mei, Han; Markus, Grabenbauer; Martin, Bierbaum; Claude, Antony; Benjamin G, Neel; Philippe I, Bastiaens

673. Thermodynamics of aryl-dihydroxyphenyl-thiadiazole binding to human Hsp90. e36899页

作者:Egidijus, Kazlauskas; Vilma, Petrikait?; Vilma, Michailovien?; Jurgita, Revuckien?; Jurgita, Matulien?; Leonas, Grinius; Daumantas, Matulis

674. Comparison of storage conditions for human vaginal microbiome studies. e36934页

作者:Guoyun, Bai; Pawel, Gajer; Melissa, Nandy; Bing, Ma; Hongqiu, Yang; Joyce, Sakamoto; May H, Blanchard; Jacques, Ravel; Rebecca M, Brotman

675. Reduced sensitivity to immediate reward during decision-making in older than younger adults. e36953页

作者:Ben, Eppinger; Leigh E, Nystrom; Jonathan D, Cohen

676. Comparison of the virulence potential of Acinetobacter strains from clinical and environmental sources. e37024页

作者:Azam F, Tayabali; Kathy C, Nguyen; Philip S, Shwed; Jennifer, Crosthwait; Gordon, Coleman; Verner L, Seligy

677. A complete sequence and transcriptomic analyses of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) mitochondrial genome. e37164页

作者:Yongjun, Fang; Hao, Wu; Tongwu, Zhang; Meng, Yang; Yuxin, Yin; Linlin, Pan; Xiaoguang, Yu; Xiaowei, Zhang; Songnian, Hu; Ibrahim S, Al-Mssallem; Jun, Yu

678. The alpine cushion plant Silene acaulis as foundation species: a bug's-eye view to facilitation and microclimate. e37223页

作者:Olivia, Molenda; Anya, Reid; Christopher J, Lortie

680. Seasonal movement and distribution of fluvial adult bull trout in selected watersheds in the mid-Columbia River and Snake River basins. e37257页

作者:Steven J, Starcevich; Philip J, Howell; Steven E, Jacobs; Paul M, Sankovich

682. Two plant bacteria, S. meliloti and Ca. Liberibacter asiaticus, share functional znuABC homologues that encode for a high affinity zinc uptake system. e37340页

作者:Cheryl M, Vahling-Armstrong; Huasong, Zhou; Lesley, Benyon; J Kent, Morgan; Yongping, Duan

683. Continuous regional arterial infusion with fluorouracil and octreotide attenuates severe acute pancreatitis in a canine model. e37347页

作者:Meng Tao, Zhou; Bi Cheng, Chen; Hong Wei, Sun; Yue Peng, Jin; Fa Jing, Yang; Xing, Zhang; Roland, Andersson; Qi Yu, Zhang

685. Long-term effects of autologous bone marrow stem cell treatment in acute myocardial infarction: factors that may influence outcomes. e37373页

作者:David M, Clifford; Sheila A, Fisher; Susan J, Brunskill; Carolyn, Doree; Anthony, Mathur; Mike J, Clarke; Suzanne M, Watt; Enca, Martin-Rendon

686. Shifting the paradigm: the putative mitochondrial protein ABCB6 resides in the lysosomes of cells and in the plasma membrane of erythrocytes. e37378页

作者:Katalin, Kiss; Anna, Brozik; Nora, Kucsma; Alexandra, Toth; Melinda, Gera; Laurence, Berry; Alice, Vallentin; Henri, Vial; Michel, Vidal; Gergely, Szakacs

687. Changes in inflammatory response after endovascular treatment for type B aortic dissection. e37389页

作者:Bernice L Y, Cheuk; Y C, Chan; Stephen W K, Cheng

688. Secretogranin II; a protein increased in the myocardium and circulation in heart failure with cardioprotective properties. e37401页

作者:Helge, R?sj?; Mats, Stridsberg; Geir, Florholmen; K?re-Olav, Stensl?kken; Anett Helleb?, Ottesen; Ivar, Sjaastad; Cathrine, Husberg; Mai Britt, Dahl; Erik, ?ie; William E, Louch; Torbj?rn, Omland; Geir, Christensen

689. Full-exon pyrosequencing screening of BRCA germline mutations in Mexican women with inherited breast and ovarian cancer. e37432页

作者:Felipe, Vaca-Paniagua; Rosa María, Alvarez-Gomez; Verónica, Fragoso-Ontiveros; Silvia, Vidal-Millan; Luis Alonso, Herrera; David, Cantú; Enrique, Bargallo-Rocha; Alejandro, Mohar; César, López-Camarillo; Carlos, Pérez-Plasencia

690. Is it time for a change? A cost-effectiveness analysis comparing a multidisciplinary integrated care model for residential homes to usual care. e37444页

作者:Janet L, MacNeil Vroomen; Marijke, Boorsma; Judith E, Bosmans; Dinnus H M, Frijters; Giel, Nijpels; Hein P J, van Hout

691. Activation of BK(Ca) channels in zoledronic acid-induced apoptosis of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells. e37451页

作者:Yu-Guang, Ma; Wen-Chao, Liu; Shuo, Dong; Cheng, Du; Xiao-Jun, Wang; Jin-Sheng, Li; Xiao-Ping, Xie; Li, Wu; Da-Chang, Ma; Zhi-Bin, Yu; Man-Jiang, Xie

692. The dUTPase enzyme is essential in Mycobacterium smegmatis. e37461页

作者:Ildiko, Pecsi; Rita, Hirmondo; Amanda C, Brown; Anna, Lopata; Tanya, Parish; Beata G, Vertessy; Judit, Tóth

693. Multiple mating and family structure of the western tent caterpillar, Malacosoma californicum pluviale: impact on disease resistance. e37472页

作者:Michelle T, Franklin; Carol E, Ritland; Judith H, Myers; Jenny S, Cory

694. Identification of Sare0718 as an alanine-activating adenylation domain in marine actinomycete Salinispora arenicola CNS-205. e37487页

作者:Sisi, Xia; Yanlin, Ma; Wei, Zhang; Yi, Yang; Shaowen, Wu; Minzhe, Zhu; Lingfu, Deng; Bing, Li; Zhonglai, Liu; Chao, Qi

696. Impact of obesity on the bioavailability of peginterferon-α2a and ribavirin and treatment outcome for chronic hepatitis C genotype 2 or 3. e37521页

作者:?sa, Alsi?; Karolina, Rembeck; Galia, Askarieh; Peer Brehm, Christensen; Martti, F?rkkil?; Nina, Langeland; Mads Rauning, Buhl; Court, Pedersen; Kristine, M?rch; Bart L, Haagmans; Salmir, Nasic; Johan, Westin; Kristoffer, Hellstrand; Gunnar, Norkrans; Martin, Lagging

697. Comparison of two high-throughput assays for quantification of adenovirus type 5 neutralizing antibodies in a population of donors in China. e37532页

作者:Qiang, Liu; Jianhui, Nie; Weijin, Huang; Shufang, Meng; Baozhu, Yuan; Dongying, Gao; Xuemei, Xu; Youchun, Wang

698. Testing for differentially-expressed microRNAs with errors-in-variables nonparametric regression. e37537页

作者:Bin, Wang; Shu-Guang, Zhang; Xiao-Feng, Wang; Ming, Tan; Yaguang, Xi

699. Density-dependent processes in the life history of fishes: evidence from laboratory populations of zebrafish Danio rerio. e37550页

作者:Charles R E, Hazlerigg; Kai, Lorenzen; Pernille, Thorbek; James R, Wheeler; Charles R, Tyler

700. Co-localized or randomly distributed? Pair cross correlation of in vivo grown subgingival biofilm bacteria quantified by digital image analysis. e37583页

作者:Claudia, Schillinger; Annett, Petrich; Renate, Lux; Birgit, Riep; Judith, Kikhney; Anton, Friedmann; Lawrence E, Wolinsky; Ulf B, G?bel; Holger, Daims; Annette, Moter

701. TLR2, TLR4 and the MYD88 signaling pathway are crucial for neutrophil migration in acute kidney injury induced by sepsis. e37584页

作者:Angela, Castoldi; Tárcio Teodoro, Braga; Matheus, Correa-Costa; Cristhiane Fávero, Aguiar; ênio José, Bassi; Reinaldo, Correa-Silva; Rosa Maria, Elias; Fábia, Salvador; Pedro Manoel, Moraes-Vieira; Marcos Ant?nio, Cenedeze; Marlene Ant?nia, Reis; Meire Ioshie, Hiyane; álvaro, Pacheco-Silva; Giselle Martins, Gon?alves; Niels Olsen, Saraiva Camara

702. Microarray analysis of gene regulations and potential association with acephate-resistance and fitness cost in Lygus lineolaris. e37586页

作者:Yu Cheng, Zhu; Zibiao, Guo; Yueping, He; Randall, Luttrell

704. Meandering main pancreatic duct as a relevant factor to the onset of idiopathic recurrent acute pancreatitis. e37652页

作者:Wataru, Gonoi; Hiroyuki, Akai; Kazuchika, Hagiwara; Masaaki, Akahane; Naoto, Hayashi; Eriko, Maeda; Takeharu, Yoshikawa; Shigeru, Kiryu; Minoru, Tada; Kansei, Uno; Hiroshi, Ohtsu; Naoki, Okura; Kazuhiko, Koike; Kuni, Ohtomo

705. Prenatal hyperandrogenization induces metabolic and endocrine alterations which depend on the levels of testosterone exposure. e37658页

作者:Sabrina, Amalfi; Leandro Martín, Velez; María Florencia, Heber; Susana, Vighi; Silvana Rocío, Ferreira; Adriana Vega, Orozco; Omar, Pignataro; Alicia Beatriz, Motta

706. Transient B cell depletion or improved transgene expression by codon optimization promote tolerance to factor VIII in gene therapy. e37671页

作者:Brandon K, Sack; Sherin, Merchant; David M, Markusic; Amit C, Nathwani; Andrew M, Davidoff; Barry J, Byrne; Roland W, Herzog

708. Risk factors of porcine cysticercosis in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. e37718页

作者:Rosina Claudia, Krecek; Hamish, Mohammed; Lynne Margaret, Michael; Peter Mullineaux, Schantz; Lulama, Ntanjana; Liesl, Morey; Stephen Rakem, Werre; Arve Lee, Willingham

709. Nucleoprotein nanostructures combined with adjuvants adapted to the neonatal immune context: a candidate mucosal RSV vaccine. e37722页

作者:Aude, Remot; Xavier, Roux; Catherine, Dubuquoy; Jenna, Fix; Stephan, Bouet; Mohammed, Moudjou; Jean-Fran?ois, Eléou?t; Sabine, Riffault; Agnès, Petit-Camurdan

710. Using bacterial extract along with differential gene expression in Acropora millepora larvae to decouple the processes of attachment and metamorphosis. e37774页

作者:Nachshon, Siboni; David, Abrego; Francois, Seneca; Cherie A, Motti; Nikos, Andreakis; Jan, Tebben; Linda L, Blackall; Tilmann, Harder

711. Dissection of influenza A virus M1 protein: pH-dependent oligomerization of N-terminal domain and dimerization of C-terminal domain. e37786页

作者:Ke, Zhang; Zhao, Wang; Xiaoling, Liu; Changcheng, Yin; Zeshan, Basit; Bin, Xia; Wenjun, Liu

712. IL-12 and GM-CSF in DNA/MVA immunizations against HIV-1 CRF12_BF Nef induced T-cell responses with an enhanced magnitude, breadth and quality. e37801页

作者:Ana María, Rodríguez; María Fernanda, Pascutti; Cynthia, Maeto; Juliana, Falivene; María Pía, Holgado; Gabriela, Turk; María Magdalena, Gherardi

713. Carbon nanotube solar cells. e37806页

作者:Colin, Klinger; Yogeshwari, Patel; Henk W Ch, Postma

714. Comparison of ion balance and nitrogen metabolism in old and young leaves of alkali-stressed rice plants. e37817页

作者:Huan, Wang; Zhihai, Wu; Jiayu, Han; Wei, Zheng; Chunwu, Yang

715. Dvl2-dependent activation of Daam1 and RhoA regulates Wnt5a-induced breast cancer cell migration. e37823页

作者:Yichao, Zhu; Yinhui, Tian; Jun, Du; Zhenzhen, Hu; Ling, Yang; Jiaojing, Liu; Luo, Gu

716. Evolutionary and experimental assessment of novel markers for detection of Xanthomonas euvesicatoria in plant samples. e37836页

作者:Pedro, Albuquerque; Cristina M R, Caridade; Arlete S, Rodrigues; Andre R S, Marcal; Joana, Cruz; Leonor, Cruz; Catarina L, Santos; Marta V, Mendes; Fernando, Tavares

717. Phylogeography and molecular evolution of potato virus Y. e37853页

作者:José M, Cuevas; Agnès, Delaunay; Johan C, Visser; Dirk U, Bellstedt; Emmanuel, Jacquot; Santiago F, Elena

718. Improved somatic mutagenesis in zebrafish using transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs). e37877页

作者:Finola E, Moore; Deepak, Reyon; Jeffry D, Sander; Sarah A, Martinez; Jessica S, Blackburn; Cyd, Khayter; Cherie L, Ramirez; J Keith, Joung; David M, Langenau

719. Reconsideration of in-silico siRNA design based on feature selection: a cross-platform data integration perspective. e37879页

作者:Qi, Liu; Han, Zhou; Juan, Cui; Zhiwei, Cao; Ying, Xu

720. West Nile virus infection causes endocytosis of a specific subset of tight junction membrane proteins. e37886页

作者:Zaikun, Xu; Regula, Waeckerlin; Matt D, Urbanowski; Guido, van Marle; Tom C, Hobman

721. Professional exposure to goats increases the risk of pneumonic-type lung adenocarcinoma: results of the IFCT-0504-Epidemio study. e37889页

作者:Delphine, Lutringer-Magnin; Nicolas, Girard; Jacques, Cadranel; Caroline, Leroux; Elisabeth, Quoix; Vincent, Cottin; Corinne, Del Signore; Marie-Paule, Lebitasy; Geneviève, Cordier; Philippe, Vanhems; Jean-Fran?ois, Mornex

722. Spatio-temporal patterns of key exploited marine species in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea. e37907页

作者:Marie, Morfin; Jean-Marc, Fromentin; Angélique, Jadaud; Nicolas, Bez

724. Identification and characterisation of a novel acylpeptide hydrolase from Sulfolobus solfataricus: structural and functional insights. e37921页

作者:Marta, Gogliettino; Marco, Balestrieri; Ennio, Cocca; Sabrina, Mucerino; Mose, Rossi; Mauro, Petrillo; Emanuela, Mazzella; Gianna, Palmieri

725. Host immune responses to a viral immune modulating protein: immunogenicity of viral interleukin-10 in rhesus cytomegalovirus-infected rhesus macaques. e37931页

作者:Meghan K, Eberhardt; W L William, Chang; Naomi J, Logsdon; Yujuan, Yue; Mark R, Walter; Peter A, Barry

726. Heat shock factor 1 contributes to ischemia-induced angiogenesis by regulating the mobilization and recruitment of bone marrow stem/progenitor cells. e37934页

作者:Masayuki, Kubo; Tao-Sheng, Li; Hiroshi, Kurazumi; Yoshihiro, Takemoto; Mako, Ohshima; Yumi, Yamamoto; Arata, Nishimoto; Akihito, Mikamo; Mitsuaki, Fujimoto; Akira, Nakai; Kimikazu, Hamano

727. Combination of RGD compound and low-dose paclitaxel induces apoptosis in human glioblastoma cells. e37935页

作者:Ming-Wei, Chang; Jem-Mau, Lo; Hsueh-Fen, Juan; Hsin-Yi, Chang; Chun-Yu, Chuang

728. Circadian rhythm-dependent alterations of gene expression in Drosophila brain lacking fragile X mental retardation protein. e37937页

作者:Shunliang, Xu; Mickael, Poidevin; Enji, Han; Jianzhong, Bi; Peng, Jin

729. Minimally invasive surgical approaches and traditional total hip arthroplasty: a meta-analysis of radiological and complications outcomes. e37947页

作者:Baohui, Yang; Haopeng, Li; Xijing, He; Guoyu, Wang; Siyue, Xu

730. Nonlinear optical microscopy for histology of fresh normal and cancerous pancreatic tissues. e37962页

作者:Wenyan, Hu; Gang, Zhao; Chunyou, Wang; Jungang, Zhang; Ling, Fu

731. Human papillomavirus type 18 E6 and E7 genes integrate into human hepatoma derived cell line Hep G2. e37964页

作者:Tianzhong, Ma; Zhongjing, Su; Ling, Chen; Shuyan, Liu; Ningxia, Zhu; Lifeng, Wen; Yan, Yuan; Leili, Lv; Xiancai, Chen; Jianmin, Huang; Haibin, Chen

732. Multimodal communication in a noisy environment: a case study of the Bornean rock frog Staurois parvus. e37965页

作者:T Ulmar, Grafe; Doris, Preininger; Marc, Sztatecsny; Rosli, Kasah; J Maximilian, Dehling; Sebastian, Proksch; Walter, H?dl

733. ATP-binding cassette transporter G5 and G8 polymorphisms and several environmental factors with serum lipid levels. e37972页

作者:Qing, Li; Rui-Xing, Yin; Xian-Liang, Wei; Ting-Ting, Yan; Lynn Htet Htet, Aung; Dong-Feng, Wu; Jin-Zhen, Wu; Wei-Xiong, Lin; Cheng-Wu, Liu; Shang-Ling, Pan

734. Autonomic function following acute organophosphorus poisoning: a cohort study. e37987页

作者:Sudheera S, Jayasinghe; Kithsiri D, Pathirana

735. Musical ratios in sounds from the human cochlea. e37988页

作者:Katarzyna J, Blinowska; Konrad, Kwaskiewicz; W Wiktor, Jedrzejczak; Henryk, Skarzynski

737. The ter mutation in the rat Dnd1 gene initiates gonadal teratomas and infertility in both genders. e38001页

作者:Emily, Northrup; Nils-Holger, Zschemisch; Regina, Eisenbl?tter; Silke, Glage; Dirk, Wedekind; Edwin, Cuppen; Martina, Dorsch; Hans-Jürgen, Hedrich

738. The association between individual SNPs or haplotypes of matrix metalloproteinase 1 and gastric cancer susceptibility, progression and prognosis. e38002页

作者:Yong-Xi, Song; Xin, Zhou; Zhen-Ning, Wang; Peng, Gao; Ai-Lin, Li; Ji-Wang, Liang; Jin-Liang, Zhu; Ying-Ying, Xu; Hui-Mian, Xu

739. Retention on buprenorphine is associated with high levels of maximal viral suppression among HIV-infected opioid dependent released prisoners. e38335页

作者:Sandra A, Springer; Jingjun, Qiu; Ali Shabahang, Saber-Tehrani; Frederick L, Altice

740. Differences in the population structure of invasive Streptococcus suis strains isolated from pigs and from humans in The Netherlands. e33854页

作者:Constance, Schultsz; Ewout, Jansen; Wendy, Keijzers; Anja, Rothkamp; Birgitta, Duim; Jaap A, Wagenaar; Arie, van der Ende

741. Rescue of a H3N2 influenza virus containing a deficient neuraminidase protein by a hemagglutinin with a low receptor-binding affinity. e33880页

作者:Mathilde, Richard; Alexandra, Erny; Bertrand, Caré; Aurélien, Traversier; Mendy, Barthélémy; Alan, Hay; Yi Pu, Lin; Olivier, Ferraris; Bruno, Lina

742. A simple artificial life model explains irrational behavior in human decision-making. e34371页

作者:Carolina, Feher da Silva; Marcus Vinícius Chrysóstomo, Baldo

743. Demographic diversity and sustainable fisheries. e34556页

作者:Masami, Fujiwara

744. Inhibition of enterovirus 71 (EV-71) infections by a novel antiviral peptide derived from EV-71 capsid protein VP1. e34589页

作者:Chee Wah, Tan; Yoke Fun, Chan; Kooi Mow, Sim; Eng Lee, Tan; Chit Laa, Poh

745. Spiroindolines identify the vesicular acetylcholine transporter as a novel target for insecticide action. e34712页

作者:Ann, Sluder; Sheetal, Shah; Jér?me, Cassayre; Ralph, Clover; Peter, Maienfisch; Louis-Pierre, Molleyres; Elizabeth A, Hirst; Anthony J, Flemming; Min, Shi; Penny, Cutler; Carole, Stanger; Richard S, Roberts; David J, Hughes; Thomas, Flury; Michael P, Robinson; Elke, Hillesheim; Thomas, Pitterna; Fredrik, Cederbaum; Paul A, Worthington; Andrew J, Crossthwaite; John D, Windass; Richard A, Currie; Fergus G P, Earley

746. Vagal nerve stimulation rapidly activates brain-derived neurotrophic factor receptor TrkB in rat brain. e34844页

作者:Havan, Furmaga; Flavia Regina, Carreno; Alan, Frazer

748. Impaired small-world network efficiency and dynamic functional distribution in patients with cirrhosis. e35266页

作者:Tun-Wei, Hsu; Changwei W, Wu; Yu-Fan, Cheng; Hsiu-Ling, Chen; Cheng-Hsien, Lu; Kuan-Hung, Cho; Wei-Che, Lin; Ching-Po, Lin

749. HTR1A a novel type 1 diabetes susceptibility gene on chromosome 5p13-q13. e35439页

作者:Samina, Asad; Pernilla, Nikamo; Alexandra, Gyllenberg; Hedvig, Bennet; Ola, Hansson; Nils, Wierup; Annelie, Carlsson; Gun, Forsander; Sten-Anders, Ivarsson; Helena, Larsson; ?ke, Lernmark; Bengt, Lindblad; Johnny, Ludvigsson; Claude, Marcus; Kjersti S, R?nningen; Jan, Nerup; Flemming, Pociot; Holger, Luthman; Malin, Fex; Ingrid, Kockum

750. Unexpected high digestion rate of cooked starch by the Ct-maltase-glucoamylase small intestine mucosal α-glucosidase subunit. e35473页

作者:Amy Hui-Mei, Lin; Buford L, Nichols; Roberto, Quezada-Calvillo; Stephen E, Avery; Lyann, Sim; David R, Rose; Hassan Y, Naim; Bruce R, Hamaker

751. Polymerized laminin-332 matrix supports rapid and tight adhesion of keratinocytes, suppressing cell migration. e35546页

作者:Yoshinobu, Kariya; Hiroki, Sato; Naoko, Katou; Yukiko, Kariya; Kaoru, Miyazaki

752. Factors influencing adherence to antiretroviral treatment in Nepal: a mixed-methods study. e35547页

作者:Sharada P, Wasti; Padam, Simkhada; Julian, Randall; Jennifer V, Freeman; Edwin, van Teijlingen

753. Abundances of iron-binding photosynthetic and nitrogen-fixing proteins of Trichodesmium both in culture and in situ from the North Atlantic. e35571页

作者:Sophie, Richier; Anna I, Macey; Nicola J, Pratt; David J, Honey; C Mark, Moore; Thomas S, Bibby

755. Aeromonas surface glucan attached through the O-antigen ligase represents a new way to obtain UDP-glucose. e35707页

作者:Susana, Merino; Lamiaa, Bouamama; Yuriy A, Knirel; Sofya N, Senchenkova; Miguel, Regué; Juan M, Tomás

756. Ghrelin treatment of cachectic patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. e35708页

作者:Keisuke, Miki; Ryoji, Maekura; Noritoshi, Nagaya; Masamitsu, Nakazato; Hiroshi, Kimura; Shinsuke, Murakami; Shunsuke, Ohnishi; Toru, Hiraga; Mari, Miki; Seigo, Kitada; Kenji, Yoshimura; Yoshitaka, Tateishi; Yasuji, Arimura; Nobuhiro, Matsumoto; Masanori, Yoshikawa; Kenichi, Yamahara; Kenji, Kangawa

757. Scientific value of systematic reviews: survey of editors of core clinical journals. e35732页

作者:Joerg J, Meerpohl; Florian, Herrle; Stefan, Reinders; Gerd, Antes; Erik, von Elm

758. New clathrin-based nanoplatforms for magnetic resonance imaging. e35821页

作者:Gordana D, Vitaliano; Franco, Vitaliano; Jose D, Rios; Perry F, Renshaw; Martin H, Teicher

759. Intermedin stabilized endothelial barrier function and attenuated ventilator-induced lung injury in mice. e35832页

作者:Holger Christian, Müller-Redetzky; Wolfgang, Kummer; Uwe, Pfeil; Katharina, Hellwig; Daniel, Will; Renate, Paddenberg; Christoph, Tabeling; Stefan, Hippenstiel; Norbert, Suttorp; Martin, Witzenrath

760. Rd9 is a naturally occurring mouse model of a common form of retinitis pigmentosa caused by mutations in RPGR-ORF15. e35865页

作者:Debra A, Thompson; Naheed W, Khan; Mohammad I, Othman; Bo, Chang; Lin, Jia; Garrett, Grahek; Zhijian, Wu; Suja, Hiriyanna; Jacob, Nellissery; Tiansen, Li; Hemant, Khanna; Peter, Colosi; Anand, Swaroop; John R, Heckenlively

761. Noise propagation in two-step series MAPK cascade. e35958页

作者:Venkata, Dhananjaneyulu; Vidya Nanda, Sagar P; Gopalakrishnan, Kumar; Ganesh A, Viswanathan

762. Regulatory Snapshots: integrative mining of regulatory modules from expression time series and regulatory networks. e35977页

作者:Joana P, Gon?alves; Ricardo S, Aires; Alexandre P, Francisco; Sara C, Madeira

763. Intestinal microbiota shifts towards elevated commensal Escherichia coli loads abrogate colonization resistance against Campylobacter jejuni in mice. e35988页

作者:Lea-Maxie, Haag; André, Fischer; Bettina, Otto; Rita, Plickert; Anja A, Kühl; Ulf B, G?bel; Stefan, Bereswill; Markus M, Heimesaat

765. ZIP8 zinc transporter: indispensable role for both multiple-organ organogenesis and hematopoiesis in utero. e36055页

作者:Marina, Gálvez-Peralta; Lei, He; Lucia F, Jorge-Nebert; Bin, Wang; Marian L, Miller; Bryan L, Eppert; Scott, Afton; Daniel W, Nebert

766. Neuroimaging evidence for processes underlying repetition of ignored stimuli. e36089页

作者:Eva, Bauer; Helge, Gebhardt; Christoph, Ruprecht; Bernd, Gallhofer; Gebhard, Sammer

767. Antiproliferative effects of DNA methyltransferase 3B depletion are not associated with DNA demethylation. e36125页

作者:Sabine, Hagemann; Dirk, Kuck; Carlo, Stresemann; Florian, Prinz; Bodo, Brueckner; Cora, Mund; Dominik, Mumberg; Anette, Sommer

768. Functional evidence of multidrug resistance transporters (MDR) in rodent olfactory epithelium. e36167页

作者:Adrien, Molinas; Gilles, Sicard; Ingrid, Jakob

769. Prevalence of childhood atopic dermatitis: an urban and rural community-based study in Shanghai, China. e36174页

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770. Palmitate activates autophagy in INS-1E β-cells and in isolated rat and human pancreatic islets. e36188页

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771. Concordant signaling pathways produced by pesticide exposure in mice correspond to pathways identified in human Parkinson's disease. e36191页

作者:Seema, Gollamudi; Ashu, Johri; Noel Y, Calingasan; Lichuan, Yang; Olivier, Elemento; M Flint, Beal

772. The ketogenic diet is an effective adjuvant to radiation therapy for the treatment of malignant glioma. e36197页

作者:Mohammed G, Abdelwahab; Kathryn E, Fenton; Mark C, Preul; Jong M, Rho; Andrew, Lynch; Phillip, Stafford; Adrienne C, Scheck

773. Anodal transcranial direct current stimulation reduces psychophysically measured surround suppression in the human visual cortex. e36220页

作者:Daniel P, Spiegel; Bruce C, Hansen; Winston D, Byblow; Benjamin, Thompson

774. Accounting for movement increases sensitivity in detecting brain activity in Parkinson's disease. e36271页

作者:?tefan, Holiga; Harald E, M?ller; Tomá?, Sieger; Matthias L, Schroeter; Robert, Jech; Karsten, Mueller

775. Smooth muscle myosin inhibition: a novel therapeutic approach for pulmonary hypertension. e36302页

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776. Dendritic spines and pre-synaptic boutons are stable despite local deep hypothermic challenge and re-warming in vivo. e36305页

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777. A novel pathogenic mechanism of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 viruses involves hemagglutinin mediated resistance to serum innate inhibitors. e36318页

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778. Down-regulation of GABA(A) receptor via promiscuity with the vasoactive peptide urotensin II receptor. Potential involvement in astrocyte plasticity. e36319页

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779. Reference genes for real-time PCR quantification of microRNAs and messenger RNAs in rat models of hepatotoxicity. e36323页

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780. Alternative splicing of Spg7, a gene involved in hereditary spastic paraplegia, encodes a variant of paraplegin targeted to the endoplasmic reticulum. e36337页

作者:Giuseppe, Mancuso; Esther, Barth; Pietro, Crivello; Elena I, Rugarli

781. CGRPα-expressing sensory neurons respond to stimuli that evoke sensations of pain and itch. e36355页

作者:Eric S, McCoy; Bonnie, Taylor-Blake; Mark J, Zylka

782. Next-generation sequencing reveals significant bacterial diversity of botrytized wine. e36357页

作者:Nicholas A, Bokulich; C M Lucy, Joseph; Greg, Allen; Andrew K, Benson; David A, Mills

784. Human gastric mucins differently regulate Helicobacter pylori proliferation, gene expression and interactions with host cells. e36378页

作者:Emma C, Skoog; ?sa, Sj?ling; Nazanin, Navabi; Jan, Holgersson; Samuel B, Lundin; Sara K, Lindén

785. Mifepristone increases the cytotoxicity of uterine natural killer cells by acting as a glucocorticoid antagonist via ERK activation. e36413页

作者:Yuezhou, Chen; Yan, Wang; Yaling, Zhuang; Feng, Zhou; Lili, Huang

787. Regeneration of different plant functional types in a Masson pine forest following pine wilt disease. e36432页

作者:Guang, Hu; Xuehong, Xu; Yuling, Wang; Gao, Lu; Kenneth J, Feeley; Mingjian, Yu

788. Clusters versus affinity-based approaches in F. tularensis whole genome search of CTL epitopes. e36440页

作者:Anat, Zvi; Shahar, Rotem; Ofer, Cohen; Avigdor, Shafferman

789. A deleterious mutation in DNAJC6 encoding the neuronal-specific clathrin-uncoating co-chaperone auxilin, is associated with juvenile parkinsonism. e36458页

作者:Simon, Edvardson; Yuval, Cinnamon; Asaf, Ta-Shma; Avraham, Shaag; Yang-In, Yim; Shamir, Zenvirt; Chaim, Jalas; Suzanne, Lesage; Alexis, Brice; Albert, Taraboulos; Klaus H, Kaestner; Lois E, Greene; Orly, Elpeleg

790. An evaluation of putative sympatric speciation within Limnanthes (Limnanthaceae). e36480页

作者:Stephen C, Meyers; Aaron, Liston; Robert, Meinke

791. Pancreatic transcription factors containing protein transduction domains drive mouse embryonic stem cells towards endocrine pancreas. e36481页

作者:Maria Jo?o, Lima; Hilary M, Docherty; Yuanxiao, Chen; Ludovic, Vallier; Kevin, Docherty

792. Between-site differences in the scale of dispersal and gene flow in red oak. e36492页

作者:Emily V, Moran; James S, Clark

793. Oncolytic effects of a novel influenza A virus expressing interleukin-15 from the NS reading frame. e36506页

作者:Marijke, van Rikxoort; Martin, Michaelis; Markus, Wolschek; Thomas, Muster; Andrej, Egorov; Joachim, Seipelt; Hans Wilhelm, Doerr; Jindrich, Cinatl

794. Long term protection after immunization with P. berghei sporozoites correlates with sustained IFNγ responses of hepatic CD8+ memory T cells. e36508页

作者:Krystelle, Nganou-Makamdop; Geert-Jan, van Gemert; Theo, Arens; Cornelus C, Hermsen; Robert W, Sauerwein

795. R-Smad competition controls activin receptor output in Drosophila. e36548页

作者:Aidan J, Peterson; Philip A, Jensen; MaryJane, Shimell; Ray, Stefancsik; Ranjula, Wijayatonge; Rachel, Herder; Laurel A, Raftery; Michael B, O'Connor

796. New approaches for enhanced detection of enteroviruses from Hawaiian environmental waters. e32442页

作者:Christina, Connell; Hsin-I, Tong; Zi, Wang; Erin, Allmann; Yuanan, Lu

797. Deficiency of C-C chemokine receptor 5 suppresses tumor development via inactivation of NF-κB and upregulation of IL-1Ra in melanoma model. e33747页

作者:Ju Kyoung, Song; Mi Hee, Park; Dong-Young, Choi; Hwan Soo, Yoo; Sang Bae, Han; Do Young, Yoon; Jin Tae, Hong

798. High throughput multiple locus variable number of tandem repeat analysis (MLVA) of Staphylococcus aureus from human, animal and food sources. e33967页

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799. A simple visual estimation of food consumption in carnivores. e34543页

作者:Katherine R, Potgieter; Harriet T, Davies-Mostert

800. Estimating the NIH efficient frontier. e34569页

作者:Dimitrios, Bisias; Andrew W, Lo; James F, Watkins

801. Activation of JNK triggers release of Brd4 from mitotic chromosomes and mediates protection from drug-induced mitotic stress. e34719页

作者:Akira, Nishiyama; Anup, Dey; Tomohiko, Tamura; Minoru, Ko; Keiko, Ozato

802. Estimating grizzly and black bear population abundance and trend in Banff National Park using noninvasive genetic sampling. e34777页

作者:Michael A, Sawaya; Jeffrey B, Stetz; Anthony P, Clevenger; Michael L, Gibeau; Steven T, Kalinowski

803. Low prevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis infection in non-urban pregnant women in Vellore, S. India. e34794页

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804. Cloning and functional analysis of FLJ20420: a novel transcription factor for the BAG-1 promoter. e34832页

作者:Hongyu, Liu; Ying, Li; Yongwen, Li; Baoxin, Liu; Heng, Wu; Jing, Wang; Yuli, Wang; Min, Wang; Shou-Ching, Tang; Qinghua, Zhou; Jun, Chen

805. MultiPhen: joint model of multiple phenotypes can increase discovery in GWAS. e34861页

作者:Paul F, O'Reilly; Clive J, Hoggart; Yotsawat, Pomyen; Federico C F, Calboli; Paul, Elliott; Marjo-Riitta, Jarvelin; Lachlan J M, Coin

806. Could direct killing by larger dingoes have caused the extinction of the thylacine from mainland Australia? e34877页

作者:Mike, Letnic; Melanie, Fillios; Mathew S, Crowther

807. The secreted lipoprotein, MPT83, of Mycobacterium tuberculosis is recognized during human tuberculosis and stimulates protective immunity in mice. e34991页

作者:Fan F, Kao; Sultana, Mahmuda; Rachel, Pinto; James A, Triccas; Nicholas P, West; Warwick J, Britton

808. Efficacy of memantine for agitation in Alzheimer's dementia: a randomised double-blind placebo controlled trial. e35185页

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809. Transcriptional enhancers in protein-coding exons of vertebrate developmental genes. e35202页

作者:Deborah I, Ritter; Zhiqiang, Dong; Su, Guo; Jeffrey H, Chuang

810. Global scale variation in the salinity sensitivity of riverine macroinvertebrates: eastern Australia, France, Israel and South Africa. e35224页

作者:Ben J, Kefford; Graeme L, Hickey; Avital, Gasith; Elad, Ben-David; Jason E, Dunlop; Carolyn G, Palmer; Kaylene, Allan; Satish C, Choy; Christophe, Piscart

811. Do anti-angiogenic VEGF (VEGFxxxb) isoforms exist? A cautionary tale. e35231页

作者:Sheila, Harris; Madeleine, Craze; Jillian, Newton; Matthew, Fisher; David T, Shima; Gillian M, Tozer; Chryso, Kanthou

812. Genetic variation of an odorant receptor OR7D4 and sensory perception of cooked meat containing androstenone. e35259页

作者:Kathrine, Lunde; Bj?rg, Egelandsdal; Ellen, Skuterud; Joel D, Mainland; Tor, Lea; Margrethe, Hersleth; Hiroaki, Matsunami

813. The intracellular virus-containing compartments in primary human macrophages are largely inaccessible to antibodies and small molecules. e35297页

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814. Ecological implications of extreme events: footprints of the 2010 earthquake along the Chilean coast. e35348页

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815. Abnormal intracellular accumulation and extracellular Aβ deposition in idiopathic and Dup15q11.2-q13 autism spectrum disorders. e35414页

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816. Is asthma related to choroidal neovascularization? e35415页

作者:Yaoyao, Sun; Wenzhen, Yu; Lvzhen, Huang; Jing, Hou; Peihua, Gong; Yi, Zheng; Mingwei, Zhao; Peng, Zhou; Xiaoxin, Li

817. Inflammation-mediated memory dysfunction and effects of a ketogenic diet in a murine model of multiple sclerosis. e35476页

作者:Do Young, Kim; Junwei, Hao; Ruolan, Liu; Gregory, Turner; Fu-Dong, Shi; Jong M, Rho

818. Reciprocal interaction between macrophages and T cells stimulates IFN-γ and MCP-1 production in Ang II-induced cardiac inflammation and fibrosis. e35506页

作者:Ya-lei, Han; Yu-lin, Li; Li-xin, Jia; Ji-zhong, Cheng; Yong-fen, Qi; Hong-jia, Zhang; Jie, Du

819. Comparison of epithelial differentiation and immune regulatory properties of mesenchymal stromal cells derived from human lung and bone marrow. e35639页

作者:Mario, Ricciardi; Giorgio, Malpeli; Francesco, Bifari; Giulio, Bassi; Luciano, Pacelli; Armel Hervé, Nwabo Kamdje; Marco, Chilosi; Mauro, Krampera

820. The TGF-β/Smad repressor TG-interacting factor 1 (TGIF1) plays a role in radiation-induced intestinal injury independently of a Smad signaling pathway. e35672页

作者:Mohammad, Hneino; Agnes, Fran?ois; Valerie, Buard; Georges, Tarlet; Rym, Abderrahmani; Karl, Blirando; Pamela A, Hoodless; Marc, Benderitter; Fabien, Milliat

821. Population based outcomes of cataract surgery in three tribal areas of Andhra Pradesh, India: risk factors for poor outcomes. e35701页

作者:Rohit C, Khanna; Srinivasa Reddy, Pallerla; Shiva Shankar, Eeda; Bala Krishna, Gudapati; Sandra D, Cassard; Padmaja Kumari, Rani; Ghanshyam Palamaner Subash, Shantha; Subhabrata, Chakrabarti; Oliver D, Schein

822. Chromatin computation. e35703页

作者:Barbara, Bryant

823. Lrp5 is not required for the proliferative response of osteoblasts to strain but regulates proliferation and apoptosis in a cell autonomous manner. e35726页

作者:Behzad, Javaheri; Andrew, Sunters; Gul, Zaman; Rosemary F L, Suswillo; Leanne K, Saxon; Lance E, Lanyon; Joanna S, Price

824. Protecting endangered species: do the main legislative tools work? e35730页

作者:Katherine E, Gibbs; David J, Currie

825. Phylogenetic relationships and evolutionary patterns of the order Collodaria (Radiolaria). e35775页

作者:Yoshiyuki, Ishitani; Yurika, Ujiié; Colomban, de Vargas; Fabrice, Not; Kozo, Takahashi

826. Diversity and distribution of symbiodinium associated with seven common coral species in the Chagos Archipelago, central Indian Ocean. e35836页

作者:Sung-Yin, Yang; Shashank, Keshavmurthy; David, Obura; Charles R C, Sheppard; Shakil, Visram; Chaolun Allen, Chen

827. The glycosyltransferase repertoire of the spikemoss Selaginella moellendorffii and a comparative study of its cell wall. e35846页

作者:Jesper, Harholt; Iben, S?rensen; Jonatan, Fangel; Alison, Roberts; William G T, Willats; Henrik Vibe, Scheller; Bent Larsen, Petersen; Jo Ann, Banks; Peter, Ulvskov

828. The interaction between early life epilepsy and autistic-like behavioral consequences: a role for the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) pathway. e35885页

作者:Delia M, Talos; Hongyu, Sun; Xiangping, Zhou; Erin C, Fitzgerald; Michele C, Jackson; Peter M, Klein; Victor J, Lan; Annelise, Joseph; Frances E, Jensen

829. Altered composition of liver proteasome assemblies contributes to enhanced proteasome activity in the exceptionally long-lived naked mole-rat. e35890页

作者:Karl A, Rodriguez; Yael H, Edrey; Pawel, Osmulski; Maria, Gaczynska; Rochelle, Buffenstein

830. Identity by descent mapping of founder mutations in cancer using high-resolution tumor SNP data. e35897页

作者:Eric, Letouzé; Aliou, Sow; Fabien, Petel; Roberto, Rosati; Bonald C, Figueiredo; Nelly, Burnichon; Anne-Paule, Gimenez-Roqueplo; Enzo, Lalli; Aurélien, de Reyniès

831. Effectiveness of organizational interventions to reduce emergency department utilization: a systematic review. e35903页

作者:Gemma, Flores-Mateo; Concepción, Violan-Fors; Paloma, Carrillo-Santisteve; Salvador, Peiró; Josep-Maria, Argimon

832. Urban movement and alcohol intake strongly predict defaulting from tuberculosis treatment: an operational study. e35908页

作者:Ibrahim, Sendagire; Maarten, Schim Van der Loeff; Andrew, Kambugu; Joseph, Konde-Lule; Frank, Cobelens

833. DNA barcoding simplifies environmental risk assessment of genetically modified crops in biodiverse regions. e35929页

作者:Chinyere V, Nzeduru; Sandra, Ronca; Mike J, Wilkinson

834. Possible role of horizontal gene transfer in the colonization of sea ice by algae. e35968页

作者:James A, Raymond; Hak Jun, Kim

835. Fragile DNA repair mechanism reduces ageing in multicellular model. e36018页

作者:Kristian Moss, Bendtsen; Jeppe, Juul; Ala, Trusina

836. Identification of PBX1 target genes in cancer cells by global mapping of PBX1 binding sites. e36054页

作者:Michelle M, Thiaville; Alexander, Stoeck; Li, Chen; Ren-Chin, Wu; Luca, Magnani; Jessica, Oidtman; Ie-Ming, Shih; Mathieu, Lupien; Tian-Li, Wang

837. On the mysterious propulsion of Synechococcus. e36081页

作者:Kurt, Ehlers; George, Oster

839. SPARC overexpression inhibits cell proliferation in neuroblastoma and is partly mediated by tumor suppressor protein PTEN and AKT. e36093页

作者:Praveen, Bhoopathi; Bharathi, Gorantla; G S, Sailaja; Christopher S, Gondi; Meena, Gujrati; Jeffrey D, Klopfenstein; Jasti S, Rao

840. Eye size at birth in prosimian primates: life history correlates and growth patterns. e36097页

作者:Joshua R, Cummings; Magdalena N, Muchlinski; E Christopher, Kirk; Susan J, Rehorek; Valerie B, DeLeon; Timothy D, Smith

841. NT2 derived neuronal and astrocytic network signalling. e36098页

作者:Eric J, Hill; Cristina, Jiménez-González; Marta, Tarczyluk; David A, Nagel; Michael D, Coleman; H Rheinallt, Parri

842. Protocadherin-18 is a novel differentiation marker and an inhibitory signaling receptor for CD8+ effector memory T cells. e36101页

作者:Edwin J, Vazquez-Cintron; Ngozi R, Monu; Jeremy C, Burns; Roy, Blum; Gregory, Chen; Peter, Lopez; Jennifer, Ma; Sasa, Radoja; Alan B, Frey

843. Differential patterns of synaptotagmin7 mRNA expression in rats with kainate- and pilocarpine-induced seizures. e36114页

作者:Gordana, Glavan; Ronald Eugene, See; Marko, ?ivin

844. When less is best: female brown-headed cowbirds prefer less intense male displays. e36130页

作者:Adrian L, O'Loghlen; Stephen I, Rothstein

845. Ecological importance of large-diameter trees in a temperate mixed-conifer forest. e36131页

作者:James A, Lutz; Andrew J, Larson; Mark E, Swanson; James A, Freund

846. Characterization of the SNAG and SLUG domains of Snail2 in the repression of E-cadherin and EMT induction: modulation by serine 4 phosphorylation. e36132页

作者:Patricia, Molina-Ortiz; Ana, Villarejo; Matthew, MacPherson; Vanesa, Santos; Amalia, Montes; Serhiy, Souchelnytskyi; Francisco, Portillo; Amparo, Cano

847. The genome of Ganoderma lucidum provides insights into triterpenes biosynthesis and wood degradation [corrected]. e36146页

作者:Dongbo, Liu; Jing, Gong; Wenkui, Dai; Xincong, Kang; Zhuo, Huang; Hong-Mei, Zhang; Wei, Liu; Le, Liu; Junping, Ma; Zhilan, Xia; Yuxin, Chen; Yuewen, Chen; Depeng, Wang; Peixiang, Ni; An-Yuan, Guo; Xingyao, Xiong

848. Self-reported physical activity: its correlates and relationship with health-related quality of life in a large cohort of colorectal cancer survivors. e36164页

作者:Laurien M, Buffart; Melissa S Y, Thong; Goof, Schep; Mai J M, Chinapaw; Johannes, Brug; Lonneke V, van de Poll-Franse

849. CNR1 genotype influences HDL-cholesterol response to change in dietary fat intake. e36166页

作者:Heidi J, Silver; Kevin D, Niswender; Charles D, Keil; Lan, Jiang; Qiping, Feng; Sally, Chiu; Ronald M, Krauss; Russell A, Wilke

850. Bone biomarkers help grading severity of coronary calcifications in non dialysis chronic kidney disease patients. e36175页

作者:Marion, Morena; Isabelle, Jaussent; Aurore, Halkovich; Anne-Marie, Dupuy; Anne-Sophie, Bargnoux; Leila, Chenine; Hélène, Leray-Moragues; Kada, Klouche; Hélène, Vernhet; Bernard, Canaud; Jean-Paul, Cristol

852. Young HIV-infected children and their adult caregivers prefer tablets to syrup antiretroviral medications in Africa. e36186页

作者:Patricia, Nahirya-Ntege; Adrian, Cook; Tichaona, Vhembo; Wilfred, Opilo; Rachel, Namuddu; Richard, Katuramu; Jessica, Tezikyabbiri; Bethany, Naidoo-James; Diana, Gibb

853. A novel antibody-based biomarker for chronic algal toxin exposure and sub-acute neurotoxicity. e36213页

作者:Kathi A, Lefebvre; Elizabeth R, Frame; Frances, Gulland; John D, Hansen; Preston S, Kendrick; Richard P, Beyer; Theo K, Bammler; Frederico M, Farin; Emma M, Hiolski; Donald R, Smith; David J, Marcinek

854. Objective and subjective factors as predictors of post-traumatic stress symptoms in parents of children with cancer--a longitudinal study. e36218页

作者:Annika, Lindahl Norberg; Ulrika, P?der; Gustaf, Ljungman; Louise, von Essen

855. Fine scale analysis of crossover and non-crossover and detection of recombination sequence motifs in the honeybee (Apis mellifera). e36229页

作者:Nadia, Bessoltane; Claire, Toffano-Nioche; Michel, Solignac; Florence, Mougel

856. Generic rules of mechano-regulation combined with subject specific loading conditions can explain bone adaptation after THA. e36231页

作者:Tomasz D, Szwedowski; William R, Taylor; Markus O, Heller; Carsten, Perka; Michael, Müller; Georg N, Duda

857. Trypanosoma cruzi adjuvants potentiate T cell-mediated immunity induced by a NY-ESO-1 based antitumor vaccine. e36245页

作者:Caroline, Junqueira; Ana Tereza, Guerrero; Bruno, Galv?o-Filho; Warrison A, Andrade; Ana Paula C, Salgado; Thiago M, Cunha; Catherine, Ropert; Marco Ant?nio, Campos; Marcus L O, Penido; Lúcia, Mendon?a-Previato; José Oswaldo, Previato; Gerd, Ritter; Fernando Q, Cunha; Ricardo T, Gazzinelli

858. Riboflavin ameliorates cisplatin induced toxicities under photoillumination. e36273页

作者:Iftekhar, Hassan; Sandesh, Chibber; Aijaz A, Khan; Imrana, Naseem

859. Association of the CpG methylation pattern of the proximal insulin gene promoter with type 1 diabetes. e36278页

作者:Delphine, Fradin; Sophie, Le Fur; Clémence, Mille; Nadia, Naoui; Chris, Groves; Diana, Zelenika; Mark I, McCarthy; Mark, Lathrop; Pierre, Bougnères

860. NMR insights into folding and self-association of Plasmodium falciparum P2. e36279页

作者:Pushpa, Mishra; Sudipta, Das; Lata, Panicker; Madhusoodan V, Hosur; Shobhona, Sharma; Ramakrishna V, Hosur

861. On the evolution of hexose transporters in kinetoplastid Protozoans [corrected]. e36303页

作者:Claudio Alejandro, Pereira; Ariel Mariano, Silber

862. Science PhD career preferences: levels, changes, and advisor encouragement. e36307页

作者:Henry, Sauermann; Michael, Roach

863. Identification of QTL for UV-protective eye area pigmentation in cattle by progeny phenotyping and genome-wide association analysis. e36346页

作者:Hubert, Pausch; Xiaolong, Wang; Simone, Jung; Dieter, Krogmeier; Christian, Edel; Reiner, Emmerling; Kay-Uwe, G?tz; Ruedi, Fries

864. Disease dynamics in a specialized parasite of ant societies. e36352页

作者:Sandra B, Andersen; Matthew, Ferrari; Harry C, Evans; Simon L, Elliot; Jacobus J, Boomsma; David P, Hughes

865. Spectrum of genetic changes in patients with non-syndromic hearing impairment and extremely high carrier frequency of 35delG GJB2 mutation in Belarus. e36354页

作者:Nina, Danilenko; Elena, Merkulava; Marina, Siniauskaya; Olga, Olejnik; Anastasia, Levaya-Smaliak; Alena, Kushniarevich; Andrey, Shymkevich; Oleg, Davydenko

866. Neonate human remains: a window of opportunity to the molecular study of ancient syphilis. e36371页

作者:Rafael, Montiel; Eduvigis, Solórzano; Nancy, Díaz; Brenda A, álvarez-Sandoval; Mercedes, González-Ruiz; Mari Pau, Ca?adas; Nelson, Sim?es; Albert, Isidro; Assumpció, Malgosa

867. Neighborhood socioeconomic status and use of colonoscopy in an insured population--a retrospective cohort study. e36392页

作者:Chyke A, Doubeni; Guruprasad D, Jambaulikar; Hassan, Fouayzi; Scott B, Robinson; Margaret J, Gunter; Terry S, Field; Douglas W, Roblin; Robert H, Fletcher

868. Relationship between systemic inflammation and delayed-type hypersensitivity response to Candida antigen in older adults. e36403页

作者:Brandt D, Pence; Thomas W, Lowder; K Todd, Keylock; Victoria J, Vieira Potter; Marc D, Cook; Edward, McAuley; Jeffrey A, Woods

869. Long lasting local and systemic inflammation after cerebral hypoxic ischemia in newborn mice. e36422页

作者:Max, Winerdal; Malin Elisabeth, Winerdal; Johan, Kinn; Vijay, Urmaliya; Ola, Winqvist; Ulrika, Adén

870. Biased gene fractionation and dominant gene expression among the subgenomes of Brassica rapa. e36442页

作者:Feng, Cheng; Jian, Wu; Lu, Fang; Silong, Sun; Bo, Liu; Ke, Lin; Guusje, Bonnema; Xiaowu, Wang

873. Systematic analysis of cell cycle effects of common drugs leads to the discovery of a suppressive interaction between gemfibrozil and fluoxetine. e36503页

作者:Scott A, Hoose; Camille, Duran; Indranil, Malik; Shabnam, Eslamfam; Samantha C, Shasserre; S Sabina, Downing; Evelyn M, Hoover; Katherine E, Dowd; Roger, Smith; Michael, Polymenis

874. Transcript profiling identifies dynamic gene expression patterns and an important role for Nrf2/Keap1 pathway in the developing mouse esophagus. e36504页

作者:Hao, Chen; Jianying, Li; Haiyan, Li; Yuhui, Hu; Whitney, Tevebaugh; Masayuki, Yamamoto; Jianwen, Que; Xiaoxin, Chen

875. Wolbachia and DNA barcoding insects: patterns, potential, and problems. e36514页

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876. DR6 as a diagnostic and predictive biomarker in adult sarcoma. e36525页

作者:Kun, Yang; Colin, Mooney; Greg, Spahlinger; Scott, Schuetze; Hugo, Arias-Pulido; Claire, Verschraegen; Phyllis, Gimotty; Ronald J, Buckanovich

877. Herniation pits in human mummies: a CT investigation in the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, Sicily. e36537页

作者:Stephanie, Panzer; Dario, Piombino-Mascali; Albert R, Zink

878. Detrimental effects of non-functional spermatozoa on the freezability of functional spermatozoa from boar ejaculate. e36550页

作者:Maria J, Martinez-Alborcia; Anthony, Valverde; Inmaculada, Parrilla; Juan M, Vazquez; Emilio A, Martinez; Jordi, Roca

879. Right-wing politicians prefer the emotional left. e36552页

作者:Nicole A, Thomas; Tobias, Loetscher; Danielle, Clode; Michael E R, Nicholls

880. High sugar-induced insulin resistance in Drosophila relies on the lipocalin Neural Lazarillo. e36583页

作者:Matthieu Y, Pasco; Pierre, Léopold

881. Initiative, personality and leadership in pairs of foraging fish. e36606页

作者:Shinnosuke, Nakayama; Jennifer L, Harcourt; Rufus A, Johnstone; Andrea, Manica

882. Detection of prion protein particles in blood plasma of scrapie infected sheep. e36620页

作者:Oliver, Bannach; Eva, Birkmann; Elke, Reinartz; Karl-Erich, Jaeger; Jan P M, Langeveld; Robert G, Rohwer; Luisa, Gregori; Linda A, Terry; Dieter, Willbold; Detlev, Riesner

883. Molecular characterization of a ryanodine receptor gene in the rice leaffolder, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis (Guenée). e36623页

作者:Jianjun, Wang; Yanqing, Li; Zhaojun, Han; Youli, Zhu; Zhijuan, Xie; Jian, Wang; Yaping, Liu; Xianchun, Li

884. Deficits in water maze performance and oxidative stress in the hippocampus and striatum induced by extremely low frequency magnetic field exposure. e32196页

作者:Yonghua, Cui; Zhiqiang, Ge; Joshua Dominic, Rizak; Chao, Zhai; Zhu, Zhou; Songjie, Gong; Yi, Che

885. Overexpression of the catalytically impaired Taspase1 T234V or Taspase1 D233A variants does not have a dominant negative effect in T(4;11) leukemia cells. e34142页

作者:Carolin, Bier; Rouven, Hecht; Lena, Kunst; Sabine, Scheiding; Désirée, Wünsch; Dorothée, Goesswein; Günter, Schneider; Oliver H, Kr?mer; Shirley K, Knauer; Roland H, Stauber

886. Biochemical issues in estimation of cytosolic free NAD/NADH ratio. e34525页

作者:Feifei, Sun; Chunyan, Dai; Jiansheng, Xie; Xun, Hu

887. Hub-centered gene network reconstruction using automatic relevance determination. e35077页

作者:Matthias, B?ck; Soichi, Ogishima; Hiroshi, Tanaka; Stefan, Kramer; Lars, Kaderali

888. Differential effects of Vpr on single-cycle and spreading HIV-1 infections in CD4+ T-cells and dendritic cells. e35385页

作者:Suresh, de Silva; Vicente, Planelles; Li, Wu

890. Gene expression profiles of the NCI-60 human tumor cell lines define molecular interaction networks governing cell migration processes. e35716页

作者:Kurt W, Kohn; Barry R, Zeeberg; William C, Reinhold; Margot, Sunshine; Augustin, Luna; Yves, Pommier

891. Sequence diversity in the Dickeya fliC gene: phylogeny of the Dickeya genus and TaqMan? PCR for 'D. solani', new biovar 3 variant on potato in Europe. e35738页

作者:Johan, Van Vaerenbergh; Steve, Baeyen; Paul, De Vos; Martine, Maes

892. Acoustic overexposure increases the expression of VGLUT-2 mediated projections from the lateral vestibular nucleus to the dorsal cochlear nucleus. e35955页

作者:Matthew, Barker; Hans Jürgen, Solinski; Haruka, Hashimoto; Thomas, Tagoe; Nadia, Pilati; Martine, Hamann

893. Stemness of the organ of Corti relates to the epigenetic status of Sox2 enhancers. e36066页

作者:J?rg, Waldhaus; Jelka, Cimerman; Henning, Gohlke; Mathias, Ehrich; Marcus, Müller; Hubert, L?wenheim

894. Environmentally induced epigenetic transgenerational inheritance of ovarian disease. e36129页

作者:Eric, Nilsson; Ginger, Larsen; Mohan, Manikkam; Carlos, Guerrero-Bosagna; Marina I, Savenkova; Michael K, Skinner

895. Shift of circadian feeding pattern by high-fat diets is coincident with reward deficits in obese mice. e36139页

作者:Lidia, Morales; Nuria, Del Olmo; Ismael, Valladolid-Acebes; Alberto, Fole; Victoria, Cano; Beatriz, Merino; Paula, Stucchi; Daniela, Ruggieri; Laura, López; Luis Fernando, Alguacil; Mariano, Ruiz-Gayo

896. Genome-wide association study of multiple sclerosis confirms a novel locus at 5p13.1. e36140页

作者:Fuencisla, Matesanz; Antonio, González-Pérez; Miguel, Lucas; Serena, Sanna; Javier, Gayán; Elena, Urcelay; Ilenia, Zara; Maristella, Pitzalis; María L, Cavanillas; Rafael, Arroyo; Magdalena, Zoledziewska; Marisa, Marrosu; Oscar, Fernández; Laura, Leyva; Antonio, Alcina; Maria, Fedetz; Concha, Moreno-Rey; Juan, Velasco; Luis M, Real; Juan Luis, Ruiz-Pe?a; Francesco, Cucca; Agustín, Ruiz; Guillermo, Izquierdo

897. Selective blockade of trypanosomatid protein synthesis by a recombinant antibody anti-Trypanosoma cruzi P2β protein. e36233页

作者:Maximiliano Juri, Ayub; Benson, Nyambega; Leandro, Simonetti; Tomas, Duffy; Silvia A, Longhi; Karina A, Gómez; Johan, Hoebeke; Mariano J, Levin; Cristian R, Smulski

898. Heart rate and use of beta-blockers in stable outpatients with coronary artery disease. e36284页

作者:Ph Gabriel, Steg; Roberto, Ferrari; Ian, Ford; Nicola, Greenlaw; Jean-Claude, Tardif; Michal, Tendera; Hélène, Abergel; Kim M, Fox

899. First international external quality assessment study on molecular and serological methods for yellow fever diagnosis. e36291页

作者:Cristina, Domingo; Camille, Escadafal; Leonid, Rumer; Jairo A, Méndez; Paquita, García; Amadou A, Sall; Anette, Teichmann; Oliver, Donoso-Mantke; Matthias, Niedrig

900. The relationship between oral squamous cell carcinoma and human papillomavirus: a meta-analysis of a Chinese population (1994-2011). e36294页

作者:Changtai, Zhu; Yang, Ling; Chunlei, Dong; Xifa, Zhou; Feng, Wang

901. Novel E3 ubiquitin ligases that regulate histone protein levels in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. e36295页

作者:Rakesh Kumar, Singh; Melanie, Gonzalez; Marie-Helene Miquel, Kabbaj; Akash, Gunjan

902. Paternal body mass index (BMI) is associated with offspring intrauterine growth in a gender dependent manner. e36329页

作者:You-Peng, Chen; Xiao-Min, Xiao; Jian, Li; Christoph, Reichetzeder; Zi-Neng, Wang; Berthold, Hocher

904. Resting-state functional connectivity between fronto-parietal and default mode networks in obsessive-compulsive disorder. e36356页

作者:Emily R, Stern; Kate D, Fitzgerald; Robert C, Welsh; James L, Abelson; Stephan F, Taylor

905. Wild skylarks seasonally modulate energy budgets but maintain energetically costly inflammatory immune responses throughout the annual cycle. e36358页

作者:Arne, Hegemann; Kevin D, Matson; Maaike A, Versteegh; B Irene, Tieleman

906. A novel human polycomb binding site acts as a functional polycomb response element in Drosophila. e36365页

作者:Suresh, Cuddapah; Tae-Young, Roh; Kairong, Cui; Cynthia C, Jose; Margaret T, Fuller; Keji, Zhao; Xin, Chen

907. Nonpathological extracellular amyloid is present during normal epididymal sperm maturation. e36394页

作者:Sandra, Whelly; Seethal, Johnson; Jonathan, Powell; Clinton, Borchardt; Mary Catherine, Hastert; Gail A, Cornwall

908. Striatal dopamine transmission is subtly modified in human A53Tα-synuclein overexpressing mice. e36397页

作者:Nicola J, Platt; Suzana, Gispert; Georg, Auburger; Stephanie J, Cragg

909. Active PI3K pathway causes an invasive phenotype which can be reversed or promoted by blocking the pathway at divergent nodes. e36402页

作者:Jeffrey J, Wallin; Jane, Guan; Kyle A, Edgar; Wei, Zhou; Ross, Francis; Anthony C, Torres; Peter M, Haverty; Jeffrey, Eastham-Anderson; Sabrina, Arena; Alberto, Bardelli; Sue, Griffin; John E, Goodall; Kyla M, Grimshaw; Klaus P, Hoeflich; Christopher, Torrance; Marcia, Belvin; Lori S, Friedman

910. Electrophysiological correlates of changes in reaction time based on stimulus intensity. e36407页

作者:Bimal, Lakhani; Albert H, Vette; Avril, Mansfield; Veronica, Miyasike-daSilva; William E, McIlroy

911. Influenza polymerase activity correlates with the strength of interaction between nucleoprotein and PB2 through the host-specific residue K/E627. e36415页

作者:Andy Ka-Leung, Ng; Wai-Hon, Chan; Sze-Ting, Choi; Mandy Ka-Han, Lam; Kwok-Fai, Lau; Paul Kay-Sheung, Chan; Shannon Wing-Ngor, Au; Ervin, Fodor; Pang-Chui, Shaw

912. Disparate in vivo efficacy of FTY720 in xenograft models of Philadelphia positive and negative B-lineage acute lymphoblastic leukemia. e36429页

作者:Craig T, Wallington-Beddoe; Anthony S, Don; John, Hewson; Qiao, Qiao; Rachael A, Papa; Richard B, Lock; Kenneth F, Bradstock; Linda J, Bendall

913. Immunological tolerance to muscle autoantigens involves peripheral deletion of autoreactive CD8+ T cells. e36444页

作者:Emilie, Franck; Carole, Bonneau; Laetitia, Jean; Jean-Paul, Henry; Yann, Lacoume; Anna, Salvetti; Olivier, Boyer; Sahil, Adriouch

914. Surprised at all the entropy: hippocampal, caudate and midbrain contributions to learning from prediction errors. e36445页

作者:Anne-Marike, Schiffer; Christiane, Ahlheim; Moritz F, Wurm; Ricarda I, Schubotz

915. The homeodomain-containing transcription factors Arx and Pax4 control enteroendocrine subtype specification in mice. e36449页

作者:Anthony, Beucher; Elisabet, Gjernes; Caitlin, Collin; Monica, Courtney; Aline, Meunier; Patrick, Collombat; Gérard, Gradwohl

917. Development and utility of an internal threshold control (ITC) real-time PCR assay for exogenous DNA detection. e36461页

作者:Weiyi, Ni; Caroline, Le Guiner; Philippe, Moullier; Richard O, Snyder

920. Selection of metastatic breast cancer cells based on adaptability of their metabolic state. e36510页

作者:Balraj, Singh; Karen, Tai; Simran, Madan; Milan R, Raythatha; Amanda M, Cady; Megan, Braunlin; LaTashia R, Irving; Ankur, Bajaj; Anthony, Lucci

921. Home on the range: factors explaining partial migration of African buffalo in a tropical environment. e36527页

作者:Robin, Naidoo; Pierre, Du Preez; Greg, Stuart-Hill; Mark, Jago; Martin, Wegmann

922. Evidence for training-induced plasticity in multisensory brain structures: an MEG study. e36534页

作者:Evangelos, Paraskevopoulos; Anja, Kuchenbuch; Sibylle C, Herholz; Christo, Pantev

923. Viral findings in adult hematological patients with neutropenia. e36543页

作者:Lars, Ohrmalm; Michelle, Wong; Carl, Aust; Per, Ljungman; Oscar, Norbeck; Kristina, Broliden; Thomas, Tolfvenstam

924. The impact of oral health on taste ability in acutely hospitalized elderly. e36557页

作者:Kirsten, Solemdal; Leiv, Sandvik; Tiril, Willumsen; Morten, Mowe; Thomas, Hummel

925. Cigarette smoking and cognitive function in Chinese male schizophrenia: a case-control study. e36563页

作者:Xiang Yang, Zhang; Da Chun, Chen; Mei Hong, Xiu; Colin N, Haile; Hongqiang, Sun; Lin, Lu; Therese A, Kosten; Thomas R, Kosten

926. Human cataract mutations in EPHA2 SAM domain alter receptor stability and function. e36564页

作者:Jeong Eun, Park; Alexander I, Son; Rui, Hua; Lianqing, Wang; Xue, Zhang; Renping, Zhou

927. Upregulation of the Wnt co-receptor LRP6 promotes hepatocarcinogenesis and enhances cell invasion. e36565页

作者:Edmund Kwok-Kwan, Tung; Betty Yin-Chi, Wong; Tai-On, Yau; Irene Oi-Lin, Ng

928. Protective activity of Streptococcus pneumoniae Spr1875 protein fragments identified using a phage displayed genomic library. e36588页

作者:Angela, Cardaci; Salvatore, Papasergi; Angelina, Midiri; Giuseppe, Mancuso; Maria, Domina; Veronica Lanza, Cariccio; Francesca, Mandanici; Roberta, Galbo; Carla, Lo Passo; Ida, Pernice; Paolo, Donato; Susanna, Ricci; Carmelo, Biondo; Giuseppe, Teti; Franco, Felici; Concetta, Beninati

929. B-chromosome ribosomal DNA is functional in the grasshopper Eyprepocnemis plorans. e36600页

作者:Mercedes, Ruiz-Estévez; Ma Dolores, López-León; Josefa, Cabrero; Juan Pedro M, Camacho

930. Stress hormone epinephrine enhances adipogenesis in murine embryonic stem cells by up-regulating the neuropeptide Y system. e36609页

作者:Ruijun, Han; Joanna B, Kitlinska; William R, Munday; G Ian, Gallicano; Zofia, Zukowska

931. Co-stimulation of PAFR and CD36 is required for oxLDL-induced human macrophages activation. e36632页

作者:Francisco J O, Rios; Mariana M, Koga; Matheus, Ferracini; Sonia, Jancar

932. Crystal structure of the cysteine desulfurase DndA from Streptomyces lividans which is involved in DNA phosphorothioation. e36635页

作者:Fukun, Chen; Zhenyi, Zhang; Kui, Lin; Tianle, Qian; Yan, Zhang; Delin, You; Xinyi, He; Zhijun, Wang; Jingdan, Liang; Zixin, Deng; Geng, Wu

933. A lifecourse approach to long-term sickness absence--a cohort study. e36645页

作者:Max, Henderson; Charlotte, Clark; Stephen, Stansfeld; Matthew, Hotopf

934. Zebrafish larvae exhibit rheotaxis and can escape a continuous suction source using their lateral line. e36661页

作者:Julia, Olszewski; Melanie, Haehnel; Masashige, Taguchi; James C, Liao

935. A comparative study on three analytical methods for the determination of the neurotoxin BMAA in cyanobacteria. e36667页

作者:Elisabeth J, Faassen; Frits, Gillissen; Miquel, Lürling

936. Myxoid liposarcoma-associated EWSR1-DDIT3 selectively represses osteoblastic and chondrocytic transcription in multipotent mesenchymal cells. e36682页

作者:Kayo, Suzuki; Yoshito, Matsui; Mami, Higashimoto; Yoshiharu, Kawaguchi; Shoji, Seki; Hiraku, Motomura; Takeshi, Hori; Yasuhito, Yahara; Masahiko, Kanamori; Tomoatsu, Kimura

937. Mouse acetylcholinesterase enhances neurite outgrowth of rat R28 cells through interaction with laminin-1. e36683页

作者:Laura E, Sperling; Janine, Klaczinski; Corina, Schütz; Lydia, Rudolph; Paul G, Layer

938. Fish, fish-derived n-3 fatty acids, and risk of incident atrial fibrillation in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) study. e36686页

作者:Noelle N, Gronroos; Alanna M, Chamberlain; Aaron R, Folsom; Elsayed Z, Soliman; Sunil K, Agarwal; Jennifer A, Nettleton; Alvaro, Alonso

939. Inhibition of EP4 signaling attenuates aortic aneurysm formation. e36724页

作者:Utako, Yokoyama; Ryo, Ishiwata; Mei-Hua, Jin; Yuko, Kato; Orie, Suzuki; Huiling, Jin; Yasuhiro, Ichikawa; Syun, Kumagaya; Yuzo, Katayama; Takayuki, Fujita; Satoshi, Okumura; Motohiko, Sato; Yukihiko, Sugimoto; Hiroki, Aoki; Shinichi, Suzuki; Munetaka, Masuda; Susumu, Minamisawa; Yoshihiro, Ishikawa

940. Optimization of cell morphology measurement via single-molecule tracking PALM. e36751页

作者:Nicholas A, Frost; Hsiangmin E, Lu; Thomas A, Blanpied

941. Role of stem cells in human uterine leiomyoma growth. e36935页

作者:Masanori, Ono; Wenan, Qiang; Vanida Ann, Serna; Ping, Yin; John S, Coon; Antonia, Navarro; Diana, Monsivais; Toshiyuki, Kakinuma; Matthew, Dyson; Stacy, Druschitz; Kenji, Unno; Takeshi, Kurita; Serdar E, Bulun

942. Identification of gene modules associated with drought response in rice by network-based analysis. e33748页

作者:Lida, Zhang; Shunwu, Yu; Kaijing, Zuo; Lijun, Luo; Kexuan, Tang

943. Autoantibody epitope spreading in the pre-clinical phase predicts progression to rheumatoid arthritis. e35296页

作者:Jeremy, Sokolove; Reuven, Bromberg; Kevin D, Deane; Lauren J, Lahey; Lezlie A, Derber; Piyanka E, Chandra; Jess D, Edison; William R, Gilliland; Robert J, Tibshirani; Jill M, Norris; V Michael, Holers; William H, Robinson

944. Fluctuation-driven flocking movement in three dimensions and scale-free correlation. e35615页

作者:Takayuki, Niizato; Yukio-Pegio, Gunji

945. Central role of SREBP-2 in the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis. e35753页

作者:Fotini, Kostopoulou; Vasiliki, Gkretsi; Konstantinos N, Malizos; Dimitrios, Iliopoulos; Pagona, Oikonomou; Lazaros, Poultsides; Aspasia, Tsezou

946. Polymorphisms in Toll-like receptors 2, 4, and 9 are highly associated with hearing loss in survivors of bacterial meningitis. e35837页

作者:Gijs Th J, van Well; Marieke S, Sanders; Sander, Ouburg; A Marceline, van Furth; Servaas A, Morré

947. Auditory deficit as a consequence rather than endophenotype of specific language impairment: electrophysiological evidence. e35851页

作者:D V M, Bishop; Mervyn J, Hardiman; Johanna G, Barry

948. Evaluation of a screening instrument for autism spectrum disorders in prisoners. e36078页

作者:Louise, Robinson; Michael D, Spencer; Lindsay D G, Thomson; Andrew C, Stanfield; David G C, Owens; Jeremy, Hall; Eve C, Johnstone

950. Variable carbon catabolism among Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi isolates. e36201页

作者:Lay Ching, Chai; Boon Hong, Kong; Omar Ismail, Elemfareji; Kwai Lin, Thong

952. Ginkgolide B reduces atherogenesis and vascular inflammation in ApoE(-/-) mice. e36237页

作者:Xiyun, Liu; Gexin, Zhao; Yan, Yan; Li, Bao; Beidong, Chen; Ruomei, Qi

953. The transmembrane region is responsible for targeting of adaptor protein LAX into "heavy rafts". e36330页

作者:Matous, Hrdinka; Pavel, Otahal; Vaclav, Horejsi

954. Risk factors for breast cancer and expression of insulin-like growth factor-2 (IGF-2) in women with breast cancer in Wuhan City, China. e36497页

作者:Jun, Qiu; Rong, Yang; Yanhua, Rao; Yukai, Du; Fatch W, Kalembo

955. Long branch effects distort maximum likelihood phylogenies in simulations despite selection of the correct model. e36593页

作者:Patrick, Kück; Christoph, Mayer; Johann-Wolfgang, W?gele; Bernhard, Misof

956. Transposable-element associated small RNAs in Bombyx mori genome. e36599页

作者:Yimei, Cai; Qing, Zhou; Caixia, Yu; Xumin, Wang; Songnian, Hu; Jun, Yu; Xiaomin, Yu

957. Insecticide-mediated apparent displacement between two invasive species of leafminer fly. e36622页

作者:Yulin, Gao; Stuart R, Reitz; Qingbo, Wei; Wenyan, Yu; Zhongren, Lei

958. How to join a wave: decision-making processes in shimmering behavior of Giant honeybees (Apis dorsata). e36736页

作者:Gerald, Kastberger; Frank, Weihmann; Thomas, Hoetzl; Sara E, Weiss; Michael, Maurer; Ilse, Kranner

959. The influence of social comparison on visual representation of one's face. e36742页

作者:Ethan, Zell; Emily, Balcetis

960. Respiratory membrane endo-hydrogenase activity in the microaerophile Azorhizobium caulinodans is bidirectional. e36744页

作者:Brittany N, Sprecher; Margo E, Gittings; Robert A, Ludwig

961. Novel quinazolinone MJ-29 triggers endoplasmic reticulum stress and intrinsic apoptosis in murine leukemia WEHI-3 cells and inhibits leukemic mice. e36831页

作者:Chi-Cheng, Lu; Jai-Sing, Yang; Jo-Hua, Chiang; Mann-Jen, Hour; Kuei-Li, Lin; Jen-Jyh, Lin; Wen-Wen, Huang; Minoru, Tsuzuki; Tsung-Han, Lee; Jing-Gung, Chung

962. Short-term long chain omega3 diet protects from neuroinflammatory processes and memory impairment in aged mice. e36861页

作者:Virginie F, Labrousse; Agnès, Nadjar; Corinne, Joffre; Laurence, Costes; Agnès, Aubert; Stéphane, Grégoire; Lionel, Bretillon; Sophie, Layé

963. GPUmotif: an ultra-fast and energy-efficient motif analysis program using graphics processing units. e36865页

作者:Pooya, Zandevakili; Ming, Hu; Zhaohui, Qin

964. Biophysical assessment of single cell cytotoxicity: diesel exhaust particle-treated human aortic endothelial cells. e36885页

作者:Yangzhe, Wu; Tian, Yu; Timothy A, Gilbertson; Anhong, Zhou; Hao, Xu; Kytai Truong, Nguyen

965. Using prior information from the medical literature in GWAS of oral cancer identifies novel susceptibility variant on chromosome 4--the AdAPT method. e36888页

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966. Evaluation of a rapid dipstick (Crystal VC) for the diagnosis of cholera in Zanzibar and a comparison with previous studies. e36930页

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967. Topical insulin accelerates wound healing in diabetes by enhancing the AKT and ERK pathways: a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial. e36974页

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969. Influence of prenatal arsenic exposure and newborn sex on global methylation of cord blood DNA. e37147页

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970. Optimising strategies for Plasmodium falciparum malaria elimination in Cambodia: primaquine, mass drug administration and artemisinin resistance. e37166页

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971. Spatial and temporal dynamics of hepatitis B virus D genotype in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. e37198页

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972. Retrospective study of the incidence of HFMD and seroepidemiology of antibodies against EV71 and CoxA16 in prenatal women and their infants. e37206页

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973. A stochastic description of Dictyostelium chemotaxis. e37213页

作者:Gabriel, Amselem; Matthias, Theves; Albert, Bae; Eberhard, Bodenschatz; Carsten, Beta

974. Monogeneans of West African cichlid fish: evolution and cophylogenetic interactions. e37268页

作者:Monika, Mendlová; Yves, Desdevises; Kristína, Civáňová; Antoine, Pariselle; Andrea, ?imková

975. Genome-wide study of the defective sucrose fermenter strain of Vibrio cholerae from the Latin American cholera epidemic. e37283页

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976. Chemical PARP inhibition enhances growth of Arabidopsis and reduces anthocyanin accumulation and the activation of stress protective mechanisms. e37287页

作者:Philipp, Schulz; Jenny, Neukermans; Katrien, Van der Kelen; Per, Mühlenbock; Frank, Van Breusegem; Graham, Noctor; Markus, Teige; Michael, Metzlaff; Matthew A, Hannah

978. Statistical analysis of the processes controlling choline and ethanolamine glycerophospholipid molecular species composition. e37293页

作者:Kourosh, Zarringhalam; Lu, Zhang; Michael A, Kiebish; Kui, Yang; Xianlin, Han; Richard W, Gross; Jeffrey, Chuang

979. Reduced cortisol and metabolic responses of thin ewes to an acute cold challenge in mid-pregnancy: implications for animal physiology and welfare. e37315页

作者:Else, Verbeek; Mark Hope, Oliver; Joseph Rupert, Waas; Lance Maxwell, McLeay; Dominique, Blache; Lindsay Ross, Matthews

980. Ensemble analysis of angiogenic growth in three-dimensional microfluidic cell cultures. e37333页

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981. Lutzomyia umbratilis, the main vector of Leishmania guyanensis, represents a novel species complex? e37341页

作者:Vera Margarete, Scarpassa; Ronildo Baiatone, Alencar

982. Evolution of eye morphology and rhodopsin expression in the Drosophila melanogaster species subgroup. e37346页

作者:Nico, Posnien; Corinna, Hopfen; Maarten, Hilbrant; Margarita, Ramos-Womack; Sophie, Murat; Anna, Sch?nauer; Samantha L, Herbert; Maria D S, Nunes; Saad, Arif; Casper J, Breuker; Christian, Schl?tterer; Philipp, Mitteroecker; Alistair P, McGregor

983. Relative effectiveness of mating success and sperm competition at eliminating deleterious mutations in Drosophila melanogaster. e37351页

作者:Sean C A, Clark; Nathaniel P, Sharp; Locke, Rowe; Aneil F, Agrawal

984. The effect of stimulus duration and motor response in hemispatial neglect during a visual search task. e37369页

作者:Laura M, Jelsone-Swain; David V, Smith; Gordon C, Baylis

985. How reliable is Ki-67 immunohistochemistry in grade 2 breast carcinomas? A QA study of the Swiss Working Group of Breast- and Gynecopathologists. e37379页

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986. Validating the German version of the Quality of Relationship Inventory: confirming the three-factor structure and report of psychometric properties. e37380页

作者:Iris, Reiner; Manfred, Beutel; Christian, Skaletz; Elmar, Br?hler; Yve, St?bel-Richter

987. Selective impairments of resting-state networks in minimal hepatic encephalopathy. e37400页

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988. Comparison of recombinant human haptocorrin expressed in human embryonic kidney cells and native haptocorrin. e37421页

作者:Evelyne, Furger; Sergey N, Fedosov; Dorte Launholt, Lildballe; Robert, Waibel; Roger, Schibli; Ebba, Nexo; Eliane, Fischer

989. Genotype-dependent efficacy of a dual PI3K/mTOR inhibitor, NVP-BEZ235, and an mTOR inhibitor, RAD001, in endometrial carcinomas. e37431页

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990. pKa modulation of the acid/base catalyst within GH32 and GH68: a role in substrate/inhibitor specificity? e37453页

作者:Shuguang, Yuan; Katrien, Le Roy; Tom, Venken; Willem, Lammens; Wim, Van den Ende; Marc, De Maeyer

991. Effect of fibrin glue on the biomechanical properties of human Descemet's membrane. e37456页

作者:Shyam S, Chaurasia; Ravi, Champakalakshmi; Ang, Li; Rebekah, Poh; Xiao Wei, Tan; Rajamani, Lakshminarayanan; Chwee T, Lim; Donald T, Tan; Jodhbir S, Mehta

992. Genetic and phenotypic characterization of a Pseudomonas aeruginosa population with high frequency of genomic islands. e37459页

作者:Rosario, Morales-Espinosa; Gloria, Soberón-Chávez; Gabriela, Delgado-Sapién; Luisa, Sandner-Miranda; José L, Méndez; Gerardo, González-Valencia; Alejandro, Cravioto

993. Construction and validation of a systematic ethogram of Macaca fascicularis in a free enclosure. e37486页

作者:Fan, Xu; Liang, Xie; Xin, Li; Qi, Li; Tao, Wang; Yongjia, Ji; Fei, Kong; Qunlin, Zhan; Ke, Cheng; Liang, Fang; Peng, Xie

994. Systematic deletion of homeobox genes in Podospora anserina uncovers their roles in shaping the fruiting body. e37488页

作者:Evelyne, Coppin; Véronique, Berteaux-Lecellier; Frédérique, Bidard; Sylvain, Brun; Gwena?l, Ruprich-Robert; Eric, Espagne; Jinane, A?t-Benkhali; Anne, Goarin; Audrey, Nesseir; Sara, Planamente; Robert, Debuchy; Philippe, Silar

995. A common missense variant in the ATP receptor P2X7 is associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular events. e37491页

作者:Olof, Gidl?f; J Gustav, Smith; Olle, Melander; H?kan, L?vkvist; Bo, Hedblad; Gunnar, Engstr?m; Peter, Nilsson; Joyce, Carlson; G?ran, Berglund; Sandra, Olsson; Katarina, Jood; Christina, Jern; Bo, Norrving; Arne, Lindgren; David, Erlinge

997. Multiple SNPs in intron 41 of thyroglobulin gene are associated with autoimmune thyroid disease in the Japanese population. e37501页

作者:Yoshiyuki, Ban; Teruaki, Tozaki; Matsuo, Taniyama; Luce, Skrabanek; Yasuko, Nakano; Yoshio, Ban; Tsutomu, Hirano

998. Validation of the Fibromyalgia Survey Questionnaire within a cross-sectional survey. e37504页

作者:Winfried, H?user; Eva, Jung; Brigitte, Erbsl?h-M?ller; Mechthild, Gesmann; Hedi, Kühn-Becker; Franz, Petermann; Jost, Langhorst; Thomas, Weiss; Andreas, Winkelmann; Frederick, Wolfe

999. The Sfp-type 4'-phosphopantetheinyl transferase Ppt1 of Fusarium fujikuroi controls development, secondary metabolism and pathogenicity. e37519页

作者:Philipp, Wiemann; Sabine, Albermann; Eva-Maria, Niehaus; Lena, Studt; Katharina W, von Bargen; Nelson L, Brock; Hans-Ulrich, Humpf; Jeroen S, Dickschat; Bettina, Tudzynski

1000. Activation of β-catenin by oncogenic PIK3CA and EGFR promotes resistance to glucose deprivation by inducing a strong antioxidant response. e37526页

作者:Luca, Cardone; Alberto, Bardelli; Vittorio Enrico, Avvedimento

1002. Genetic variation in the EGFR gene and the risk of glioma in a Chinese Han population. e37531页

作者:Wu-Gang, Hou; Wen-Bo, Ai; Xiao-Guang, Bai; Hai-Long, Dong; Zhen, Li; Yuan-Qiang, Zhang; Li-Ze, Xiong

1003. Nutrient intakes linked to better health outcomes are associated with higher diet costs in the US. e37533页

作者:Anju, Aggarwal; Pablo, Monsivais; Adam, Drewnowski

1004. Evaluation of the effectiveness of light streamer tori-lines and characteristics of bait attacks by seabirds in the western North Pacific. e37546页

作者:Noriyosi, Sato; Daisuke, Ochi; Hiroshi, Minami; Kotaro, Yokawa

1005. Pyrosequencing-based comparative genome analysis of Vibrio vulnificus environmental isolates. e37553页

作者:Shatavia S, Morrison; Tiffany, Williams; Aurora, Cain; Brett, Froelich; Casey, Taylor; Craig, Baker-Austin; David, Verner-Jeffreys; Rachel, Hartnell; James D, Oliver; Cynthia J, Gibas

1006. Dopamine induced neurodegeneration in a PINK1 model of Parkinson's disease. e37564页

作者:Sonia, Gandhi; Annika, Vaarmann; Zhi, Yao; Michael R, Duchen; Nicholas W, Wood; Andrey Y, Abramov

1007. Sequence-based genotyping for marker discovery and co-dominant scoring in germplasm and populations. e37565页

作者:Hoa T, Truong; A Marcos, Ramos; Feyruz, Yalcin; Marjo, de Ruiter; Hein J A, van der Poel; Koen H J, Huvenaars; René C J, Hogers; Leonora J G, van Enckevort; Antoine, Janssen; Nathalie J, van Orsouw; Michiel J T, van Eijk

1008. Allelic variations of a light harvesting chlorophyll a/b-binding protein gene (Lhcb1) associated with agronomic traits in barley. e37573页

作者:Yanshi, Xia; Zhengxiang, Ning; Guihua, Bai; Ronghua, Li; Guijun, Yan; Kadambot H M, Siddique; Michael, Baum; Peiguo, Guo

1009. MRI tracking of FePro labeled fresh and cryopreserved long term in vitro expanded human cord blood AC133+ endothelial progenitor cells in rat glioma. e37577页

作者:Branislava, Janic; Kourosh, Jafari-Khouzani; Abbas, Babajani-Feremi; A S M, Iskander; Nadimpalli Ravi S, Varma; Meser M, Ali; Robert A, Knight; Ali S, Arbab

1010. Oligonucleotide microarray analysis of dietary-induced hyperlipidemia gene expression profiles in miniature pigs. e37581页

作者:Junko, Takahashi; Shiori, Waki; Rena, Matsumoto; Junji, Odake; Takayuki, Miyaji; Junichi, Tottori; Takehiro, Iwanaga; Hitoshi, Iwahashi

1012. Early identification of HIV: empirical support for jail-based screening. e37603页

作者:Alex, de Voux; Anne C, Spaulding; Curt, Beckwith; Ann, Avery; Chyvette, Williams; Lauren C, Messina; Sarah, Ball; Frederick L, Altice

1014. Moraxella catarrhalis activates murine macrophages through multiple toll like receptors and has reduced clearance in lungs from TLR4 mutant mice. e37610页

作者:Ferdaus, Hassan; Dabin, Ren; Wenhong, Zhang; Tod J, Merkel; Xin-Xing, Gu

1015. Functional analysis of a breast cancer-associated mutation in the intracellular domain of the metalloprotease ADAM12. e37628页

作者:Dorte, Stautz; Ulla M, Wewer; Marie, Kveiborg

1016. CD36 inhibitors reduce postprandial hypertriglyceridemia and protect against diabetic dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis. e37633页

作者:Alain, Geloen; Lionel, Helin; Benjamine, Geeraert; Eric, Malaud; Paul, Holvoet; Gerard, Marguerie

1017. The Arg233Lys AQP0 mutation disturbs aquaporin0-calmodulin interaction causing polymorphic congenital cataract. e37637页

作者:Shanshan, Hu; Binbin, Wang; Yanhua, Qi; Hui, Lin

1018. Efficient asymmetric reduction of 4-(trimethylsilyl)-3-butyn-2-one by Candida parapsilosis cells in an ionic liquid-containing system. e37641页

作者:Bo-Bo, Zhang; Wen-Yong, Lou; Wen-Jing, Chen; Min-Hua, Zong

1019. Globalization and loss of plant knowledge: challenging the paradigm. e37643页

作者:Ina, Vandebroek; Michael J, Balick

1020. Gender differences in associations of glutamate decarboxylase 1 gene (GAD1) variants with panic disorder. e37651页

作者:Heike, Weber; Claus Jürgen, Scholz; Katharina, Domschke; Christian, Baumann; Benedikt, Klauke; Christian P, Jacob; Wolfgang, Maier; Jürgen, Fritze; Borwin, Bandelow; Peter Michael, Zwanzger; Thomas, Lang; Lydia, Fehm; Andreas, Str?hle; Alfons, Hamm; Alexander L, Gerlach; Georg W, Alpers; Tilo, Kircher; Hans-Ulrich, Wittchen; Volker, Arolt; Paul, Pauli; Jürgen, Deckert; Andreas, Reif

1021. Whitebark pine stand condition, tree abundance, and cone production as predictors of visitation by Clark's nutcracker. e37663页

作者:Lauren E, Barringer; Diana F, Tomback; Michael B, Wunder; Shawn T, McKinney

1023. Radiation induces acute alterations in neuronal function. e37677页

作者:Peter H, Wu; Steven, Coultrap; Chelsea, Pinnix; Kurtis D, Davies; Ramesh, Tailor; Kian K, Ang; Michael D, Browning; David R, Grosshans

1024. Lipopolysaccharide O-antigen prevents phagocytosis of Vibrio anguillarum by rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) skin epithelial cells. e37678页

作者:Kristoffer, Lindell; Anna, Fahlgren; Erik, Hjerde; Nils-Peder, Willassen; Maria, F?llman; Debra L, Milton

1025. Genetic variation in functional traits influences arthropod community composition in aspen (Populus tremula L.). e37679页

作者:Kathryn M, Robinson; P?r K, Ingvarsson; Stefan, Jansson; Benedicte R, Albrectsen

1026. Host plant use by competing acacia-ants: mutualists monopolize while parasites share hosts. e37691页

作者:Stefanie, Kautz; Daniel J, Ballhorn; Johannes, Kroiss; Steffen U, Pauls; Corrie S, Moreau; Sascha, Eilmus; Erhard, Strohm; Martin, Heil

1027. IQGAP1 interacts with components of the slit diaphragm complex in podocytes and is involved in podocyte migration and permeability in vitro. e37695页

作者:Claire, Rigothier; Patrick, Auguste; Gavin I, Welsh; Sébastien, Lepreux; Colette, Deminière; Peter W, Mathieson; Moin A, Saleem; Jean, Ripoche; Christian, Combe

1028. Hepatitis C virus sensitizes host cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis by up-regulating DR4 and DR5 via a MEK1-dependent pathway. e37700页

作者:Zhongfan, Deng; Huijuan, Yan; Jiajie, Hu; Shengwei, Zhang; Peng, Peng; Qingzhen, Liu; Deyin, Guo

1029. Flexibility along the neck of the neogene terror bird Andalgalornis steulleti (Aves Phorusrhacidae). e37701页

作者:Claudia P, Tambussi; Ricardo, de Mendoza; Federico J, Degrange; Mariana B, Picasso

1030. Gas7-deficient mouse reveals roles in motor function and muscle fiber composition during aging. e37702页

作者:Bo-Tsang, Huang; Pu-Yuan, Chang; Ching-Hua, Su; Chuck C-K, Chao; Sue, Lin-Chao

1031. Identification and comparative expression analysis of interleukin 2/15 receptor β chain in chickens infected with E. tenella. e37704页

作者:Jipseol, Jeong; Woo H, Kim; Jeongmi, Yoo; Changhwan, Lee; Suk, Kim; Jae-Hyeon, Cho; Hyung-Kwan, Jang; Dong W, Kim; Hyun S, Lillehoj; Wongi, Min

1032. Enhancer of zeste homolog 2 induces pulmonary artery smooth muscle cell proliferation. e37712页

作者:Salman A, Aljubran; Ruan, Cox; Prasanna, Tamarapu Parthasarathy; Gurukumar, Kollongod Ramanathan; Venugopal, Rajanbabu; Huynh, Bao; Shyam S, Mohapatra; Shyam M, Mohapatra; Richard, Lockey; Narasaiah, Kolliputi

1033. Identification and function of exchange proteins activated directly by cyclic AMP (Epac) in mammalian spermatozoa. e37713页

作者:Alvaro, Miro-Moran; Isaac, Jardin; Cristina, Ortega-Ferrusola; Gines M, Salido; Fernando J, Pe?a; Jose A, Tapia; Ines M, Aparicio

1034. Nasal bone shape is under complex epistatic genetic control in mouse interspecific recombinant congenic strains. e37721页

作者:Gaétan, Burgio; Michel, Baylac; Evelyne, Heyer; Xavier, Montagutelli

1035. Pan-pathway based interaction profiling of FDA-approved nucleoside and nucleobase analogs with enzymes of the human nucleotide metabolism. e37724页

作者:Louise, Egeblad; Martin, Welin; Susanne, Flodin; Susanne, Gr?slund; Liya, Wang; Jan, Balzarini; Staffan, Eriksson; P?r, Nordlund

1036. Ulcerative colitis impairs the acylethanolamide-based anti-inflammatory system reversal by 5-aminosalicylic acid and glucocorticoids. e37729页

作者:Juan, Suárez; Yanina, Romero-Zerbo; Lucia, Márquez; Patricia, Rivera; Mar, Iglesias; Francisco J, Bermúdez-Silva; Montserrat, Andreu; Fernando, Rodríguez de Fonseca

1037. Identification, expression and target gene analyses of Micrornas in Spodoptera litura. e37730页

作者:Zhongchen, Rao; Wenyin, He; Lin, Liu; Sichun, Zheng; Lihua, Huang; Qili, Feng

1038. Nilotinib counteracts P-glycoprotein-mediated multidrug resistance and synergizes the antitumoral effect of doxorubicin in soft tissue sarcomas. e37735页

作者:Victor Hugo, Villar; Oliver, V?gler; Jordi, Martínez-Serra; Rafael, Ramos; Silvia, Calabuig-Fari?as; Antonio, Gutiérrez; Francisca, Barceló; Javier, Martín-Broto; Regina, Alemany

1039. Metabolic profiling of the protozoan parasite Entamoeba invadens revealed activation of unpredicted pathway during encystation. e37740页

作者:Ghulam, Jeelani; Dan, Sato; Afzal, Husain; Aleyla, Escueta-de Cadiz; Masahiro, Sugimoto; Tomoyoshi, Soga; Makoto, Suematsu; Tomoyoshi, Nozaki

1040. Lobelia siphilitica plants that escape herbivory in time also have reduced latex production. e37745页

作者:Amy L, Parachnowitsch; Christina M, Caruso; Stuart A, Campbell; André, Kessler

1041. Lipoxin A4 stimulates calcium-activated chloride currents and increases airway surface liquid height in normal and cystic fibrosis airway epithelia. e37746页

作者:Valia, Verrière; Gerard, Higgins; Mazen, Al-Alawi; Richard W, Costello; Paul, McNally; Rapha?l, Chiron; Brian J, Harvey; Valérie, Urbach

1042. Mechanism underlying defective interferon gamma-induced IDO expression in non-obese diabetic mouse fibroblasts. e37747页

作者:Azadeh, Hosseini-Tabatabaei; Reza Baradar, Jalili; Yunyuan, Li; Ruhangiz T, Kilani; Alireza, Moeen Rezakhanlou; Aziz, Ghahary

1043. Bioactive dietary supplements reactivate ER expression in ER-negative breast cancer cells by active chromatin modifications. e37748页

作者:Syed M, Meeran; Shweta N, Patel; Yuanyuan, Li; Samriddhi, Shukla; Trygve O, Tollefsbol

1044. Angiotensin II activates the calcineurin/NFAT signaling pathway and induces cyclooxygenase-2 expression in rat endometrial stromal cells. e37750页

作者:Florencia, Abraham; Flavia, Sacerdoti; Romina, De León; Teresa, Gentile; Andrea, Canellada

1045. Low dose vaccination with attenuated Francisella tularensis strain SchuS4 mutants protects against tularemia independent of the route of vaccination. e37752页

作者:Dedeke, Rockx-Brouwer; Audrey, Chong; Tara D, Wehrly; Robert, Child; Deborah D, Crane; Jean, Celli; Catharine M, Bosio

1046. NMDA receptors in GABAergic synapses during postnatal development. e37753页

作者:Csaba, Cserép; Eszter, Szabadits; András, Sz?nyi; Masahiko, Watanabe; Tamás F, Freund; Gábor, Nyiri

1047. Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI assessment of hyperemic fractional microvascular blood plasma volume in peripheral arterial disease: initial findings. e37756页

作者:Bas, Versluis; Marjolein H G, Dremmen; Patty J, Nelemans; Joachim E, Wildberger; Geert-Willem, Schurink; Tim, Leiner; Walter H, Backes

1048. p21 as a transcriptional co-repressor of S-phase and mitotic control genes. e37759页

作者:Nuria, Ferrándiz; Juan M, Caraballo; Lucía, García-Gutierrez; Vikram, Devgan; Manuel, Rodriguez-Paredes; M Carmen, Lafita; Gabriel, Bretones; Andrea, Quintanilla; M Jose, Mu?oz-Alonso; Rosa, Blanco; Jose C, Reyes; Neus, Agell; M Dolores, Delgado; G Paolo, Dotto; Javier, León

1049. Proteinuria is associated with quality of life and depression in adults with primary glomerulopathy and preserved renal function. e37763页

作者:Alexandre Braga, Libório; Jo?o Paulo Lima, Santos; Natália Feitosa Arraes, Minete; Cecília de Alencar, Diógenes; Ariane Pontes, Soares; Anaiara Lucena, Queiroz; Dulce Maria Silva, Barreto

1050. EMT and stem cell-like properties associated with HIF-2α are involved in arsenite-induced transformation of human bronchial epithelial cells. e37765页

作者:Yuan, Xu; Yuan, Li; Ying, Pang; Min, Ling; Lu, Shen; Xiaojun, Yang; Jianping, Zhang; Jianwei, Zhou; Xinru, Wang; Qizhan, Liu

1051. Proteomic analysis of Rta2p-dependent raft-association of detergent-resistant membranes in Candida albicans. e37768页

作者:Lin, Wang; Yu, Jia; Ren-Jie, Tang; Zheng, Xu; Yong-Bing, Cao; Xin-Ming, Jia; Yuan-Ying, Jiang

1052. Simple, rapid and cost-effective method for high quality nucleic acids extraction from different strains of Botryococcus braunii. e37770页

作者:Byung-Hyuk, Kim; Rishiram, Ramanan; Dae-Hyun, Cho; Gang-Guk, Choi; Hyun-Joon, La; Chi-Yong, Ahn; Hee-Mock, Oh; Hee-Sik, Kim

1053. Hyaluronan binding motifs of USP17 and SDS3 exhibit anti-tumor activity. e37772页

作者:Suresh, Ramakrishna; Bharathi, Suresh; Su-Mi, Bae; Woong-Shick, Ahn; Key-Hwan, Lim; Kwang-Hyun, Baek

1054. p53 modulation as a therapeutic strategy in gastrointestinal stromal tumors. e37776页

作者:Joern, Henze; Thomas, Mühlenberg; Susanne, Simon; Florian, Grabellus; Brian, Rubin; Georg, Taeger; Martin, Schuler; Juergen, Treckmann; Maria, Debiec-Rychter; Takahiro, Taguchi; Jonathan A, Fletcher; Sebastian, Bauer

1055. Chlamydia trachomatis incidence and re-infection among young women--behavioural and microbiological characteristics. e37778页

作者:Jennifer, Walker; Sepehr N, Tabrizi; Christopher K, Fairley; Marcus Y, Chen; Catriona S, Bradshaw; Jimmy, Twin; Nicole, Taylor; Basil, Donovan; John M, Kaldor; Kathleen, McNamee; Eve, Urban; Sandra, Walker; Marian, Currie; Hudson, Birden; Francis, Bowden; Jane, Gunn; Marie, Pirotta; Lyle, Gurrin; Veerakathy, Harindra; Suzanne M, Garland; Jane S, Hocking

1056. A metabolomic approach to the study of wine micro-oxygenation. e37783页

作者:Panagiotis, Arapitsas; Matthias, Scholz; Urska, Vrhovsek; Stefano, Di Blasi; Alessandra, Biondi Bartolini; Domenico, Masuero; Daniele, Perenzoni; Adelio, Rigo; Fulvio, Mattivi

1057. Inhibition of intestinal bile acid transporter Slc10a2 improves triglyceride metabolism and normalizes elevated plasma glucose levels in mice. e37787页

作者:Thomas, Lund?sen; Eva-Marie, Andersson; Michael, Snaith; Helena, Lindmark; Johanna, Lundberg; Ann-Margret, ?stlund-Lindqvist; Bo, Angelin; Mats, Rudling

1058. Selection of aptamers specific for adipose tissue. e37789页

作者:Jun, Liu; Huixia, Liu; Kwame, Sefah; Bo, Liu; Ying, Pu; Dimitri, Van Simaeys; Weihong, Tan

1059. Sexual dimorphic regulation of body weight dynamics and adipose tissue lipolysis. e37794页

作者:Verena, Benz; Mandy, Bloch; Sami, Wardat; Christian, B?hm; Lukas, Maurer; Shokoufeh, Mahmoodzadeh; Petra, Wiedmer; Joachim, Spranger; Anna, Foryst-Ludwig; Ulrich, Kintscher

1060. Chronic exposure of corals to fine sediments: lethal and sub-lethal impacts. e37795页

作者:Florita, Flores; Mia O, Hoogenboom; Luke D, Smith; Timothy F, Cooper; David, Abrego; Andrew P, Negri

1061. Perivascular expression and potent vasoconstrictor effect of dynorphin A in cerebral arteries. e37798页

作者:éva, Ruisanchez; Attila, Cselenyák; Rege Sugárka, Papp; Tamás, Németh; Krisztina, Káldi; Péter, Sándor; Zoltán, Benyó

1062. Cardiac explant-derived cells are regulated by Notch-modulated mesenchymal transition. e37800页

作者:Liudmila, Zakharova; Hikmet, Nural-Guvener; Mohamed A, Gaballa

1063. Involvement of SIK3 in glucose and lipid homeostasis in mice. e37803页

作者:Tatsuya, Uebi; Yumi, Itoh; Osamu, Hatano; Ayako, Kumagai; Masato, Sanosaka; Tsutomu, Sasaki; Satoru, Sasagawa; Junko, Doi; Keita, Tatsumi; Kuniko, Mitamura; Eiichi, Morii; Katsuyuki, Aozasa; Tomohiro, Kawamura; Meinoshin, Okumura; Jun, Nakae; Hajime, Takikawa; Toshio, Fukusato; Minako, Koura; Mayumi, Nish; Anders, Hamsten; Angela, Silveira; Alejandro M, Bertorello; Kazuo, Kitagawa; Yasuo, Nagaoka; Hidehisa, Kawahara; Takeshi, Tomonaga; Tetsuji, Naka; Shigeo, Ikegawa; Noriyuki, Tsumaki; Junichiro, Matsuda; Hiroshi, Takemori

1064. Evidence for an African cluster of human head and body lice with variable colors and interbreeding of lice between continents. e37804页

作者:Aurélie, Veracx; Amina, Boutellis; Vicky, Merhej; Georges, Diatta; Didier, Raoult

1065. Regulation of RKIP function by Helicobacter pylori in gastric cancer. e37819页

作者:Erika L, Moen; Sicheng, Wen; Talha, Anwar; Sam, Cross-Knorr; Kate, Brilliant; Faith, Birnbaum; Sherida, Rahaman; John M, Sedivy; Steven F, Moss; Devasis, Chatterjee

1067. Aetiologies of central nervous system infection in Viet Nam: a prospective provincial hospital-based descriptive surveillance study. e37825页

作者:Nghia, Ho Dang Trung; Tu, Le Thi Phuong; Marcel, Wolbers; Hoang, Nguyen Van Minh; Vinh, Nguyen Thanh; Minh Pham, Van; Nga Tran Vu, Thieu; Tan Le, Van; Diep To, Song; Phuong Le, Thi; Thao Nguyen, Thi Phuong; Cong Bui, Van; Vu, Tang; Tuan Hoang, Ngoc Anh; Dong, Nguyen; Tien Phan, Trung; Lien Nguyen, Thi Nam; Hao Tran, Kiem; Tam Nguyen, Thi Thanh; James, Campbell; Maxine, Caws; Jeremy, Day; Menno D, de Jong; Chau Nguyen, Van Vinh; H Rogier, Van Doorn; Hien Tran, Tinh; Jeremy, Farrar; Constance, Schultsz

1068. Bmp2, Bmp4 and Bmp7 are co-required in the mouse AER for normal digit patterning but not limb outgrowth. e37826页

作者:Kyung-Suk, Choi; Chanmi, Lee; Danielle M, Maatouk; Brian D, Harfe

1069. Rhodopsin expression level affects rod outer segment morphology and photoresponse kinetics. e37832页

作者:Clint L, Makino; Xiao-Hong, Wen; Norman A, Michaud; Henry I, Covington; Emmanuele, DiBenedetto; Heidi E, Hamm; Janis, Lem; Giovanni, Caruso

1070. Integrative gene regulatory network analysis reveals light-induced regional gene expression phase shift programs in the mouse suprachiasmatic nucleus. e37833页

作者:Haisun, Zhu; Rajanikanth, Vadigepalli; Rachel, Rafferty; Gregory E, Gonye; David R, Weaver; James S, Schwaber

1071. Donor age of human platelet lysate affects proliferation and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells. e37839页

作者:Michael, Lohmann; Gudrun, Walenda; Hatim, Hemeda; Sylvia, Joussen; Wolf, Drescher; Stefan, Jockenhoevel; Gabriele, Hutschenreuter; Martin, Zenke; Wolfgang, Wagner

1072. Down-regulation of GEP100 causes increase in E-cadherin levels and inhibits pancreatic cancer cell invasion. e37854页

作者:Chuan-gao, Xie; Shu-mei, Wei; Jia-min, Chen; Xuan-fu, Xu; Jian-ting, Cai; Qin-yu, Chen; Li-tao, Jia

1073. Equity and geography: the case of child mortality in Papua New Guinea. e37861页

作者:Anna E, Bauze; Linda N, Tran; Kim-Huong, Nguyen; Sonja, Firth; Eliana, Jimenez-Soto; Laura, Dwyer-Lindgren; Andrew, Hodge; Alan D, Lopez

1074. Living on the edge: assessing the extinction risk of critically endangered Bonelli's eagle in Italy. e37862页

作者:Pascual, López-López; Maurizio, Sarà; Massimiliano, Di Vittorio

1075. Nuclear Kaiso expression is associated with high grade and triple-negative invasive breast cancer. e37864页

作者:Jeroen F, Vermeulen; Robert A H, van de Ven; Cigdem, Ercan; Petra, van der Groep; Elsken, van der Wall; Peter, Bult; Matthias, Christgen; Ulrich, Lehmann; Juliet, Daniel; Paul J, van Diest; Patrick W B, Derksen

1076. Growth inhibition and apoptosis induced by osthole, a natural coumarin, in hepatocellular carcinoma. e37865页

作者:Lurong, Zhang; Guorong, Jiang; Fei, Yao; Yan, He; Guoqiang, Liang; Yinsheng, Zhang; Bo, Hu; Yan, Wu; Yunsen, Li; Haiyan, Liu

1077. Replication and fine mapping for association of the C2orf43, FOXP4, GPRC6A and RFX6 genes with prostate cancer in the Chinese population. e37866页

作者:Qing-Zhi, Long; Yue-Feng, Du; Xiao-Ying, Ding; Xiang, Li; Wen-Bin, Song; Yong, Yang; Peng, Zhang; Jian-Ping, Zhou; Xiao-Gang, Liu

1078. Meta-analysis of the association between transforming growth factor-beta polymorphisms and complications of coronary heart disease. e37878页

作者:Dylan R, Morris; Joseph V, Moxon; Erik, Biros; Smriti M, Krishna; Jonathan, Golledge

1079. The KRAS-variant is associated with risk of developing double primary breast and ovarian cancer. e37891页

作者:Robert, Pilarski; Divya A, Patel; Jeffrey, Weitzel; Terri, McVeigh; Jemima J, Dorairaj; Helen M, Heneghan; Nicola, Miller; Joanne B, Weidhaas; Michael J, Kerin; Megan, McKenna; Xifeng, Wu; Michelle, Hildebrandt; Daniel, Zelterman; Sharon, Sand; Lee P, Shulman

1080. Electronic sensors for assessing interactions between healthcare workers and patients under airborne precautions. e37893页

作者:Jean-Christophe, Lucet; Cédric, Laouenan; Guillaume, Chelius; Nicolas, Veziris; Didier, Lepelletier; Adrien, Friggeri; Dominique, Abiteboul; Elisabeth, Bouvet; France, Mentre; Eric, Fleury

1081. Diurnal rhythms in neurexins transcripts and inhibitory/excitatory synapse scaffold proteins in the biological clock. e37894页

作者:Mika, Shapiro-Reznik; Anje, Jilg; Hadas, Lerner; David J, Earnest; Nava, Zisapel

1082. Individual and contextual factors associated with low childhood immunisation coverage in sub-Saharan Africa: a multilevel analysis. e37905页

作者:Charles S, Wiysonge; Olalekan A, Uthman; Peter M, Ndumbe; Gregory D, Hussey

1083. Statistical methods used to test for agreement of medical instruments measuring continuous variables in method comparison studies: a systematic review. e37908页

作者:Rafdzah, Zaki; Awang, Bulgiba; Roshidi, Ismail; Noor Azina, Ismail

1084. Induction of neuronal death by microglial AGE-albumin: implications for Alzheimer's disease. e37917页

作者:Kyunghee, Byun; Enkhjaigal, Bayarsaikhan; Daesik, Kim; Chae Young, Kim; Inhee, Mook-Jung; Sun Ha, Paek; Seung U, Kim; Tadashi, Yamamoto; Moo-Ho, Won; Byoung-Joon, Song; Young Mok, Park; Bonghee, Lee

1085. H19 antisense RNA can up-regulate Igf2 transcription by activation of a novel promoter in mouse myoblasts. e37923页

作者:Van Giang, Tran; Franck, Court; Anne, Duputié; Etienne, Antoine; Nathalie, Aptel; Laura, Milligan; Fran?oise, Carbonell; Marie-No?lle, Lelay-Taha; Jacques, Piette; Micha?l, Weber; Didier, Montarras; Christian, Pinset; Luisa, Dandolo; Thierry, Forné; Guy, Cathala

1086. Internal ribosomal entry site-mediated translation is important for rhythmic PERIOD1 expression. e37936页

作者:Kyung-Ha, Lee; Sung-Hoon, Kim; Do-Yeon, Kim; Seunghwan, Kim; Kyong-Tai, Kim

1087. Dufulin activates HrBP1 to produce antiviral responses in tobacco. e37944页

作者:Zhuo, Chen; Mengjiao, Zeng; Baoan, Song; Chengrui, Hou; Deyu, Hu; Xiangyang, Li; Zhenchao, Wang; Huitao, Fan; Liang, Bi; Jiaju, Liu; Dandan, Yu; Linhong, Jin; Song, Yang

1088. The satellite cell in male and female, developing and adult mouse muscle: distinct stem cells for growth and regeneration. e37950页

作者:Alice, Neal; Luisa, Boldrin; Jennifer Elizabeth, Morgan

1089. Regulation of adipocyte 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 (11β-HSD1) by CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein (C/EBP) β isoforms, LIP and LAP. e37953页

作者:Cristina L, Esteves; Val, Kelly; Valérie, Bégay; Tak Y, Man; Nicholas M, Morton; Achim, Leutz; Jonathan R, Seckl; Karen E, Chapman

1090. Indomethacin reduces glomerular and tubular damage markers but not renal inflammation in chronic kidney disease patients: a post-hoc analysis. e37957页

作者:Martin H, de Borst; Ferdau L, Nauta; Liffert, Vogt; Gozewijn D, Laverman; Ron T, Gansevoort; Gerjan, Navis

1091. Validation of a semi-quantitative Food Frequency Questionnaire for Argentinean adults. e37958页

作者:Mahshid, Dehghan; Silvia, del Cerro; Xiaohe, Zhang; Jose Maini, Cuneo; Bruno, Linetzky; Rafael, Diaz; Anwar T, Merchant

1092. Curcumin blocks small cell lung cancer cells migration, invasion, angiogenesis, cell cycle and neoplasia through Janus kinase-STAT3 signalling pathway. e37960页

作者:Cheng-Liang, Yang; Yong-Yu, Liu; Ye-Gang, Ma; Yi-Xue, Xue; De-Gui, Liu; Yi, Ren; Xiao-Bai, Liu; Yao, Li; Zhen, Li

1093. Deep-time phylogenetic clustering of extinctions in an evolutionarily dynamic clade (Early Jurassic ammonites). e37977页

作者:Clotilde, Hardy; Emmanuel, Fara; Rémi, Laffont; Jean-Louis, Dommergues; Christian, Meister; Pascal, Neige

1094. Pulmonary tuberculosis and delay in anti-tuberculous treatment are important risk factors for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. e37978页

作者:Chih-Hsin, Lee; Ming-Chia, Lee; Hsien-Ho, Lin; Chin-Chung, Shu; Jann-Yuan, Wang; Li-Na, Lee; Kun-Mao, Chao

1095. Food anticipatory activity behavior of mice across a wide range of circadian and non-circadian intervals. e37992页

作者:Matthew D, Luby; Cynthia T, Hsu; Scott A, Shuster; Christian M, Gallardo; Ralph E, Mistlberger; Oliver D, King; Andrew D, Steele

1096. Geminin is required for zygotic gene expression at the Xenopus mid-blastula transition. e38009页

作者:Sarah L, Kerns; Kathryn M, Schultz; Kelly A, Barry; Tina M, Thorne; Thomas J, McGarry

1097. Health-related quality of life in long-term survivors of relapsed childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. e38015页

作者:Stefan, Essig; Nicolas X, von der Weid; Marie-Pierre F, Strippoli; Cornelia E, Rebholz; Gisela, Michel; Corina S, Rueegg; Felix K, Niggli; Claudia E, Kuehni

1098. COPI is required for enterovirus 71 replication. e38035页

作者:Jianmin, Wang; Zhiqiang, Wu; Qi, Jin

1099. A policy-into-practice intervention to increase the uptake of evidence-based management of low back pain in primary care: a prospective cohort study. e38037页

作者:Helen, Slater; Stephanie Joy, Davies; Richard, Parsons; John Louis, Quintner; Stephan Alexander, Schug

1100. Exome sequencing and genetic testing for MODY. e38050页

作者:Stefan, Johansson; Henrik, Irgens; Kishan K, Chudasama; Janne, Molnes; Jan, Aerts; Francisco S, Roque; Inge, Jonassen; Shawn, Levy; Kari, Lima; Per M, Knappskog; Graeme I, Bell; Anders, Molven; P?l R, Nj?lstad

1101. Respiratory syncytial virus matrix protein induces lung epithelial cell cycle arrest through a p53 dependent pathway. e38052页

作者:Tao, Bian; John D, Gibbs; Claes, ?rvell; Farhad, Imani

1102. Cdc42-dependent activation of NADPH oxidase is involved in ethanol-induced neuronal oxidative stress. e38075页

作者:Xin, Wang; Zunji, Ke; Gang, Chen; Mei, Xu; Kimberly A, Bower; Jacqueline A, Frank; Zhuo, Zhang; Xianglin, Shi; Jia, Luo

1103. Frailty and its impact on health-related quality of life: a cross-sectional study on elder community-dwelling preventive health service users. e38079页

作者:Yaw-Wen, Chang; Wei-Liang, Chen; Fu-Gong, Lin; Wen-Hui, Fang; Ming-Yung, Yen; Chia-Chuan, Hsieh; Tung-Wei, Kao

1105. Interactions between surround suppression and interocular suppression in human vision. e38093页

作者:Yong-Chun, Cai; Shena, Lu; Chao-Yi, Li

1106. Pathogenicity of aseptic Bursaphelenchus xylophilus. e38095页

作者:Li-hua, Zhu; Jianren, Ye; Sapna, Negi; Xu-ling, Xu; Zhang-li, Wang; Jin-yi, Ji

1107. Three-dimensional, tomographic super-resolution fluorescence imaging of serially sectioned thick samples. e38098页

作者:Siddharth, Nanguneri; Benjamin, Flottmann; Heinz, Horstmann; Mike, Heilemann; Thomas, Kuner

1108. Effect of spermidine on misfolding and interactions of alpha-synuclein. e38099页

作者:Alexey V, Krasnoslobodtsev; Jie, Peng; Josephat M, Asiago; Jagadish, Hindupur; Jean-Christophe, Rochet; Yuri L, Lyubchenko

1109. Comparative analysis of PvPAP gene family and their functions in response to phosphorus deficiency in common bean. e38106页

作者:Cuiyue, Liang; Lili, Sun; Zhufang, Yao; Hong, Liao; Jiang, Tian

1110. The epitope and neutralization mechanism of AVFluIgG01, a broad-reactive human monoclonal antibody against H5N1 influenza virus. e38126页

作者:Zhiliang, Cao; Jiazi, Meng; Xingxing, Li; Ruiping, Wu; Yanxin, Huang; Yuxian, He

1111. Inhibition of neuroblastoma tumor growth by targeted delivery of microRNA-34a using anti-disialoganglioside GD2 coated nanoparticles. e38129页

作者:Amanda, Tivnan; Wayne Shannon, Orr; Vladimir, Gubala; Robert, Nooney; David E, Williams; Colette, McDonagh; Suzanne, Prenter; Harry, Harvey; Raquel, Domingo-Fernández; Isabella M, Bray; Olga, Piskareva; Catherine Y, Ng; Holger N, Lode; Andrew M, Davidoff; Raymond L, Stallings

1112. Responsive electrical stimulation suppresses epileptic seizures in rats. e38141页

作者:Lei, Wang; Heng, Guo; Xiao, Yu; Shouyan, Wang; Canhua, Xu; Feng, Fu; Xiaorong, Jing; Hua, Zhang; Xiuzhen, Dong

1113. 2D and 3D-organized cardiac cells shows differences in cellular morphology, adhesion junctions, presence of myofibrils and protein expression. e38147页

作者:Carolina, Pontes Soares; Victor, Midlej; Maria Eduarda Weschollek, de Oliveira; Marlene, Benchimol; Manoel Luis, Costa; Cláudia, Mermelstein

1114. Functional interaction between human papillomavirus type 16 E6 and E7 oncoproteins and cigarette smoke components in lung epithelial cells. e38178页

作者:Juan Pablo, Mu?oz; Carolina, González; Bárbara, Parra; Alejandro H, Corvalán; Maria Lina, Tornesello; Yoshito, Eizuru; Francisco, Aguayo

1116. Membrane-bound TNF induces protective immune responses to M. bovis BCG infection: regulation of memTNF and TNF receptors comparing two memTNF molecules. e31469页

作者:Maria L, Olleros; Dominique, Vesin; Ruth, Bisig; Marie-Laure, Santiago-Raber; Sonia, Schuepbach-Mallepell; George, Kollias; Olivier, Gaide; Irene, Garcia

1117. Passive auditory stimulation improves vision in hemianopia. e31603页

作者:J?rg, Lewald; Martin, Tegenthoff; S?ren, Peters; Markus, Hausmann

1118. The Mice Drawer System (MDS) experiment and the space endurance record-breaking mice. e32243页

作者:Ranieri, Cancedda; Yi, Liu; Alessandra, Ruggiu; Sara, Tavella; Roberta, Biticchi; Daniela, Santucci; Silvia, Schwartz; Paolo, Ciparelli; Giancarlo, Falcetti; Chiara, Tenconi; Vittorio, Cotronei; Salvatore, Pignataro

1119. Convergent evidence from mouse and human studies suggests the involvement of zinc finger protein 326 gene in antidepressant treatment response. e32984页

作者:Ying-Jay, Liou; Chien-Hsiun, Chen; Chih-Ya, Cheng; Shiow-Yi, Chen; Tai-Jui, Chen; Younger W-Y, Yu; Fang-Shin, Nian; Shih-Jen, Tsai; Chen-Jee, Hong

1120. Breast cancer 1 (BrCa1) may be behind decreased lipogenesis in adipose tissue from obese subjects. e33233页

作者:Francisco J, Ortega; José M, Moreno-Navarrete; Dolores, Mayas; Eva, García-Santos; María, Gómez-Serrano; José I, Rodriguez-Hermosa; Bartomeu, Ruiz; Wifredo, Ricart; Francisco J, Tinahones; Gema, Frühbeck; Belen, Peral; José M, Fernández-Real

1121. Evolution and association analysis of Ghd7 in rice. e34021页

作者:Li, Lu; Wenhao, Yan; Weiya, Xue; Di, Shao; Yongzhong, Xing

1122. Estimating the richness of a population when the maximum number of classes is fixed: a nonparametric solution to an archaeological problem. e34179页

作者:Metin I, Eren; Anne, Chao; Wen-Han, Hwang; Robert K, Colwell

1123. Glycans in sera of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients and their role in killing neuronal cells. e35772页

作者:Meital, Edri-Brami; Benyamin, Rosental; Dana, Hayoun; Michael, Welt; Hila, Rosen; Itzhak, Wirguin; Beatrice, Nefussy; Vivian E, Drory; Angel, Porgador; Rachel G, Lichtenstein

1124. Tumour cell generation of inducible regulatory T-cells in multiple myeloma is contact-dependent and antigen-presenting cell-independent. e35981页

作者:Sylvia, Feyler; Gina B, Scott; Christopher, Parrish; Sarah, Jarmin; Paul, Evans; Mike, Short; Katherine, McKinley; Peter J, Selby; Gordon, Cook

1125. Modulation of human mesenchymal stem cell immunogenicity through forced expression of human cytomegalovirus us proteins. e36163页

作者:Melisa A, Soland; Mariana G, Bego; Evan, Colletti; Christopher D, Porada; Esmail D, Zanjani; Stephen, St Jeor; Gra?a, Almeida-Porada

1126. An assessment of the impact of hafting on Paleoindian point variability. e36364页

作者:Briggs, Buchanan; Michael J, O'Brien; J David, Kilby; Bruce B, Huckell; Mark, Collard

1127. Protection of Spanish Ibex (Capra pyrenaica) against Bluetongue virus serotypes 1 and 8 in a subclinical experimental infection. e36380页

作者:Cristina, Lorca-Oró; Joan, Pujols; Ignacio, García-Bocanegra; Gregorio, Mentaberre; José Enrique, Granados; David, Solanes; Paulino, Fandos; Iván, Galindo; Mariano, Domingo; Santiago, Lavín; Jorge Ramón, López-Olvera

1128. Nicotinic receptor Alpha7 expression during tooth morphogenesis reveals functional pleiotropy. e36467页

作者:Scott W, Rogers; Lorise C, Gahring

1129. Genome-wide expression analysis identifies a modulator of ionizing radiation-induced p53-independent apoptosis in Drosophila melanogaster. e36539页

作者:Petra, van Bergeijk; Joseph, Heimiller; Lyle, Uyetake; Tin Tin, Su

1130. Functional morphometric analysis of the furcula in mesozoic birds. e36664页

作者:Roger A, Close; Emily J, Rayfield

1131. Rituximab for children with immune thrombocytopenia: a systematic review. e36698页

作者:Yi, Liang; Lingli, Zhang; Ju, Gao; Die, Hu; Yuan, Ai

1132. 14-3-3ε Is required for germ cell migration in Drosophila. e36702页

作者:K Kirki, Tsigkari; Summer F, Acevedo; Efthimios M C, Skoulakis

1133. A kinematic approach for efficient and robust simulation of the cardiac beating motion. e36706页

作者:Takashi, Ijiri; Takashi, Ashihara; Nobuyuki, Umetani; Takeo, Igarashi; Ryo, Haraguchi; Hideo, Yokota; Kazuo, Nakazawa

1134. A general strategy to endow natural fusion-protein-derived peptides with potent antiviral activity. e36833页

作者:Antonello, Pessi; Annunziata, Langella; Elena, Capitò; Silvia, Ghezzi; Elisa, Vicenzi; Guido, Poli; Thomas, Ketas; Cyrille, Mathieu; Riccardo, Cortese; Branka, Horvat; Anne, Moscona; Matteo, Porotto

1135. Cloning and functional studies of a splice variant of CYP26B1 expressed in vascular cells. e36839页

作者:Ali Ateia, Elmabsout; Ashok, Kumawat; Patricia, Saenz-Méndez; Olesya, Krivospitskaya; Helena, S?venstrand; Peder S, Olofsson; Leif A, Eriksson; Ake, Strid; Guro, Valen; Hans, T?rm?; Allan, Sirsj?

1136. Retinal axonal loss begins early in the course of multiple sclerosis and is similar between progressive phenotypes. e36847页

作者:Jeffrey M, Gelfand; Douglas S, Goodin; W John, Boscardin; Rachel, Nolan; Ami, Cuneo; Ari J, Green

1137. A new saurolophine dinosaur from the latest cretaceous of far Eastern Russia. e36849页

作者:Pascal, Godefroit; Yuri L, Bolotsky; Pascaline, Lauters

1138. Mentalizing deficits constrain belief in a personal God. e36880页

作者:Ara, Norenzayan; Will M, Gervais; Kali H, Trzesniewski

1139. Limb-bone scaling indicates diverse stance and gait in quadrupedal ornithischian dinosaurs. e36904页

作者:Susannah C R, Maidment; Deborah H, Linton; Paul, Upchurch; Paul M, Barrett

1140. Tea consumption and incidence of type 2 diabetes in Europe: the EPIC-InterAct case-cohort study. e36910页

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1141. Non-stimulated, agonist-stimulated and store-operated Ca2+ influx in MDA-MB-468 breast cancer cells and the effect of EGF-induced EMT on calcium entry. e36923页

作者:Felicity M, Davis; Amelia A, Peters; Desma M, Grice; Peter J, Cabot; Marie-Odile, Parat; Sarah J, Roberts-Thomson; Gregory R, Monteith

1142. Physiological levels of Pik3ca(H1047R) mutation in the mouse mammary gland results in ductal hyperplasia and formation of ERα-positive tumors. e36924页

作者:Anjali, Tikoo; Vincent, Roh; Karen G, Montgomery; Ivan, Ivetac; Paul, Waring; Rebecca, Pelzer; Lauren, Hare; Mark, Shackleton; Patrick, Humbert; Wayne A, Phillips

1143. Conserving critical sites for biodiversity provides disproportionate benefits to people. e36971页

作者:Frank W, Larsen; Will R, Turner; Thomas M, Brooks

1144. Second-line antiretroviral therapy in a workplace and community-based treatment programme in South Africa: determinants of virological outcome. e36997页

作者:Victoria, Johnston; Katherine, Fielding; Salome, Charalambous; Mildred, Mampho; Gavin, Churchyard; Andrew, Phillips; Alison D, Grant

1145. A tale of many cities: universal patterns in human urban mobility. e37027页

作者:Anastasios, Noulas; Salvatore, Scellato; Renaud, Lambiotte; Massimiliano, Pontil; Cecilia, Mascolo

1146. Ebi/AP-1 suppresses pro-apoptotic genes expression and permits long-term survival of Drosophila sensory neurons. e37028页

作者:Young-Mi, Lim; Shigeo, Hayashi; Leo, Tsuda

1147. Multifunctional role of Bcl-2 in malignant transformation and tumorigenesis of Cr(VI)-transformed lung cells. e37045页

作者:Djordje, Medan; Sudjit, Luanpitpong; Neelam, Azad; Liying, Wang; Bing-Hua, Jiang; Mary E, Davis; John B, Barnett; Lan, Guo; Yon, Rojanasakul

1148. Autoimmunity in CD73/Ecto-5'-nucleotidase deficient mice induces renal injury. e37100页

作者:Cornelia, Blume; Agnieszka, Felix; Nelli, Shushakova; Faikah, Gueler; Christine Susanne, Falk; Hermann, Haller; Juergen, Schrader

1149. Socioeconomic inequalities in the prevalence of nine established cardiovascular risk factors in a southern European population. e37158页

作者:Luís, Alves; Ana, Azevedo; Susana, Silva; Henrique, Barros

1150. In vivo importance of homologous recombination DNA repair for mouse neural stem and progenitor cells. e37194页

作者:Laure, Rousseau; Olivier, Etienne; Telma, Roque; Chantal, Desmaze; Céline, Haton; Marc-André, Mouthon; Jacqueline, Bernardino-Sgherri; Jeroen, Essers; Roland, Kanaar; Fran?ois D, Boussin

1151. Transcriptomic characterization of temperature stress responses in larval zebrafish. e37209页

作者:Yong, Long; Linchun, Li; Qing, Li; Xiaozhen, He; Zongbin, Cui

1152. Dihydroartemisinin enhances Apo2L/TRAIL-mediated apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cells via ROS-mediated up-regulation of death receptor 5. e37222页

作者:Rui, Kong; Guang, Jia; Zhuo-xin, Cheng; Yong-wei, Wang; Ming, Mu; Shuang-jia, Wang; Shang-ha, Pan; Yue, Gao; Hong-chi, Jiang; De-li, Dong; Bei, Sun

1153. Isolation and characterisation of a human-like antibody fragment (scFv) that inactivates VEEV in vitro and in vivo. e37242页

作者:Torsten, Rülker; Luzie, Vo?; Philippe, Thullier; Lyn M, O' Brien; Thibaut, Pelat; Stuart D, Perkins; Claudia, Langermann; Thomas, Schirrmann; Stefan, Dübel; Hans-Jürgen, Marschall; Michael, Hust; Birgit, Hülseweh

1154. An individual-oriented model on the emergence of support in fights, its reciprocation and exchange. e37271页

作者:Charlotte K, Hemelrijk; Ivan, Puga-Gonzalez

1155. Towards operational modeling and forecasting of the Iberian shelves ecosystem. e37343页

作者:Martinho, Marta-Almeida; Rosa, Reboreda; Carlos, Rocha; Jesus, Dubert; Rita, Nolasco; Nuno, Cordeiro; Tiago, Luna; Alfredo, Rocha; Jo?o D, Lencart E Silva; Henrique, Queiroga; Alvaro, Peliz; Manuel, Ruiz-Villarreal

1156. Evaluation of a rapid test for the diagnosis of cholera in the absence of a gold standard. e37360页

作者:Anne-Laure, Page; Kathryn P, Alberti; Vital, Mondonge; Jean, Rauzier; Marie-Laure, Quilici; Philippe J, Guerin

1157. Influence of neonatal hypothyroidism on hepatic gene expression and lipid metabolism in adulthood. e37386页

作者:Ruymán, Santana-Farré; Mercedes, Mirecki-Garrido; Carlos, Bocos; Luis A, Henríquez-Hernández; Nusrat, Kahlon; Emilio, Herrera; Gunnar, Norstedt; Paolo, Parini; Amilcar, Flores-Morales; Leandro, Fernández-Pérez

1158. Artificial polyploidy improves bacterial single cell genome recovery. e37387页

作者:Armand E K, Dichosa; Michael S, Fitzsimons; Chien-Chi, Lo; Lea L, Weston; Lara G, Preteska; Jeremy P, Snook; Xiaojing, Zhang; Wei, Gu; Kim, McMurry; Lance D, Green; Patrick S, Chain; J Chris, Detter; Cliff S, Han

1160. Stable isotope tracking of endangered sea turtles: validation with satellite telemetry and δ15N analysis of amino acids. e37403页

作者:Jeffrey A, Seminoff; Scott R, Benson; Karen E, Arthur; Tomoharu, Eguchi; Peter H, Dutton; Ricardo F, Tapilatu; Brian N, Popp

1161. Metamorphosis in the cirripede crustacean Balanus amphitrite. e37408页

作者:Diego, Maruzzo; Nick, Aldred; Anthony S, Clare; Jens T, H?eg

1162. Citrulline a more suitable substrate than arginine to restore NO production and the microcirculation during endotoxemia. e37439页

作者:Karolina A P, Wijnands; Hans, Vink; Jacob J, Briedé; Ernst E, van Faassen; Wouter H, Lamers; Wim A, Buurman; Martijn, Poeze

1163. Antiretroviral simplification with darunavir/ritonavir monotherapy in routine clinical practice: safety, effectiveness, and impact on lipid profile. e37442页

作者:José R, Santos; José, Moltó; Josep M, Llibre; Eugenia, Negredo; Isabel, Bravo; Arelly, Ornelas; Bonaventura, Clotet; Roger, Paredes

1164. Microtubule destabilization is shared by genetic and idiopathic Parkinson's disease patient fibroblasts. e37467页

作者:Daniele, Cartelli; Stefano, Goldwurm; Francesca, Casagrande; Gianni, Pezzoli; Graziella, Cappelletti

1165. Timescales of quartz crystallization and the longevity of the Bishop giant magma body. e37492页

作者:Guilherme A R, Gualda; Ayla S, Pamukcu; Mark S, Ghiorso; Alfred T, Anderson; Stephen R, Sutton; Mark L, Rivers

1166. Age-specific characteristics and coupling of cerebral arterial inflow and cerebrospinal fluid dynamics. e37502页

作者:Marianne, Schmid Daners; Verena, Knobloch; Michaela, Soellinger; Peter, Boesiger; Burkhardt, Seifert; Lino, Guzzella; Vartan, Kurtcuoglu

1167. Spatial correlations in attribute communities. e37507页

作者:Federica, Cerina; Vincenzo, De Leo; Marc, Barthelemy; Alessandro, Chessa

1168. Integrative taxonomy for continental-scale terrestrial insect observations. e37528页

作者:Cara M, Gibson; Rebecca H, Kao; Kali K, Blevins; Patrick D, Travers

1170. Chronic alcohol exposure alters behavioral and synaptic plasticity of the rodent prefrontal cortex. e37541页

作者:Sven, Kroener; Patrick J, Mulholland; Natasha N, New; Justin T, Gass; Howard C, Becker; L Judson, Chandler

1171. Intranasal "painless" human Nerve Growth Factor [corrected] slows amyloid neurodegeneration and prevents memory deficits in App X PS1 mice. e37555页

作者:Simona, Capsoni; Sara, Marinelli; Marcello, Ceci; Domenico, Vignone; Gianluca, Amato; Francesca, Malerba; Francesca, Paoletti; Giovanni, Meli; Alessandro, Viegi; Flaminia, Pavone; Antonino, Cattaneo

1172. White matter abnormalities in major depression: a tract-based spatial statistics and rumination study. e37561页

作者:Nianming, Zuo; Jiliang, Fang; Xueyu, Lv; Yuan, Zhou; Yang, Hong; Tao, Li; Haibing, Tong; Xiaoling, Wang; Weidong, Wang; Tianzi, Jiang

1173. Sarcopenia predicts early dose-limiting toxicities and pharmacokinetics of sorafenib in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma. e37563页

作者:Olivier, Mir; Romain, Coriat; Benoit, Blanchet; Jean-Philippe, Durand; Pascaline, Boudou-Rouquette; Judith, Michels; Stanislas, Ropert; Michel, Vidal; Stanislas, Pol; Stanislas, Chaussade; Fran?ois, Goldwasser

1175. Crosstalk between mitochondrial and sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ cycling modulates cardiac pacemaker cell automaticity. e37582页

作者:Yael, Yaniv; Harold A, Spurgeon; Alexey E, Lyashkov; Dongmei, Yang; Bruce D, Ziman; Victor A, Maltsev; Edward G, Lakatta

1176. Gene repertoire evolution of Streptococcus pyogenes inferred from phylogenomic analysis with Streptococcus canis and Streptococcus dysgalactiae. e37607页

作者:Tristan, Lefébure; Vince P, Richards; Ping, Lang; Paulina, Pavinski-Bitar; Michael J, Stanhope

1177. A systematic prediction of multiple drug-target interactions from chemical, genomic, and pharmacological data. e37608页

作者:Hua, Yu; Jianxin, Chen; Xue, Xu; Yan, Li; Huihui, Zhao; Yupeng, Fang; Xiuxiu, Li; Wei, Zhou; Wei, Wang; Yonghua, Wang

1178. Label-free enrichment of functional cardiomyocytes using microfluidic deterministic lateral flow displacement. e37619页

作者:Boyang, Zhang; James V, Green; Shashi K, Murthy; Milica, Radisic

1179. Fishery-induced selection for slow somatic growth in European eel. e37622页

作者:Daniele, Bevacqua; Fabrizio, Capoccioni; Paco, Melià; Simone, Vincenzi; José M, Pujolar; Giulio A, De Leo; Eleonora, Ciccotti

1180. A small fraction of strongly cooperative sodium channels boosts neuronal encoding of high frequencies. e37629页

作者:Min, Huang; Maxim, Volgushev; Fred, Wolf

1181. The integrative taxonomic approach reveals host specific species in an encyrtid parasitoid species complex. e37655页

作者:Douglas, Chesters; Ying, Wang; Fang, Yu; Ming, Bai; Tong-Xin, Zhang; Hao-Yuan, Hu; Chao-Dong, Zhu; Cheng-De, Li; Yan-Zhou, Zhang

1182. Overexpression of TRIM24 correlates with tumor progression in non-small cell lung cancer. e37657页

作者:Haiying, Li; Liangliang, Sun; Zhongping, Tang; Lin, Fu; Ying, Xu; Zixuan, Li; Wenting, Luo; Xueshan, Qiu; Enhua, Wang

1183. Translation of EEG spatial filters from resting to motor imagery using independent component analysis. e37665页

作者:Yijun, Wang; Yu-Te, Wang; Tzyy-Ping, Jung

1184. Visual scan paths and recognition of facial identity in autism spectrum disorder and typical development. e37681页

作者:C Ellie, Wilson; Romina, Palermo; Jon, Brock

1185. Active versus passive training of a complex bimanual task: is prescriptive proprioceptive information sufficient for inducing motor learning? e37687页

作者:Iseult A M, Beets; Marc, Macé; Raf L J, Meesen; Koen, Cuypers; Oron, Levin; Stephan P, Swinnen

1186. Modelling psychological responses to the Great East Japan earthquake and nuclear incident. e37690页

作者:Robin, Goodwin; Masahito, Takahashi; Shaojing, Sun; Stanley O, Gaines

1187. Triptolide inhibits the proliferation of prostate cancer cells and down-regulates SUMO-specific protease 1 expression. e37693页

作者:Weiwei, Huang; Tiantian, He; Chengsen, Chai; Yuan, Yang; Yahong, Zheng; Pei, Zhou; Xiaoxia, Qiao; Bin, Zhang; Zengzhen, Liu; Junru, Wang; Changhong, Shi; Liping, Lei; Kun, Gao; Hewei, Li; Sue, Zhong; Libo, Yao; Meng-Er, Huang; Ming, Lei

1188. Genus paracoccidioides: Species recognition and biogeographic aspects. e37694页

作者:Raquel Cordeiro, Theodoro; Marcus de Melo, Teixeira; Maria Sueli Soares, Felipe; Karina Dos Santos, Paduan; Paulo Martins, Ribolla; Gioconda, San-Blas; Eduardo, Bagagli

1189. Abnormal Wnt and PI3Kinase signaling in the malformed intestine of lama5 deficient mice. e37710页

作者:Léa, Ritié; Caroline, Spenlé; Jo?l, Lacroute; Anne-Laure, Bolcato-Bellemin; Olivier, Lefebvre; Christine, Bole-Feysot; Bernard, Jost; Annick, Klein; Christiane, Arnold; Michèle, Kedinger; Dominique, Bagnard; Gertraud, Orend; Patricia, Simon-Assmann

1190. Dynamic gene expression in the human cerebral cortex distinguishes children from adults. e37714页

作者:Kirstin N, Sterner; Amy, Weckle; Harry T, Chugani; Adi L, Tarca; Chet C, Sherwood; Patrick R, Hof; Christopher W, Kuzawa; Amy M, Boddy; Asad, Abbas; Ryan L, Raaum; Lucie, Grégoire; Leonard, Lipovich; Lawrence I, Grossman; Monica, Uddin; Morris, Goodman; Derek E, Wildman

1192. Gaussian mixture model of heart rate variability. e37731页

作者:Tommaso, Costa; Giuseppe, Boccignone; Mario, Ferraro

1193. Targeting a newly established spontaneous feline fibrosarcoma cell line by gene transfer. e37743页

作者:Rounak, Nande; Altomare, Di Benedetto; Pierpaolo, Aimola; Flavia, De Carlo; Miranda, Carper; Charlene D, Claudio; Jim, Denvir; Jagan, Valluri; Gary C, Duncan; Pier Paolo, Claudio

1194. Human movement is both diffusive and directed. e37754页

作者:Mark, Padgham

1195. Cell line specific modulation of extracellular aβ42 by Hsp40. e37755页

作者:Anna, Carnini; Lucas O M, Scott; Eva, Ahrendt; Juliane, Proft; Robert J, Winkfein; Sung-Woo, Kim; Michael A, Colicos; Janice E A, Braun

1196. Novel mechanism of action on Hedgehog signaling by a suppressor of fused carboxy terminal variant. e37761页

作者:Ulrica, Tostar; Csaba, Finta; Mohammed Ferdous-Ur, Rahman; Takashi, Shimokawa; Peter G, Zaphiropoulos

1197. Expression of Toll-like receptors in the developing brain. e37767页

作者:David, Kaul; Piet, Habbel; Katja, Derkow; Christina, Krüger; Eleonora, Franzoni; F Gregory, Wulczyn; Stefan, Bereswill; Robert, Nitsch; Eckart, Schott; Rüdiger, Veh; Thomas, Naumann; Seija, Lehnardt

1198. Immune and viral correlates of "secondary viral control" after treatment interruption in chronically HIV-1 infected patients. e37792页

作者:Ellen, Van Gulck; Lotte, Bracke; Leo, Heyndrickx; Sandra, Coppens; Derek, Atkinson; Céline, Merlin; Alexander, Pasternak; Eric, Florence; Guido, Vanham

1199. Bacterial communities in the sediments of Dianchi Lake, a partitioned eutrophic waterbody in China. e37796页

作者:Yaohui, Bai; Qing, Shi; Donghui, Wen; Zongxun, Li; William A, Jefferson; Chuanping, Feng; Xiaoyan, Tang

1200. ILK induces cardiomyogenesis in the human heart. e37802页

作者:Alexandra, Traister; Shabana, Aafaqi; Stephane, Masse; Xiaojing, Dai; Mark, Li; Aleksander, Hinek; Kumaraswamy, Nanthakumar; Gregory, Hannigan; John G, Coles

1201. Functional implications of species differences in the size and morphology of the isthmo optic nucleus (ION) in birds. e37816页

作者:Cristián, Gutiérrez-Ibá?ez; Andrew N, Iwaniuk; Thomas J, Lisney; Macarena, Faunes; Gonzalo J, Marín; Douglas R, Wylie

1202. Analysis of dehydration and strength in elite badminton players. e37821页

作者:Javier, Abián-Vicén; Juan, Del Coso; Cristina, González-Millán; Juan José, Salinero; Pablo, Abián

1203. Resting-state multi-spectrum functional connectivity networks for identification of MCI patients. e37828页

作者:Chong-Yaw, Wee; Pew-Thian, Yap; Kevin, Denny; Jeffrey N, Browndyke; Guy G, Potter; Kathleen A, Welsh-Bohmer; Lihong, Wang; Dinggang, Shen

1204. Spontaneous prediction error generation in schizophrenia. e37843页

作者:Yuichi, Yamashita; Jun, Tani

1205. Tumor necrosis factor-α induced protein 8 polymorphism and risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in a Chinese population: a case-control study. e37846页

作者:Yan, Zhang; Meng-Yun, Wang; Jing, He; Jiu-Cun, Wang; Ya-Jun, Yang; Li, Jin; Zhi-Yu, Chen; Xue-Jun, Ma; Meng-Hong, Sun; Kai-Qin, Xia; Xiao-Nan, Hong; Qing-Yi, Wei; Xiao-Yan, Zhou

1206. Office space bacterial abundance and diversity in three metropolitan areas. e37849页

作者:Krissi M, Hewitt; Charles P, Gerba; Sheri L, Maxwell; Scott T, Kelley

1207. Surgery for valvular heart disease: a population-based study in a Brazilian urban center. e37855页

作者:Guilherme S, Ribeiro; Sara Y, Tartof; Dalton W S, Oliveira; Aldalice C S, Guedes; Mitermayer G, Reis; Lee W, Riley; Albert I, Ko

1208. Ultra-deep pyrosequencing detects conserved genomic sites and quantifies linkage of drug-resistant amino acid changes in the hepatitis B virus genome. e37874页

作者:Francisco, Rodriguez-Frías; David, Tabernero; Josep, Quer; Juan I, Esteban; Israel, Ortega; Esteban, Domingo; Maria, Cubero; Sílvia, Camós; Carles, Ferrer-Costa; Alex, Sánchez; Rosendo, Jardí; Melanie, Schaper; Maria, Homs; Damir, Garcia-Cehic; Jaume, Guardia; Rafael, Esteban; Maria, Buti

1209. Glial processes at the Drosophila larval neuromuscular junction match synaptic growth. e37876页

作者:Deidre L, Brink; Mary, Gilbert; Xiaojun, Xie; Lindsay, Petley-Ragan; Vanessa J, Auld

1210. ZyFISH: a simple, rapid and reliable zygosity assay for transgenic mice. e37881页

作者:Donal, McHugh; Tracy, O'Connor; Juliane, Bremer; Adriano, Aguzzi

1211. Adverse metabolic response to regular exercise: is it a rare or common occurrence? e37887页

作者:Claude, Bouchard; Steven N, Blair; Timothy S, Church; Conrad P, Earnest; James M, Hagberg; Keijo, H?kkinen; Nathan T, Jenkins; Laura, Karavirta; William E, Kraus; Arthur S, Leon; D C, Rao; Mark A, Sarzynski; James S, Skinner; Cris A, Slentz; Tuomo, Rankinen

1212. Dioxin induces genomic instability in mouse embryonic fibroblasts. e37895页

作者:Merja, Korkalainen; Katriina, Huumonen; Jonne, Naarala; Matti, Viluksela; Jukka, Juutilainen

1213. Synthesis and biological evaluation of phenanthrenes as cytotoxic agents with pharmacophore modeling and ChemGPS-NP prediction as topo II inhibitors. e37897页

作者:Chia-Lin, Lee; Ying-Ting, Lin; Fang-Rong, Chang; Guan-Yu, Chen; Anders, Backlund; Juan-Chang, Yang; Shu-Li, Chen; Yang-Chang, Wu

1214. Adaptation to visual feedback delay influences visuomotor learning. e37900页

作者:Takuya, Honda; Masaya, Hirashima; Daichi, Nozaki

1215. Gender differences of brain activity in the conflicts based on implicit self-esteem. e37901页

作者:Reiko, Miyamoto; Yoshiaki, Kikuchi

1216. River dolphins can act as population trend indicators in degraded freshwater systems. e37902页

作者:Samuel T, Turvey; Claire L, Risley; Leigh A, Barrett; Hao, Yujiang; Wang, Ding

1217. An X chromosome association scan of the Norfolk Island genetic isolate provides evidence for a novel migraine susceptibility locus at Xq12. e37903页

作者:Bridget H, Maher; Rod A, Lea; Miles, Benton; Hannah C, Cox; Claire, Bellis; Melanie, Carless; Thomas D, Dyer; Joanne, Curran; Jac C, Charlesworth; Julie E, Buring; Tobias, Kurth; Daniel I, Chasman; Paul M, Ridker; Markus, Schürks; John, Blangero; Lyn R, Griffiths

1218. Stress-induced changes of hippocampal NMDA receptors: modulation by duloxetine treatment. e37916页

作者:Francesca, Calabrese; Gianluigi, Guidotti; Raffaella, Molteni; Giorgio, Racagni; Michele, Mancini; Marco Andrea, Riva

1219. Flexibility in MuA transposase family protein structures: functional mapping with scanning mutagenesis and sequence alignment of protein homologues. e37922页

作者:Tiina S, Rasila; Mauno, Vihinen; Lars, Paulin; Saija, Haapa-Paananen; Harri, Savilahti

1220. Household possession and use of insecticide-treated mosquito nets in Sierra Leone 6 months after a national mass-distribution campaign. e37927页

作者:Adam, Bennett; Samuel Juana, Smith; Sahr, Yambasu; Amara, Jambai; Wondimagegnehu, Alemu; Augustin, Kabano; Thomas P, Eisele

1221. Prenatal famine and genetic variation are independently and additively associated with DNA methylation at regulatory loci within IGF2/H19. e37933页

作者:Elmar W, Tobi; P Eline, Slagboom; Jenny, van Dongen; Dennis, Kremer; Aryeh D, Stein; Hein, Putter; Bastiaan T, Heijmans; L H, Lumey

1222. Biophysical characterization of the strong stabilization of the RNA triplex poly(U)?poly(A)*poly(U) by 9-O-(ω-amino) alkyl ether berberine analogs. e37939页

作者:Debipreeta, Bhowmik; Suman, Das; Maidul, Hossain; Lucy, Haq; Gopinatha, Suresh Kumar

1223. A high throughput screen identifies Nefopam as targeting cell proliferation in β-catenin driven neoplastic and reactive fibroproliferative disorders. e37940页

作者:Raymond, Poon; Helen, Hong; Xin, Wei; James, Pan; Benjamin A, Alman

1224. Targeting melanoma metastasis and immunosuppression with a new mode of melanoma inhibitory activity (MIA) protein inhibition. e37941页

作者:Jennifer, Schmidt; Alexander, Riechers; Raphael, Stoll; Thomas, Amann; Florian, Fink; Thilo, Spruss; Wolfram, Gronwald; Burkhard, K?nig; Claus, Hellerbrand; Anja Katrin, Bosserhoff

1225. Green tea polyphenol EGCG sensing motif on the 67-kDa laminin receptor. e37942页

作者:Yoshinori, Fujimura; Mami, Sumida; Kaori, Sugihara; Shuntaro, Tsukamoto; Koji, Yamada; Hirofumi, Tachibana

1226. 8q24 Cancer risk allele associated with major metastatic risk in inflammatory breast cancer. e37943页

作者:Fran?ois, Bertucci; Arnaud, Lagarde; Anthony, Ferrari; Pascal, Finetti; Emmanuelle, Charafe-Jauffret; Steven, Van Laere; José, Adelaide; Patrice, Viens; Gilles, Thomas; Daniel, Birnbaum; Sylviane, Olschwang

1227. Spare PRELI gene loci: failsafe chromosome insurance? e37949页

作者:Wenbin, Ma; Morgan R, McKeller; Roberto, Rangel; Blanca, Ortiz-Quintero; Michael R, Blackburn; Hector, Martinez-Valdez

1229. ADP-ribosylation factor 6 expression and activation are reduced in myometrium in complicated pregnancies. e37954页

作者:Venkateswarlu, Kanamarlapudi; Sian E, Owens; Jon, Lartey; Andrés, López Bernal

1230. Believing and perceiving: authorship belief modulates sensory attenuation. e37959页

作者:Andrea, Desantis; Carmen, Weiss; Simone, Schütz-Bosbach; Florian, Waszak

1231. Do musicians with perfect pitch have more autism traits than musicians without perfect pitch? An empirical study. e37961页

作者:Anders, Dohn; Eduardo A, Garza-Villarreal; Pamela, Heaton; Peter, Vuust

1232. Experimental inoculation of juvenile rhesus macaques with primate enteric caliciviruses. e37973页

作者:Karol, Sestak; Stephanie, Feely; Brittney, Fey; Jason, Dufour; Edwin, Hargitt; Xavier, Alvarez; Bapi, Pahar; Nicole, Gregoricus; Jan, Vinjé; Tibor, Farkas

1233. Modelling the genetic risk in age-related macular degeneration. e37979页

作者:Felix, Grassmann; Lars G, Fritsche; Claudia N, Keilhauer; Iris M, Heid; Bernhard H F, Weber

1234. Genetic analyses of heme oxygenase 1 (HMOX1) in different forms of pancreatitis. e37981页

作者:Sebastian, Weis; Moritz, Jesinghaus; Peter, Kovacs; Dorit, Schleinitz; Robert, Schober; Claudia, Ruffert; Max, Herms; Henning, Wittenburg; Michael, Stumvoll; Matthias, Blüher; Robert, Grützmann; Hans-Ulrich, Schulz; Volker, Keim; Joachim, M?ssner; Peter, Bugert; Heiko, Witt; Joost P H, Drenth; Knut, Krohn; Jonas, Rosendahl

1235. FOX-2 dependent splicing of ataxin-2 transcript is affected by ataxin-1 overexpression. e37985页

作者:Franziska, Welzel; Christian, Kaehler; Melanie, Isau; Linda, Hallen; Hans, Lehrach; Sylvia, Krobitsch

1236. Relation of IL28B gene polymorphism with biochemical and histological features in hepatitis C virus-induced liver disease. e37998页

作者:José A, Agúndez; Elena, García-Martin; María L, Maestro; Francisca, Cuenca; Carmen, Martínez; Luis, Ortega; Miguel, Carballo; Marta, Vidaurreta; Marta, Agreda; Gabriela, Díaz-Zelaya; Avelina, Suárez; Manuel, Díaz-Rubio; José M, Ladero

1237. Retigeric acid B exhibits antitumor activity through suppression of nuclear factor-κB signaling in prostate cancer cells in vitro and in vivo. e38000页

作者:Yong-Qing, Liu; Xiao-Yan, Hu; Tao, Lu; Yan-Na, Cheng; Charles Y F, Young; Hui-Qing, Yuan; Hong-Xiang, Lou

1238. Between a rock and a hard place: habitat selection in female-calf humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) Pairs on the Hawaiian breeding grounds. e38004页

作者:Rachel, Cartwright; Blake, Gillespie; Kristen, Labonte; Terence, Mangold; Amy, Venema; Kevin, Eden; Matthew, Sullivan

1239. Hierarchical multi-species modeling of carnivore responses to hunting, habitat and prey in a West African protected area. e38007页

作者:A Cole, Burton; Moses K, Sam; Cletus, Balangtaa; Justin S, Brashares

1241. Coauthorship and institutional collaborations on cost-effectiveness analyses: a systematic network analysis. e38012页

作者:Ferrán, Catalá-López; Adolfo, Alonso-Arroyo; Rafael, Aleixandre-Benavent; Manuel, Ridao; Máxima, Bola?os; Anna, García-Altés; Gabriel, Sanfélix-Gimeno; Salvador, Peiró

1242. 1B/(-)IRE DMT1 expression during brain ischemia contributes to cell death mediated by NF-κB/RelA acetylation at Lys310. e38019页

作者:Rosaria, Ingrassia; Annamaria, Lanzillotta; Ilenia, Sarnico; Marina, Benarese; Francesco, Blasi; Laura, Borgese; Fabjola, Bilo; Laura, Depero; Alberto, Chiarugi; Pier Franco, Spano; Marina, Pizzi

1243. Weight gain is associated with medial contact site of subthalamic stimulation in Parkinson's disease. e38020页

作者:Filip, R??i?ka; Robert, Jech; Lucie, Nováková; Du?an, Urgo?ík; Josef, Vymazal; Ev?en, R??i?ka

1244. What was I thinking? Eye-tracking experiments underscore the bias that architecture exerts on nuclear grading in prostate cancer. e38023页

作者:Dario, Bombari; Braulio, Mora; Stephan C, Schaefer; Fred W, Mast; Hans-Anton, Lehr

1245. Fractionation of a herbal antidiarrheal medicine reveals eugenol as an inhibitor of Ca2+-Activated Cl- channel TMEM16A. e38030页

作者:Zhen, Yao; Wan, Namkung; Eun A, Ko; Jinhong, Park; Lukmanee, Tradtrantip; A S, Verkman

1246. Ubiquitous [Na+]i/[K+]i-sensitive transcriptome in mammalian cells: evidence for Ca(2+)i-independent excitation-transcription coupling. e38032页

作者:Svetlana V, Koltsova; Yulia, Trushina; Mounsif, Haloui; Olga A, Akimova; Johanne, Tremblay; Pavel, Hamet; Sergei N, Orlov

1247. Lack of correlation between outcomes of membrane repair assay and correction of dystrophic changes in experimental therapeutic strategy in dysferlinopathy. e38036页

作者:William, Lostal; Marc, Bartoli; Carinne, Roudaut; Nathalie, Bourg; Martin, Krahn; Marina, Pryadkina; Perrine, Borel; Laurence, Suel; Joseph A, Roche; Daniel, Stockholm; Robert J, Bloch; Nicolas, Levy; Rumaisa, Bashir; Isabelle, Richard

1248. Phylogenetic analysis of a spontaneous cocoa bean fermentation metagenome reveals new insights into its bacterial and fungal community diversity. e38040页

作者:Koen, Illeghems; Luc, De Vuyst; Zoi, Papalexandratou; Stefan, Weckx

1250. Dynamics of multiple trafficking behaviors of individual synaptic vesicles revealed by quantum-dot based presynaptic probe. e38045页

作者:Suho, Lee; Kyung Jin, Jung; Hyun Suk, Jung; Sunghoe, Chang

1251. Folic acid transport to the human fetus is decreased in pregnancies with chronic alcohol exposure. e38057页

作者:Janine R, Hutson; Brenda, Stade; Denis C, Lehotay; Christine P, Collier; Bhushan M, Kapur

1252. Mosquito, bird and human surveillance of West Nile and Usutu viruses in Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy) in 2010. e38058页

作者:Mattia, Calzolari; Paolo, Gaibani; Romeo, Bellini; Francesco, Defilippo; Anna, Pierro; Alessandro, Albieri; Giulia, Maioli; Andrea, Luppi; Giada, Rossini; Agnese, Balzani; Marco, Tamba; Giorgio, Galletti; Antonio, Gelati; Marco, Carrieri; Giovanni, Poglayen; Francesca, Cavrini; Silvano, Natalini; Michele, Dottori; Vittorio, Sambri; Paola, Angelini; Paolo, Bonilauri

1253. A DNA barcode library for North American Ephemeroptera: progress and prospects. e38063页

作者:Jeffrey M, Webb; Luke M, Jacobus; David H, Funk; Xin, Zhou; Boris, Kondratieff; Christy J, Geraci; R Edward, DeWalt; Donald J, Baird; Barton, Richard; Iain, Phillips; Paul D N, Hebert

1254. Targeting antibody responses to the membrane proximal external region of the envelope glycoprotein of human immunodeficiency virus. e38068页

作者:Donatien, Kamdem Toukam; Matthias, Tenbusch; Alexander, Stang; Vladimir, Temchura; Michael, Storcksdieck Genannt Bonsmann; Bastian, Grewe; Stefanie, Koch; Andreas, Meyerhans; Godwin, Nchinda; Lazare, Kaptue; Klaus, Uberla

1255. A cost-effective transparency-based digital imaging for efficient and accurate wound area measurement. e38069页

作者:Pei-Nan, Li; Hong, Li; Mo-Li, Wu; Shou-Yu, Wang; Qing-You, Kong; Zhen, Zhang; Yuan, Sun; Jia, Liu; De-Cheng, Lv

1256. Organic farming and landscape structure: effects on insect-pollinated plant diversity in intensively managed grasslands. e38073页

作者:Eileen F, Power; Daniel L, Kelly; Jane C, Stout

1257. Down-regulation of neogenin accelerated glioma progression through promoter Methylation and its overexpression in SHG-44 Induced Apoptosis. e38074页

作者:Xinmin, Wu; Yunqian, Li; Xilin, Wan; Tabitha Mlowoka, Kayira; Rangjuan, Cao; Xingda, Ju; Xiaojuan, Zhu; Gang, Zhao

1258. Phage-induced expression of CRISPR-associated proteins is revealed by shotgun proteomics in Streptococcus thermophilus. e38077页

作者:Jacque C, Young; Brian D, Dill; Chongle, Pan; Robert L, Hettich; Jillian F, Banfield; Manesh, Shah; Christophe, Fremaux; Philippe, Horvath; Rodolphe, Barrangou; Nathan C, Verberkmoes

1259. Discriminating active from latent tuberculosis in patients presenting to community clinics. e38080页

作者:Gurjinder, Sandhu; Francesca, Battaglia; Barry K, Ely; Dimitrios, Athanasakis; Rosario, Montoya; Teresa, Valencia; Robert H, Gilman; Carlton A, Evans; Jon S, Friedland; Delmiro, Fernandez-Reyes; Daniel D, Agranoff

1260. Functional dissociation of ongoing oscillatory brain states. e38090页

作者:Neda, Salari; Christian, Büchel; Michael, Rose

1261. High-throughput sequencing of 16S rRNA gene amplicons: effects of extraction procedure, primer length and annealing temperature. e38094页

作者:Martin J, Sergeant; Chrystala, Constantinidou; Tristan, Cogan; Charles W, Penn; Mark J, Pallen

1262. In vitro and in vivo anti-angiogenic activities of Panduratin A. e38103页

作者:Siew-Li, Lai; Shiau-Chuen, Cheah; Pooi-Fong, Wong; Suzita Mohd, Noor; Mohd Rais, Mustafa

1263. The smell of age: perception and discrimination of body odors of different ages. e38110页

作者:Susanna, Mitro; Amy R, Gordon; Mats J, Olsson; Johan N, Lundstr?m

1264. An in situ autologous tumor vaccination with combined radiation therapy and TLR9 agonist therapy. e38111页

作者:Huagang, Zhang; Laibin, Liu; Dong, Yu; Ekambar R, Kandimalla; Hui Bin, Sun; Sudhir, Agrawal; Chandan, Guha

1265. Comparing the invasibility of experimental "reefs" with field observations of natural reefs and artificial structures. e38124页

作者:Katherine A, Dafforn; Tim M, Glasby; Emma L, Johnston

1266. ANKRD26 and its interacting partners TRIO, GPS2, HMMR and DIPA regulate adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 cells. e38130页

作者:Xiu-Fen, Liu; Tapan K, Bera; Charissa, Kahue; Thelma, Escobar; Zhaoliang, Fei; Gregory A, Raciti; Ira, Pastan

1267. Variance and autocorrelation of the spontaneous slow brain activity. e38131页

作者:Yoshiki, Kaneoke; Tomohiro, Donishi; Jun, Iwatani; Satoshi, Ukai; Kazuhiro, Shinosaki; Masaki, Terada

1268. Phylogeographic analysis elucidates the influence of the ice ages on the disjunct distribution of relict dragonflies in Asia. e38132页

作者:Sebastian, Büsse; Philipp, von Grumbkow; Susanne, Hummel; Deep Narayan, Shah; Ram Devi, Tachamo Shah; Jingke, Li; Xueping, Zhang; Kazunori, Yoshizawa; Sonja, Wedmann; Thomas, H?rnschemeyer

1269. Role of operon aaoSo-mutT in antioxidant defense in Streptococcus oligofermentans. e38133页

作者:Peng, Zhou; Lei, Liu; Huichun, Tong; Xiuzhu, Dong

1270. Regional dissemination of a trimethoprim-resistance gene cassette via a successful transposable element. e38142页

作者:Amy S, Labar; Jennifer S, Millman; Ellen, Ruebush; Japheth A, Opintan; Rima A, Bishar; A Oladipo, Aboderin; Mercy J, Newman; Adebayo, Lamikanra; Iruka N, Okeke

1271. Transcriptional activation of low-density lipoprotein receptor gene by DJ-1 and effect of DJ-1 on cholesterol homeostasis. e38144页

作者:Shiori, Yamaguchi; Takuya, Yamane; Kazuko, Takahashi-Niki; Izumi, Kato; Takeshi, Niki; Matthew S, Goldberg; Jie, Shen; Kenji, Ishimoto; Takefumi, Doi; Sanae M M, Iguchi-Ariga; Hiroyoshi, Ariga

1272. The transcriptional regulator CzcR modulates antibiotic resistance and quorum sensing in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. e38148页

作者:Guenna?lle, Dieppois; Véréna, Ducret; Olivier, Caille; Karl, Perron

1273. Exploring the midgut transcriptome and brush border membrane vesicle proteome of the rice stem borer, Chilo suppressalis (Walker). e38151页

作者:Weihua, Ma; Zan, Zhang; Chuanhua, Peng; Xiaoping, Wang; Fei, Li; Yongjun, Lin

1274. Low immune response to hepatitis B vaccine among children in Dakar, Senegal. e38153页

作者:Marie-Anne, Rey-Cuille; Abdoulaye, Seck; Richard, Njouom; Lo?c, Chartier; Housseyn Dembel, Sow; Amadou Sidy, Ka; Mohamadou, Njankouo; Dominique, Rousset; Tamara, Giles-Vernick; Guillemette, Unal; Jean-Marie, Sire; Beno?t, Garin; Fran?ois, Simon; Muriel, Vray

1275. Noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of fetal trisomy 21 by allelic ratio analysis using targeted massively parallel sequencing of maternal plasma DNA. e38154页

作者:Gary J W, Liao; K C Allen, Chan; Peiyong, Jiang; Hao, Sun; Tak Y, Leung; Rossa W K, Chiu; Y M Dennis, Lo

1276. Brain circuitries involved in semantic interference by demands of emotional and non-emotional distractors. e38155页

作者:Natalia, Chechko; Thilo, Kellermann; Michael, Zvyagintsev; Marc, Augustin; Frank, Schneider; Ute, Habel

1277. Attenuated EAN in TNF-α deficient mice is associated with an altered balance of M1/M2 macrophages. e38157页

作者:Hong-Liang, Zhang; Mohammed Y, Hassan; Xiang-Yu, Zheng; Sheikh, Azimullah; Hernan Concha, Quezada; Naheed, Amir; Mohamed, Elwasila; Eilhard, Mix; Abdu, Adem; Jie, Zhu

1279. Beyond repair foci: DNA double-strand break repair in euchromatic and heterochromatic compartments analyzed by transmission electron microscopy. e38165页

作者:Yvonne, Lorat; Stefanie, Schanz; Nadine, Schuler; Gunther, Wennemuth; Christian, Rübe; Claudia E, Rübe

1280. Inhibition of soluble tumor necrosis factor ameliorates synaptic alterations and Ca2+ dysregulation in aged rats. e38170页

作者:Diana M, Sama; Hafiz, Mohmmad Abdul; Jennifer L, Furman; Irina A, Artiushin; David E, Szymkowski; Stephen W, Scheff; Christopher M, Norris

1284. Phylogeography of the South China field mouse (Apodemus draco) on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau reveals high genetic diversity and glacial refugia. e38184页

作者:Zhenxin, Fan; Shaoying, Liu; Yang, Liu; Lihuan, Liao; Xiuyue, Zhang; Bisong, Yue

1285. The ArcB leucine zipper domain is required for proper ArcB signaling. e38187页

作者:Luis Alberto, Nu?ez Oreza; Adrián F, Alvarez; Imilla I, Arias-Olguín; Alfredo, Torres Larios; Dimitris, Georgellis

1286. Human mesenchymal stem cells protect human islets from pro-inflammatory cytokines. e38189页

作者:Telford Y, Yeung; Karen L, Seeberger; Tatsuya, Kin; Adetola, Adesida; Nadr, Jomha; A M James, Shapiro; Gregory S, Korbutt

1287. Studies on the restriction of murine leukemia viruses by mouse APOBEC3. e38190页

作者:Silvia, Sanchez-Martinez; Amanda L, Aloia; Demetria, Harvin; Jane, Mirro; Robert J, Gorelick; Patric, Jern; John M, Coffin; Alan, Rein

1288. The interaction pattern of murine serum ficolin-A with microorganisms. e38196页

作者:Tina, Hummelsh?j; Ying Jie, Ma; Lea, Munthe-Fog; Thomas, Bjarnsholt; Claus, Moser; Mikkel-Ole, Skjoedt; Luigina, Romani; Teizo, Fujita; Yuichi, Endo; Peter, Garred

1289. Aldosterone inhibits the fetal program and increases hypertrophy in the heart of hypertensive mice. e38197页

作者:Feriel, Azibani; Yvan, Devaux; Guillaume, Coutance; Saskia, Schlossarek; Evelyne, Polidano; Loubina, Fazal; Regine, Merval; Lucie, Carrier; Alain Cohen, Solal; Christos, Chatziantoniou; Jean-Marie, Launay; Jane-Lise, Samuel; Claude, Delcayre

1290. Seroepidemiology of human bocavirus infection in Jamaica. e38206页

作者:Joshua W, Hustedt; Celia, Christie; Madison M, Hustedt; Daina, Esposito; Marietta, Vazquez

1292. Fluorescence polarization and fluctuation analysis monitors subunit proximity, stoichiometry, and protein complex hydrodynamics. e38209页

作者:Tuan A, Nguyen; Pabak, Sarkar; Jithesh V, Veetil; Srinagesh V, Koushik; Steven S, Vogel

1293. Mdm2 RING mutation enhances p53 transcriptional activity and p53-p300 interaction. e38212页

作者:Hilary V, Clegg; Yoko, Itahana; Koji, Itahana; Sundhar, Ramalingam; Yanping, Zhang

1294. The relationship between dioxin-like polychlorobiphenyls and IGF-I serum levels in healthy adults: evidence from a cross-sectional study. e38213页

作者:Octavio P, Luzardo; Luis Alberto, Henríquez-Hernández; Pilar F, Valerón; Pedro C, Lara; Maira, Almeida-González; Antonio, Losada; Manuel, Zumbado; Lluis, Serra-Majem; Eva Elisa, Alvarez-León; Luis D, Boada

1295. Sliding window analyses for optimal selection of mini-barcodes, and application to 454-pyrosequencing for specimen identification from degraded DNA. e38215页

作者:Stephane, Boyer; Samuel D J, Brown; Rupert A, Collins; Robert H, Cruickshank; Marie-Caroline, Lefort; Jagoba, Malumbres-Olarte; Stephen D, Wratten

1296. Investigation of the enteric pathogenic potential of oral Campylobacter concisus strains isolated from patients with inflammatory bowel disease. e38217页

作者:Yazan, Ismail; Vikneswari, Mahendran; Sophie, Octavia; Andrew S, Day; Stephen M, Riordan; Michael C, Grimm; Ruiting, Lan; Daniel, Lemberg; Thi Anh Tuyet, Tran; Li, Zhang

1297. FunFOLDQA: a quality assessment tool for protein-ligand binding site residue predictions. e38219页

作者:Daniel B, Roche; Maria T, Buenavista; Liam J, McGuffin

1298. Characterisation of the cell line HC-AFW1 derived from a pediatric hepatocellular carcinoma. e38223页

作者:Sorin, Armeanu-Ebinger; Julia, Wenz; Guido, Seitz; Ivo, Leuschner; Rupert, Handgretinger; Ulrike A, Mau-Holzmann; Michael, Bonin; Bence, Sipos; J?rg, Fuchs; Steven W, Warmann

1299. Plant chemistry and local adaptation of a specialized folivore. e38225页

作者:Liisa, Laukkanen; Roosa, Leimu; Anne, Muola; Marianna, Lilley; Juha-Pekka, Salminen; Pia, Mutikainen

1300. Posture does not matter! Paw usage and grasping paw preference in a small-bodied rooting quadrupedal mammal. e38228页

作者:Marine, Joly; Marina, Scheumann; Elke, Zimmermann

1301. Low-level laser irradiation stimulates tenocyte migration with up-regulation of dynamin II expression. e38235页

作者:Wen-Chung, Tsai; Chih-Chin, Hsu; Jong-Hwei S, Pang; Miao-Sui, Lin; Ying-Hsun, Chen; Fang-Chen, Liang

1302. Genome-wide study of gene variants associated with differential cardiovascular event reduction by pravastatin therapy. e38240页

作者:Dov, Shiffman; Stella, Trompet; Judy Z, Louie; Charles M, Rowland; Joseph J, Catanese; Olga A, Iakoubova; Todd G, Kirchgessner; Rudi G J, Westendorp; Anton J M, de Craen; P Eline, Slagboom; Brendan M, Buckley; David J, Stott; Naveed, Sattar; James J, Devlin; Christopher J, Packard; Ian, Ford; Frank M, Sacks; J Wouter, Jukema

1303. Strong neutral spatial effects shape tree species distributions across life stages at multiple scales. e38247页

作者:Yue-Hua, Hu; Guo-Yu, Lan; Li-Qing, Sha; Min, Cao; Yong, Tang; Yi-De, Li; Da-Ping, Xu

1304. Shift of graft-versus-host-disease target organ tropism by dietary vitamin A. e38252页

作者:Christian, Koenecke; Immo, Prinz; Anja, Bubke; Alina, Schreder; Chun-Wei, Lee; Oliver, Pabst; Reinhold, F?rster

1305. Molecular characterization of podoviral bacteriophages virulent for Clostridium perfringens and their comparison with members of the Picovirinae. e38283页

作者:Nikolay V, Volozhantsev; Brian B, Oakley; Cesar A, Morales; Vladimir V, Verevkin; Vasily A, Bannov; Valentina M, Krasilnikova; Anastasia V, Popova; Eugeni L, Zhilenkov; Johnna K, Garrish; Kathleen M, Schegg; Rebekah, Woolsey; David R, Quilici; J Eric, Line; Kelli L, Hiett; Gregory R, Siragusa; Edward A, Svetoch; Bruce S, Seal

1306. The RuvA homologues from Mycoplasma genitalium and Mycoplasma pneumoniae exhibit unique functional characteristics. e38301页

作者:Marcel, Sluijter; Silvia, Estev?o; Theo, Hoogenboezem; Nico G, Hartwig; Annemarie M C, van Rossum; Cornelis, Vink

1307. Immunogenicity of a promiscuous T cell epitope peptide based conjugate vaccine against benzo[a]pyrene: redirecting antibodies to the hapten. e38329页

作者:Mario T, Schellenberger; Nathalie, Grova; Sophie, Farinelle; Stéphanie, Willième; Dominique, Revets; Claude P, Muller

1308. Mesenchymal cell interaction with ovarian cancer cells triggers pro-metastatic properties. e38340页

作者:Raphael, Lis; Cyril, Touboul; Christophe M, Raynaud; Joel A, Malek; Karsten, Suhre; Massoud, Mirshahi; Arash, Rafii

1309. BRCA2 mutations and triple-negative breast cancer. e38361页

作者:Peter, Meyer; Katharina, Landgraf; Bernhard, H?gel; Wolfgang, Eiermann; Beyhan, Ataseven

1310. A quasi-exclusive European ancestry in the Senepol tropical cattle breed highlights the importance of the slick locus in tropical adaptation. e36133页

作者:Laurence, Flori; Mary Isabel, Gonzatti; Sophie, Thevenon; Isabelle, Chantal; Joar, Pinto; David, Berthier; Pedro M, Aso; Mathieu, Gautier

1311. Melanoma chemotherapy leads to the selection of ABCB5-expressing cells. e36762页

作者:Marine, Chartrain; Jo?lle, Riond; Aline, Stennevin; Isabelle, Vandenberghe; Bruno, Gomes; Laurence, Lamant; Nicolas, Meyer; Jean Edouard, Gairin; Nicolas, Guilbaud; Jean Philippe, Annereau

1312. Double digest RADseq: an inexpensive method for de novo SNP discovery and genotyping in model and non-model species. e37135页

作者:Brant K, Peterson; Jesse N, Weber; Emily H, Kay; Heidi S, Fisher; Hopi E, Hoekstra

1313. ADH1C Ile350Val polymorphism and cancer risk: evidence from 35 case-control studies. e37227页

作者:Yao, Xue; Meilin, Wang; Dongyan, Zhong; Na, Tong; Haiyan, Chu; Xiaojing, Sheng; Zhengdong, Zhang

1314. Population structure and gene flow of the yellow anaconda (Eunectes notaeus) in northern Argentina. e37473页

作者:Evan, McCartney-Melstad; Tomás, Waller; Patricio A, Micucci; Mariano, Barros; Juan, Draque; George, Amato; Martin, Mendez

1317. A meta-analysis of the existing knowledge of immunoreactivity against hepatitis C virus (HCV). e38028页

作者:Yohan, Kim; Kerrie, Vaughan; Jason, Greenbaum; Bjoern, Peters; Mansun, Law; Alessandro, Sette

1318. Therapeutic validity and effectiveness of preoperative exercise on functional recovery after joint replacement: a systematic review and meta-analysis. e38031页

作者:Thomas J, Hoogeboom; Ellen, Oosting; Johanna E, Vriezekolk; Cindy, Veenhof; Petra C, Siemonsma; Rob A, de Bie; Cornelia H M, van den Ende; Nico L U, van Meeteren

1319. KRASness and PIK3CAness in patients with advanced colorectal cancer: outcome after treatment with early-phase trials with targeted pathway inhibitors. e38033页

作者:Ignacio, Garrido-Laguna; David S, Hong; Filip, Janku; Ly M, Nguyen; Gerald S, Falchook; Siqing, Fu; Jenifer J, Wheler; Rajyalakshmi, Luthra; Aung, Naing; Xuemei, Wang; Razelle, Kurzrock

1320. Lactobacillaceae and cell adhesion: genomic and functional screening. e38034页

作者:Williams, Turpin; Christèle, Humblot; Marie-Louise, Noordine; Muriel, Thomas; Jean-Pierre, Guyot

1321. Acrolein induces endoplasmic reticulum stress and causes airspace enlargement. e38038页

作者:Yoshiaki, Kitaguchi; Laimute, Taraseviciene-Stewart; Masayuki, Hanaoka; Ramesh, Natarajan; Donatas, Kraskauskas; Norbert F, Voelkel

1322. Transcriptome profiling of citrus fruit response to huanglongbing disease. e38039页

作者:Federico, Martinelli; Sandra L, Uratsu; Ute, Albrecht; Russell L, Reagan; My L, Phu; Monica, Britton; Vincent, Buffalo; Joseph, Fass; Elizabeth, Leicht; Weixiang, Zhao; Dawei, Lin; Raissa, D'Souza; Cristina E, Davis; Kim D, Bowman; Abhaya M, Dandekar

1323. Claudin 1 mediates TNFα-induced gene expression and cell migration in human lung carcinoma cells. e38049页

作者:Atsushi, Shiozaki; Xiao-hui, Bai; Grace, Shen-Tu; Serisha, Moodley; Hiroki, Takeshita; Shan-Yu, Fung; Yingchun, Wang; Shaf, Keshavjee; Mingyao, Liu

1324. Priority medicines for maternal and child health: a global survey of national essential medicines lists. e38055页

作者:Suzanne, Hill; Annie, Yang; Lisa, Bero

1326. Valence-specific modulation in the accumulation of perceptual evidence prior to visual scene recognition. e38064页

作者:Antonio, Schettino; Tom, Loeys; Manuela, Bossi; Gilles, Pourtois

1327. Potential markers of aggressive behavior: the fear of other persons' laughter and its overlaps with mental disorders. e38088页

作者:Elisabeth M, Weiss; Günter, Schulter; H Harald, Freudenthaler; Ellen, Hofer; Natascha, Pichler; Ilona, Papousek

1328. Complex consequences of herbivory and interplant cues in three annual plants. e38105页

作者:Ian S, Pearse; Lauren M, Porensky; Louie H, Yang; Maureen L, Stanton; Richard, Karban; Lisa, Bhattacharyya; Rosa, Cox; Karin, Dove; August, Higgins; Corrina, Kamoroff; Travis, Kirk; Christopher, Knight; Rebecca, Koch; Corwin, Parker; Hilary, Rollins; Kelsey, Tanner

1329. Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells from the prairie vole. e38119页

作者:Devanand S, Manoli; Deepa, Subramanyam; Catriona, Carey; Erik, Sudin; Julie A, Van Westerhuyzen; Karen L, Bales; Robert, Blelloch; Nirao M, Shah

1330. Rhizobium promotes non-legumes growth and quality in several production steps: towards a biofertilization of edible raw vegetables healthy for humans. e38122页

作者:Paula, García-Fraile; Lorena, Carro; Marta, Robledo; Martha-Helena, Ramírez-Bahena; José-David, Flores-Félix; María Teresa, Fernández; Pedro F, Mateos; Raúl, Rivas; José Mariano, Igual; Eustoquio, Martínez-Molina; álvaro, Peix; Encarna, Velázquez

1331. Tumor necrosis factor α inhibits expression of the iron regulating hormone hepcidin in murine models of innate colitis. e38136页

作者:Nanda Kumar N, Shanmugam; Shiri, Ellenbogen; Estela, Trebicka; Lijian, Wang; Subhankar, Mukhopadhyay; Adam, Lacy-Hulbert; Carey Ann, Gallini; Wendy S, Garrett; Bobby J, Cherayil

1332. Transcriptional profiling of human brain endothelial cells reveals key properties crucial for predictive in vitro blood-brain barrier models. e38149页

作者:Eduard, Urich; Stanley E, Lazic; Juliette, Molnos; Isabelle, Wells; Per-Ola, Freskg?rd

1333. Genetic control of a central pattern generator: rhythmic oromotor movement in mice is controlled by a major locus near Atp1a2. e38169页

作者:John D, Boughter; Megan K, Mulligan; Steven J, St John; Kenichi, Tokita; Lu, Lu; Detlef H, Heck; Robert W, Williams

1334. Effect of levels of acetate on the mevalonate pathway of Borrelia burgdorferi. e38171页

作者:Tricia A, Van Laar; Ying-Han, Lin; Christine L, Miller; S L Rajasekhar, Karna; James P, Chambers; J, Seshu

1335. Colorectal cancer linkage on chromosomes 4q21, 8q13, 12q24, and 15q22. e38175页

作者:Mine S, Cicek; Julie M, Cunningham; Brooke L, Fridley; Daniel J, Serie; William R, Bamlet; Brenda, Diergaarde; Robert W, Haile; Loic, Le Marchand; Theodore G, Krontiris; H Banfield, Younghusband; Steven, Gallinger; Polly A, Newcomb; John L, Hopper; Mark A, Jenkins; Graham, Casey; Fredrick, Schumacher; Zhu, Chen; Melissa S, DeRycke; Allyson S, Templeton; Ingrid, Winship; Roger C, Green; Jane S, Green; Finlay A, Macrae; Susan, Parry; Graeme P, Young; Joanne P, Young; Daniel, Buchanan; Duncan C, Thomas; D Timothy, Bishop; Noralane M, Lindor; Stephen N, Thibodeau; John D, Potter; Ellen L, Goode

1336. High-throughput construction of intron-containing hairpin RNA vectors for RNAi in plants. e38186页

作者:Pu, Yan; Wentao, Shen; XinZheng, Gao; Xiaoying, Li; Peng, Zhou; Jun, Duan

1337. Genomic analysis of immune response against Vibrio cholerae hemolysin in Caenorhabditis elegans. e38200页

作者:Surasri N, Sahu; Jada, Lewis; Isha, Patel; Serdar, Bozdag; Jeong H, Lee; Joseph E, LeClerc; Hediye Nese, Cinar

1338. Prospective study of rape perpetration by young South African men: incidence & risk factors. e38210页

作者:Rachel, Jewkes; Mzikazi, Nduna; Nwabisa, Jama Shai; Kristin, Dunkle

1339. Association of glomerular filtration rate with high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T in a community-based population study in Beijing. e38218页

作者:Fan, Wang; Ping, Ye; Leiming, Luo; Ruyi, Xu; Yongyi, Bai; Hongmei, Wu

1340. p38MAPK, ERK and PI3K signaling pathways are involved in C5a-primed neutrophils for ANCA-mediated activation. e38317页

作者:Jian, Hao; Li-Qiang, Meng; Peng-Cheng, Xu; Min, Chen; Ming-Hui, Zhao

1341. Importance of GluA1 subunit-containing AMPA glutamate receptors for morphine state-dependency. e38325页

作者:Teemu, Aitta-aho; Tommi P, M?ykkynen; Anne E, Panhelainen; Olga Yu, Vekovischeva; Pia, B?ckstr?m; Esa R, Korpi

1342. A proton leak current through the cardiac sodium channel is linked to mixed arrhythmia and the dilated cardiomyopathy phenotype. e38331页

作者:Pascal, Gosselin-Badaroudine; Dagmar I, Keller; Hai, Huang; Valérie, Pouliot; Aurélien, Chatelier; Stefan, Osswald; Marijke, Brink; Mohamed, Chahine

1343. Krüppel-like factor 5 protects against murine colitis and activates JAK-STAT signaling in vivo. e38338页

作者:Marie-Pier, Tetreault; Rami, Alrabaa; Megan, McGeehan; Jonathan P, Katz

1344. Introduction of environmentally degradable parameters to evaluate the biodegradability of biodegradable polymers. e38341页

作者:Wenbin, Guo; Jian, Tao; Chao, Yang; Cunjiang, Song; Weitao, Geng; Qiang, Li; Yuanyuan, Wang; Meimei, Kong; Shufang, Wang

1345. Situational awareness of influenza activity based on multiple streams of surveillance data using multivariate dynamic linear model. e38346页

作者:Eric H Y, Lau; Calvin K Y, Cheng; Dennis K M, Ip; Benjamin J, Cowling

1346. Inhibition of specific NF-κB activity contributes to the tumor suppressor function of 14-3-3σ in breast cancer. e38347页

作者:Julia, Inglés-Esteve; Mònica, Morales; Alba, Dalmases; Ricard, Garcia-Carbonell; Alba, Jené-Sanz; Núria, López-Bigas; Mar, Iglesias; Cristina, Ruiz-Herguido; Ana, Rovira; Federico, Rojo; Joan, Albanell; Roger R, Gomis; Anna, Bigas; Lluís, Espinosa

1347. Performance of repetitive tasks induces decreased grip strength and increased fibrogenic proteins in skeletal muscle: role of force and inflammation. e38359页

作者:Samir M, Abdelmagid; Ann E, Barr; Mario, Rico; Mamta, Amin; Judith, Litvin; Steven N, Popoff; Fayez F, Safadi; Mary F, Barbe

1348. Transactivation of EGFR by LPS induces COX-2 expression in enterocytes. e38373页

作者:Steven J, McElroy; Stuart, Hobbs; Michael, Kallen; Noemi, Tejera; Michael J, Rosen; Anatoly, Grishin; Poojitha, Matta; Claus, Schneider; Jeffrey, Upperman; Henri, Ford; D Brent, Polk; J?rn-Hendrik, Weitkamp

1349. Healthy lifestyle and leukocyte telomere length in U.S. women. e38374页

作者:Qi, Sun; Ling, Shi; Jennifer, Prescott; Stephanie E, Chiuve; Frank B, Hu; Immaculata, De Vivo; Meir J, Stampfer; Paul W, Franks; JoAnn E, Manson; Kathryn M, Rexrode

1350. Staphylococcus aureus surface protein SdrE binds complement regulator factor H as an immune evasion tactic. e38407页

作者:Julia A, Sharp; Charlene G, Echague; Pamela S, Hair; Michael D, Ward; Julius O, Nyalwidhe; Joan A, Geoghegan; Timothy J, Foster; Kenji M, Cunnion

1351. Prevalence of abnormalities in vestibular function and balance among HIV-seropositive and HIV-seronegative women and men. e38419页

作者:Helen S, Cohen; Christopher, Cox; Gayle, Springer; Howard J, Hoffman; Mary A, Young; Joseph B, Margolick; Michael W, Plankey

1352. Fundamentals of FGF19 & FGF21 action in vitro and in vivo. e38438页

作者:Andrew C, Adams; Tamer, Coskun; Armando R Irizarry, Rovira; Michael A, Schneider; David W, Raches; Radmila, Micanovic; Holly A, Bina; James D, Dunbar; Alexei, Kharitonenkov

1353. The ecology and feeding habits of the arboreal trap-jawed ant Daceton armigerum. e37683页

作者:Alain, Dejean; Jacques H C, Delabie; Bruno, Corbara; Fréderic, Azémar; Sarah, Groc; Jér?me, Orivel; Maurice, Leponce

1354. Psychodynamic guided self-help for adult depression through the internet: a randomised controlled trial. e38021页

作者:Robert, Johansson; Sigrid, Ekbladh; Amanda, Hebert; Malin, Lindstr?m; Sara, M?ller; Eleanor, Petitt; Stephanie, Poysti; Mattias Holmqvist, Larsson; Andréas, Rousseau; Per, Carlbring; Pim, Cuijpers; Gerhard, Andersson

1355. The effect of feeding Bt MON810 maize to pigs for 110 days on intestinal microbiota. e33668页

作者:Stefan G, Buzoianu; Maria C, Walsh; Mary C, Rea; Orla, O'Sullivan; Fiona, Crispie; Paul D, Cotter; R Paul, Ross; Gillian E, Gardiner; Peadar G, Lawlor

1356. Cardiomyopathy and response to enzyme replacement therapy in a male mouse model for Fabry disease. e33743页

作者:Aurelie, Nguyen Dinh Cat; Brigitte, Escoubet; Vincent, Agrapart; Violaine, Griol-Charhbili; Trenton, Schoeb; Wenguang, Feng; Edgar, Jaimes; David G, Warnock; Frederic, Jaisser

1357. IL1RL1 gene variants and nasopharyngeal IL1RL-a levels are associated with severe RSV bronchiolitis: a multicenter cohort study. e34364页

作者:Tina E, Faber; Annemieke, Schuurhof; Annelies, Vonk; Gerard H, Koppelman; Marije P, Hennus; Jan L L, Kimpen; Riny, Janssen; Louis J, Bont

1358. Effects of tillage and nitrogen fertilizers on CH4 and CO2 emissions and soil organic carbon in paddy fields of central China. e34642页

作者:Li, Cheng-Fang; Zhou, Dan-Na; Kou, Zhi-Kui; Zhang, Zhi-Sheng; Wang, Jin-Ping; Cai, Ming-Li; Cao, Cou-Gui

1359. Noseleaf dynamics during pulse emission in horseshoe bats. e34685页

作者:Lin, Feng; Li, Gao; Hongwang, Lu; Rolf, Müller

1360. The threonine protease activity of testes-specific protease 50 (TSP50) is essential for its function in cell proliferation. e35030页

作者:Yu-Yin, Li; Yong-Li, Bao; Zhen-Bo, Song; Lu-Guo, Sun; Ping, Wu; Yu, Zhang; Cong, Fan; Yan-Xin, Huang; Yin, Wu; Chun-Lei, Yu; Ying, Sun; Li-Hua, Zheng; Guan-Nan, Wang; Yu-Xin, Li

1361. Macrophage-stimulated cardiac fibroblast production of IL-6 is essential for TGF β/Smad activation and cardiac fibrosis induced by angiotensin II. e35144页

作者:Feifei, Ma; Yulin, Li; Lixin, Jia; Yalei, Han; Jizhong, Cheng; Huihua, Li; Yongfen, Qi; Jie, Du

1362. DNA barcode goes two-dimensions: DNA QR code web server. e35146页

作者:Chang, Liu; Linchun, Shi; Xiaolan, Xu; Huan, Li; Hang, Xing; Dong, Liang; Kun, Jiang; Xiaohui, Pang; Jingyuan, Song; Shilin, Chen

1364. Lipid environment modulates the development of acute tolerance to ethanol in Caenorhabditis elegans. e35192页

作者:Jill C, Bettinger; Kapo, Leung; Mia H, Bolling; Andrew D, Goldsmith; Andrew G, Davies

1365. Vocal communications and the maintenance of population specific songs in a contact zone. e35257页

作者:Jonathan T, Rowell; Maria R, Servedio

1366. Analysis of large phenotypic variability of EEC and SHFM4 syndromes caused by K193E mutation of the TP63 gene. e35337页

作者:Jianhua, Wei; Yang, Xue; Lian, Wu; Jie, Ma; Xiuli, Yi; Junrui, Zhang; Bin, Lu; Chunying, Li; Dashuang, Shi; Songtao, Shi; Xinghua, Feng; Tao, Cai

1367. The perceived benefits of height: strength, dominance, social concern, and knowledge among Bolivian native Amazonians. e35391页

作者:Eduardo A, Undurraga; Leslie, Zebrowitz; Dan T A, Eisenberg; Victoria, Reyes-García; Ricardo A, Godoy

1368. Examining the fish microbiome: vertebrate-derived bacteria as an environmental niche for the discovery of unique marine natural products. e35398页

作者:Laura M, Sanchez; Weng Ruh, Wong; Romina M, Riener; Christopher J, Schulze; Roger G, Linington

1369. C. elegans rrf-1 mutations maintain RNAi efficiency in the soma in addition to the germline. e35428页

作者:Caroline, Kumsta; Malene, Hansen

1370. Pavlovian reward prediction and receipt in schizophrenia: relationship to anhedonia. e35622页

作者:Erin C, Dowd; Deanna M, Barch

1371. Differential evolutionary wiring of the tyrosine kinase Btk. e35640页

作者:Hossain M, Nawaz; Per, Kylsten; Noriko, Hamada; Daisuke, Yamamoto; C I Edvard, Smith; Jessica M, Lindvall

1372. Collection of aerosolized human cytokines using Teflon? filters. e35814页

作者:Jennifer H, McKenzie; James J, McDevitt; M Patricia, Fabian; Grace M, Hwang; Donald K, Milton

1373. Sequencing by hybridization of long targets. e35819页

作者:Yu, Qin; Tobias M, Schneider; Michael P, Brenner

1374. Insights into the life cycle of yeasts from the CTG clade revealed by the analysis of the Millerozyma (Pichia) farinosa species complex. e35842页

作者:Sandrine, Mallet; Stéphanie, Weiss; Noémie, Jacques; Véronique, Leh-Louis; Christine, Sacerdot; Serge, Casaregola

1375. Functional polymorphisms in IL13 are protective against high Schistosoma mansoni infection intensity in a Brazilian population. e35863页

作者:Audrey V, Grant; Maria Ilma, Araujo; Eduardo Vieira, Ponte; Ricardo Riccio, Oliveira; Peisong, Gao; Alvaro A, Cruz; Kathleen C, Barnes; Terri H, Beaty

1376. Extensive translatome remodeling during ER stress response in mammalian cells. e35915页

作者:Iván, Ventoso; Alex, Kochetov; David, Montaner; Joaquín, Dopazo; Javier, Santoyo

1377. GFAP-Cre-mediated transgenic activation of Bmi1 results in pituitary tumors. e35943页

作者:Bart A, Westerman; Marleen, Blom; Ellen, Tanger; Martin, van der Valk; Ji-Ying, Song; Marije, van Santen; Jules, Gadiot; Paulien, Cornelissen-Steijger; John, Zevenhoven; Haydn M, Prosser; Anthony, Uren; Eleonora, Aronica; Maarten, van Lohuizen

1378. Structure of bradavidin-C-terminal residues act as intrinsic ligands. e35962页

作者:Jenni, Leppiniemi; Toni, Gr?nroos; Juha A E, M??tt?; Mark S, Johnson; Markku S, Kulomaa; Vesa P, Hyt?nen; Tomi T, Airenne

1379. Korarchaeota diversity, biogeography, and abundance in Yellowstone and Great Basin hot springs and ecological niche modeling based on machine learning. e35964页

作者:Robin L, Miller-Coleman; Jeremy A, Dodsworth; Christian A, Ross; Everett L, Shock; Amanda J, Williams; Hilairy E, Hartnett; Austin I, McDonald; Jeff R, Havig; Brian P, Hedlund

1380. Inhibitory receptors are expressed by Trypanosoma cruzi-specific effector T cells and in hearts of subjects with chronic Chagas disease. e35966页

作者:Rafael J, Argüello; María C, Albareda; María G, Alvarez; Graciela, Bertocchi; Alejandro H, Armenti; Carlos, Vigliano; Patricia C, Meckert; Rick L, Tarleton; Susana A, Laucella

1381. Identification and characterization of antifungal compounds using a Saccharomyces cerevisiae reporter bioassay. e36021页

作者:Brad, Tebbets; Douglas, Stewart; Stephanie, Lawry; Jeniel, Nett; Andre, Nantel; David, Andes; Bruce S, Klein

1383. Functional neuromuscular junctions formed by embryonic stem cell-derived motor neurons. e36049页

作者:Joy A, Umbach; Katrina L, Adams; Cameron B, Gundersen; Bennett G, Novitch

1384. GHOSTM: a GPU-accelerated homology search tool for metagenomics. e36060页

作者:Shuji, Suzuki; Takashi, Ishida; Ken, Kurokawa; Yutaka, Akiyama

1385. In vitro thermodynamic dissection of human copper transfer from chaperone to target protein. e36102页

作者:Moritz S, Niemiec; Christoph F, Weise; Pernilla, Wittung-Stafshede

1386. Myocardial structural alteration and systolic dysfunction in preclinical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy mutation carriers. e36115页

作者:Kai Hang, Yiu; Douwe E, Atsma; Victoria, Delgado; Arnold C T, Ng; Tomasz G, Witkowski; See Hooi, Ewe; Dominique, Auger; Eduard R, Holman; Anneke M, van Mil; Martijn H, Breuning; Hung Fat, Tse; Jeroen J, Bax; Martin J, Schalij; Nina Ajmone, Marsan

1387. Effects of feeding Bt MON810 maize to pigs for 110 days on peripheral immune response and digestive fate of the cry1Ab gene and truncated Bt toxin. e36141页

作者:Maria C, Walsh; Stefan G, Buzoianu; Mary C, Rea; Orla, O'Donovan; Eva, Gelencsér; Gabriella, Ujhelyi; R Paul, Ross; Gillian E, Gardiner; Peadar G, Lawlor

1388. Estimation of activity related energy expenditure and resting metabolic rate in freely moving mice from indirect calorimetry data. e36162页

作者:Jan Bert, Van Klinken; Sjoerd A A, van den Berg; Louis M, Havekes; Ko, Willems Van Dijk

1389. The fbpA/sapM double knock out strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis is highly attenuated and immunogenic in macrophages. e36198页

作者:Sankaralingam, Saikolappan; Jaymie, Estrella; Smitha J, Sasindran; Arshad, Khan; Lisa Y, Armitige; Chinnaswamy, Jagannath; Subramanian, Dhandayuthapani

1390. Auditory resting-state network connectivity in tinnitus: a functional MRI study. e36222页

作者:Audrey, Maudoux; Philippe, Lefebvre; Jean-Evrard, Cabay; Athena, Demertzi; Audrey, Vanhaudenhuyse; Steven, Laureys; Andrea, Soddu

1391. Quantification of unintegrated HIV-1 DNA at the single cell level in vivo. e36246页

作者:Rodolphe, Suspène; Andreas, Meyerhans

1392. RNA-Seq identifies SNP markers for growth traits in rainbow trout. e36264页

作者:Mohamed, Salem; Roger L, Vallejo; Timothy D, Leeds; Yniv, Palti; Sixin, Liu; Annas, Sabbagh; Caird E, Rexroad; Jianbo, Yao

1393. Structural and mutational studies on substrate specificity and catalysis of Salmonella typhimurium D-cysteine desulfhydrase. e36267页

作者:Sakshibeedu R, Bharath; Shveta, Bisht; Rajesh K, Harijan; Handanahal S, Savithri; Mathur R N, Murthy

1394. Alien phytogeographic regions of southern Africa: numerical classification, possible drivers, and regional threats. e36269页

作者:Sanet, Hugo; Berndt J, Van Rensburg; Abraham E, Van Wyk; Yolande, Steenkamp

1395. Noradrenergic control of gene expression and long-term neuronal adaptation evoked by learned vocalizations in songbirds. e36276页

作者:Tarciso A F, Velho; Kai, Lu; Sidarta, Ribeiro; Raphael, Pinaud; David, Vicario; Claudio V, Mello

1396. The impact of entropy on the spatial organization of synaptonemal complexes within the cell nucleus. e36282页

作者:Miriam, Fritsche; Laura G, Reinholdt; Mark, Lessard; Mary Ann, Handel; J?rg, Bewersdorf; Dieter W, Heermann

1397. p53 Activation following Rift Valley fever virus infection contributes to cell death and viral production. e36327页

作者:Dana, Austin; Alan, Baer; Lindsay, Lundberg; Nazly, Shafagati; Annalise, Schoonmaker; Aarthi, Narayanan; Taissia, Popova; Jean Jacques, Panthier; Fatah, Kashanchi; Charles, Bailey; Kylene, Kehn-Hall

1398. Underlying factors associated with anemia in Amazonian children: a population-based, cross-sectional study. e36341页

作者:Marly A, Cardoso; Kézia K G, Scopel; Pascoal T, Muniz; Eduardo, Villamor; Marcelo U, Ferreira

1399. Application of Ni(II)-assisted peptide bond hydrolysis to non-enzymatic affinity tag removal. e36350页

作者:Edyta, Kopera; Agnieszka, Belczyk-Ciesielska; Wojciech, Bal

1400. Mechanism of cancer cell death induced by depletion of an essential replication regulator. e36372页

作者:Sayuri, Ito; Ai, Ishii; Naoko, Kakusho; Chika, Taniyama; Satoshi, Yamazaki; Rino, Fukatsu; Asako, Sakaue-Sawano; Atsushi, Miyawaki; Hisao, Masai

1401. Salivary gland-specific P. berghei reporter lines enable rapid evaluation of tissue-specific sporozoite loads in mosquitoes. e36376页

作者:Chandra, Ramakrishnan; Annika, Rademacher; Julien, Soichot; Giulia, Costa; Andrew P, Waters; Chris J, Janse; Jai, Ramesar; Blandine M, Franke-Fayard; Elena A, Levashina

1402. Long-term follow-up of patients after acute kidney injury: patterns of renal functional recovery. e36388页

作者:Etienne, Macedo; Dirce M T, Zanetta; Regina C R M, Abdulkader

1404. Sequential neural processes in abacus mental addition: an EEG and FMRI case study. e36410页

作者:Yixuan, Ku; Bo, Hong; Wenjing, Zhou; Mark, Bodner; Yong-Di, Zhou

1405. Meta-analysis on the effects of octreotide on tumor mass in acromegaly. e36411页

作者:Andrea, Giustina; Gherardo, Mazziotti; Valter, Torri; Maurizio, Spinello; Irene, Floriani; Shlomo, Melmed

1406. The CEA/CD3-bispecific antibody MEDI-565 (MT111) binds a nonlinear epitope in the full-length but not a short splice variant of CEA. e36412页

作者:Li, Peng; Michael D, Oberst; Jiaqi, Huang; Philip, Brohawn; Chris, Morehouse; Kristen, Lekstrom; Patrick A, Baeuerle; Herren, Wu; Yihong, Yao; Steven R, Coats; William, Dall'Acqua; Melissa, Damschroder; Scott A, Hammond

1407. Berberine induces caspase-independent cell death in colon tumor cells through activation of apoptosis-inducing factor. e36418页

作者:Lihong, Wang; Liping, Liu; Yan, Shi; Hanwei, Cao; Rupesh, Chaturvedi; M Wade, Calcutt; Tianhui, Hu; Xiubao, Ren; Keith T, Wilson; D Brent, Polk; Fang, Yan

1408. Modulatory role of sensory innervation on hair follicle stem cell progeny during wound healing of the rat skin. e36421页

作者:Eduardo, Martínez-Martínez; Claudio I, Galván-Hernández; Brenda, Toscano-Márquez; Gabriel, Gutiérrez-Ospina

1409. A novel solid-phase site-specific PEGylation enhances the in vitro and in vivo biostabilty of recombinant human keratinocyte growth factor 1. e36423页

作者:Zhifeng, Huang; Guanghui, Zhu; Chuanchuan, Sun; Jingui, Zhang; Yi, Zhang; Youting, Zhang; Chaohui, Ye; Xiaojie, Wang; Dariush, Ilghari; Xiaokun, Li

1410. Impact of grazing on soil carbon and microbial biomass in typical steppe and desert steppe of Inner Mongolia. e36434页

作者:Nan, Liu; Yingjun, Zhang; Shujuan, Chang; Haiming, Kan; Lijun, Lin

1411. Susceptibility and response of human blood monocyte subsets to primary dengue virus infection. e36435页

作者:Kok Loon, Wong; Weiqiang, Chen; Thavamalar, Balakrishnan; Ying Xiu, Toh; Katja, Fink; Siew-Cheng, Wong

1412. Association of the chromosome replication initiator DnaA with the Escherichia coli inner membrane in vivo: quantity and mode of binding. e36441页

作者:Tomer, Regev; Nadav, Myers; Raz, Zarivach; Itzhak, Fishov

1414. Digital gene expression profiling by 5'-end sequencing of cDNAs during reprogramming in the moss Physcomitrella patens. e36471页

作者:Tomoaki, Nishiyama; Kaori, Miyawaki; Masumi, Ohshima; Kari, Thompson; Akitomo, Nagashima; Mitsuyasu, Hasebe; Tetsuya, Kurata

1415. Duloxetine inhibits effects of MDMA ("ecstasy") in vitro and in humans in a randomized placebo-controlled laboratory study. e36476页

作者:Cédric M, Hysek; Linda D, Simmler; Valentina G, Nicola; Nerina, Vischer; Massimiliano, Donzelli; Stephan, Kr?henbühl; Eric, Grouzmann; J?rg, Huwyler; Marius C, Hoener; Matthias E, Liechti

1416. Ih current is necessary to maintain normal dopamine fluctuations and sleep consolidation in Drosophila. e36477页

作者:Alicia, Gonzalo-Gomez; Enrique, Turiegano; Yolanda, León; Isabel, Molina; Laura, Torroja; Inmaculada, Canal

1417. A high red blood cell distribution width predicts failure of arteriovenous fistula. e36482页

作者:Krzysztof, Bojakowski; Mensur, Dzabic; Ewa, Kurzejamska; Grzegorz, Styczynski; Piotr, Andziak; Zbigniew, Gaciong; Cecilia, S?derberg-Nauclér; Piotr, Religa

1418. Plasticity in D1-like receptor expression is associated with different components of cognitive processes. e36484页

作者:Christina, Herold; Illah, Joshi; Omar, Chehadi; Michael, Hollmann; Onur, Güntürkün

1419. Low-cost ultra-wide genotyping using Roche/454 pyrosequencing for surveillance of HIV drug resistance. e36494页

作者:Dawn M, Dudley; Emily N, Chin; Benjamin N, Bimber; Sabri S, Sanabani; Leandro F, Tarosso; Priscilla R, Costa; Mariana M, Sauer; Esper G, Kallas; David H, O'Connor

1420. Local signal time-series during rest used for areal boundary mapping in individual human brains. e36496页

作者:Satoshi, Hirose; Takamitsu, Watanabe; Koji, Jimura; Masaki, Katsura; Akira, Kunimatsu; Osamu, Abe; Kuni, Ohtomo; Yasushi, Miyashita; Seiki, Konishi

1421. Transcriptional homeostasis of a mangrove species, Ceriops tagal, in saline environments, as revealed by microarray analysis. e36499页

作者:Shan, Liang; Lu, Fang; Renchao, Zhou; Tian, Tang; Shulin, Deng; Suisui, Dong; Yelin, Huang; Cairong, Zhong; Suhua, Shi

1422. Transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of SPAST, the gene most frequently mutated in hereditary spastic paraplegia. e36505页

作者:Brian J, Henson; Wan, Zhu; Kelsey, Hardaway; Jaime L, Wetzel; Mihaela, Stefan; Kathryn M, Albers; Robert D, Nicholls

1423. CUBN as a novel locus for end-stage renal disease: insights from renal transplantation. e36512页

作者:Anna, Reznichenko; Harold, Snieder; Jacob, van den Born; Martin H, de Borst; Jeffrey, Damman; Marcory C R F, van Dijk; Harry, van Goor; Bouke G, Hepkema; Jan-Luuk, Hillebrands; Henri G D, Leuvenink; Jan, Niesing; Stephan J L, Bakker; Marc, Seelen; Gerjan, Navis

1424. 5-HTTLPR polymorphism impacts task-evoked and resting-state activities of the amygdala in Han Chinese. e36513页

作者:Sufang, Li; Qihong, Zou; Jun, Li; Jin, Li; Deyi, Wang; Chaogan, Yan; Qi, Dong; Yu-Feng, Zang

1425. NAD-independent L-lactate dehydrogenase is required for L-lactate utilization in Pseudomonas stutzeri SDM. e36519页

作者:Chao, Gao; Tianyi, Jiang; Peipei, Dou; Cuiqing, Ma; Lixiang, Li; Jian, Kong; Ping, Xu

1426. Global analysis of gene expression profiles in developing physic nut (Jatropha curcas L.) seeds. e36522页

作者:Huawu, Jiang; Pingzhi, Wu; Sheng, Zhang; Chi, Song; Yaping, Chen; Meiru, Li; Yongxia, Jia; Xiaohua, Fang; Fan, Chen; Guojiang, Wu

1427. Comprehensive analysis of NRG1 common and rare variants in Hirschsprung patients. e36524页

作者:Berta, Luzón-Toro; Ana, Torroglosa; Rocío, Nú?ez-Torres; María Valle, Enguix-Riego; Raquel María, Fernández; Juan Carlos, de Agustín; Guillermo, Anti?olo; Salud, Borrego

1428. Structural analyses of the Slm1-PH domain demonstrate ligand binding in the non-canonical site. e36526页

作者:Kanchan, Anand; Kenji, Maeda; Anne-Claude, Gavin

1429. Alpha-toxin induces programmed cell death of human T cells, B cells, and monocytes during USA300 infection. e36532页

作者:Tyler K, Nygaard; Kyler B, Pallister; Ashley L, DuMont; Mark, DeWald; Robert L, Watkins; Erik Q, Pallister; Cheryl, Malone; Shannon, Griffith; Alexander R, Horswill; Victor J, Torres; Jovanka M, Voyich

1430. Stressed but stable: canopy loss decreased species synchrony and metabolic variability in an intertidal hard-bottom community. e36541页

作者:Nelson, Valdivia; Claire, Golléty; Aline, Migné; Dominique, Davoult; Markus, Molis

1431. A cytochrome p450 conserved in insects is involved in cuticle formation. e36544页

作者:Tamar, Sztal; Henry, Chung; Silke, Berger; Peter D, Currie; Philip, Batterham; Phillip J, Daborn

1432. Functional differences in visceral and subcutaneous fat pads originate from differences in the adipose stem cell. e36569页

作者:Silvana, Baglioni; Giulia, Cantini; Giada, Poli; Michela, Francalanci; Roberta, Squecco; Alessandra, Di Franco; Elisa, Borgogni; Salvatore, Frontera; Gabriella, Nesi; Francesco, Liotta; Marcello, Lucchese; Giuliano, Perigli; Fabio, Francini; Gianni, Forti; Mario, Serio; Michaela, Luconi

1433. Heart rate-corrected QT interval helps predict mortality after intentional organophosphate poisoning. e36576页

作者:Shou-Hsuan, Liu; Ja-Liang, Lin; Cheng-Hao, Weng; Huang-Yu, Yang; Ching-Wei, Hsu; Kuan-Hsing, Chen; Wen-Hung, Huang; Tzung-Hai, Yen

1434. Whole genome sequencing and evolutionary analysis of human papillomavirus type 16 in central China. e36577页

作者:Min, Sun; Lei, Gao; Ying, Liu; Yiqiang, Zhao; Xueqian, Wang; Yaqi, Pan; Tao, Ning; Hong, Cai; Haijun, Yang; Weiwei, Zhai; Yang, Ke

1435. Assessment of three mitochondrial genes (16S, Cytb, CO1) for identifying species in the Praomyini tribe (Rodentia: Muridae). e36586页

作者:Violaine, Nicolas; Brigitte, Schaeffer; Alain Didier, Missoup; Jan, Kennis; Marc, Colyn; Christiane, Denys; Caroline, Tatard; Corinne, Cruaud; Catherine, Laredo

1436. Salvage liver transplantation is a reasonable option for selected patients who have recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma after liver resection. e36587页

作者:Zhenhua, Hu; Jie, Zhou; Xiaofeng, Xu; Zhiwei, Li; Lin, Zhou; Jian, Wu; Min, Zhang; Shusen, Zheng

1437. Low dose rapamycin exacerbates autoimmune experimental uveitis. e36589页

作者:Zili, Zhang; Xiumei, Wu; Jie, Duan; David, Hinrichs; Keith, Wegmann; Gary L, Zhang; Mark, Hall; James T, Rosenbaum

1438. Trypanosoma cruzi immune response modulation decreases microbiota in Rhodnius prolixus gut and is crucial for parasite survival and development. e36591页

作者:Daniele P, Castro; Caroline S, Moraes; Marcelo S, Gonzalez; Norman A, Ratcliffe; Patrícia, Azambuja; Eloi S, Garcia

1439. High throughput screening for small molecule enhancers of the interferon signaling pathway to drive next-generation antiviral drug discovery. e36594页

作者:Dhara A, Patel; Anand C, Patel; William C, Nolan; Yong, Zhang; Michael J, Holtzman

1440. Exposure of phosphatidylserine on Leishmania amazonensis isolates is associated with diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis and parasite infectivity. e36595页

作者:Jaqueline, Fran?a-Costa; Jo?o Luiz Mendes, Wanderley; Poliana, Deolindo; Jessica B, Zarattini; Jackson, Costa; Lynn, Soong; Marcello André, Barcinski; Aldina, Barral; Valeria M, Borges

1441. ApicoAP: the first computational model for identifying apicoplast-targeted proteins in multiple species of Apicomplexa. e36598页

作者:Gokcen, Cilingir; Shira L, Broschat; Audrey O T, Lau

1442. A simple and accurate two-step long DNA sequences synthesis strategy to improve heterologous gene expression in pichia. e36607页

作者:Jiang-Ke, Yang; Fang-Yuan, Chen; Xiang-Xiang, Yan; Li-Hong, Miao; Jiang-Hong, Dai

1443. Women's education level, maternal health facilities, abortion legislation and maternal deaths: a natural experiment in Chile from 1957 to 2007. e36613页

作者:Elard, Koch; John, Thorp; Miguel, Bravo; Sebastián, Gatica; Camila X, Romero; Hernán, Aguilera; Ivonne, Ahlers

1444. Interference with oligomerization and glycosaminoglycan binding of the chemokine CCL5 improves experimental liver injury. e36614页

作者:Andreas, Nellen; Daniel, Heinrichs; Marie-Luise, Berres; Hacer, Sahin; Petra, Schmitz; Amanda E, Proudfoot; Christian, Trautwein; Hermann E, Wasmuth

1445. Are olfactory cues involved in nest recognition in two social species of estrildid finches? e36615页

作者:E Tobias, Krause; Barbara A, Caspers

1446. Proton-assisted amino acid transporter PAT1 complexes with Rag GTPases and activates TORC1 on late endosomal and lysosomal membranes. e36616页

作者:Margrét H, ?gmundsdóttir; Sabine, Heublein; Shubana, Kazi; Bruno, Reynolds; Shivanthy M, Visvalingam; Michael K, Shaw; Deborah C I, Goberdhan

1447. Conditional Wwox deletion in mouse mammary gland by means of two Cre recombinase approaches. e36618页

作者:Brent W, Ferguson; Xinsheng, Gao; Hyunsuk, Kil; Jaeho, Lee; Fernando, Benavides; Martin C, Abba; C Marcelo, Aldaz

1448. Comparative SILAC proteomic analysis of Trypanosoma brucei bloodstream and procyclic lifecycle stages. e36619页

作者:Michael D, Urbaniak; M Lucia S, Guther; Michael A J, Ferguson

1449. The p.V37I exclusive genotype of GJB2: a genetic risk-indicator of postnatal permanent childhood hearing impairment. e36621页

作者:Lei, Li; Jingrong, Lu; Zheng, Tao; Qi, Huang; Yongchuan, Chai; Xiaohua, Li; Zhiwu, Huang; Yun, Li; Mingliang, Xiang; Jun, Yang; Guoyin, Yao; Yu, Wang; Tao, Yang; Hao, Wu

1450. Empty reviews: a description and consideration of Cochrane systematic reviews with no included studies. e36626页

作者:Joanne, Yaffe; Paul, Montgomery; Sally, Hopewell; Lindsay Dianne, Shepard

1451. Targeted disruption of core 1 β1,3-galactosyltransferase (C1galt1) induces apical endocytic trafficking in human corneal keratinocytes. e36628页

作者:Ana, Guzman-Aranguez; Ashley M, Woodward; Jesús, Pintor; Pablo, Argüeso

1452. Content analysis of primary and secondary school textbooks regarding malaria control: a multi-country study. e36629页

作者:Daisuke, Nonaka; Masamine, Jimba; Tetsuya, Mizoue; Jun, Kobayashi; Junko, Yasuoka; Irene, Ayi; Achini C, Jayatilleke; Sabina, Shrestha; Kimiyo, Kikuchi; Syed E, Haque; Siyan, Yi

1453. Personality traits and behavioral syndromes in differently urbanized populations of house sparrows (Passer domesticus). e36639页

作者:Veronika, Bókony; Anna, Kulcsár; Zoltán, Tóth; András, Liker

1454. Selection of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi genes involved during interaction with human macrophages by screening of a transposon mutant library. e36643页

作者:Sébastien C, Sabbagh; Christine, Lepage; Michael, McClelland; France, Daigle

1455. Identification of amino acids essential for estrone-3-sulfate transport within transmembrane domain 2 of organic anion transporting polypeptide 1B1. e36647页

作者:Nan, Li; Weifang, Hong; Hong, Huang; Hanping, Lu; Guangyun, Lin; Mei, Hong

1456. Inhibitory effects and underlying mechanism of 7-hydroxyflavone phosphate ester in HeLa cells. e36652页

作者:Ting, Zhang; Jiang, Du; Liguo, Liu; Xiaolan, Chen; Fang, Yang; Qi, Jin

1457. GSK-3 activity is critical for the orientation of the cortical microtubules and the dorsoventral axis determination in zebrafish embryos. e36655页

作者:Ming, Shao; Yushuang, Lin; Zhongzhen, Liu; Ying, Zhang; Lifeng, Wang; Changbin, Liu; Hongwei, Zhang

1458. Investigation of the acetylation mechanism by GCN5 histone acetyltransferase. e36660页

作者:Junfeng, Jiang; Junyan, Lu; Dan, Lu; Zhongjie, Liang; Lianchun, Li; Sisheng, Ouyang; Xiangqian, Kong; Hualiang, Jiang; Bairong, Shen; Cheng, Luo

1459. The features of the synovium in early rheumatoid arthritis according to the 2010 ACR/EULAR classification criteria. e36668页

作者:Marleen G H, van de Sande; Maria J H, de Hair; Yvonne, Schuller; Gijs P M, van de Sande; Carla A, Wijbrandts; Huib J, Dinant; Danielle M, Gerlag; Paul P, Tak

1460. Genomic selection for fruit quality traits in apple (Malus×domestica Borkh.). e36674页

作者:Satish, Kumar; David, Chagné; Marco C A M, Bink; Richard K, Volz; Claire, Whitworth; Charmaine, Carlisle

1461. Prediction of liver-related events using fibroscan in chronic hepatitis B patients showing advanced liver fibrosis. e36676页

作者:Seung Up, Kim; Ji Hoon, Lee; Do Young, Kim; Sang Hoon, Ahn; Kyu Sik, Jung; Eun Hee, Choi; Young Nyun, Park; Kwang-Hyub, Han; Chae Yoon, Chon; Jun Yong, Park

1462. Predictive value of fever and palmar pallor for P. falciparum parasitaemia in children from an endemic area. e36678页

作者:Christof David, Vinnemeier; Norbert Georg, Schwarz; Nimako, Sarpong; Wibke, Loag; Samuel, Acquah; Bernard, Nkrumah; Frank, Huenger; Yaw, Adu-Sarkodie; Jürgen, May

1463. Involvement of Girdin in the determination of cell polarity during cell migration. e36681页

作者:Kei, Ohara; Atsushi, Enomoto; Takuya, Kato; Takahiko, Hashimoto; Mayu, Isotani-Sakakibara; Naoya, Asai; Maki, Ishida-Takagishi; Liang, Weng; Masanori, Nakayama; Takashi, Watanabe; Katsuhiro, Kato; Kozo, Kaibuchi; Yoshiki, Murakumo; Yoshiki, Hirooka; Hidemi, Goto; Masahide, Takahashi

1464. The differential formation of the LINC-mediated perinuclear actin cap in pluripotent and somatic cells. e36689页

作者:Shyam B, Khatau; Sravanti, Kusuma; Donny, Hanjaya-Putra; Prashant, Mali; Linzhao, Cheng; Jerry S H, Lee; Sharon, Gerecht; Denis, Wirtz

1465. Multiple roles of integrin-linked kinase in epidermal development, maturation and pigmentation revealed by molecular profiling. e36704页

作者:David, Judah; Alena, Rudkouskaya; Ryan, Wilson; David E, Carter; Lina, Dagnino

1466. Identification of novel low-dose bisphenol a targets in human foreskin fibroblast cells derived from hypospadias patients. e36711页

作者:Xian-Yang, Qin; Yoshiyuki, Kojima; Kentaro, Mizuno; Katsuhiko, Ueoka; Koji, Muroya; Mami, Miyado; Hiroko, Zaha; Hiromi, Akanuma; Qin, Zeng; Tomokazu, Fukuda; Jun, Yoshinaga; Junzo, Yonemoto; Kenjiro, Kohri; Yutaro, Hayashi; Maki, Fukami; Tsutomu, Ogata; Hideko, Sone

1467. Regulation of the proteasome by AMPK in endothelial cells: the role of O-GlcNAc transferase (OGT). e36717页

作者:Jian, Xu; Shuangxi, Wang; Benoit, Viollet; Ming-Hui, Zou

1468. Locating the binding sites of Pb(II) ion with human and bovine serum albumins. e36723页

作者:Ahmed, Belatik; Surat, Hotchandani; Robert, Carpentier; Heidar-Ali, Tajmir-Riahi

1469. TLR tolerance reduces IFN-alpha production despite plasmacytoid dendritic cell expansion and anti-nuclear antibodies in NZB bicongenic mice. e36761页

作者:Evelyn, Pau; Yui-Ho, Cheung; Christina, Loh; Ginette, Lajoie; Joan E, Wither

1471. Apoptotic HPV positive cancer cells exhibit transforming properties. e36766页

作者:Emilie, Gaiffe; Jean-Luc, Prétet; Sophie, Launay; Elise, Jacquin; Ma?lle, Saunier; Geneviève, Hetzel; Pierre, Oudet; Christiane, Mougin

1472. Adult-age inflammatory pain experience enhances long-term pain vigilance in rats. e36767页

作者:Sheng-Guang, Li; Jin-Yan, Wang; Fei, Luo

1473. Retinoid-binding proteins: similar protein architectures bind similar ligands via completely different ways. e36772页

作者:Yu-Ru, Zhang; Yu-Qi, Zhao; Jing-Fei, Huang

1474. The relationship between impulsive choice and impulsive action: a cross-species translational study. e36781页

作者:Nienke, Broos; Lianne, Schmaal; Joost, Wiskerke; Lennard, Kostelijk; Thomas, Lam; Nicky, Stoop; Lonneke, Weierink; Jannemieke, Ham; Eco J C, de Geus; Anton N M, Schoffelmeer; Wim, van den Brink; Dick J, Veltman; Taco J, de Vries; Tommy, Pattij; Anna E, Goudriaan

1475. Lack of knowledge of HIV status a major barrier to HIV prevention, care and treatment efforts in Kenya: results from a nationally representative study. e36797页

作者:Peter, Cherutich; Reinhard, Kaiser; Jennifer, Galbraith; John, Williamson; Ray W, Shiraishi; Carol, Ngare; Jonathan, Mermin; Elizabeth, Marum; Rebecca, Bunnell

1476. Hypoxia-adaptation involves mitochondrial metabolic depression and decreased ROS leakage. e36801页

作者:Sameh S, Ali; Mary, Hsiao; Huiwen W, Zhao; Laura L, Dugan; Gabriel G, Haddad; Dan, Zhou

1477. Co-evolution of primate SAMHD1 and lentivirus Vpx leads to the loss of the vpx gene in HIV-1 ancestor. e37477页

作者:Chiyu, Zhang; Suresh, de Silva; Jian-Hua, Wang; Li, Wu

1478. Evolutionary conservation and network structure characterize genes of phenotypic relevance for mitosis in human. e36488页

作者:Marek, Ostaszewski; Serge, Eifes; Antonio, del Sol

1479. Genome-wide search reveals the existence of a limited number of thyroid hormone receptor alpha target genes in cerebellar neurons. e30703页

作者:Fabrice, Chatonnet; Romain, Guyot; Frédéric, Picou; Maria, Bondesson; Frederic, Flamant

1480. Five-year follow-up of parapapillary atrophy: the Beijing Eye Study. e32005页

作者:Yin, Guo; Ya Xing, Wang; Liang, Xu; Jost B, Jonas

1481. Association of human leukocyte antigen with interstitial lung disease in rheumatoid arthritis: a protective role for shared epitope. e33133页

作者:Hiroshi, Furukawa; Shomi, Oka; Kota, Shimada; Shoji, Sugii; Jun, Ohashi; Toshihiro, Matsui; Tatsuoh, Ikenaka; Hisanori, Nakayama; Atsushi, Hashimoto; Hirokazu, Takaoka; Yoshiyuki, Arinuma; Yuko, Okazaki; Hidekazu, Futami; Akiko, Komiya; Naoshi, Fukui; Tadashi, Nakamura; Kiyoshi, Migita; Akiko, Suda; Shouhei, Nagaoka; Naoyuki, Tsuchiya; Shigeto, Tohma

1482. Frequency and risk indicators of tooth decay among pregnant women in France: a cross-sectional analysis. e33296页

作者:Jean-Noel, Vergnes; Monique, Kaminski; Nathalie, Lelong; Anne-Marie, Musset; Michel, Sixou; Cathy, Nabet

1483. Single cell profiling of circulating tumor cells: transcriptional heterogeneity and diversity from breast cancer cell lines. e33788页

作者:Ashley A, Powell; Amirali H, Talasaz; Haiyu, Zhang; Marc A, Coram; Anupama, Reddy; Glenn, Deng; Melinda L, Telli; Ranjana H, Advani; Robert W, Carlson; Joseph A, Mollick; Shruti, Sheth; Allison W, Kurian; James M, Ford; Frank E, Stockdale; Stephen R, Quake; R Fabian, Pease; Michael N, Mindrinos; Gyan, Bhanot; Shanaz H, Dairkee; Ronald W, Davis; Stefanie S, Jeffrey

1484. Insight into the assembly properties and functional organisation of the magnetotactic bacterial actin-like homolog, MamK. e34189页

作者:Sanjiv, Sonkaria; Gloria, Fuentes; Chandra, Verma; Ram, Narang; Varsha, Khare; Anna, Fischer; Damien, Faivre

1485. Describing and quantifying asthma comorbidity [corrected]: a population study. e34967页

作者:Andrea S, Gershon; Jun, Guan; Chengning, Wang; J Charles, Victor; Teresa, To

1486. Molecular epidemiology and evolution of human enterovirus serotype 68 in Thailand, 2006-2011. e35190页

作者:Piyada, Linsuwanon; Jiratchaya, Puenpa; Kamol, Suwannakarn; Vittawat, Auksornkitti; Preeyaporn, Vichiwattana; Sumeth, Korkong; Apiradee, Theamboonlers; Yong, Poovorawan

1487. Polymorphism rs4919510:C>G in mature sequence of human microRNA-608 contributes to the risk of HER2-positive breast cancer but not other subtypes. e35252页

作者:A-Ji, Huang; Ke-Da, Yu; Jing, Li; Lei, Fan; Zhi-Ming, Shao

1488. Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonists attenuate septic acute kidney injury in mice by suppressing inflammation and proteasome activity. e35361页

作者:Prodyot K, Chatterjee; Michael M, Yeboah; Oonagh, Dowling; Xiangying, Xue; Saul R, Powell; Yousef, Al-Abed; Christine N, Metz

1489. Learning transcriptional regulatory relationships using sparse graphical models. e35762页

作者:Xiang, Zhang; Wei, Cheng; Jennifer, Listgarten; Carl, Kadie; Shunping, Huang; Wei, Wang; David, Heckerman

1490. γ Sulphate PNA (PNA S): highly selective DNA binding molecule showing promising antigene activity. e35774页

作者:Concetta, Avitabile; Loredana, Moggio; Gaetano, Malgieri; Domenica, Capasso; Sonia, Di Gaetano; Michele, Saviano; Carlo, Pedone; Alessandra, Romanelli

1491. Generation of NSE-MerCreMer transgenic mice with tamoxifen inducible Cre activity in neurons. e35799页

作者:Mandy Ka Man, Kam; King Yiu, Lee; Paul Kwong Hang, Tam; Vincent Chi Hang, Lui

1492. Predicting spike occurrence and neuronal responsiveness from LFPs in primary somatosensory cortex. e35850页

作者:Riccardo, Storchi; Antonio G, Zippo; Gian Carlo, Caramenti; Maurizio, Valente; Gabriele E M, Biella

1493. Enhanced extinction of aversive memories by high-frequency stimulation of the rat infralimbic cortex. e35853页

作者:Mouna, Maroun; Alexandra, Kavushansky; Andrew, Holmes; Cara, Wellman; Helen, Motanis

1494. Exposure to lipopolysaccharide and/or unconjugated bilirubin impair the integrity and function of brain microvascular endothelial cells. e35919页

作者:Filipa L, Cardoso; Agnes, Kittel; Szilvia, Veszelka; Inês, Palmela; Andrea, Tóth; Dora, Brites; Mária A, Deli; Maria A, Brito

1495. When do objects become landmarks? A VR study of the effect of task relevance on spatial memory. e35940页

作者:Xue, Han; Patrick, Byrne; Michael, Kahana; Suzanna, Becker

1496. What parents of children who have received emergency care think about deferring consent in randomised trials of emergency treatments: postal survey. e35982页

作者:Carrol, Gamble; Simon, Nadel; Dee, Snape; Andrew, McKay; Helen, Hickey; Paula, Williamson; Linda, Glennie; Claire, Snowdon; Bridget, Young

1497. Plasma Plasmodium falciparum histidine-rich protein-2 concentrations are associated with malaria severity and mortality in Tanzanian children. e35985页

作者:Matthew P, Rubach; Jackson, Mukemba; Salvatore, Florence; Bernard, John; Benjamin, Crookston; Bert K, Lopansri; Tsin W, Yeo; Kim A, Piera; Stephen C, Alder; J Brice, Weinberg; Nicholas M, Anstey; Donald L, Granger; Esther D, Mwaikambo

1498. Intestinal inflammation responds to microbial tissue load independent of pathogen/non-pathogen discrimination. e35992页

作者:Yvonne, Willer; Beatrice, Müller; Dirk, Bumann

1499. Evolving sensitivity balances Boolean Networks. e36010页

作者:Jamie X, Luo; Matthew S, Turner

1500. Depletion of cellular pre-replication complex factors results in increased human cytomegalovirus DNA replication. e36057页

作者:Tamara Evans, Braun; Emma, Poole; John, Sinclair

1501. Screening estrogenic activities of chemicals or mixtures in vivo using transgenic (cyp19a1b-GFP) zebrafish embryos. e36069页

作者:Fran?ois, Brion; Yann, Le Page; Benjamin, Piccini; Olivier, Cardoso; Sok-Keng, Tong; Bon-chu, Chung; Olivier, Kah

1502. 3D profile-based approach to proteome-wide discovery of novel human chemokines. e36151页

作者:Aurelie, Tomczak; Jana, Sontheimer; David, Drechsel; Rainer, Hausdorf; Marc, Gentzel; Andrej, Shevchenko; Stefanie, Eichler; Karim, Fahmy; Frank, Buchholz; M Teresa, Pisabarro

1503. Disruption of the Eng18B ENGase gene in the fungal biocontrol agent Trichoderma atroviride affects growth, conidiation and antagonistic ability. e36152页

作者:Mukesh K, Dubey; Wimal, Ubhayasekera; Mats, Sandgren; Dan Funck, Jensen; Magnus, Karlsson

1504. Call cultures in orang-utans? e36180页

作者:Serge A, Wich; Michael, Krützen; Adriano R, Lameira; Alexander, Nater; Natasha, Arora; Meredith L, Bastian; Ellen, Meulman; Helen C, Morrogh-Bernard; S Suci Utami, Atmoko; Joko, Pamungkas; Dyah, Perwitasari-Farajallah; Madeleine E, Hardus; Maria, van Noordwijk; Carel P, van Schaik

1505. Proteome-wide analysis of single-nucleotide variations in the N-glycosylation sequon of human genes. e36212页

作者:Raja, Mazumder; Krishna Sudeep, Morampudi; Mona, Motwani; Sona, Vasudevan; Radoslav, Goldman

1506. Overfeeding reduces insulin sensitivity and increases oxidative stress, without altering markers of mitochondrial content and function in humans. e36320页

作者:Dorit, Samocha-Bonet; Lesley V, Campbell; Trevor A, Mori; Kevin D, Croft; Jerry R, Greenfield; Nigel, Turner; Leonie K, Heilbronn

1507. Impairment of the organization of locomotor and exploratory behaviors in bile duct-ligated rats. e36322页

作者:Renata, Leke; Diogo L, de Oliveira; Ben Hur M, Mussulini; Mery S, Pereira; Vanessa, Kazlauckas; Guilherme, Mazzini; Carolina R, Hartmann; Themis R, Silveira; Mette, Simonsen; Lasse K, Bak; Helle S, Waagepetersen; Susanne, Keiding; Arne, Schousboe; Luis V, Portela

1508. Sodium selenide toxicity is mediated by O2-dependent DNA breaks. e36343页

作者:Gérald, Peyroche; Cosmin, Saveanu; Marc, Dauplais; Myriam, Lazard; Fran?ois, Beuneu; Laurence, Decourty; Christophe, Malabat; Alain, Jacquier; Sylvain, Blanquet; Pierre, Plateau

1509. Gene mapping via bulked segregant RNA-Seq (BSR-Seq). e36406页

作者:Sanzhen, Liu; Cheng-Ting, Yeh; Ho Man, Tang; Dan, Nettleton; Patrick S, Schnable

1510. Hepcidin expression in iron overload diseases is variably modulated by circulating factors. e36425页

作者:Giulia, Ravasi; Sara, Pelucchi; Paola, Trombini; Raffaella, Mariani; Naohisa, Tomosugi; Giulia Litta, Modignani; Matteo, Pozzi; Elizabeth, Nemeth; Tomas, Ganz; Hisao, Hayashi; Donatella, Barisani; Alberto, Piperno

1511. Patrilineal perspective on the Austronesian diffusion in Mainland Southeast Asia. e36437页

作者:Jun-Dong, He; Min-Sheng, Peng; Huy Ho, Quang; Khoa Pham, Dang; An Vu, Trieu; Shi-Fang, Wu; Jie-Qiong, Jin; Robert W, Murphy; Yong-Gang, Yao; Ya-Ping, Zhang

1512. Exploiting temporal network structures of human interaction to effectively immunize populations. e36439页

作者:Sungmin, Lee; Luis E C, Rocha; Fredrik, Liljeros; Petter, Holme

1513. Control of germline stem cell division frequency--a novel, developmentally regulated role for epidermal growth factor signaling. e36460页

作者:Benjamin B, Parrott; Alicia, Hudson; Regina, Brady; Cordula, Schulz

1514. Phylogenetic codivergence supports coevolution of mimetic Heliconius butterflies. e36464页

作者:Jennifer Hoyal, Cuthill; Michael, Charleston

1515. Cell expansion-mediated organ growth is affected by mutations in three EXIGUA genes. e36500页

作者:Silvia, Rubio-Díaz; José Manuel, Pérez-Pérez; Rebeca, González-Bayón; Rafael, Mu?oz-Viana; Nero, Borrega; Gregory, Mouille; Diana, Hernández-Romero; Pedro, Robles; Herman, H?fte; María Rosa, Ponce; José Luis, Micol

1516. Programmatic impact of QuantiFERON-TB Gold In-Tube implementation on latent tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment in a public health clinic. e36551页

作者:Maunank, Shah; Danielle, DiPietro; Adena, Greenbaum; Sherry, Ketemepi; Maria, Martins-Evora; Vincent, Marsiglia; Susan E, Dorman

1517. Fall classification by machine learning using mobile phones. e36556页

作者:Mark V, Albert; Konrad, Kording; Megan, Herrmann; Arun, Jayaraman

1518. Musical training induces functional plasticity in perceptual and motor networks: insights from resting-state FMRI. e36568页

作者:Cheng, Luo; Zhi-wei, Guo; Yong-xiu, Lai; Wei, Liao; Qiang, Liu; Keith M, Kendrick; De-zhong, Yao; Hong, Li

1519. Fussy feeders: phyllosoma larvae of the Western Rocklobster (Panulirus cygnus) demonstrate prey preference. e36580页

作者:Megan I, Saunders; Peter A, Thompson; Andrew G, Jeffs; Christin, S?wstr?m; Nikolas, Sachlikidis; Lynnath E, Beckley; Anya M, Waite

1520. Surveillance length and validity of benchmarks for central line-associated bloodstream infection incidence rates in intensive care units. e36582页

作者:Patricia S, Fontela; Caroline, Quach; David, Buckeridge; Madukhar, Pai; Robert W, Platt

1521. Interleukin-7 influences FOXP3+CD4+ regulatory T cells peripheral homeostasis. e36596页

作者:Federico, Simonetta; Nicolas, Gestermann; Kim Zita, Martinet; Michele, Boniotto; Pierre, Tissières; Benedict, Seddon; Christine, Bourgeois

1522. Catheter colonization and abscess formation due to Staphylococcus epidermidis with normal and small-colony-variant phenotype is mouse strain dependent. e36602页

作者:Gunnar, Sander; Tina, B?rner; André, Kriegeskorte; Christof, von Eiff; Karsten, Becker; Esther, Mahabir

1523. A prospective randomized controlled trial of the effects of vitamin D supplementation on cardiovascular disease risk. e36617页

作者:Adam D, Gepner; Rekha, Ramamurthy; Diane C, Krueger; Claudia E, Korcarz; Neil, Binkley; James H, Stein

1524. KRAS, BRAF and PIK3CA mutations and the loss of PTEN expression in Chinese patients with colorectal cancer. e36653页

作者:Chen, Mao; Junhua, Zhou; Zuyao, Yang; Yafang, Huang; Xinyin, Wu; Hong, Shen; Jinling, Tang; Qing, Chen

1525. The prevalence of immunologic injury in renal allograft recipients with de novo proteinuria. e36654页

作者:Qiquan, Sun; Song, Jiang; Xue, Li; Xianghua, Huang; Kenan, Xie; Dongrui, Cheng; Jinsong, Chen; Shuming, Ji; Jiqiu, Wen; Mingchao, Zhang; Caihong, Zeng; Zhihong, Liu

1526. Echovirus 30 induced neuronal cell death through TRIO-RhoA signaling activation. e36656页

作者:June-Woo, Lee; Sang-Gu, Yeo; Byung-Hak, Kang; Hoe-Kyu, Lee; Jin-Won, Kim; Sun-Hwa, Lee; Ki-Sang, Kim; Doo-Sung, Cheon

1527. Objective and self-rated sedentary time and indicators of metabolic health in Dutch and Hungarian 10-12 year olds: the ENERGY-Project. e36657页

作者:Mai J M, Chinapaw; Mine, Yildirim; Teatske M, Altenburg; Amika S, Singh; Eva, Kovács; Dénes, Molnár; Johannes, Brug

1528. A two-stage random forest-based pathway analysis method. e36662页

作者:Ren-Hua, Chung; Ying-Erh, Chen

1529. Regeneration of pancreatic non-β endocrine cells in adult mice following a single diabetes-inducing dose of streptozotocin. e36675页

作者:Yanqing, Zhang; Yuan, Zhang; Robert N, Bone; Wanxing, Cui; Ji-Bin, Peng; Gene P, Siegal; Hongjun, Wang; Hongju, Wu

1530. Role of the polarity protein Scribble for podocyte differentiation and maintenance. e36705页

作者:Bj?rn, Hartleben; Eugen, Widmeier; Nicola, Wanner; Miriam, Schmidts; Sung Tae, Kim; Lisa, Schneider; Britta, Mayer; Dontscho, Kerjaschki; Jeffrey H, Miner; Gerd, Walz; Tobias B, Huber

1531. High adherence is necessary to realize health gains from water quality interventions. e36735页

作者:Joe, Brown; Thomas, Clasen

1532. EGFR-mediated carcinoma cell metastasis mediated by integrin αvβ5 depends on activation of c-Src and cleavage of MUC1. e36753页

作者:Steven K M, Lau; David J, Shields; Eric A, Murphy; Jay S, Desgrosellier; Sudarshan, Anand; Miller, Huang; Shumei, Kato; Ssang-Taek, Lim; Sara M, Weis; Dwayne G, Stupack; David D, Schlaepfer; David A, Cheresh

1533. Repression of cardiac hypertrophy by KLF15: underlying mechanisms and therapeutic implications. e36754页

作者:Joost J, Leenders; Wino J, Wijnen; Ingeborg, van der Made; Monika, Hiller; Melissa, Swinnen; Thierry, Vandendriessche; Marinee, Chuah; Yigal M, Pinto; Esther E, Creemers

1534. Impact of the resident microbiota on the nutritional phenotype of Drosophila melanogaster. e36765页

作者:Emma V, Ridley; Adam C-N, Wong; Stephanie, Westmiller; Angela E, Douglas

1535. Importance of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) class I and II alleles on the risk of multiple sclerosis. e36779页

作者:Jenny, Link; Ingrid, Kockum; Aslaug R, Lorentzen; Benedicte A, Lie; Elisabeth G, Celius; Helga, Westerlind; Marie, Schaffer; Lars, Alfredsson; Tomas, Olsson; Boel, Brynedal; Hanne F, Harbo; Jan, Hillert

1536. Extracellular matrix mineralization promotes E11/gp38 glycoprotein expression and drives osteocytic differentiation. e36786页

作者:Matthew, Prideaux; Nigel, Loveridge; Andrew A, Pitsillides; Colin, Farquharson

1537. DYNAMO-HIA--a Dynamic Modeling tool for generic Health Impact Assessments. e33317页

作者:Stefan K, Lhachimi; Wilma J, Nusselder; Henriette A, Smit; Pieter, van Baal; Paolo, Baili; Kathleen, Bennett; Esteve, Fernández; Margarete C, Kulik; Tim, Lobstein; Joceline, Pomerleau; Johan P, Mackenbach; Hendriek C, Boshuizen

1538. Prostaglandin I2 signaling drives Th17 differentiation and exacerbates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. e33518页

作者:Weisong, Zhou; Dustin R, Dowell; Matthew M, Huckabee; Dawn C, Newcomb; Madison G, Boswell; Kasia, Goleniewska; Matthew T, Lotz; Shinji, Toki; Huiyong, Yin; Songyi, Yao; Chandramohan, Natarajan; Pingsheng, Wu; Subramaniam, Sriram; Richard M, Breyer; Garret A, Fitzgerald; R Stokes, Peebles

1539. Quantifying social influence in an online cultural market. e33785页

作者:Coco, Krumme; Manuel, Cebrian; Galen, Pickard; Sandy, Pentland

1540. Molecular characterisation of long-acting insulin analogues in comparison with human insulin, IGF-1 and insulin X10. e34274页

作者:Bo F, Hansen; Tine, Glendorf; Anne C, Hegelund; Anders, Lundby; Anne, Lützen; Rita, Slaaby; Carsten Enggaard, Stidsen

1541. Exploring statistical and population aspects of network complexity. e34523页

作者:Frank, Emmert-Streib; Matthias, Dehmer

1543. Maternal antibody transmission in relation to mother fluctuating asymmetry in a long-lived colonial seabird: the yellow-legged gull Larus michahellis. e34966页

作者:Abdessalem, Hammouda; Slaheddine, Selmi; Jessica, Pearce-Duvet; Mohamed Ali, Chokri; Audrey, Arnal; Michel, Gauthier-Clerc; Thierry, Boulinier

1544. Patient organizations' funding from pharmaceutical companies: is disclosure clear, complete and accessible to the public? An Italian survey. e34974页

作者:Cinzia, Colombo; Paola, Mosconi; Walter, Villani; Silvio, Garattini

1545. Pre-whaling genetic diversity and population ecology in eastern Pacific gray whales: insights from ancient DNA and stable isotopes. e35039页

作者:S Elizabeth, Alter; Seth D, Newsome; Stephen R, Palumbi

1546. A single nucleotide polymorphism within the novel sex-linked testis-specific retrotransposed PGAM4 gene influences human male fertility. e35195页

作者:Hidenobu, Okuda; Akira, Tsujimura; Shinji, Irie; Keisuke, Yamamoto; Shinichiro, Fukuhara; Yasuhiro, Matsuoka; Tetsuya, Takao; Yasushi, Miyagawa; Norio, Nonomura; Morimasa, Wada; Hiromitsu, Tanaka

1547. European American stratification in ovarian cancer case control data: the utility of genome-wide data for inferring ancestry. e35235页

作者:Paola, Raska; Edwin, Iversen; Ann, Chen; Zhihua, Chen; Brooke L, Fridley; Jennifer, Permuth-Wey; Ya-Yu, Tsai; Robert A, Vierkant; Ellen L, Goode; Harvey, Risch; Joellen M, Schildkraut; Thomas A, Sellers; Jill, Barnholtz-Sloan

1548. Single DermaVir immunization: dose-dependent expansion of precursor/memory T cells against all HIV antigens in HIV-1 infected individuals. e35416页

作者:Julianna, Lisziewicz; Nyasha, Bakare; Sandra A, Calarota; Dénes, Bánhegyi; János, Szlávik; Eszter, Ujhelyi; Enik? R, T?ke; Levente, Molnár; Zsolt, Lisziewicz; Brigitte, Autran; Franco, Lori

1549. Viral diversity and diversification of major non-structural genes vif, vpr, vpu, tat exon 1 and rev exon 1 during primary HIV-1 subtype C infection. e35491页

作者:Raabya, Rossenkhan; Vladimir, Novitsky; Theresa K, Sebunya; Rosemary, Musonda; Berhanu A, Gashe; M, Essex

1550. Baicalin improves survival in a murine model of polymicrobial sepsis via suppressing inflammatory response and lymphocyte apoptosis. e35523页

作者:Jiali, Zhu; Jiafeng, Wang; Ying, Sheng; Yun, Zou; Lulong, Bo; Fei, Wang; Jingsheng, Lou; Xiaohua, Fan; Rui, Bao; Youping, Wu; Feng, Chen; Xiaoming, Deng; Jinbao, Li

1551. Automatic extraction of nuclei centroids of mouse embryonic cells from fluorescence microscopy images. e35550页

作者:Md Khayrul, Bashar; Koji, Komatsu; Toshihiko, Fujimori; Tetsuya J, Kobayashi

1552. More stable productivity of semi natural grasslands than sown pastures in a seasonally dry climate. e35555页

作者:Sonia, Ospina; Graciela M, Rusch; Danilo, Pezo; Fernando, Casanoves; Fergus L, Sinclair

1553. Factors determining sensitivity and resistance of tumor cells to arsenic trioxide. e35584页

作者:Serkan, Sertel; Margaret, Tome; Margaret M, Briehl; Judith, Bauer; Kai, Hock; Peter K, Plinkert; Thomas, Efferth

1554. Dissociation between mature phenotype and impaired transmigration in dendritic cells from heparanase-deficient mice. e35602页

作者:Sandrine, Benhamron; Inna, Reiner; Eyal, Zcharia; Mizhir, Atallah; Amir, Grau; Israel, Vlodavsky; Dror, Mevorach

1555. Triggering of the dsRNA sensors TLR3, MDA5, and RIG-I induces CD55 expression in synovial fibroblasts. e35606页

作者:Olga N, Karpus; Kirstin M, Heutinck; Paul J M, Wijnker; Paul P, Tak; J?rg, Hamann

1556. Protecting persistent dynamic oceanographic features: transboundary conservation efforts are needed for the critically endangered Balearic shearwater. e35728页

作者:Maite, Louzao; Karine, Delord; David, García; Amélie, Boué; Henri, Weimerskirch

1557. Leadership in orchestra emerges from the causal relationships of movement kinematics. e35757页

作者:Alessandro, D'Ausilio; Leonardo, Badino; Yi, Li; Sera, Tokay; Laila, Craighero; Rosario, Canto; Yiannis, Aloimonos; Luciano, Fadiga

1558. Chilling-dependent release of seed and bud dormancy in peach associates to common changes in gene expression. e35777页

作者:Carmen, Leida; Ana, Conejero; Vicent, Arbona; Aurelio, Gómez-Cadenas; Gerardo, Llácer; María Luisa, Badenes; Gabino, Ríos

1559. Implementation of anaphylaxis management guidelines: a register-based study. e35778页

作者:Linus, Grabenhenrich; Stephanie, Hompes; Hannah, Gough; Franziska, Ru?ff; Kathrin, Scherer; Claudia, Pf?hler; Regina, Treudler; Vera, Mahler; Thomas, Hawranek; Katja, Nemat; Alice, Koehli; Thomas, Keil; Margitta, Worm

1561. Redundancy and cooperativity in the mechanics of compositely crosslinked filamentous networks. e35939页

作者:Moumita, Das; D A, Quint; J M, Schwarz

1562. A comparison of three methods of Mendelian randomization when the genetic instrument, the risk factor and the outcome are all binary. e35951页

作者:Philippe, Vuistiner; Murielle, Bochud; Valentin, Rousson

1563. Understanding disease control: influence of epidemiological and economic factors. e36026页

作者:Katarzyna, Ole?; Ewa, Gudowska-Nowak; Adam, Kleczkowski

1564. Font size matters--emotion and attention in cortical responses to written words. e36042页

作者:Mareike, Bayer; Werner, Sommer; Annekathrin, Schacht

1565. Reading speed, comprehension and eye movements while reading Japanese novels: evidence from untrained readers and cases of speed-reading trainees. e36091页

作者:Hiromitsu, Miyata; Yasuyo, Minagawa-Kawai; Shigeru, Watanabe; Toyofumi, Sasaki; Kazuhiro, Ueda

1566. Spatial pattern of standing timber value across the Brazilian Amazon. e36099页

作者:Sadia E, Ahmed; Robert M, Ewers

1567. Maternal Wnt/β-catenin signaling coactivates transcription through NF-κB binding sites during Xenopus axis formation. e36136页

作者:Neil J, Armstrong; Fran?ois, Fagotto; Christian, Prothmann; Ralph A W, Rupp

1568. Sparse representation of brain aging: extracting covariance patterns from structural MRI. e36147页

作者:Longfei, Su; Lubin, Wang; Fanglin, Chen; Hui, Shen; Baojuan, Li; Dewen, Hu

1569. Effect of age on variability in the production of text-based global inferences. e36161页

作者:Lynne J, Williams; Joseph P, Dunlop; Hervé, Abdi

1570. A carnivorous plant fed by its ant symbiont: a unique multi-faceted nutritional mutualism. e36179页

作者:Vincent, Bazile; Jonathan A, Moran; Gilles, Le Moguédec; David J, Marshall; Laurence, Gaume

1571. Hypocotyl transcriptome reveals auxin regulation of growth-promoting genes through GA-dependent and -independent pathways. e36210页

作者:Elisabeth J, Chapman; Kathleen, Greenham; Cristina, Castillejo; Ryan, Sartor; Agniezska, Bialy; Tai-Ping, Sun; Mark, Estelle

1572. How academic biologists and physicists view science outreach. e36240页

作者:Elaine Howard, Ecklund; Sarah A, James; Anne E, Lincoln

1574. The functions of grainy head-like proteins in animals and fungi and the evolution of apical extracellular barriers. e36254页

作者:Adam, Paré; Myungjin, Kim; Michelle T, Juarez; Stuart, Brody; William, McGinnis

1575. High interstitial fluid pressure is associated with low tumour penetration of diagnostic monoclonal antibodies applied for molecular imaging purposes. e36258页

作者:Markus, Heine; Barbara, Freund; Peter, Nielsen; Caroline, Jung; Rudolph, Reimer; Heinrich, Hohenberg; Uwe, Zangemeister-Wittke; Hans-Juergen, Wester; Georg H, Lüers; Udo, Schumacher

1576. Regional brain responses in nulliparous women to emotional infant stimuli. e36270页

作者:Jessica L, Montoya; Nicole, Landi; Hedy, Kober; Patrick D, Worhunsky; Helena J V, Rutherford; W Einar, Mencl; Linda C, Mayes; Marc N, Potenza

1577. Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase kinase is not involved in hypothalamic AMP-activated protein kinase activation by neuroglucopenia. e36335页

作者:Junji, Kawashima; Thierry, Alquier; Youki, Tsuji; Odile D, Peroni; Barbara B, Kahn

1578. Objective vs. self-reported physical activity and sedentary time: effects of measurement method on relationships with risk biomarkers. e36345页

作者:Carlos A, Celis-Morales; Francisco, Perez-Bravo; Luis, Iba?ez; Carlos, Salas; Mark E S, Bailey; Jason M R, Gill

1579. Gametogenesis in the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas: a microarrays-based analysis identifies sex and stage specific genes. e36353页

作者:Nolwenn M, Dheilly; Christophe, Lelong; Arnaud, Huvet; Kristell, Kellner; Marie-Pierre, Dubos; Guillaume, Riviere; Pierre, Boudry; Pascal, Favrel

1580. The gracilis myocutaneous free flap: a quantitative analysis of the fasciocutaneous blood supply and implications for autologous breast reconstruction. e36367页

作者:Iain S, Whitaker; Maria, Karavias; Ramin, Shayan; Cara Michelle, le Roux; Warren M, Rozen; Russell J, Corlett; G Ian, Taylor; Mark W, Ashton

1581. Insight into the stability of cross-β amyloid fibril from VEALYL short peptide with molecular dynamics simulation. e36382页

作者:Wei, Ye; Yue, Chen; Wei, Wang; Qingfen, Yu; Yixue, Li; Jian, Zhang; Hai-Feng, Chen

1582. Integrated analysis of gene expression and tumor nuclear image profiles associated with chemotherapy response in serous ovarian carcinoma. e36383页

作者:Yuexin, Liu; Yan, Sun; Russell, Broaddus; Jinsong, Liu; Anil K, Sood; Ilya, Shmulevich; Wei, Zhang

1583. A genome-wide siRNA screen to identify modulators of insulin sensitivity and gluconeogenesis. e36384页

作者:Ruojing, Yang; Raul G, Lacson; Gino, Castriota; Xiaohua D, Zhang; Yaping, Liu; Wenqing, Zhao; Monica, Einstein; Luiz Miguel, Camargo; Sajjad, Qureshi; Kenny K, Wong; Bei B, Zhang; Marc, Ferrer; Joel P, Berger

1584. Cholesterol-independent effects of methyl-β-cyclodextrin on chemical synapses. e36395页

作者:Kiel G, Ormerod; Tatiana P, Rogasevskaia; Jens R, Coorssen; A Joffre, Mercier

1585. Anatomical connectivity influences both intra- and inter-brain synchronizations. e36414页

作者:Guillaume, Dumas; Mario, Chavez; Jacqueline, Nadel; Jacques, Martinerie

1586. Docking of LDCVs is modulated by lower intracellular [Ca2+] than priming. e36416页

作者:Mathias, Pasche; Ulf, Matti; Detlef, Hof; Jens, Rettig; Ute, Becherer

1587. The development of the Problematic Online Gaming Questionnaire (POGQ). e36417页

作者:Zsolt, Demetrovics; Róbert, Urbán; Katalin, Nagygy?rgy; Judit, Farkas; Mark D, Griffiths; Orsolya, Pápay; Gy?ngyi, K?k?nyei; Katalin, Felvinczi; Attila, Oláh

1588. Differential neuregulin 1 cleavage in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: preliminary findings. e36431页

作者:Ketan, Marballi; Dianne, Cruz; Peter, Thompson; Consuelo, Walss-Bass

1589. Risk factors for extended duration of acute diarrhea in young children. e36436页

作者:Tor A, Strand; Pushpa R, Sharma; H?kon K, Gjessing; Manjeswori, Ulak; Ram K, Chandyo; Ramesh K, Adhikari; Halvor, Sommerfelt

1590. International network for comparison of HIV neutralization assays: the NeutNet report II. e36438页

作者:Leo, Heyndrickx; Alan, Heath; Enas, Sheik-Khalil; Jose, Alcami; Vera, Bongertz; Marianne, Jansson; Mauro, Malnati; David, Montefiori; Christiane, Moog; Lynn, Morris; Saladin, Osmanov; Victoria, Polonis; Meghna, Ramaswamy; Quentin, Sattentau; Monica, Tolazzi; Hanneke, Schuitemaker; Betty, Willems; Terri, Wrin; Eva Maria, Feny?; Gabriella, Scarlatti

1591. A phylogenetic perspective on the evolution of Mediterranean teleost fishes. e36443页

作者:Christine N, Meynard; David, Mouillot; Nicolas, Mouquet; Emmanuel J P, Douzery

1592. A monoclonal antibody against p53 cross-reacts with processing bodies. e36447页

作者:María Gabriela, Thomas; Luciana, Luchelli; Malena, Pascual; Vanesa, Gottifredi; Graciela Lidia, Boccaccio

1593. Human tears reveal insights into corneal neovascularization. e36451页

作者:Nadia, Zakaria; Sigi, Van Grasdorff; Kristien, Wouters; Jos, Rozema; Carina, Koppen; Eva, Lion; Nathalie, Cools; Zwi, Berneman; Marie-José, Tassignon

1594. Improved siderotic nodule detection in cirrhosis with susceptibility-weighted magnetic resonance imaging: a prospective study. e36454页

作者:Wei, Chen; Zachary, DelProposto; Dongmei, Wu; Jian, Wang; Quan, Jiang; Stephanie, Xuan; YongQuan, Ye; Zishu, Zhang; Jiani, Hu

1595. Ordered self-assembly mechanism of a spherical oncoprotein oligomer triggered by zinc removal and stabilized by an intrinsically disordered domain. e36457页

作者:Clara, Smal; Leonardo G, Alonso; Diana E, Wetzler; Angeles, Heer; Gonzalo, de Prat Gay

1596. Sustainable sources of biomass for bioremediation of heavy metals in waste water derived from coal-fired power generation. e36470页

作者:Richard J, Saunders; Nicholas A, Paul; Yi, Hu; Rocky, de Nys

1597. High-frequency, low-magnitude vibration does not prevent bone loss resulting from muscle disuse in mice following botulinum toxin injection. e36486页

作者:Sarah L, Manske; Craig A, Good; Ronald F, Zernicke; Steven K, Boyd

1598. A CI-independent form of replicative inhibition: turn off of early replication of bacteriophage lambda. e36498页

作者:Sidney, Hayes; Monique A, Horbay; Connie, Hayes

1600. Pretreatment lifestyle behaviors as survival predictors for patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma. e36515页

作者:Guo-Ping, Shen; Feng-Hua, Xu; Fen, He; Hong-Lian, Ruan; Cui, Cui; Li-Zhen, Chen; Yi-Xin, Zeng; Wei-Hua, Jia

1601. Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae (PSA) isolates from recent bacterial canker of kiwifruit outbreaks belong to the same genetic lineage. e36518页

作者:Angelo, Mazzaglia; David J, Studholme; Maria C, Taratufolo; Rongman, Cai; Nalvo F, Almeida; Tokia, Goodman; David S, Guttman; Boris A, Vinatzer; Giorgio M, Balestra

1602. DipA, a pore-forming protein in the outer membrane of Lyme disease spirochetes exhibits specificity for the permeation of dicarboxylates. e36523页

作者:Marcus, Thein; Mari, Bonde; Ignas, Bunikis; Katrin, Denker; Albert, Sickmann; Sven, Bergstr?m; Roland, Benz

1603. Differential pathogenesis of lung adenocarcinoma subtypes involving sequence mutations, copy number, chromosomal instability, and methylation. e36530页

作者:Matthew D, Wilkerson; Xiaoying, Yin; Vonn, Walter; Ni, Zhao; Christopher R, Cabanski; Michele C, Hayward; C Ryan, Miller; Mark A, Socinski; Alden M, Parsons; Leigh B, Thorne; Benjamin E, Haithcock; Nirmal K, Veeramachaneni; William K, Funkhouser; Scott H, Randell; Philip S, Bernard; Charles M, Perou; D Neil, Hayes

1604. A real time Metridia luciferase based non-invasive reporter assay of mammalian cell viability and cytotoxicity via the β-actin promoter and enhancer. e36535页

作者:Shawn E, Lupold; Tamara, Johnson; Wasim H, Chowdhury; Ronald, Rodriguez

1606. Ubiquitin-specific protease 25 functions in Endoplasmic Reticulum-associated degradation. e36542页

作者:Jessica R, Blount; Aaron A, Burr; Amanda, Denuc; Gemma, Marfany; Sokol V, Todi

1607. Constitutive and treatment-induced CXCL8-signalling selectively modulates the efficacy of anti-metabolite therapeutics in metastatic prostate cancer. e36545页

作者:Catherine, Wilson; Pamela J, Maxwell; Daniel B, Longley; Richard H, Wilson; Patrick G, Johnston; David J J, Waugh

1609. Non-breeding song rate reflects nutritional condition rather than body condition. e36547页

作者:Alain J-M, Van Hout; Rianne, Pinxten; Ann, Geens; Marcel, Eens

1610. Comparative profiling of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains reveals differential expression of novel unique and conserved small RNAs. e36553页

作者:Silvia, Ferrara; Margherita, Brugnoli; Angela, De Bonis; Francesco, Righetti; Francesco, Delvillani; Gianni, Dehò; David, Horner; Federica, Briani; Giovanni, Bertoni

1611. Sequencing and analysis of the Mediterranean amphioxus (Branchiostoma lanceolatum) transcriptome. e36554页

作者:Silvan, Oulion; Stephanie, Bertrand; Mohamed R, Belgacem; Yann, Le Petillon; Hector, Escriva

1612. An allograft glioma model reveals the dependence of aquaporin-4 expression on the brain microenvironment. e36555页

作者:Susan, Noell; Rainer, Ritz; Karen, Wolburg-Buchholz; Hartwig, Wolburg; Petra, Fallier-Becker

1613. Regulation of neuronal cell death by c-Abl-Hippo/MST2 signaling pathway. e36562页

作者:Weizhe, Liu; Junbing, Wu; Lei, Xiao; Yujie, Bai; Aiqin, Qu; Zheng, Zheng; Zengqiang, Yuan

1614. Consistency of leadership in shoals of mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki) in novel and in familiar environments. e36567页

作者:Alicia L J, Burns; James E, Herbert-Read; Lesley J, Morrell; Ashley J W, Ward

1615. Detection of retroviral super-infection from non-invasive samples. e36570页

作者:Adeelia S, Goffe; Anja, Blasse; Roger, Mundry; Fabian H, Leendertz; Sébastien, Calvignac-Spencer

1616. Phylogenetic analysis of Bolivian bat trypanosomes of the subgenus schizotrypanum based on cytochrome B sequence and minicircle analyses. e36578页

作者:Lineth, García; Sylvia, Ortiz; Gonzalo, Osorio; Mary Cruz, Torrico; Faustino, Torrico; Aldo, Solari

1617. Knotty-centrality: finding the connective core of a complex network. e36579页

作者:Murray, Shanahan; Mark, Wildie

1618. C. elegans EIF-3.K promotes programmed cell death through CED-3 caspase. e36584页

作者:Chun-Yi, Huang; Jia-Yun, Chen; Shu-Chun, Wu; Chieh-Hsiang, Tan; Ruei-Ying, Tzeng; Pei-Ju, Lu; Yu-Feng, Wu; Ruey-Hwa, Chen; Yi-Chun, Wu

1619. Kaposi's sarcoma associated herpesvirus encoded viral FLICE inhibitory protein K13 activates NF-κB pathway independent of TRAF6, TAK1 and LUBAC. e36601页

作者:Hittu, Matta; Ramakrishnan, Gopalakrishnan; Ciaren, Graham; Bhairavi, Tolani; Akshat, Khanna; Han, Yi; Yulan, Suo; Preet M, Chaudhary

1620. Late onset myasthenia gravis is associated with HLA DRB1*15:01 in the Norwegian population. e36603页

作者:Angelina H, Maniaol; Ahmed, Elsais; ?slaug R, Lorentzen; Jone F, Owe; Marte K, Viken; Hanne, S?ther; Siri T, Fl?m; Geir, Br?then; Margitta T, Kampman; Rune, Midgard; Marte, Christensen; Anna, Rognerud; Emilia, Kerty; Nils Erik, Gilhus; Chantal M E, Tallaksen; Benedicte A, Lie; Hanne F, Harbo

1621. Base-pairing versatility determines wobble sites in tRNA anticodons of vertebrate mitogenomes. e36605页

作者:Miguel M, Fonseca; Sara, Rocha; David, Posada

1622. Population genetic structure and colonisation history of the tool-using New Caledonian crow. e36608页

作者:Jawad, Abdelkrim; Gavin R, Hunt; Russell D, Gray; Neil J, Gemmell

1623. In silico assessment of potential druggable pockets on the surface of α1-antitrypsin conformers. e36612页

作者:Anathe O M, Patschull; Bibek, Gooptu; Paul, Ashford; Tina, Daviter; Irene, Nobeli

1624. Propiconazole is a specific and accessible brassinosteroid (BR) biosynthesis inhibitor for Arabidopsis and maize. e36625页

作者:Thomas, Hartwig; Claudia, Corvalan; Norman B, Best; Joshua S, Budka; Jia-Ying, Zhu; Sunghwa, Choe; Burkhard, Schulz

1625. Promising system for selecting healthy in vitro-fertilized embryos in cattle. e36627页

作者:Satoshi, Sugimura; Tomonori, Akai; Yutaka, Hashiyada; Tamás, Somfai; Yasushi, Inaba; Muneyuki, Hirayama; Tadayuki, Yamanouchi; Hideo, Matsuda; Shuji, Kobayashi; Yoshio, Aikawa; Masaki, Ohtake; Eiji, Kobayashi; Kazuyuki, Konishi; Kei, Imai

1626. Pharmacogenetics meets metabolomics: discovery of tryptophan as a new endogenous OCT2 substrate related to metformin disposition. e36637页

作者:Im-Sook, Song; Do Yup, Lee; Min-Hye, Shin; Hyunmi, Kim; Yun Gyong, Ahn; Inmyoung, Park; Kyoung Heon, Kim; Tobias, Kind; Jae-Gook, Shin; Oliver, Fiehn; Kwang-Hyeon, Liu

1628. Grooming up the hierarchy: the exchange of grooming and rank-related benefits in a new world primate. e36641页

作者:Barbara, Tiddi; Filippo, Aureli; Gabriele, Schino

1629. Anti-HPV16 E2 protein T-cell responses and viral control in women with usual vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia and their healthy partners. e36651页

作者:Simon, Jacobelli; Fedoua, Sanaa; Micheline, Moyal-Barracco; Monique, Pelisse; Sophie, Berville; Pascale, Villefroy; Marie Odile, North; Suzanne, Figueiredo; Bénédicte, Charmeteau; Thierry, Clerici; Fran?oise, Plantier; Fran?oise, Arnold; Antoine, Touzé; Nicolas, Dupin; Marie-Fran?oise, Avril; Jean-Gérard, Guillet; Rémi, Cheynier; Isabelle, Bourgault-Villada

1630. Development of transgenic cloned pig models of skin inflammation by DNA transposon-directed ectopic expression of human β1 and α2 integrin. e36658页

作者:Nicklas Heine, Staunstrup; Johannes, Madsen; Maria Nascimento, Primo; Juan, Li; Ying, Liu; Peter M, Kragh; Rong, Li; Mette, Schmidt; Stig, Purup; Frederik, Dagn?s-Hansen; Lars, Svensson; Thomas K, Petersen; Henrik, Callesen; Lars, Bolund; Jacob Giehm, Mikkelsen

1631. MSMEG_2731, an uncharacterized nucleic acid binding protein from Mycobacterium smegmatis, physically interacts with RPS1. e36666页

作者:Mingzhang, Yang; Yuanyuan, Chen; Ying, Zhou; Liwei, Wang; Hongtai, Zhang; Li-Jun, Bi; Xian-En, Zhang

1632. Loss of the urothelial differentiation marker FOXA1 is associated with high grade, late stage bladder cancer and increased tumor proliferation. e36669页

作者:David J, DeGraff; Peter E, Clark; Justin M, Cates; Hironobu, Yamashita; Victoria L, Robinson; Xiuping, Yu; Mark E, Smolkin; Sam S, Chang; Michael S, Cookson; Mary K, Herrick; Shahrokh F, Shariat; Gary D, Steinberg; Henry F, Frierson; Xue-Ru, Wu; Dan, Theodorescu; Robert J, Matusik

1633. Associations between nitric oxide synthase genes and exhaled NO-related phenotypes according to asthma status. e36672页

作者:Emmanuelle, Bouzigon; Florent, Monier; Mekki, Boussaha; Nicole, Le Moual; Hélène, Huyvaert; Régis, Matran; Sébastien, Letort; Jean, Bousquet; Isabelle, Pin; Mark, Lathrop; Francine, Kauffmann; Florence, Demenais; Rachel, Nadif

1634. Impact of low-level-viremia on HIV-1 drug-resistance evolution among antiretroviral treated-patients. e36673页

作者:Constance, Delaugerre; Sébastien, Gallien; Philippe, Flandre; Dominique, Mathez; Rishma, Amarsy; Samuel, Ferret; Julie, Timsit; Jean-Michel, Molina; Pierre, de Truchis

1635. Strain-dependent differences in bone development, myeloid hyperplasia, morbidity and mortality in ptpn2-deficient mice. e36703页

作者:Florian, Wiede; Sock Hui, Chew; Catherine, van Vliet; Ingrid J, Poulton; Konstantinos, Kyparissoudis; Tedjo, Sasmono; Kim, Loh; Michel L, Tremblay; Dale I, Godfrey; Natalie A, Sims; Tony, Tiganis

1636. Extensive transcriptional regulation of chromatin modifiers during human neurodevelopment. e36708页

作者:Matthias K, Weng; Bastian, Zimmer; Dominik, P?ltl; Marc P, Broeg; Violeta, Ivanova; John A, Gaspar; Agapios, Sachinidis; Ullrich, Wüllner; Tanja, Waldmann; Marcel, Leist

1637. Chitin binding proteins act synergistically with chitinases in Serratia proteamaculans 568. e36714页

作者:Pallinti, Purushotham; P V Parvati Sai, Arun; Jogadhenu S S, Prakash; Appa Rao, Podile

1639. A microalbuminuria threshold to predict the risk for the development of diabetic retinopathy in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. e36718页

作者:Haibing, Chen; Zhi, Zheng; Yan, Huang; Kaifeng, Guo; Junxi, Lu; Lei, Zhang; Haoyong, Yu; Yuqian, Bao; Weiping, Jia

1640. NOXA-induced alterations in the Bax/Smac axis enhance sensitivity of ovarian cancer cells to cisplatin. e36722页

作者:Chao, Lin; Xin-yu, Zhao; Lei, Li; Huan-yi, Liu; Kang, Cao; Yang, Wan; Xin-yu, Liu; Chun-lai, Nie; Lei, Liu; Ai-ping, Tong; Hong-xin, Deng; Jiong, Li; Zhu, Yuan; Yu-quan, Wei

1641. Genes important for catalase activity in Enterococcus faecalis. e36725页

作者:Michael, Baureder; Lars, Hederstedt

1642. A quantitative study of the mechanisms behind thymic atrophy in Gαi2-deficient mice during colitis development. e36726页

作者:Kristina, Elgbratt; Andreas, Jansson; Elisabeth, Hultgren-H?rnquist

1643. Modelling transmission of vector-borne pathogens shows complex dynamics when vector feeding sites are limited. e36730页

作者:Arik, Kershenbaum; Lewi, Stone; Richard S, Ostfeld; Leon, Blaustein

1644. Fish is food--the FAO's fish price index. e36731页

作者:Sigbj?rn, Tveter?s; Frank, Asche; Marc F, Bellemare; Martin D, Smith; Atle G, Guttormsen; Audun, Lem; Kristin, Lien; Stefania, Vannuccini

1645. Muramyl dipeptide induces NOD2-dependent Ly6C(high) monocyte recruitment to the lungs and protects against influenza virus infection. e36734页

作者:Fran?ois, Coulombe; Stéphanie, Fiola; Shizuo, Akira; Yvon, Cormier; Jean, Gosselin

1646. Multiple measures reveal antiretroviral adherence successes and challenges in HIV-infected Ugandan children. e36737页

作者:Jessica E, Haberer; Julius, Kiwanuka; Denis, Nansera; Kathleen, Ragland; Claude, Mellins; David R, Bangsberg

1647. A functional screen provides evidence for a conserved, regulatory, juxtamembrane phosphorylation site in guanylyl cyclase a and B. e36747页

作者:Andrea R, Yoder; Jerid W, Robinson; Deborah M, Dickey; Joshua, Andersland; Beth A, Rose; Matthew D, Stone; Timothy J, Griffin; Lincoln R, Potter

1649. The genome characteristics and predicted function of methyl-group oxidation pathway in the obligate aceticlastic methanogens, Methanosaeta spp. e36756页

作者:Jinxing, Zhu; Huajun, Zheng; Guomin, Ai; Guishan, Zhang; Di, Liu; Xiaoli, Liu; Xiuzhu, Dong

1650. Current and historical drivers of landscape genetic structure differ in core and peripheral salamander populations. e36769页

作者:Rachael Y, Dudaniec; Stephen F, Spear; John S, Richardson; Andrew, Storfer

1651. Gender and weight shape brain dynamics during food viewing. e36778页

作者:Ulrike, Toepel; Jean-Fran?ois, Knebel; Julie, Hudry; Johannes, le Coutre; Micah M, Murray

1652. Spontaneous innovation for future deception in a male chimpanzee. e36782页

作者:Mathias, Osvath; Elin, Karvonen

1654. Poor spontaneous and oxytocin-stimulated contractility in human myometrium from postdates pregnancies. e36787页

作者:Sarah, Arrowsmith; Siobhan, Quenby; Andrew, Weeks; Theodor, Burdyga; Susan, Wray

1656. Effect of stocking rate on soil-atmosphere CH4 flux during spring freeze-thaw cycles in a northern desert steppe, China. e36794页

作者:Cheng-Jie, Wang; Shi-Ming, Tang; Andreas, Wilkes; Yuan-Yuan, Jiang; Guo-Dong, Han; Ding, Huang

1657. Market powers predict reciprocal grooming in golden snub-nosed monkeys (Rhinopithecus roxellana). e36802页

作者:Wei, Wei; Xiao-Guang, Qi; Song-Tao, Guo; Da-Peng, Zhao; Peng, Zhang; Kang, Huang; Bao-Guo, Li

1658. Ischemia-reperfusion injury and pregnancy initiate time-dependent and robust signs of up-regulation of cardiac progenitor cells. e36804页

作者:Rami, Genead; Helene, Fischer; Alamdar, Hussain; Marie, Jaksch; Agneta B, Andersson; Karin, Ljung; Ivana, Bulatovic; Anders, Franco-Cereceda; Elzafir, Elsheikh; Matthias, Corbascio; C I Edvard, Smith; Christer, Sylvén; Karl-Henrik, Grinnemo

1659. Non-antioxidant properties of α-tocopherol reduce the anticancer activity of several protein kinase inhibitors in vitro. e36811页

作者:Stéphane, Pédeboscq; Christophe, Rey; Muriel, Petit; Catherine, Harpey; Francesca, De Giorgi; Fran?ois, Ichas; Lydia, Lartigue

1660. Immunogenicity and protective capacity of a virosomal respiratory syncytial virus vaccine adjuvanted with monophosphoryl lipid A in mice. e36812页

作者:Tobias, Kamphuis; Tjarko, Meijerhof; Toon, Stegmann; Julia, Lederhofer; Jan, Wilschut; Aalzen, de Haan

1661. An abundant tissue macrophage population in the adult murine heart with a distinct alternatively-activated macrophage profile. e36814页

作者:Alexander R, Pinto; Rosa, Paolicelli; Ekaterina, Salimova; Janko, Gospocic; Esfir, Slonimsky; Daniel, Bilbao-Cortes; James W, Godwin; Nadia A, Rosenthal

1662. Polydendrocytes display large lineage plasticity following focal cerebral ischemia. e36816页

作者:Pavel, Honsa; Helena, Pivonkova; David, Dzamba; Marcela, Filipova; Miroslava, Anderova

1663. Subdomain location of mutations in cardiac actin correlate with type of functional change. e36821页

作者:Maureen M, Mundia; Ryan W, Demers; Melissa L, Chow; Alexandru A, Perieteanu; John F, Dawson

1664. NK cells promote Th-17 mediated corneal barrier disruption in dry eye. e36822页

作者:Xiaobo, Zhang; Eugene A, Volpe; Niral B, Gandhi; Chris S, Schaumburg; Karyn F, Siemasko; Solherny B, Pangelinan; Scott D, Kelly; Adrian C, Hayday; De-Quan, Li; Michael E, Stern; Jerry Y, Niederkorn; Stephen C, Pflugfelder; Cintia S, De Paiva

1666. Direct molecular detection and genotyping of Borrelia burgdorferi from whole blood of patients with early Lyme disease. e36825页

作者:Mark W, Eshoo; Christopher C, Crowder; Alison W, Rebman; Megan A, Rounds; Heather E, Matthews; John M, Picuri; Mark J, Soloski; David J, Ecker; Steven E, Schutzer; John N, Aucott

1667. Persistent oxytetracycline exposure induces an inflammatory process that improves regenerative capacity in zebrafish larvae. e36827页

作者:Francisco, Barros-Becker; Jaime, Romero; Alvaro, Pulgar; Carmen G, Feijóo

1668. Satellite tracking of manta rays highlights challenges to their conservation. e36834页

作者:Rachel T, Graham; Matthew J, Witt; Dan W, Castellanos; Francisco, Remolina; Sara, Maxwell; Brendan J, Godley; Lucy A, Hawkes

1669. Diabetes alters intracellular calcium transients in cardiac endothelial cells. e36840页

作者:Abdul Q, Sheikh; Jennifer R, Hurley; Wei, Huang; Toloo, Taghian; Andrei, Kogan; Hongkwan, Cho; Yigang, Wang; Daria A, Narmoneva

1670. Eukaryotic protein recruitment into the Chlamydia inclusion: implications for survival and growth. e36843页

作者:Eric, Soupene; James, Rothschild; Frans A, Kuypers; Deborah, Dean

1671. Perifosine as a potential novel anti-cancer agent inhibits EGFR/MET-AKT axis in malignant pleural mesothelioma. e36856页

作者:Giulia, Pinton; Arcangela Gabriella, Manente; Giovanni, Angeli; Luciano, Mutti; Laura, Moro

1672. Retinotopic maps, spatial tuning, and locations of human visual areas in surface coordinates characterized with multifocal and blocked FMRI designs. e36859页

作者:Linda, Henriksson; Juha, Karvonen; Niina, Salminen-Vaparanta; Henry, Railo; Simo, Vanni

1673. Selective activation of p120ctn-Kaiso signaling to unlock contact inhibition of ARPE-19 cells without epithelial-mesenchymal transition. e36864页

作者:Hung-Chi, Chen; Ying-Ting, Zhu; Szu-Yu, Chen; Scheffer C G, Tseng

1674. Hypothalamic orexin--a neurons are involved in the response of the brain stress system to morphine withdrawal. e36871页

作者:M Luisa, Laorden; Szilamér, Ferenczi; Bernadett, Pintér-Kübler; Laura L, González-Martín; M Carmen, Lasheras; Krisztina J, Kovács; M Victoria, Milanés; Cristina, Nú?ez

1675. GABA maintains the proliferation of progenitors in the developing chick ciliary marginal zone and non-pigmented ciliary epithelium. e36874页

作者:Henrik, Ring; Suresh Kumar, Mendu; Shahrzad, Shirazi-Fard; Bryndis, Birnir; Finn, Hallb??k

1677. Chaoborus and gasterosteus anti-predator responses in Daphnia pulex are mediated by independent cholinergic and gabaergic neuronal signals. e36879页

作者:Linda C, Weiss; Sebastian, Kruppert; Christian, Laforsch; Ralph, Tollrian

1678. Phosphorus is associated with coronary artery disease in patients with preserved renal function. e36883页

作者:Ana Ludimila, Cancela; Raul Dias, Santos; Silvia Maria, Titan; Patrícia Taschner, Goldenstein; Carlos Eduardo, Rochitte; Pedro Alves, Lemos; Luciene Machado, dos Reis; Fabiana Giorgetti, Graciolli; Vanda, Jorgetti; Rosa Maria, Moysés

1679. Photoperiod influences growth and mll (mixed-lineage leukaemia) expression in Atlantic cod. e36908页

作者:Kazue, Nagasawa; Alessia, Giannetto; Jorge M O, Fernandes

1681. A calibration protocol for population-specific accelerometer cut-points in children. e36919页

作者:Kelly A, Mackintosh; Stuart J, Fairclough; Gareth, Stratton; Nicola D, Ridgers

1682. Prevalence and determinants of metabolic syndrome among women in Chinese rural areas. e36936页

作者:Hui, Cai; Jianping, Huang; Guangfei, Xu; Zili, Yang; Ming, Liu; Yaoping, Mi; Weisheng, Liu; Hongjun, Wang; Derong, Qian

1683. Malabaricone-A induces a redox imbalance that mediates apoptosis in U937 cell line. e36938页

作者:Alak, Manna; Piu, Saha; Avijit, Sarkar; Debanjan, Mukhopadhyay; Ajay K, Bauri; Deepak, Kumar; Padma, Das; Subrata, Chattopadhyay; Mitali, Chatterjee

1684. Genomic sequencing and comparative analysis of Epstein-Barr virus genome isolated from primary nasopharyngeal carcinoma biopsy. e36939页

作者:Hin, Kwok; Amy H Y, Tong; Chi Ho, Lin; Si, Lok; Paul J, Farrell; Dora L W, Kwong; Alan K S, Chiang

1685. Sodium chloride inhibits the growth and infective capacity of the amphibian chytrid fungus and increases host survival rates. e36942页

作者:Michelle Pirrie, Stockwell; John, Clulow; Michael Joseph, Mahony

1686. Formation of amyloid-like fibrils by Y-box binding protein 1 (YB-1) is mediated by its cold shock domain and modulated by disordered terminal domains. e36969页

作者:Sergey G, Guryanov; Olga M, Selivanova; Alexey D, Nikulin; Gennady A, Enin; Bogdan S, Melnik; Dmitry A, Kretov; Igor N, Serdyuk; Lev P, Ovchinnikov

1687. Edwardsiella comparative phylogenomics reveal the new intra/inter-species taxonomic relationships, virulence evolution and niche adaptation mechanisms. e36987页

作者:Minjun, Yang; Yuanzhi, Lv; Jingfan, Xiao; Haizhen, Wu; Huajun, Zheng; Qin, Liu; Yuanxing, Zhang; Qiyao, Wang

1688. PtdIns (3,4,5) P3 recruitment of Myo10 is essential for axon development. e36988页

作者:Huali, Yu; Nannan, Wang; Xingda, Ju; Yan, Yang; Dong, Sun; Mingming, Lai; Lei, Cui; Muhammad Abid, Sheikh; Jianhua, Zhang; Xingzhi, Wang; Xiaojuan, Zhu

1689. Educational inequalities in perinatal outcomes: the mediating effect of smoking and environmental tobacco exposure. e37002页

作者:Gerrit, van den Berg; Manon, van Eijsden; Tanja G M, Vrijkotte; Reinoud J B J, Gemke

1690. Human FOXN1-deficiency is associated with αβ double-negative and FoxP3+ T-cell expansions that are distinctly modulated upon thymic transplantation. e37042页

作者:Adriana S, Albuquerque; José G, Marques; Susana L, Silva; Dario, Ligeiro; Blythe H, Devlin; Jacques, Dutrieux; Rémi, Cheynier; Claudio, Pignata; Rui M M, Victorino; M Louise, Markert; Ana E, Sousa

1691. Diacylglycerol kinase β knockout mice exhibit attention-deficit behavior and an abnormal response on methylphenidate-induced hyperactivity. e37058页

作者:Mitsue, Ishisaka; Kenichi, Kakefuda; Atsushi, Oyagi; Yoko, Ono; Kazuhiro, Tsuruma; Masamitsu, Shimazawa; Kiyoyuki, Kitaichi; Hideaki, Hara

1692. Hydrogen sulfide inhibits L-type calcium currents depending upon the protein sulfhydryl state in rat cardiomyocytes. e37073页

作者:Rongyuan, Zhang; Yan, Sun; Haojan, Tsai; Chaoshu, Tang; Hongfang, Jin; Junbao, Du

1693. Soluble epoxide hydrolase activity determines the severity of ischemia-reperfusion injury in kidney. e37075页

作者:Jung Pyo, Lee; Seung Hee, Yang; Hee-Yoon, Lee; Bora, Kim; Joo-Youn, Cho; Jin Ho, Paik; Yun Jung, Oh; Dong Ki, Kim; Chun Soo, Lim; Yon Su, Kim

1694. Distinct RGK GTPases differentially use α1- and auxiliary β-binding-dependent mechanisms to inhibit CaV1.2/CaV2.2 channels. e37079页

作者:Tingting, Yang; Akil, Puckerin; Henry M, Colecraft

1695. The role of low and high spatial frequencies in exogenous attention to biologically salient stimuli. e37082页

作者:Luis, Carretié; Marcos, Ríos; José A, Periá?ez; Dominique, Kessel; Juan, Alvarez-Linera

1696. Phosphorylation of nicastrin by SGK1 leads to its degradation through lysosomal and proteasomal pathways. e37111页

作者:Jung-Soon, Mo; Ji-Hye, Yoon; Ji-Ae, Hong; Mi-Yeon, Kim; Eun-Jung, Ann; Ji-Seon, Ahn; Su-Man, Kim; Hyeong-Jin, Baek; Florian, Lang; Eui-Ju, Choi; Hee-Sae, Park

1697. cGMP-phosphodiesterase inhibition enhances photic responses and synchronization of the biological circadian clock in rodents. e37121页

作者:Santiago A, Plano; Patricia V, Agostino; Horacio O, de la Iglesia; Diego A, Golombek

1698. Irradiated male tsetse from a 40-year-old colony are still competitive in a Riparian forest in Burkina Faso. e37124页

作者:Adama, Sow; Issa, Sidibé; Zakaria, Bengaly; Augustin Z, Bancé; Germain J, Sawadogo; Philippe, Solano; Marc J B, Vreysen; Renaud, Lancelot; Jeremy, Bouyer

1699. Modification of cyclic NGR tumor neovasculature-homing motif sequence to human plasminogen kringle 5 improves inhibition of tumor growth. e37132页

作者:Weiwei, Jiang; Guanghui, Jin; Dingyuan, Ma; Feng, Wang; Tong, Fu; Xiao, Chen; Xiwen, Chen; Kunzhi, Jia; Faiz M M T, Marikar; Zichun, Hua

1701. Separation of allelopathy from resource competition using rice/barnyardgrass mixed-cultures. e37201页

作者:Hai Bin, He; Hai Bin, Wang; Chang Xun, Fang; Zhi Hua, Lin; Zheng Ming, Yu; Wen Xiong, Lin

1702. Hydrogen sulfide lowers proliferation and induces protective autophagy in colon epithelial cells. e37572页

作者:Ya C, Wu; Xiao J, Wang; Le, Yu; Francis K L, Chan; Alfred S L, Cheng; Jun, Yu; Joseph J Y, Sung; William K K, Wu; Chi H, Cho

1703. Peristomal skin complications are common, expensive, and difficult to manage: a population based cost modeling study. e37813页

作者:S?ren, Meisner; Paul-Antoine, Lehur; Brendan, Moran; Lina, Martins; Gregor Borut Ernst, Jemec

1705. Paradoxical effects of rapamycin on experimental house dust mite-induced asthma. e33984页

作者:Karin, Fredriksson; Jill A, Fielhaber; Jonathan K, Lam; Xianglan, Yao; Katharine S, Meyer; Karen J, Keeran; Gayle J, Zywicke; Xuan, Qu; Zu-Xi, Yu; Joel, Moss; Arnold S, Kristof; Stewart J, Levine

1706. Activation of Pax7-positive cells in a non-contractile tissue contributes to regeneration of myogenic tissues in the electric fish S. macrurus. e36819页

作者:Christopher M, Weber; Mark Q, Martindale; Stephen J, Tapscott; Graciela A, Unguez

1707. Phylogeography study of Ammodytes personatus in Northwestern Pacific: Pleistocene isolation, temperature and current conducted secondary contact. e37425页

作者:Zhiqiang, Han; Takashi, Yanagimoto; Yaping, Zhang; Tianxiang, Gao

1708. Exposures to conditioned flavours with different hedonic values induce contrasted behavioural and brain responses in pigs. e37968页

作者:Caroline, Clouard; Mélanie, Jouhanneau; Marie-Christine, Meunier-Salaün; Charles-Henri, Malbert; David, Val-Laillet

1709. Visual recognition of age class and preference for infantile features: implications for species-specific vs universal cognitive traits in primates. e38387页

作者:Anna, Sato; Hiroki, Koda; Alban, Lemasson; Sumiharu, Nagumo; Nobuo, Masataka

1710. Dynamic network of transcription and pathway crosstalk to reveal molecular mechanism of MGd-treated human lung cancer cells. e31984页

作者:Liyan, Shao; Lishan, Wang; Zhiyun, Wei; Yuyu, Xiong; Yang, Wang; Kefu, Tang; Yang, Li; Guoyin, Feng; Qinghe, Xing; Lin, He

1711. The influence of HLA on HIV-associated neurocognitive impairment in Anhui, China. e32303页

作者:Rachel D, Schrier; Saurabh, Gupta; Patricia, Riggs; Lucette A, Cysique; Scott, Letendre; Hua, Jin; Stephen A, Spector; Kumud K, Singh; Tanya, Wolfson; Zunyou, Wu; Kun Xue, Hong; Xin, Yu; Chuan, Shi; Robert K, Heaton

1712. Exome sequencing identifies compound heterozygous mutations in CYP4V2 in a pedigree with retinitis pigmentosa. e33673页

作者:Yun, Wang; Liheng, Guo; Su-Ping, Cai; Meizhi, Dai; Qiaona, Yang; Wenhan, Yu; Naihong, Yan; Xiaomin, Zhou; Jin, Fu; Xinwu, Guo; Pengfei, Han; Jun, Wang; Xuyang, Liu

1713. Analytic markovian rates for generalized protein structure evolution. e34228页

作者:Ivan, Coluzza; James T, MacDonald; Michael I, Sadowski; William R, Taylor; Richard A, Goldstein

1714. Topographical and biological evidence revealed FTY720-mediated anergy-polarization of mouse bone marrow-derived dendritic cells in vitro. e34830页

作者:Xiangfeng, Zeng; Tong, Wang; Cairong, Zhu; Xiaobo, Xing; Yanxia, Ye; Xinqiang, Lai; Bing, Song; Yaoying, Zeng

1715. Translational control through eIF2alpha phosphorylation during the Leishmania differentiation process. e35085页

作者:Serge, Cloutier; Maxime, Laverdière; Marie-Noelle, Chou; Nathalie, Boilard; Conan, Chow; Barbara, Papadopoulou

1716. Sequence-specific binding of recombinant Zbed4 to DNA: insights into Zbed4 participation in gene transcription and its association with other proteins. e35317页

作者:Vladislav V, Mokhonov; Veena P, Theendakara; Yekaterina E, Gribanova; Novruz B, Ahmedli; Debora B, Farber

1717. MicroRNA-125b induces metastasis by targeting STARD13 in MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells. e35435页

作者:Feng, Tang; Rui, Zhang; Yunmian, He; Meijuan, Zou; Le, Guo; Tao, Xi

1718. Leishmaniasis worldwide and global estimates of its incidence. e35671页

作者:Jorge, Alvar; Iván D, Vélez; Caryn, Bern; Mercé, Herrero; Philippe, Desjeux; Jorge, Cano; Jean, Jannin; Margriet, den Boer

1720. Gaze direction and request gesture in social interactions. e36390页

作者:Alessandro, Innocenti; Elisa, De Stefani; Nicolò Francesco, Bernardi; Giovanna Cristina, Campione; Maurizio, Gentilucci

1721. Explaining Andean potato weevils in relation to local and landscape features: a facilitated ecoinformatics approach. e36533页

作者:Soroush, Parsa; Raúl, Ccanto; Edgar, Olivera; María, Scurrah; Jesús, Alcázar; Jay A, Rosenheim

1722. Dysregulation of macrophage-secreted cathepsin B contributes to HIV-1-linked neuronal apoptosis. e36571页

作者:Eillen J, Rodriguez-Franco; Yisel M, Cantres-Rosario; Marines, Plaud-Valentin; Rafael, Romeu; Yolanda, Rodríguez; Richard, Skolasky; Viviana, Meléndez; Carmen L, Cadilla; Loyda M, Melendez

1723. Child fitness and father's BMI are important factors in childhood obesity: a school based cross-sectional study. e36597页

作者:Sinead, Brophy; Anwen, Rees; Gareth, Knox; Julien S, Baker; Julien, Baker; Non E, Thomas

1724. A self-organized model for cell-differentiation based on variations of molecular decay rates. e36679页

作者:Rudolf, Hanel; Manfred, P?chacker; Manuel, Sch?lling; Stefan, Thurner

1726. TPH2 gene polymorphisms and major depression--a meta-analysis. e36721页

作者:Jin, Gao; Zhenglun, Pan; Zhian, Jiao; Feng, Li; Guoqing, Zhao; Qianqian, Wei; Fang, Pan; Evangelos, Evangelou

1727. Culex pipiens, an experimental efficient vector of West Nile and Rift Valley fever viruses in the Maghreb region. e36757页

作者:Fadila, Amraoui; Ghazi, Krida; Ali, Bouattour; Adel, Rhim; Jabeur, Daaboub; Zoubir, Harrat; Said-Chawki, Boubidi; Mhamed, Tijane; Mhammed, Sarih; Anna-Bella, Failloux

1728. The BMP ligand Gdf6 prevents differentiation of coronal suture mesenchyme in early cranial development. e36789页

作者:Dawn E, Clendenning; Douglas P, Mortlock

1729. Effect of AGM and fetal liver-derived stromal cell lines on globin expression in adult baboon (P. anubis) bone marrow-derived erythroid progenitors. e36846页

作者:Donald, Lavelle; Kestutis, Vaitkus; Maria Armila, Ruiz; Vinzon, Ibanez; Tatiana, Kouznetsova; Yogen, Saunthararajah; Nadim, Mahmud; Joseph, DeSimone

1730. Adaptive evolution of HIV at HLA epitopes is associated with ethnicity in Canada. e36933页

作者:Manon, Ragonnet-Cronin; Stéphane, Aris-Brosou; Isabelle, Joanisse; Harriet, Merks; Dominic, Vallee; Kyna, Caminiti; Paul, Sandstrom; James, Brooks

1731. The impact and cost of scaling up GeneXpert MTB/RIF in South Africa. e36966页

作者:Gesine, Meyer-Rath; Kathryn, Schnippel; Lawrence, Long; William, MacLeod; Ian, Sanne; Wendy, Stevens; Sagie, Pillay; Yogan, Pillay; Sydney, Rosen

1732. Identification of combinatorial patterns of post-translational modifications on individual histones in the mouse brain. e36980页

作者:Ry Y, Tweedie-Cullen; Andrea M, Brunner; Jonas, Grossmann; Safa, Mohanna; David, Sichau; Paolo, Nanni; Christian, Panse; Isabelle M, Mansuy

1733. Wet adhesion and adhesive locomotion of snails on anti-adhesive non-wetting surfaces. e36983页

作者:Neil J, Shirtcliffe; Glen, McHale; Michael I, Newton

1734. Human stanniocalcin-1 suppresses angiotensin II-induced superoxide generation in cardiomyocytes through UCP3-mediated anti-oxidant pathway. e36994页

作者:Dajun, Liu; Luping, Huang; Yanlin, Wang; Wei, Wang; Xander H T, Wehrens; Tatiana, Belousova; Maen, Abdelrahim; Gabriel, DiMattia; David, Sheikh-Hamad

1735. A community study of factors related to poorly controlled asthma among Brazilian urban children. e37050页

作者:Silvia, de Magalh?es Sim?es; Sergio S, da Cunha; álvaro A, Cruz; Karen Concei??o, Dias; Neuza M, Alcantara-Neves; Leila D, Amorim; Laura C, Rodrigues; Maurício L, Barreto

1736. Receptor-targeting phthalocyanine photosensitizer for improving antitumor photocytotoxicity. e37051页

作者:Peng, Xu; Jincan, Chen; Zhuo, Chen; Shanyong, Zhou; Ping, Hu; Xueyuan, Chen; Mingdong, Huang

1737. HIV delays IFN-α production from human plasmacytoid dendritic cells and is associated with SYK phosphorylation. e37052页

作者:Calvin C, Lo; Jordan A, Schwartz; Dylan J, Johnson; Monica, Yu; Nasra, Aidarus; Shariq, Mujib; Erika, Benko; Martin, Hyrcza; Colin, Kovacs; Mario A, Ostrowski